Reviewing Memes With KSI


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    1. Bee Bee

      Woah I suddenly remembered Steven Adams when he was just starting to grow his moustache

    2. Hassan mobile gamer

      Flipaclip intro 0:01

    3. Luke Tabois

      as a guy that works in IT it hurts me that neither of them knew what the biscuits meme was about XD

      1. Zanex

        it was a joke because websites use cookies isnt it

    4. Wolfy YT


    5. FCK it, Fischl

      I still love this video

    6. Zeo89

      Best YT Collab in history, change my mind

    7. Daily Floor Gang

      This video will be looked at by scientists in 100’s of years

    8. Flamestream1902

      It's so weird seeing ksi in his setup without activate windows In the bottom left

    9. Kevin Liu


    10. habib rehman

      I'm British and I have never heard of the word ratted

    11. lisa mercer

      Obama 🙏🙏

    12. lisa mercer

      Love it xx

    13. Reuben Jarvis

      like when a website says accept cookies in a little box

    14. Reuben Jarvis

      is it just me or at 6 mins 40 they dont realixe that it means like cookies an that

    15. I'm not silver 3

      *j u a n*

    16. Biman Roy


    17. ECR VILGAX

      Who els think that ksi looks like Eric in se* education 😂

    18. G3tR3kt

      Why do you hate on bandicam ksi??????

    19. Retro Unicorn

      He looks so different with a moustache. Might have to grow one out too if I ever decide to run from the cops.

    20. Initials JD

      30:03 wait what they cut it out. Tho im glad i was here before they cut it out.

    21. John Rey Licos

      Subscribe to them

    22. John Rey Licos

      Lol haha

    23. Unus Annus

      People dissing on anime... . . KSI and pewds "I love anime" . Anime haters watching this. 👁👄👁

    24. Balrajeet

      Funny thing is ksi knows like zero British slang

    25. Luke Miller


    26. Solitude 3798

      Pewdiepie needs to be Elliot from open season if it’s ever recasted

    27. Rz-b17

      Best 2021 yt video so far

    28. NahYT


    29. Sean Chapman

      Pewdiepie looks like Adam lzz

    30. Charlie Flowers

      I just got charged with possesion of marijuana I might go to jail ! This collab was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while never thought this would happen glad to this ! Been a big fan of both since 2012

    31. Björn Peit

      british ppl be like: i donut know

    32. ethtedda a

      I laughed so much

    33. Doodle Bob


    34. Ghoul

      PewDiePie uses bandicam. LOL!

    35. Eitan Schecter

      I don't think they realized that the busicits for user experience thing is a play on "cookies", the thing thats on every website

    36. TFReacts

      It’s Jemma Collins jj

    37. Hurrul Ain

      pewdipie be like i will pretend to laugh even though I don't get the memes

    38. Speer Visser

      History's biggest HUfastr alive uses Bandicam? LMAO!

    39. Fatimah Faisal

      Pewd u have more subs than me beast and I hated the video in which u roasted India u know I'm Pakistani I still subscribed u still

    40. Maryam Siddique

      who's in the middle of an history lesson about who should be crowned king/queen Matilda or Steven......... just me okay.....

    41. Catluke season 4

      I thought pewdiepie started using kinemaster

    42. NIKI_XD

      F in the chat

    43. joseph1445


    44. OkWill

      Why is Ksi Phoenix in a nutshell and his voice is the same

    45. SliceNDize

      The most fun i had on YT ever, all in this video!

    46. Akash Mathew Thomas

      Kinda stewpid innit

    47. Ethan Choate

      Hey pewds at *8:52* someone Mentioned your channel on the Radio at 103.3 just to let you know :)

    48. Jessica Janus

      180M subscribers that's insane

    49. Jessica Janus


    50. Rangers boy 1872

      What a video!

    51. lrader77

      Is it bad that I know that the intro is from coco melon?

    52. No You

      Bri-ish people nee to stOp tOlking like dat.

    53. My Size 180 Creme Egg

      just wanna say i’m british and ksi is wrong, dunno means don’t know it’s a way of saying someone/something is unknown to the public kinda. i’ll link the urban dictionary definition if i can find one.

      1. My Size 180 Creme Egg

        Dunno The original definition is slowly being replaced by the grime definition. Dunno or Dunn'no is referenced after or during a saying of which the general public are assumed to not knowing - hence hightening your reputation on the mere basis that you know something others dont. It is also known as a "big up" or shout out.. "Big up wiley, dunno" "Dunno the youth... dunno the youth" (pronounced - Dun'No) "Dunno... Ice Kid" (pronounced - Dun'No) "I went to see batman the other day" was it good? "yeh dunno" (pronounced - Dun'No) (i.e. you sa

    54. Ludo_

      2:24 Steve Carrel : That's what she said!

    55. Switch Stop

      KSI don't talk to Pewdiepie he said the N word punch him across face

    56. Switch Stop

      I wish pewdiepie could be more hands on like me.beast

    57. A s t r o

      I like how pewds asks “is that accurate?” After every bri ish meme lmao

    58. Trinity ツ

      Who knows La Sirena69

    59. XxSavage_Xx120 2

      Ksi is pweidemie are very shy to eachother

    60. YouTube Alternate Battles

      11:30 - KSI sees the Bandicam watermark

    61. Bunny Feng

      JJ being depressed about the British memes is oddly hilarious.

    62. SatyaM _55

      Damn the like to dislike ratio

    63. ahaha brr

      JJ's trying to sound British when he reads the memes when he's British lmao

    64. Bzerk

      Damn flute so good it sound like piano

    65. Random Shell

      This video should be titled "KSI not understanding British memes for 31 min straight"

    66. Michael Waite

      It says at least I don't get shot maths because of school shooting

    67. Dina Kate

      Wanted to get my eardrums busted, guess pewds saved the day with the nice piano edit lol 😂😂😂😂💔

    68. Dina Kate

      Not KSI coming for Felix after he was exposed of having bandicam 😂😂😂💔

    69. mr millionaire

      Pewdipie your a cool humman, i like youre face

    70. Sedorikku

      What subreddit was the bri'sh meme is?

    71. Mohammed abbas

      What an epic video

    72. NOMAD

      Hmm notice how it’s “English” not “Americanish” hmm strange

      1. SaLmAn SuJaIn

        true dat lol, i love the british accent, it makes me feel like im in an intense action movie lmao

    73. Ahmed Naoman

      Can watch this over nd over

    74. SLASH :v


    75. Arry Opes


    76. Aman Husain

      shot in maths*

    77. Abhimanyu Jha

      PewDiePie also laughs at JJ's laugh

    78. Mythikal

      11:30 Greatest Anime Betrayal of All Time.

    79. Mike the Goo

      The shawt meme translated "At least I don't get shot at maths class when I'm doing my work"

    80. The Commentator

      More vids with KSI please...

    81. Soul the Coolest

      Help me beat pewdiepie pls

    82. Señor Tilapia

      i think they have chemistry

    83. Luan S.

      Felix and KSI not knowing Lesotho is a country SMH

    84. Baki Hanma

      As ksi says next meme a FUXKING smule add pops up

    85. Austin Hunt

      Let’s get you back in first in sub count and pass up t series

    86. Pjonesmusic1

      lol ksi didnt get the school shooting dark humor or that cookies are used on websites not currency smh...

    87. BeanZ :P


    88. Michelle V

      Just a couple dudes bein bros

    89. Dancing Panda


    90. Sam Bromley

      KSI do be simpin

    91. Corbxnn EU


    92. Rebel Records

      One playing a recorder, another an alphoonde or whatever start playing ,an arp

    93. Genocide Panther900

      Pewdiepie's mustache should be a meme

    94. TraeMan

      The most popular, most successful, the biggest HUfastr in the world, uses bandicam

    95. Erin GU

      i have pewdiepie's gamer chair @pewdiepie

    96. James


    97. Travis Larson

      At least I don’t get shot in math class when I’m doing my schoolwork

    98. Gustav Norberg