Reacting To Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib

True Geordie

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    Jake Paul stopped AnEsonGib and called out KSI in Miami. True Geordie and the lads react as it unfolds.
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    1. RazorKevs

      1 mil views


      I wanted to see Gib get knocked out

    3. LJ64

      Such a shame, was pulling for Gibbo.

    4. Christian Perez

      Besides Geordie these guys know nothing about boxing

    5. Christian Perez

      Geordie been stating facts...

    6. Justin Taylor

      Why is it common to you and fight like you the commentator well we’re watching a new like I actually love it because I think it’s hilarious and I really like Him but it’s so funny because I feel like his friends are like shut upppp

    7. Matthew

      Why can’t the knock out be like this

    8. Randall Ruel

      10:54 this is where they regret their bets 😂😂😂😂

    9. Randall Ruel

      7:09 - 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    10. RazorKevs

      Think about Geordie and Snoop Dogg commentating

    11. PrinceStrexks

      Love watching True Geordie. I feel like his opinions are unbiased usually. He's such a great guy. Would love to meet him some day!

    12. Michael Derr

      9 months after this fight: HUfast recommendations: HELLO THERE

    13. Toasty

      It’S actually the opposite, the man who has nothing to lose is more dangerous than the man who has everything to lose

    14. Hansana Perera

      Bro stop might get some new subs

    15. julian valdiviezo

      Jake needs to beat nate so we can see babatunde knock jake out

    16. Jesse Mason

      Nobody: she takes 11 inches like nothin 😂😂

    17. norjulianaomar81

      What the name of the intro song

    18. DubFruit

      Does anyone know what that song was at the beginning I need to know

    19. Simon James

      laurence talked so much waffle in this video in a really arrogant way as well which was the worst

      1. Nicholas Carrillo

        He’s just as annoying as geordie

    20. blake hebert

      Mate, this reaction video is 6 times longer than the actual fight.

    21. LR 9

      At 6:34 is exactly what happened

    22. Robert Laieta

      the face of the guy who said gib was gonna win round 4 when he lost 😂 what a fucking idiot and clown

    23. Johnny

      Is that gibs brother next to laurence?

    24. 360 Fov

      Geordie describing what he sees as commentary in a room with his mates, while we can see the fight....cringe

    25. Bryan Berryhill

      That dude lost his money betting on Logan and on gib😂

    26. Pax Inviscis

      I don't want to see K.S.I beat up, but I think Jake Paul is one step away from murdering his girlfriend for getting pregnant without his permission.

    27. SrirachaCola

      I still think the fight shouldn't have happened at all no disrespect... not a Jake fan (hate Jake) but knew Gib wouldn't win. Everyone Before the Fight: YEAH GIB IS TOTALLY GOING TO WIN!!! LET'S HYPE IT Everyone After the Fight: BOOOO!! GIB SUCKS!!!

      1. DeepBlue

        Jake is alright

    28. CountryRoadist

      Love Geordie but watching a fight with him would be annoying, dude doesn't shut up.

    29. Ur Mum

      Ah yes, the lads night out, smokes, drinks and rocket league.

    30. Itz LZB


    31. Hook Flix67

      A true lads night

    32. inzain

      Geodies nailed the prediction

    33. Ja'Quandre Jones

      Even clapped girls can make a living off onlyfans

    34. Amir Trt

      5:32thats the biggest bullshit i’ve heard in my life

      1. Wish2breathe

        Who is better in your opinion?

    35. Fin M

      no one gonna talk about geordies prediction being spot on

    36. slick josh

      Jake is the best youtube boxer rn

      1. slick josh

        Ksi will beat air

      2. shush

        After KSI

    37. Leo Davies

      KSI needs a proper Coach if he wants to win

    38. Jordan x

      Jake will beat ksi easy in the first round Ksi doesn't know how to box and that's a fact! Ksi swings wild, Jake actually knows how to box

    39. Raghav Nagpal

      True Geordie be like commentating with his m8's 😂

    40. Marcus Vogt Poulsen

      I know he was right but saying “He can’t lose to him he is a FIFA youtuber”, that shouldn’t be the reason you lose, look at KSI he won, he was a FIFA youtuber. And what? It’s not about that, Jake Paul is a vlogger and what, wtf man

    41. Baggies4life

      What’s the song called at the start

    42. Gelato Miz

      Bruh he literally guessed everything perfectly

    43. Browser Jay

      Gib didn't even look like he trained for the fight it's like he was there just to get paid

    44. NinjaGaming

      Yeah homie can’t fight I love gibb but...

    45. Marcelo Urbano

      they're the definition of LADS.


      Song at 0:01 ?

      1. Asadullah Arif

        Its HDBeenDope-Byrd

    47. Sam Bernald Ross

      I went into this thinking oh it's a fight reaction vid why is it so short? Then I remembered

    48. Julian Santiago

      What’s the song at the Beginning

    49. P4rt1n

      True geordie looks like a whole lot of fun to be around🤟🤟

    50. Ollie-AD

      Intro song?

    51. Get me to 15,000 subscribers

      My man's too noisy. Yeahh we can see whats happening lol

    52. Mohammed095

      Man I want true Geordie to be on the DAZN commentating table if Jake and KSI fight in the US. True Geordie knows how to commentate on a fight 👌👌👌

    53. Khaled Boujraf

      Whats the song in the intro? Really need it

    54. Razor jaw86

      When Geordie makes a prediction for KSI VS Jake, don’t ignore him

    55. Sam Davey

      True Geordie vs Bradley Martin next boxing match

    56. Danny Gladman

      Anesongib vs true Geordie

    57. Sam Landa

      most unbiased vid you'll watch. straight facts. fair play to Geordie for this

    58. J Cooney

      Love how true is a announcing the boxing match as he is wacthing the boxing match

    59. J Cooney

      True Geordie I have mad respect for you and you are a God

      1. Harvey Smith

        The guy likes getting pooed on by women, hardly a god is he

    60. Swayam

      I think jj will win. Jj sparred gib before the 1st Logan fight. I think jj will win by stoppage cuz jake gets nervous in front of jj you can see that whenever they face that jj is way more confident.

      1. Junior Maqueto

        Jake isn’t scared of jj cause he’s chasing the fight like crazy for Jake it’s tunnel vision

      2. Swayam

        @TragiiiKz he didn't

    61. Spencer VanOchten

      I like how Geordie says HUUK

    62. GoodLookFinding This

      Although jj has spared gib it was a spar against his mate so I don’t think either of them would have tried as hard as they should just because they’re friends so you can’t base it on how jj did against gib

      1. altaf ahmad

        to be fair i dont think jake tried that hard either it was the first round and he was just warming up but that was already too much to handle for gib imagine jake being aggressive gib would get killed in there

    63. aakkz_I

      does the guy with the big nose remind you of gib or is it just me lol

    64. Sean Nok

      True G was spot on

    65. AM Mercurio

      For a second he thought he was commentating again 9:49 😭😭

    66. Lucas Taylor

      I love KSI n hate JP but I respect his skill n idk if ksi with his wild swings can handle jakes style but can’t wait for this fight

    67. Abdullah Ayed

      Bruh it was 799,999 views when I clicked it n it it changed to 800,000

    68. Mark Hanna

      I hate Jake but you have to give him the credit he deserves

    69. Sanish Maharjan

      spot on geordieeee

    70. Lion Z

      I just subscribed

    71. JJ Rhmn


    72. Trinity

      And a left HOOOK

    73. Avvio

      KSI vs JAKE WILL HAPPEN! Find out why on our channel! 🥊

    74. JC FC

      I reckon in the next fight jake will outbox Ksi but ksi will be given a gift dision win

      1. Junior Maqueto

        Mikkiiiboy I think Jake will jj convincingly tbh

      2. Mikkiiiboy

        JC FC or Jake will dismantle ksi

    75. J1mmy W4tto

      The fella with the gym shark hoodie is such a bellend

    76. Anonymous ?

      Can anyone tell me the song in the intro please

    77. rgbfanman

      jake got a win and gib got a career at the end of the day theres only one real winner since gib got way more out of this fight then jake could have ever hoped for

    78. Justin Knight

      Why tf is geordie commentating for no one🤣🤣

    79. Zacher Gamer

      Is it me or did geordie predict 70% of the fight correctly

    80. Nate Matias

      The fact that anyone actually thought gib was gonna win. Lmaoooooooo

    81. ArtherMatheuwStarling

      I swear true Geordie predicted it

    82. Jacob Williams

      What is the song at the start its fire

    83. MCgamer120 Games

      This is the most high fucking production reaction video I have ever seen lmao gg geordie

    84. Finesse kinng

      Respect you don't have to be a fan to give credit when credit is due

    85. benoakley

      On your podcast I’d want to see Ben Stiller really interesting man good actor, perhaps ask him about his films, is he returning any such as night at the museum etc.

    86. Sean O Callaghan

      Song at the start?

    87. Antonia gk


    88. Realist

      Tg is actually so massive compared to the guy next to him 😂

      1. Junior Maqueto

        I watch your channel bro

    89. Shadow King

      you are a big legend 😊

    90. Antichrist

      He may not pull the trigger but he certainly would tighten the noose

    91. James Tannon

      Off topic but should look to get micah Richards on your podcast. Reckon he’d be a great guest and it’s quite doable

    92. Beard27

      Hey Brian and Lawrence. Massive fan of all the podcasts you guys do, infact I really love the ones you've done of documentaries. I've just watched ITV docu drama White House Farm. It's based on Jeffrey bambers farm murders in 1985 In Essex. Based on a tire story but been dramasized. Really quite good and I can imagine you guys as normal being infuriated by police incompetence back in the 80s very interesting. Anyway look forward to you guys next pod 👍

    93. Razor jaw86

      True Geordie with the accurate predictions again

    94. Johnnydelgoto


    95. John Fitzgerald

      De bois

    96. Lee Anthony

      Get tyan booth on

    97. Keane Davies

      Roy Keane on the podcast

    98. Aon naqvi

      song at the start of the video ? anyone

    99. Anonimo

      Brian should be recognised as a national icon at this point

    100. Beep Boop

      “Jake wins round 1 to 3” lol he can see the future