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    You’ve been blowing up my comment section and DMs asking for me to react to the new teen HUfast medical drama “Attaway General." Today, I’m taking a look at the first two episodes to see where they went right and wrong with their representation of life inside a hospital. After this, I need a nap.
    I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
    -Doctor Mike Varshavski
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    1. FAV VIB3S tv

      This show is cringe

    2. Briana Ramos Rodriguez

      We can see your The web for a beer open when you ‘cringe cringe’

    3. Briana Ramos Rodriguez

      ‘Doc.mcstuffings was more accurate’ no one cares it’s fun to watch

    4. Cathy J

      medical stuff aside why is the acting so. damn. cringey

    5. James Lalruatpuia

      The sick chils was the best actor..

    6. Malisa Myers

      The fact that a kids cartoon show is more accurate than this show staring teens is scary

    7. Galileo Galilei


    8. x.Boba.x :P

      Bro he paused like every 2 seconds. And he’s correcting everything they do like bruh just let them film and have fun and don ruin the show.

      1. x.Boba.x :P


    9. Abigail Marks

      Attaway slaughter house

    10. Kate O'Mahoney

      Part 2 please! We need to see more sudden fainting!

    11. artistic persona

      Doctor Mike loosing his mind for 10 minutes😂

    12. s m

      i don't even know why i had a little hope for tiktok. instant regrets.

    13. Akash Suresh

      I was cringing so hard while watching the show😖

    14. Lina Wrang

      LOL! That acting was attrocious

    15. Grayson Shirey

      alternate title: dr. mike dying inside for ten minutes

    16. Nicholas Milich

      All these actors need to be fired they bad

    17. Manuela s

      8:13 That’s a headgear for braces, they just removed the part that attaches to the teeth BAHAHAAHAHA

    18. Sampreeth Ashwath

      His reaction at 5:12 is priceless 😂

    19. Lucy Keller

      I take notes on everything Sometimes it's just your learning style. If i dont take notes, sometimes my mind wanders without realizing it and I miss something important. Even if I throw the notes away immediately after the presentation whatever, I'm 10 times more likely to remember everything. I also draw things out. Sometimes i think it makes me look bad but I'm not drawing not paying attention I'm drawing about what you are saying. Just something that I've learned over the years.

    20. Liv Jones

      Their acting is horrific ehhhhhhhhh

    21. Ryan Jay Pumihic

      Dr mike should have merch that says "chest compressions, chest compressions chest compressions"

    22. Arial Martinez

      Excuse me child please eat your food I would greatly appreciate it "Try taking a bit of a gentler approach"

    23. Shinee Rodriguez

      ew... tiktokers in a movie... cringe..

    24. aladdin’sjasmine

      yt boys aren’t my type but i’d do anything for him 🥺

    25. regina simpson

      You should collab on reacting to this with Nick DiRamio!!!!!!

    26. Cuteyhoney94

      I always give shows a chance, but with this....Yeah, one this one is just too much the acting is cringey and the fact that there is zero accuracy, the fact that these kids were able to walk around with no uniform or anything without any kind of repercussions or anything it's just bad. But any who, hey Doctor Mike, have you seen the Greys Anatomy episode "You Be Illin' "? Its a season 10 episode (episode 18 I think) and it's about a flu outbreak. Honestly, it's a HUGE reminder on how always washing your is definitely needed. Plus, it is WAAAAY better than this show.

    27. Aquino, Edsel Anne R.

      I trained every summer for medical respond trainings and got merits and I also trained 5 and more than a half months in Philippine Red Cross for Emergency Medical training because I always wanted to be a doctor but unfortunately, I was expected to follow my father's tracks as an engineer so I used most of my time in at least a bit of my dream and actually started as a young nurse to young doctor in my grade school days and joined Senior Scouts just to gain trainings by red cross. I volunteered in most game events in our city. When im 16, I finally got the chance to take trainings in red cross for six months for emergency medical technician but sadly, a week before my completion, my dad made me quit. And it is still hard for me to accept. But if any medical emergencies happens, can I still respond? Even though I never became an official EMT?

    28. Deja Vu

      What is this 🤦🏾‍♀️

    29. Chelsea Pham

      are we not gonna talk about how they wore the HAIRNETS like a beanie?

    30. Des Malfoy

      is no one gonna talk about HOW THEY PUT THE HAIR NETS WRONG

    31. Aiswarya Pavan

      Doctor Mike trying so hard to be nice.

    32. harvestheverest

      HUfast literally unsubscribed from you, damn no wonder I haven't seen your videos for so long :(

    33. Marta da Silva Carvalho

      HAHAHA I almost spit out the cereal I was eating with the Gwyneth Paltrow joke! Also, what in the fresh hell is this show?? Just because you have the possibility to do a show, doesn't mean you should! Absolutely horrible, so much second-hand embarrassment!

    34. Zeno Mqunjana

      Did anyone see the armpit ?

    35. im0just

      Dr Mike doesn't even notice that the acting etc. is bad he's just like losing his mind about the inaccuracy.

    36. Jamiela Seifuddin-Brown

      For all of you who don’t know Dixie D’Amelio was an actress long before she was a Tik Toker.

    37. Yahoo Boi

      They are trying so hard to be greys anatomy

    38. Gacha Donutzz


    39. Des Malfoy

      dixie watching this like: sOmTimEs i dOnt wAnT tO bE hApPy

    40. Ana P Ruggeri

      brooo he is 1.91cm idkw I expect him to be shorter

    41. Rein walker

      he has sweaty armpits

    42. illa villa

      8:42 look at doctor mike's armpit

    43. Nucleah_ 04

      2:13 Me: *sees him blowing into the gloves* Haha ur dead young man Dr Mike: *Click* DO NOT DO THAT 😏

    44. Michael Sayaki

      Alright, these tiktok stars needs papa Franku in their lives.

    45. Vanessa Ordaz

      This part made me laugh so much 5:14

    46. Rose Bloze

      Not only does the actors/actresses are terrible at acting but the writer,producer,director,e.t.c are also skddhdhdhsb are they DUMB!!

    47. sarah e.


    48. Panayiota Preovolos

      I actually feel bad for these tik-tokers because they will look back in how many years in realize who horrible this is

    49. Tayla Stevens

      I mean I love Dixie but like what is this acting

    50. Ayesha Shamim

      Am I the only one who noticed that he is sweating? I diedd

    51. Alexa Bella Muerte

      This doctor is cute

    52. Megan Attaway

      Huh. Did not know there was a medical show with my last name in it...kind of wish I still didn't. How dare it be terrible 😂😂 I'm so ashamed

    53. legofan370

      Dr. Mike: Trying to create an entertaining and educational video Me: *Constantly looking at the sauce stain that's on the right side of his mouth*

    54. Temmie011

      Hate to be that guy but who was sent here by pyro?

    55. Cello There

      I’m starting Pre-Med next fall and this is painfully inaccurate to me, I can’t imagine how Dr. Mike feels

    56. Pallavi Padala

      Oh my god, for a chocolate bar? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    57. Ellie L.

      It's the ✨hey don't ignore me✨ for me

    58. Olivia Walker

      ok but those sweat stains at 8:44🥴

    59. olivia 61703

      bruh wtf this makes me pray for my own generation 😭😭

    60. girl with pearls

      I wouldn't judge brat TV for the show BC its their first medical show and they don't really have experience in them and most of the actors this is their first time acting so the acting might not be that good but they will eventually improve, brat also may not really care about being accurate because they know that viewers will still watch and it interesting tho even if they are not accurate

    61. Aurora Lee

      This is possibly the most cringey show I have ever seen in my entire life, I have literally never seen acting this bad. It is making me very uncomfortable.

    62. Ameera Alesya

      This is why don’t let TIKTOKER to be celebrities

    63. Ameera Alesya


    64. Ivan Torres

      *I’d rather give my car a rinse in the rain and make no progress than watch a medical show full of lip synthing children*

    65. Asmaa Abdul Rehman

      Imagine getting called out by THE Dr. Mike...

    66. Georgiana McFinnor

      "Attaway General? More like Attaway Funeral Home" I laughed so hard at this😂😂

    67. YangGuang Chen

      It's drama show😂

    68. YangGuang Chen

      Dude it's good but chill out it's just a TV show

    69. Haylee Scott

      it could've been a milkyway..a twix..even a kit kat. but no, it was just a plain chocolate bar. plain. chocolate. bar.

    70. Pure Void

      cr1tikal sent me

    71. Dane Edwards

      Hi Dixie

    72. aleen alkholy

      kids bop version of grays anatomy

    73. Michael J Hamby

      Check out the show nip/tuck

    74. brieflies

      i’d rather listen to kidz bop

    75. Kaytlen Helms

      It was a full sized chocolate bar though

    76. Amélie Bouvier

      i love this guy

    77. Nobunaga Oda

      4:40 Errr thats not how u use a hair net. its not a hat lady lol

    78. Emily Walper

      This is the worst show I have ever seen like for real do they really think this is good

    79. Pink Rose The fox

      If you wanna be a doctor, don't watch this show. I want to be a doctor.

    80. gatcha life mate

      i like how Mike never talked about the fact that the girl was wearing her hair net like a beanie.

    81. Nutz Boltz

      What a commercial.

    82. Dyslexic Manikin

      No lie this man looks like if JJ Abrams worked at CVS pharmacy and a Dollar Tree

    83. Eliza Talwar

      More like Attaway Funeral home 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I really needed a good laugh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    84. DVOYD

      "Oh my god, for a chocolate bar?" Only if it's a Klondike.

    85. DVOYD

      Watching this sent me to the hospital.

    86. jaedmanuel

      history's worst acting ever

    87. Muhammad Fasya

      Any health worker who sees this drama will feel the same as Doctor Mike "Oh My God" Including me....

    88. AwesomeAnwiwi

      Umm.. is that DIXIE?

    89. Magali Ramos

      It is the worst. It’s not even acting

    90. Skyler Grunder

      “Wet moist glove” 🤮🤮 The thing I hate about lifeguarding is having to put on soaking wet gloves with soaking wet hands 💀 wet gloves are the actual worst

    91. Britney_theBogan

      Even the medical inaccuracies weren't as cringe as the acting

    92. Anthony Pena

      Tiktok is not acting. Now repeat after me: TIKTOK IS NOT ACTING.

    93. Daniela Cabrera

      ChEsT ComPrEsSiOnS!!!!!

    94. ITZBELINE 1

      Can you please react to Korean medical shows

    95. Maya Khayat

      Is that charli diAmelio

    96. Therespectingtroll

      Wanna know why they are bad actors and have no correlation in real medical education? CAUSE THEY ARE TICKTOKERS!

    97. Lil Siigner

      this is worse acting than indian tiktoks

    98. Roger Samuel

      Well technically if you dont have a medical education, any advice you give would be opinion.

    99. Emily Bedard

      bruh i have never laughed more. i think I peed myself hahaha

    100. Gadeer Alshimari

      Honestly there's no point in watching this. First the acting is horrible, second the medical accuracy is also horrible.