REAL Music Lawsuits That Don't Make ANY Sense


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    These lawsuits are really weird!
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    Edited by Rikard Tholén

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    1. Casey Hill

      Love the scrubs reference

    2. kitsune

      You cursed. You are cursed- 6.66M subscribers.

    3. Chava K

      No one: Absolutely no one: Vanilla: ding ding ding ding ding ding ding VS ding DING ding ding ding ding

    4. The Future Is Queer

      Isn't August the same one with the flirting android in the "creepy backwards messages in songs" video? And in this one it's roleplay and prizes...

    5. Alpha The Paladin

      I was the first person to breathe air so you'd better pay up. Copyrighted since 198,000 B.C.E.

    6. Rachel East

      Anything involving Axle Rose and his temper tantrums irk me. From the Hall of Fame induction to video game involvement... he wasn't the only band member of GnR. Then again, my irritation with Rose might be because I'm from St. Louis, MO.

    7. Jane Jones

      Vanilla Ice became a joke because of his ding, ding, ding, ding. It's 30 years later and I still remember it.

    8. Gamer Of The Unknown Realm

      Both are Ed's. So the name should get copyrighted

    9. Karly Robinson

      The Gaye estate are clearly just greedy money grabbers 🙄😂


      The ed Sheeran one is so you rerecorded it and then you sue again..useless

    11. Sneaky

      Crazy how the Marvin Gaye family can sue even though his own father was the one who killed him it’s kinda wild.

    12. SporeMystify

      This seems like a demonstration that our legal system doesn't work well when you need understanding of the topic in question to reach a sane verdict. The average person has no clue what structures in the music mean

    13. kayla roz

      The Marvin Gaye Let's Get It On and Thinking Out Loud sound also sounds like I'm Not The Only One by Sam Smith.

    14. Emma P

      I have always felt 'Under Pressure' and 'Ice Ice Baby' have had the same beat etc but of course theu have their differences that make them unique. Personally I would think bringing out a cover copying an actual song without permission is worse! And tbh alot of songs that have come out in the 2010's have copied an 80's song beat. For example Jason Derulo's song 'Fight For You' is pretty much a modern remake of TOTO's - Africa!

    15. MasonMC

      “that little bitty ting”

    16. I P Freely

      How many fed to lets get it on

    17. Happy Blobfish Productions

      I love you Joel but Joyful noise was really popular in the Christian scene, I remember when I heard Dark horse for the first time I thought it sounded exactly the same as joyful noise. I think she is guilty but over all im tired of hearing Bout it tbh lol. God bless you and have an amazing night my friend.

    18. David Garcia

      In the Gaye state vs Ed Sheehan lawsuit, if they re register the song now, wouldn’t Ed Sheeran’s song be registered on a previous date, leaving that to be the “original” legally, allowing Ed Sheeran to sue for copyright and maybe win?

    19. Brynn Jones

      I am so disappointed at the Marvin Gaye Estate verdict. How can you have people with no musical understanding whatsoever deciding these things? Making a living out of suing other people seems so American.

    20. Sue Stout

      A federal Yurry

    21. 32-Agustya Vats-8a

      Do reviewing Bollywood songs.

    22. Mr. Onion

      theory:roomie was vanilla ice all along

    23. Czynx86

      Did you keep the wig in the net?!

    24. Kami Eck

      Yo I always mix up ice ice baby and under pressure when they first come on and now I have a good reason 🤣

    25. Carlito lol

      But like Dark Horse is so much better.

    26. Heyo Mayo

      I disliked the video thinking I was disliking the ad 😭😭 I’ve liked the video now though so don’t worry!

    27. Utkarsh Singh

      I know I am late but on the floor is a copy of an Indian song, dito copy

    28. Jesaninka

      Why does it bother me SO MUCH that half of the wig is still stuck in the net...

    29. sparky thekid

      Listen to Rebelution. "Comfort zone" then Jonas Bros "Only Human" if it isn't sampled, it is straight plagiarism

    30. Kai Kwon Do

      Flame is a really good Christian artist and doesn’t get the respect he deserves.

    31. MsxGini

      So many ads :(

    32. Carson Smith

      Flame? That’s LeCrae 😂😂😂

    33. Christopher Sessions

      Twisted Sister v court (i forgot who they were up against)

    34. Kgomotso Kaisara

      My name is Marvin and now I feel like I sue too many people

    35. itsya gorl

      Roomie you are stealing content court from H3 lol. I guess being music you get a pass

    36. 3d0St

      >Using Adam's Videos >Not invoking him using the lick :c

    37. Vivia Waag

      "Let's get it on" and "Thinking out loud" is not at all similar, if you ask me. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    38. farnoosh pakar

      Can you make a video about metallica band??????😍😍😍😍

    39. Fernando Moreno Rodriguez

      "The straight family oh wait no the gay family" 😂

    40. meowpurpur

      This video is literally a "why copy right is inherently flawed" prompt.

    41. That car guy

      The Led Zeppelin and spirit one should be on here

    42. Hayley Sahara

      Your foundation is not matching/patchy... ITS A LITTLE BIT PATCHY x,D

    43. Ell Donald

      Marine Gaye estate must be low on cash lately

    44. CrazyCraft 1005

      Let's get it on is a meme music tresseme 😏

    45. Rey

      I think what vanilla ice was trying to say is that his bass lines second phrase was started on a pickup note. And ended on the up beat. Unlike queens "under pressure" which started on a down beat and ended on a down beat. Plus "Ice ice baby" has one extra note due to the pickup note. But it does sound really similar even.

    46. Alexander Regan

      4:56 Aphrodite isn't even part of Egyptian mythology

    47. Lucas Iori

      Did you give credit to steveterreberry for coming up with this first. Ah whatever your more entertaining for it

    48. Audrey English

      Every single time I heard the opening beats to Ice Ice Baby on the radio, I’m like “Aw f*ck yeah! It’s Under Pressure!” and then when I start to sing the song, the lyrics are different and my entire day is ruined.

    49. Arash Moussavi

      No Stairway to Heaven and Taurus?

    50. Nano Hawk

      Hello, I simply wished to say that i really liked your content, congratulations! I have subscribed to your C h a n n e l 😉 Maybe, You can do the same and we will become "real" HUfast friends

    51. brokenbonedjellyfish

      What bothers me is that Vanilla Ice hears the bass line as ding ding ding and not dun dun dun :/

    52. Ryker Wagner

      I was 1 in 2013

    53. Shelby G

      I know Katy did not steal from flame however the first time I heard Darkhorse I said out loud this sounds like joyful noise!

    54. Lacy Lorenson

      Should include Won’t Back Down and Stay With Me.

    55. Milo Samson

      I'm not guilty look: Ding ding ding digi ding ding Jury: understandable have a nice day

    56. Shadow 603

      That Christian Rapper triggers me. As a Christian i feel like he is not only using his 'Christianity'? As a career. And thats not only what he did. He is also making someone pay him because of something earilly dimilar too his song. Like what happened to FORGIVE AND FORGET. He didnt forgive and he also didnt forget. He is not a good example for a Christian

    57. Sona13Singer 🌸Has Songs on Channel 🌸

      Blurred lines sounds a lot like Madonna's song Give it 2 Me. I think both songs are produced by Pharrell.

    58. Abby Watkinson

      When he starts the video wearing that wig it just totally gives it that law feeling

    59. *Francis* *Maranon*

      Im dying cause of roomie saying "The Straight Family I meant the Gaye Family"

    60. Sam Scott

      The Gaye Estate: nooooo you can’t use similar chords to me! Ed Sheeren: Yes I cannnnn! Pop star: I just used the same chords as you. Other pop star: Ok.

    61. Mr Cheese

      Roomie is one of the few ppl that I have post notifications on

    62. Rafael Jose dela Paz


    63. Mia Sancto

      Marvin Gaye’s estate be like: well, that sounds similar to one of dad’s song’s, lets claim.

    64. Mia C

      That voice crack at 11:37 tho...

    65. blind tree man

      This crap right here is why I think we should update how copyright laws work on music.

    66. Alysandra

      I played my dad Ice ice baby and under pressure and he recognized both correctly

    67. Niknak :0

      “mistAAAAAAKE” -Roomie 13:41


      I just realized that he does not have a verification stamp so it is roomienotofficial

    69. Mickie Lee

      The Geye family is tarnishing Marvin Gaye's legacy by their money grabs

    70. Ivett Gabriella

      What do you think about Ava Max's King and Queens and Bon Jovi's You Give Love a Bad Name?

      1. Ivett Gabriella

        There is also Dia Lipa - Break my Heart vs. Stacy Q- Two of Hearts

    71. たた ඩර්らた

      I like ya cut g

    72. J777

      Plot twist its my song "ding, ding ding, ding, ding"😂

    73. Pezify FPS

      can you seriously copyright 7 consecutive notes with no words?

    74. Dvy Mar Bancoro

      Roomie opens gift Roomie sees buzzer Roomie clicked buzzer Buzzer : ennnkkk Roomie: surprised Pikachu face

    75. Deann Dugger

      ive got an interesting one one time a court tried to sue jhon fogertey from creedence clear water revival for copiying one of his own songs they tried to say he used the same bassline twice in running through the jungle and baf moon rising wich was not factual because the a cwitched to c d instead of afgd that was a stupid one

    76. GD NuNu

      If Katy Perry really did “copy” the beat it’s in a different pitch and stuff like that so wouldn’t that be fair use?

    77. Spamus Music

      Watching Vanilla Ice say that the riff is different because of adding one note makes me actively lose brain cells.

    78. Daniel Dagandan

      I bet Rick Astley isn't here

    79. nam erd

      Not gonna lie when roomie put on that wig I thought he was the famous pianist Bak

    80. PiaInaPeaPod

      It thought that “Ice ice baby” and “Under Pressure was the same song. If that doesn’t explain it then-

    81. Lost Galaxy

      I would like see the you judging on Anne Marie. I can't find any in your videos.

    82. Can this potato reach 10k subs

      I want to consume humans

    83. katisclean

      Well actually lol loophole if ed registered his song first then the gaye family has to pay him XD jk

    84. Miranda Camp

      All artists need to just give credit to everyone’s mother, brother, sister and uncle at this point.

    85. kai trudeau

      I feel like Roomie is copying Steve Terreberry, because he made reverse messages videos a lot, and recently did the worst copyright strikes in music history. maybe Joel is running out of ideas, so goes onto other channels and do the same thing.

    86. Spyro Shurtagul

      I can't stop watching Roomie's wig on the one side that obviously didn't get completely opened as it still has the net on it XD

    87. EthanMiley

      Vanilla ice really said,”nah guys, I added this random eighth note, it’s not the same 🙄🙄🤚”

    88. Duplax

      Fun fact: Freddie Mercury actually heard Ice Ice baby in the radio, he thought Under Pressure was playing so he was upset, then he started smiling and calling it a "blatant rip-off". He later called his lawyers who was already at the case

    89. Starsia Eve

      The Gaye family seems very money hungry.

    90. Chase Lovelace

      As someone who hopes to go into the music industry, this is really depressing. If you can get sued for such arbitrary “infringements“ then really anyone can sue anybody else for any song.

    91. Marcela Toazza

      Marvin gaye is so much better than the copies 😂

    92. Actually Aubrey

      To sum up the video, if you sing the beat to your song you aren’t guilty

    93. Estere Tereze

      It's Christmas time! I would kill for Christmas song made by Joel! Please! The world needs Joel Christmas Song!

    94. Mara

      I love your editor, he's so magnetic & fun. :)

    95. Alison

      Judge Judy? NO judge roomie

    96. Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg

      Roomie is turned to the camera: *judge* Roomie is turned to the piano: *Mozart*

    97. LogieDoesTech

      the gaye estate sounds like a bad porno

    98. Liana Daniel

      Hi Joel just hi cutie My mind: gUrL wHaT the

    99. Nick Byrd

      @Ed Sheeran, you played ya'self

    100. Shadowcat107

      I think some of the lawsuits don't make any sense. I'm not a law student and I don't understand some of the terms of the lawsuits. I liked watching the video through. I love when you pressed the buzzer and your judge costume. You can wear as a Halloween costume.