Ruination | Season 2021 Cinematic - League of Legends

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    A king returns. All he touches turns to ruin.
    Video created in partnership with Digic Pictures.
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    1. gera cervantes

      why is this not a movie ? it's not budget or creative resources, then why?

    2. fakir

      rammus : ok

    3. flying Aviator815

      Fiddl existing (I hope)


      Wait, this year we don't have a song, RIGHT?

    5. Tyler

      They should do one 3d anime on this . Like Story's .

    6. Tenebris Nigrum

      Pls someone explain me what is this white orb that Viego got from Senna ?

    7. Ido Vidal

      so this is the part where all regions put aside their differences aside to fight the ruined king and his lords of shadow isle? sounds like GOT to me.

    8. Lubo Tzenkov

      I will literally sue you if you dont make a movie!!

    9. Danie Syabil

      When will my boy Udyr ever turn up for one of these cinematics.....

    10. Никита Значков

      We want legue full film. I will pay 50$ in cinema, Please make it!

    11. Marcos Cardoso

      where is the easter egg? pls i wanna know

    12. Akash 3000

      These trailers should come regularly

    13. Jett

      litterally pissed looooool

    14. Duy Anh

      This should be a movie

    15. Mengsrun Heng

      Look samira hard to defeat Darius

    16. Luca Galli

      Is Viego's face model based off Hashinshin?

    17. Yōkina Kun

      we have to go back to her Honey you got nerf Chill okay

    18. David Hensley

      That moment when Darius eats your heart out.

    19. J D

      A shame we didn't get a penta kill song to go with the video

    20. Ερρικος Βιλα

      The power of Karma

    21. Gæjin

      Could be a possible game mode ? Like League of Legends: zombie mode aka Ruination. food for thoughts

    22. bocoy noiu

      The Climb ---> Senna: Shadow's Embrace --> Ruination

    23. LEGO game

      Wow Senna risked her life just to let her ADC farm

    24. Jon Thornburg

      These league cinematics always get me teary. Like man, I thought Lucian was about to lose his love there.

      1. Jon Thornburg

        @bocoy noiu I don't know the lore that well but I'm pretty sure senna died somewhere in there and I thought that was gonna be it

      2. Ruqqus

        @bocoy noiu wow

      3. bocoy noiu

        Wait isn't Yorick's maiden is actually Ruined king's wife?

    25. 권태준

      무슨 내용이야...

    26. Đạt Vũ

      *King of SIMP*

    27. Joshua Ang

      Is there a season 2021 cinematic with a song?

    28. Tieu Bruh

      So is Viego like Thanos?

    29. David Rivera

      No music, i dont like it

    30. Minidemigod

      Do something kaisa!!!!!!

    31. nyang nyang


    32. Drelanim89 K

      Why does he remind me of Arthas with Frostmourne though.

      1. Axelry

        "inspiration" I think

    33. Constantine Shahil

      When are you coming to India,

    34. VonBoyage

      they should have a music video but this time let TOKYO'S REVENGE have his own music video

    35. Journalancer

      This feels an awful lot like the Wrath of the Lich King, just with a hipster Arthas

    36. WinTrain

      From the champions 2021 update by the lead in the champion design team, the next 4 are going to relate to the ruined king theme. We can expect the entire 2021 releases to be a continuation of this story being told. Maybe Viego will get his love back and stop being edgy.

    37. WinTrain

      Seeing Darius actually protect someone was crazy. Uncharacteristic of Darius for sure to do that and show that side of him, now we can ship him and Samira? Also Poppy being the brave protector that she is was awesome to see in this trailer and made it all that more special. Lucian and Senna are so good together hopefully they remain true to each other and Riot doesn’t destroy the love between the two of them. It seems like Viegos lover is going to be very OP when she is released next.

    38. Cadeos74

      Wow sieht ja Hammer geil aus die Senna !!

    39. Fun Monster

      I do not get it, is Karma his wife ? she looks like she should be or at least she is from his team

    40. HentaiLord

      Wait isn't Yorick's maiden is actually Ruined king's wife?

    41. Kuya Paps

      This has a full movie??

    42. Hera

      why does the black mist just circle people sometimes can it sense plot armour lol. *gets Darius instead of samira* black mist " 0_0". *darius swings axe once at samira* *samira somehow blocks massive axe swing for a suprime war general* black mist " lets just wait until there done stop all the evil souls attacking her!" *smaira runs on darius and kicked him OnCe" darius "falls X-X" black mist "QUICK UNPOSSESS HIM HE FELL OVER" black mist leaves instead of staying cause plot.

    43. Ashley Newman

      Amazing as usual, but I feel like cinematics with their own song seem to hold up better on the replays

    44. syxxah

      hey, what's the theme song's name?

    45. Simp Phaty

      can someone make a music at the beginning of 1:00

    46. iTz Musti

      The name of the cinematic resembles what happened to my acc thx rito

    47. Richard O

      Well seems I'm gonna download this game again

    48. Aaron C

      This story could be good as a new League of Legends series for Netflix. League's lore is probably one of the most complex stories a game has, It's suprising how Riot hasn't decided to do an actual series that tells the whole story of Runeterra, and we now know how Viego will impact the lore.

    49. yasio bolo

      Low-key questioning how Poppy’s hammer goes over Vayne’s head with her reach.

      1. WinTrain

        Vayne used her tumble,roll watch close.

    50. materek PL

      Don't know how long was between that and senna release cinematic, but why haven't they changed clothes yet :P

    51. Balázs Ördög

      If their servers and the client would as good as their cinematics i would be happy :)

      1. yasio bolo

        We can't defeat him alone.

    52. Frosty Paws

      I kinda have the feeling that Senna's weapon that she is using atm is Isolde's weapon that she got and learn how to use it with Isolde's guidance while she most in the mist. Thresh is some sort of gatekeeper and his lantern is actually the portal to the mist.

      1. WinTrain

        Isolde is probably going to be a midlane mage and not a marksman. However the champion said there is going to be a marksman playing a different role and not your typical bot lane marksman. They are probably referring to Isolde. Given they like to release marksman champions early in the years, she’s probably the next champion to be released and we can expect her arrival around March or April. I just commented the next 4 champion releases are all going to be a continuation of this story as the champion team had already said they will all relate to the ruined king theme this year.

    53. bandyellow

      Did Lich King come to league?

    54. Raffie Cubilla

      Superb as always

    55. Sig Sig

      The Climb ---> Senna: Shadow's Embrace --> Ruination

    56. Dethr0

      Yo, Dante, wrong universe pal.

    57. Kawa Sounds

      “We can’t defeat him alone”... after my teammates feed him repeatedly

    58. Ivailo Ivanov

      Such an awesome cinematic, gotta love Leauge and Riot

    59. Andrew Gampal

      THIS IS A CINEMATIC, if u know what I mean

    60. NowILayTheeDown Malekith

      Arthas ... is ... is that you...?

    61. Kung fu Hustle

      After that senna's has been nerf

    62. Venof Inn

      어둠땅 개따라했네....

    63. OmmarCG

      She looks like keke palmer

    64. Manuel Cubilete

      “The mist is because of the ruination of Viego”... Isn’t that what the spirit is saying?

    65. Sparring Bible

      notice how the myst spawns outside of demacia's gates, a very good detail that demacian buildings nullifies any magic of any sort

    66. 아니진짜저거

      2:27 0/6/1


      We can't defeat him alone.

    68. Quân Nguyễn


    69. pluto kong


    70. Jass Faith

      Quick question! Hmm who is she?

    71. Peter Mikhail

      sooooo no one's gonna make the castlevania season 3 correlation?

    72. Jack Magnell

      i want to see viego interact with vladimir

    73. KazaKi

      3:42 There must always be Lich King

    74. Zack

      That is NOT the blade of the ruined king homie that’s an Armadyl godsword

      1. Wojciech Pabijan

        Runescape vibes, i see

    75. CaptainMcNoob

      Man, the Ruined King looks dumb. Not really sure how I am supposed to take him seriously. He looks like an edgy teenager who never got over his hot topic obsession and plays too much Final Fantasy.

      1. CaptainMcNoob

        @Ruqqus Not about motivation. Its about appearance. Aatrox. Mordekaiser. These look like big bad badasses that could threaten the world with their very being. This guy looks like the kid knocking on their door asking if he can play with them because mom said he could.

      2. Ruqqus

        She is his world, hes bound to be a little edgy.. ride or die bebe

    76. Rivialı Geralt

      Bi sn bir şey dicem hmm tmm dvm dcm 🤨😍😇

    77. Alessia Cambiali

      How cool is Vayne.

    78. Xentox 501

      We need a League Movie!

    79. Bloodking

      been scrolling for an answer but couldnt find it, mind filling me in? who's "her"?

      1. xD

        She's Isolde. Viego's wife

      2. Ruqqus

        Looks like hes able to draw it out and control senna what ever it is, he also seems to know her personally maybe its an aspect of her.. the ruined queen of the zombie king lol

    80. justina velasquez asencios

      Joder saquen una serie!!! ME encantan sus cinemáticas♥

    81. Journey Beyond The Veil

      Need to just turn this into a Movie series. Fire!

    82. Robert Jones

      Samira and Darius i guess i can ship it.

    83. Elias Oberbeck

      Next trash Champion wp rito

    84. Sasha Blight

      Wait wait wait Where is the cinameticcc!? Where is the song that Im gonna listen it 2833626 times

    85. james logan

      These animations are amazing, will there ever be a League anime? Rito pls, give the people what they want!

    86. Shythalia

      Wow, Karma almost got defeated? Ruined King is so emo tho. lol

    87. Mo Fofana


    88. dewi raema


    89. Medramon masque de cendres

      Swain said something about a king in the mist if rememeber correctly.

      1. xD

        We know about Ruined King since 2014

    90. SJAD IQ IQ


    91. RICHARD M

      imagine a fraction of the budget going to balance this god awfull game ;D

    92. Trijay Santos


    93. Lewtoons

      paused the video to celebrate. @1:04 ghouls running out of a dark mist. oooooh baby my boy Yorick bouta get a sick cinematic!

      1. LORD OF SWAIN

        @Simp Phaty i think it"s veigo theme

      2. Simp Phaty

        what's the song starting at 1:00

      3. Allison Corona


      4. Derek Maldonado

        Sad news

    94. brahem sbhea

      We need the Arabic language to be supported

    95. midnight memos

      Third time the charm i guess, to corrupt karma’s head

    96. Impackt


    97. xCorruptedStudio

      Why leomord phantom's is here??

    98. Banana Zoo

      What a boring design

    99. cocaïne lee sin

      Senna : we have to go back for her ! Lucian: no senna he is a new op champion wait for the nerf.

    100. Kryoex

      Shadowlands looks great