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    Rocketman é um filme sobre a incrível história de Elton John. O filme acompanha sua fantástica jornada de transformação de um garoto prodígio tímido no piano para a superestrela que é Elton John. Essa história inspiradora - embalada pelas maiores canções de Elton John e interpretadas por Taron Egerton - conta uma história universal de como um garoto do interior se transformou em uma das figuras mais icônicas da cultura pop. Rcketman também apresenta Jamie Bell como letrista e parceiro de composições de Elton Bernie Taupin, Richard Madden como seu primeiro agente John Reid e Bryce Dallas Howard como sua mãe Sheila Farebrother.
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    1. No Tra


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    3. Hao Bon

      Love you.

    4. Donald James Trump

      This is beautiful! 🥺

    5. Marc Toleafoa

      Moe bueno

    6. UFC 242 FULL FIGHT


    7. Music For the soul

      Here’s my cover of this evergreen song: Spread love. Make the world beautiful.

    8. Miguel Raeder

      Helloo!! I covered this song in my channel and I really hope you like it!! See you! 😊

    9. Harry Cheng

      When he says "my gift is my song, and this one's for you" and they look at each other and Bernie smiles, that moment felt genuine AF, i loved it.

      1. Miguel Raeder

        Helloo!! I covered this song in my channel and I really hope you like it!! See you! 😊

    10. De Boi


    11. Callum Friend

      I really hope the music and lyrics came together just like that because it truly is amazing if so!

    12. Nhu Ho

      ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.

    13. Krios008

      I may have just lost my best friend through my idiocy and not being able to control my behaviour. This song was her song in my head. I hope there is still a way to fix it

    14. Love Night

      Love you.

    15. Noi Huan

      Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.

    16. Roseli Alves

      Me desculpem os 761 que avaliaram negativamente esse vídeo e o talento desse ator, aprovado pelo próprio Elton. Só ha uma explicação: não curtem Elton Jhon ou desconhecem sua obra.

    17. Wendy Freeman

      My fave scene from the movie

      1. Dave Brown

        For sure! The grandmother? . . . OMG!

    18. Larry Nass

      The worst copycat of Behomian Rapsody

    19. Larry Nass

      The movie is not good, the casting and the actors are awful

      1. Niall Hall

        okay mate, see you later then

    20. Greyce Carlota


    21. Marcelo Bezerra

      To think Jamie Bell played this part right after Skin is amazing. Such versatility...

    22. Psico Ambrogi

      Adorável ator!

    23. Felipe gamer Brasil

      I'am rocketman

    24. Antonin Ventura

      I come daily to this video, and I still love it

    25. Tyler Durden

      "How was that?" *DUDE!*

    26. Blanka Budinská


    27. Zixofi Zero

      Bernies song writing talent is underrated

    28. Robert Kees

      It's ok, but let's face it, he's no Bill Shatner!

    29. Alivia Campbell

      1:19 made me cry!

    30. Edward Carvallo


    31. Lilly F

      I dunno, it'd be hard to reject Elton after that. I kid of course, this was actually the first thing i saw and it really made me believe that they were deeply in love. No-one can change my mind

    32. Tacokalku

      If i did something like this i would immediately forget the lyrics.

    33. Leonardo Ornelas

      BETS FILM EVER !!!!!!!! now i listen to elton john songs every single day

    34. Wan Joker


    35. Jamilla Lacerda

      Que interpretação linda.

    36. Fabien ROBERT

      So great THX from France !

    37. Predieter 1

      That moment he says 'but then again, no.' Is sooo good. It fills my heart and soul

    38. SPN Girl

      Jamie Bell looking like Steve Perry

    39. TheMDGMobile

      Possibly the greatest love song of all time.

    40. Edvania Rodrigues

      Lágrimas ...😍

    41. Cover Time

      era melhor ter ido ver o filme do pele

      1. JUH RLG

        Vai ver o filme do Pelé, então, porra.

    42. Kingg YT

      This scene makes the entire movie for me

    43. Danitra Beckford


    44. Elizabeth Stewart

      The way Bernie looked at Elton was the same way my family looked at me when I plaued that song on my piano along with a few of my own compositions. Seriously though, Tarons so freaking cute. I swear, i love Taron

    45. Pablo Moreno

      Umas das cenasais linda do cinema. Sempre me emociono quando assisto. Fã de Elton

    46. Marise Damasio


    47. Felipe Vinícius


    48. kanderyin#4

      sorry but this movie is betther than bohemian and the actor is amazing

    49. veldariorardi

      Mi chiamo Andrea e

    50. Rodrigo Borges

      Cover from the Ellie Goulding version. They even took down the Ellie version for a couple weeks and then took it back after some complaints.

    51. Ryan Sullivan


    52. Gabriela K

      i absolutely love this part of the movie and this song

    53. Danilo Curto

      uma lenda!!!!!! simplesmente elton john!

    54. Diana THINGSS

      this is art.

    55. Ari Chama

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    56. Negasilva Silva Silva

      Does anyone know the name of those glasses? Alguém sabe o nome desse óculos? ¿Alguien sabe el nombre de estas gafas?

    57. Olivier Romano

      One of the most beautiful song ever made..

    58. EditorOfSL

      Only Elton John would write a song in his dressing gown! 😂

    59. Elizabeth Stewart

      He made me cry. Taron and his beautiful voice and pretty face. I swear, he gets me everytime! 😭😭😭

    60. eros garcia

      Soy más fan de Fredy Mercury pero elthon john también está chido

    61. Rhonda Long

      This is quite possibly the best song ever written. . .

    62. Roxanne

      I cry *every* time

    63. YouImpossibleChild85

      Best clipe from the movie.

    64. marisa tamayo

      all i want is for taron egerton to serenade me while singing your song. that's it.

      1. Jan batiste


    65. Cristiano Nascimento

      I hope you don't mind I hope you don't mind that I put down in words How wonderful life is while you're in the world ...

    66. Guiギエルメ

      Só tem gringo neessa porra

    67. Maiah Miller

      this makes me cry everytime!!

    68. you're gonna carry that weight

      thinking about my unrequited love for this girl I've been in love with for over three years and never having the guts to tell her cause she's straight. Truly feel in this scene for elton, it sucks when they don't feel the same

    69. Dwight Gladue

      Brilliant movie. Well done by Egerton.

    70. Martín Cosso - Cine

      I didn't hear NOT EVEN ONE Elton John song until I saw this movie... And I loved it even more than Bohemian Rhapsody. Rocketman is one hell of a movie about one hell of an artist

    71. Sophie Loves Sunsets

      'Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen' The way they look at each other is beautiful. Elton and Bernie are platonic soulmates. Their love affair is their music 💖

    72. Shivani Dubey

      I love this version soo much!!

    73. Skansouille

      2:37 "man that is too beautiful to hear"

    74. amy clarke


    75. Turkey Baster

      Great movie, love Elton but could have done without the sex.

    76. The Maiden

      Audibly sighed when I first saw this scene in the theater.


      When Bernie looks up at him and watches...gave me chills

    78. Jesse S

      One of the best parts of this movie IMO


      voice the taron is verry good

    80. Mr. Blonde

      As Stanley Goodspeed would say..."Cause you're the Rocketman!"

    81. Túlio Lage

      A cena mais linda da história do cinema ❤❤❤❤❤

    82. Terrovax

      Son: Dad why is my sister's name Rose? Dad: Because your mother likes roses. Son: Thanks dad. Dad: No problem Rocketman | Clipe: Your Song | Paramount Pictures Brasil

      1. Chengeer Lee

        PAhahhahahh ... this is hilarious :)

    83. Tyler Durden

      Taron really knocks this song out of this world. My mom would have loved this movie if she were alive to see it. I remember being a young kid, and she played this song over & over.

    84. Maiah Miller

      this song genuinely gets to me!

    85. Say What

      That'll do pig, that'll do.

    86. Monica Loar

      Taron is amazing

    87. Isotoptic- Waist

      Lockdown anyone?

    88. Dan

      I love the cut to a recording studio --freaking brilliant!!

    89. kanderyin#4

      sorry but this movie is better than boohemian

    90. PhoenixWay to Holistic Natural Health

      One of my favorite moments in the film.

    91. Sa Oh

      My 2 all time favorites film/stage is this movie and the Billy Elliott on stage. Which Sir Elton made songs. Ironically film version star Jamie Bell here. This movie is made by Lee Hull which he oversaw Billy Elliott. stage production. No wonder it is so good ! Now someday, I would like to see Tom Holland and Dean Charles Chapman can use their great skill for their talent of singing and dancing. (Tom Holland is already using acrobatic skill being a MCU hero.)

    92. Márcia Haydê


    93. Павел Муравлёв

      One thousand times stronger than bohemian rhapsody..this actor and movie deserve Oscar and more than Oscar

    94. Nate DS

      If anyone one is wondering if this actaully happened in real life, in an Interview elton described when he realized that your song was gonna be great and it was exactly like this. I never wouldve thought that rocket man, the hyper stylized across the universe style music would be more true to life than the gritty real bohemian rhapsody.

    95. RAEN74

      I know this isn't accurate...but this scene is obviously the show stopper scene in this movie. Just magic.

    96. k ke

    97. TrâmM GM

      avengers asemble endgame

    98. Arlyn Aguirre

      The lyrics and the melody is perfect, thanks for that Elton☺

    99. Rodrigo Borges

      he's doing a cover of Ellie Goulding. Yes, she's the one who caught my attention to the song, but it was not Elton John. And yes, her cover is amazing. EDIT: lol... they removed Goulding's video from HUfast, there is only the audio version. That's so lame. Give her some credit. She's been copied even in Xfactor.

    100. Kenan özdıraz

      cringe compilation

      1. Steven Hickman

        The word cringe died 10 years ago lol