Ringside At the Jake Paul Vs. Gib Fight! // JuJu Smith-Schuster Vlog // Twitch Streamer Bowl

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    This fight was so lit!
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    It's Lit!
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    1. Jamie Brown

      Kid in the back "let's go juju" juju "thinking about recruiting Jake Paul" 😆

    2. mavs savage

      Hudson Odoi?

    3. Yaseen Fouad

      Why los there

    4. FREEZY

      We need juju vs jake Paul lmfao

    5. Christian Orzuna

      KSI going to fuck up jake Paul can’t wait 😁

    6. smdownh9

      sub to airrack

    7. zxirk_ 72

      The kid in the back saying OK OK juju

    8. •Icebear1•

      Yoo! Congrats! On 1 mil I might be late but if u pin this and put a heart u are the best!

    9. Memes

      Naah bro 2 mins

    10. alex sanjuan

      Paul vs Ryan García next year 😂😂

    11. Mohamed Ali

      Logan Paul... You are not a professional boxer bro.

    12. Big Ounce

      Who seen my dawg Los Pollos TV

    13. Yung Reese

      Logan and KSI are hell of boxers but Jakes ego went up when he went up against 3 jokes

    14. Zeta

      This video is like 10 times longer than the actual fight 😂

    15. Mallory Lynch

      Omg Logan Paul and Jake Paul

    16. Harlem XL

      5:20 why he do a ravens joke all he do is sell when he play us

    17. juma hamis

      When did Jake paul became a professional boxer 🥊 😂.

      1. Hayden Fournier

        You must be living under a damn rock

      2. Derpiffied

        Master Yoda excuse me

      3. RCLVisuals

        The same time Logan became a professional boxer

    18. Joel Mwejenwa6

      U punch the and the number goes straight to 666?? Iknow u don’t like my man

    19. J4C0B

      KSI is in this video so it’s automatically good

    20. Nate Duffy

      Agua is the song

    21. Pencille Samantha

      I love STEELERS and your fave NFL player!

    22. Sharkzy

      Follow me on twitch: L_For_Kobe

    23. Mason Thomas

      1v1 me juju im a steelers fan and im good at fortnite

    24. ImJustRob

      He was sooo late tho

    25. Hennirhey Ford Legarda

      Lookin like andre iguodala

    26. Time Limit YT

      He said the buffalo ravens

    27. 10k subscribers with 0 videos challenge t

      Can someone please tell me what song was played when Jake Paul won

      1. 10k subscribers with 0 videos challenge t

        @Nate Duffy Thanks alot

      2. Nate Duffy


      3. Nate Duffy

        Who does I wanna know

      4. 10k subscribers with 0 videos challenge t

        @Nick Valentin Thanks who sings it

      5. Nick Valentin

        Azhar Patel07 facts

    28. Jose Ipina

      U barely posting this

    29. Kiko klk

      be careful with the coronavirus man

    30. Anderson Lauf

      Who here is a Steelers fan and a juju jersey

    31. Rusheed Mohammed

      ksi is a nonce

    32. Luke Folley

      1 mill

    33. Altxz

      @00:35 was lowkey clean

    34. Michael 1019

      Love when the kids start hyping you up at 9:21

    35. Veezo TV


    36. FTW GhostXD

      Only reason I play Football cause him

    37. fishstick the gamer

      You're the best juju lets get him to 10mill by the end of the year

    38. Zxde

      1 mil JuJu???

    39. Lucas Minske

      0:52 llllooossssssssssssssssss

    40. Some random meme boi

      D.K needs to make a YT channel, change my mind.

    41. Luke Johnson

      What is that song playing after the fight anyone know

      1. Mistyy YT

        Luke Johnson the one that played when jake won is called agua

    42. SPR NYC

      1 month after the fight damn you late

    43. Luis Roman

      JJ is gonna demolish Jake 🇬🇧

    44. Marco Bellanova

      Juju, I understand that you like Logan. But how is it that you prefer Jake to win vs KSI ?!!!! I just don’t get you...

      1. Alex Oxlaid

        Because he is friends with Jake ? Use your brain dumbass

      2. Marco Bellanova

        Caden Thomas don’t get me wrong I am a great fan of juju.

      3. Caden Thomas

        Hou may not like him because you are an obj fan

      4. Aladdin Ali

        Marco Bellanova stfu

    45. TheCharmingAndTalentedGuy Whoisalsoacompulsiveliar

      How late is this video

    46. GameZrichiePlayz

      juju dancing because jake won and he got money

    47. Coles Trollies

      2 months late

    48. Funny Videos

      Can i get an autograph

    49. SlexyFC

      Lover ur videos

    50. Kamarin Gamer_21

      What was that song that juju was dancing to at the end of the fight

      1. Mistyy YT

        Agua - BabyBoySlime

      2. Kamarin Gamer_21

        @Joel Martinez thats the song why

      3. Joel Martinez


    51. Pullo The yuoung god

      Make more pls

    52. Justin Johnson

      I think your a month late.

      1. Justin Johnson

        Ok calm down

      2. Nicolas Clogston

        Ky1er McDaniel I think I wasn’t arguing. Just stating a fact

      3. Nicolas Clogston

        Justin Johnson why would I be mad bc you can’t spell lmao

      4. Ky1er McDaniel

        I think both y’all are arguing over stupid shit rn

      5. Justin Johnson

        Nicolas Clogston I think you’re mad

    53. Corn Wit butter

      Juju I have question What do you think about the crono virus

      1. Daily News channel

        Yeatest Feetest what the heck is a crono

    54. Ben dover

      Jake paul a bitch though

    55. Bro Bro

      Ngl these videos be kinda boring

    56. Junior 13md_Yt

      9:23 okayyyyyy 🤣 The kid in the back with the red hoodie

      1. JJ


    57. Matt Yoder

      Love it

    58. Alllan Muc

      Juju o c u on snap putting in the off-season work post some vids of u running routes I’m excited 4 u and Ben to b back

    59. Mariano De Leon

      Can't belive he likes Jake Paul.

    60. Brian Morales

      Heat juju💯💯💯💯⚡️⚡️⚡️

    61. Jeff Hager

      You are a good guy to donate your winnings

    62. Gunnther

      Logan Paul called himself a pro boxer hahaha clown

    63. Jxdii

      At 5:06 ummm the number

      1. Aaron Hall


    64. Zackery Walsh

      How did they call that he was good

      1. Ky1er McDaniel

        Zackery Walsh yea I agree, gib was fine, it’s just that in boxing if someone is getting hit too many times in a row without doing anything then they are going to call it because they try to avoid knockouts, since they can do serious brain damage. Plus both were in there pro debuts

    65. HJ

      now I wanna see juju get in the ring and destroy some folks.

    66. Caileb Feik

      JuJu scores a 666 on the punch machine. Coronavirus destroys the world soon after. Coincidence? I think not.

    67. 856psangres

      im sorry but, KSI is ending Jake

    68. Jon Did

      What is that song at the end at like 9:30

      1. Desire XZZ

        Aqua- babyboyslimee

    69. PedropedroLA Medina


    70. Big Chung


    71. Oliver Franco

      what’s the song at 8:13?

      1. Brady Spear

        Oliver Franco Agua - BabyBoySlimee

    72. TheRaging Ninja

      Your literally the role model for all football players. You and Bobby Wagner inspire me to be myself and to help others

    73. xxMeRkSxx YT

      “Oh the devils number”😂

    74. Caidyn Schwartz

      So close to 1 Million

    75. Jimmy Person

      JuJu I see you ! I admire you as a great individual and everything you do. You are a handsome , courageous , intelligent , humbled , cheerful , young man with so much swag. I am so delighted to see you keep winning.

    76. Ярослав

      Cool fight, but is it as cool as dota 2?

    77. pablito El 4

      If KSI vs Jake Paul happens and you go for Jake, You will lose my respect.

      1. Alex Oxlaid

        HAHAHAHA you're talking like he cares about having your respect, sit down kid

      2. Joel Martinez


    78. Desean Williams

      Los was drippy😭😭

      1. Big Ounce


    79. lRIEIMEIDY


      1. Coda Rugby


    80. JermaineXJ 2

      All I have to say is ju ju lit

    81. Noah K

      Get him the mio

    82. Abner Sanchez

      Hi juju

    83. 73&& ?!

      Jake is so weak he can’t box at all

    84. William Murdock Kawlbe power

      React to go broke

    85. Ja Y

      Juju stay lit

    86. Shorya Hasiza

      Who else pees on the side of the toilet to make less noise?

      1. ItsDalton

        I pee right in the middle to assert my dominance

      2. Aaron Hall

        Yea i do it on every side to when its middle of night i do that and somtimes i do that for no reason

      3. Ghost Kobe


      4. AlternxteFN

        I do😂😂. Odd question LMAO. I mostly do it at night time. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      5. rex YT

        Shorya Hasiza facts😂😂

    87. Craig

      JJ would slaughter jake paul

    88. Navibroncos18

      I hope juju replies to my comment he is the most underrated youtuber ever and best receiver currently in the NFL

    89. Faceless nf

      u should put the DED in the video hubieras puesto al DED en el video apoko no # irapues

    90. Peter

      u should play with bugha again make a video about playing with bugha

      1. Ky1er McDaniel

        diplexvolcano everyone talking about the boxing match, but my dude here is fucking talking about the fortnite 😂

    91. LayneMiller

      I’m so disappointed that he likes Jake Paul🤦🏻‍♂️

      1. Alex Oxlaid

        Stfu buddy

      2. LayneMiller

        Myles Robinson I’m not crying but if I was I would take your amazing advice

      3. LayneMiller

        Zaivian Sherrer there is nothing wrong with that and usually I wouldn’t care but it’s just the fact that jake Paul isn’t a good person

      4. Myles Robinson

        LayneMiller keep crying son

      5. LayneMiller

        Myles Robinson I’m not crying, I am simply stating the fact that I am disappointed. But even if I was crying I wouldn’t take orders from you

    92. Luffy is bored

      You’re my favorite NFL player and you’re my phone case so I see you every day

      1. Ky1er McDaniel

        Nobody cares

      2. Luffy is bored

        Haters be Hayton

      3. Seth bielecki


      4. Tarrel Lamb

        Huh weird

    93. ROCKY

      smh really the paul's nah

    94. Nico Robles


    95. Ben Peterson

      My boy juju always lit and got bangin HUfast vids stay lit 🔥🔥💯

    96. jussie smollet

      Jake Paul fight happened 2 years ago juju hire an editor maybe get the videos up fast hahaha

      1. jussie smollet

        @Jeremy A thanks dickhead

      2. Jeremy A

        jussie smollet the fight happened January 30 not 2 years ago

    97. Twenty__ Five__

      Jake Paul says he's a professional boxer. 😆😆😆😂💀

      1. Max 4624

        @Darkness I know

      2. Darkness

        btw who are you comparing jake to? tyson fury??

      3. Darkness

        @Twenty__ Five__ are you???

      4. Twenty__ Five__

        @Darkness Are you being serious RN?

      5. Darkness

        whats so funny about that?

    98. ChangBangz

      Let's get JUJU at 1 MILLI before the end of March , letsss get ittttt

      1. Max 4624


      2. Non retard Vinay

        @L L shut up

      3. L L

        Well he sold out by interacting with one of the Paul brothers so that is obviously the goal

    99. J

      You should upload events like the boxing event the next day or week. Not a month later. No one is gonna watch a vid that happened months later

      1. Brady Mitchell

        vRiCov Mcmbvii your watching it

    100. Chris Gajski

      Wow the fight sucked