SABATON - The Royal Guard (Official Music Video)


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    The Official Music Video for The Royal Guard by Sabaton.
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    ========= The Royal Guard LYRICS =========
    From the frozen north they came
    Fought for founding father’s claim
    It was then, their tale, began
    Trace their roots from 16 strong
    By the king where they belong
    En tid
    Av Krig
    Wherever he goes, near or far, they are close
    For the King of Sweden they lay down their lives
    For the Swedish crown they stand
    By the king, at his command
    500 years for the fatherland
    Marching across the belt
    Crushing blow at Narva dealt
    Livgardet our Royal Guard
    Sworn protectors of the throne
    Royal doctrine set in stone
    For the crown, you shall give your life
    By traditions from the past
    Swedish soldiers stand steadfast
    I frid
    Och i strid
    And if one should fall, yet another, heeds the call
    For king and for country they lay down their lives
    För Sverige i tiden
    Dit konungen går
    De gör vad som synes omöjligt, vad än framtiden spår
    Still for the crown they stand
    By the king, at his command
    500 years for the fatherland
    Marching across the belt
    Crushing blow at Narva dealt
    Livgardet our Royal Guard
    Recorded and mixed at Black Lounge studios by Jonas Kjellgren.
    Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - Los Angels -CA -USA
    Sabaton is a registered and protected trademark.

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    1. Sabaton

      Hope you liked our new video for The Royal Guard. Tell us what you think in the comments 😉 ➞ EXCLUSIVE Merch for The Royal Guard: ➞ SUBSCRIBE for more Sabaton:

      1. עמית בלחסן

        All i have to say about this is that i'm waiting for the history video

      2. seces

        @Manty when that time comes you can't find any of them :)

      3. Manty

        This guard should protect Sweden now from the migrants.

      4. Jan Fazlagić

        @Goblin Slayer We in Poland have mixed feelings about the Swedish soldiers after the Swedish invasion of Poland in the 17c. Officially the losses were larger than WWI and WWII combined. We never recovered since then as a European power :-(((

      5. seces

        @Niklas Larsson det är din idé

    2. United Nations Global Occult Coalition

      Can somebody please explain which event us happening in the video please?

    3. SteveDom

      i hope someone playing solo guitar on middle of war 😁

    4. Carlo Vernia

      Ok, now I need to add a musket in my collection, for.....reasons

    5. issa ahmad

      this is cinema quality

      1. Sabaton

        Epic, isn't it?

    6. A Passing Soul

      Heres a war themed song in the spirit of Sabaton

    7. CT-2864 Clone 1853034

      Every time Sabaton makes a song about certain groups of soldiers or people, they always manage to make me feel the camaraderie, loyalty, courage and trust that they must have had for each other. Royal Guardsmen, Caroleans, 12th Army, 77th, Swiss Guard, Chasseurs Ardennais, Devil Dogs, all of them. Thank you again for bringing the stories of all these different people to life through your amazing music, fellow Scandinavians! 👍

    8. AN Finance

      This shall be Sweden's new National Anthem!

    9. Bradley Smith

      Fairest Lord Jesus, ruler of all nature! O Thou of God and man the Son! Thee will I cherish, Thee will I honor! Thou my souls Glory, Joy, and Crown!

      1. Bradley Smith

        @Jason Moyer I didn't realize, that's epic. I just heard the chorus and had to find that old hymn. Good music like this is timeless.

      2. Jason Moyer

        Also, the tune (while recognizable as “Fairest Lord Jesus”) is even older and considered the “Crusaders Hymn”. Too perfect.

      3. Jason Moyer

        Knew I recognized that chorus! It was bugging me, thanks for reminding me of the origin.

    10. Horny Mooseknuickle

      Me and my wife got our tickets for the upcoming san antonio show. Looking foreward to seeing you guys live

    11. Arnold _ondra

      I love your music, I'm 14 now, but anyone at my age I know doesn't listen to metal... My generation is rotted, everyone listens to rap and hip-hop, it makes me kinda sick, we need more bands like you.

      1. Arnold _ondra

        @Sabaton Anyway, your music is the best, thank you.

      2. Sabaton

        There are a lot of bands, and also young metalheads!

    12. evanjuniorfluffy

      Songs are better with people real language especially Swedish

    13. fyredemon

      IKEA Employees when there's a shooting in an IKEA:

    14. เป็ด DuckHome

      The music of year and this a my birthday :D 🥳

    15. Mim Lee

      Hello sabaton band: I’m from mainland China. I played and quoted your song as a work of "How I Understand Patriotic Values" for an exhibition in our school’s music discussion today. As a result, I assimilated a large group of students into spiritual Swedish "This is simply Sweden's national treasure metal band" This is the evaluation of our class teacher

    16. topkek

      Those five well dressed men look like they're about to bring protestantism to the good peoples of yurop to free them from the yoke of catholic degeneracy :3

    17. HHRD


    18. Red Devil

      Your songs are inspiring me to learn Swedish. As a native English speaker i hope it doesnt take too long

      1. Sabaton

        It's an interesting language!

    19. Оби Ван Кеноби

      кто русский?

    20. Türk

      Hahahah fake propaganda.janissaries were taken from the know this. Why do you make it look like an Arabian soldier?

      1. 5macgames

        Not sure if you know but considering Sabaton IS Swedish, they know what they’re doing with this

    21. John TheIdiot

      I love the quality, but damn, the sixpack of Corona just made that steel six-pack into a classic Family Pack, Hot Damn

    22. Traficant De Batatas

      sabaton has the F** best music videos in the world, they dont just tell a story, they tell history itself in the most beautiful way possible

      1. Epica Unleashed

        @Sabaton you people are fucking incredible.

      2. Sabaton

        We are kind of complementary history lessons

    23. Crustless Bread

      0:29 did I just hear the start to pirates of the Caribbean

    24. DimensionShulk 99


    25. Jefferson Tant

      Anyone else recognize the tune from "Fairest Lord Jesus" ?

    26. DUDUKA, gameplays, críticas y más

      3:25 why does this man remind me of seven pillars of wisdom?

    27. Prophet of Fett

      Just when I thought the Bismarck video couldn’t be topped.

    28. Lucas Romero

      This must have been the most epic thing I saw in my entire life

      1. Sabaton

        Thank you for appreciating our music!

    29. Reiss verschluss

      I think, the crown is the synonym for every king, who was, who is and who will be in future... oh, I love this song like all from sabaton, but my only manko is, I would like to play drums to the songs, but I´m not good enough for it... 2 years are not enough.... but I swear, i will play them one day. :)

    30. Italian mafia Boss


    31. Arto Kallunki

      LOL hymn 30 in finnis hymn book ✝🙏

    32. Francis Kyle Absin

      I'm glad I found this.

    33. Rikard Falk

      In the interest of nitpicking. The firearms in this video are anachronistic. The percussion cap was introduced in the beginning of the 1800s while the Skirmish at Bender that the video seems to depict took place in 1713. Flintlocks would have been the order of the day.

    34. Firenzar Frenzy

      So happy to see the English version out! Sabaton's in that special 1% of metal bands I can get behind And that chorus. That damn beautiful chorus. I could listen to it on repeat.

    35. Muhammad Saleh

      I wish to meet you one day

    36. Just A weeb

      When Aliens come and we would have to defend our planet against them we should have Sebaton make a song about humanity.

      1. Arskov

        Aliens: "We have superior technology from across the stars." Humans: "We have Sabaton." Aliens: "... You win, Earthling."

    37. cloner one

      Did the Life guard ever got to Fight the Ottomans?

      1. cloner one

        @Dušan Kek

      2. Dušan

        Yes. Skirmish at Bender in 1713

    38. Raymon Herrera

      That's dope! Kings men arw awesome

    39. Garry The snail

      Royal Rockin'! Hoorah!

    40. Bullski123

      The five musketeers....

    41. Werturn 313

      For some reason this song gives me such a patriotic feeling towards Sweden even though I'm from Finland.

      1. topkek

        You are basically Sweden's gimped slave. It's fine.

      2. Carl Smålandson

        Same country then. No difference back the between soldiers from Eastern and Western soioldiers. Back then your name was east Sweden if anything different.

    42. Chaos Insurgency

      Das ist fantastish

    43. Zuckerherz

      This is awesome!

    44. Vetal

      Why are the Turks, and not Russia, for example. When it was Sweden fought with Turkey. But they were constantly in conflict with Russia.

      1. Vetal

        @Dušan oh thanks for the information.

      2. Dušan

        Skirmish at Bender in 1713

    45. beto gonzalez

      Now i want to defend the king of Sweden

    46. the floofster

      This is one helluva good song

    47. Orlando Bautista

      Hello Sabaton From The Philippines 🇵🇭 I enjoy your new song

      1. Sabaton

        Greetings from Sweden!

    48. Vv Ii

      Looks really great. The humor is the fact, in 1709 the Ottomans helped the rest of Sweden army bitten by Russians near Poltava and run south

    49. Nazmi Kaan Şenel

      I'm Turkish and I feel patriotic like others who listened this music :D I listened multiple times and I cant stop.

      1. Türk

        @BayKoala bu kadar değildi askerlerin giysileri. ve askerleri de arap kökenli seçmişler

      2. BayKoala

        @Türk Tamam o dönemlerde araplaşma baya hakimdi ama adamlar komutanları eyyübi askeri yapmışlar

      3. Türk

        Boş propaganda. Madem yeniçeriler balkanlardan alındı hani bize diyorlar ya bizim insanımıza sarışın veya beyaz olunca yeniçeri soyu e hani burda yeniçeriler arap askeri gibi

    50. Hyper Sp3ce

      Didn't the Ottomans help the Swedes?

    51. M M

      why is dragon turd on royal toilet

    52. Emo Muzz

      Don't waste your time in History Class: listen to SABATON!

      1. Sabaton

        We're kind of complementary lessons

    53. Morgan Conner

      teacher: we're going to Sweden! girls: OMG! I can't wait to have delicious meatballs! boys:

    54. Cohn Jena - Mizo


    55. SaikoScout 555

      I like the swedish version more

    56. Impacto Airsoft

      Best birthday gift ever.... Yeah april 9th

    57. Adam Kornacki

      Izrael vs arab country’s colorized

    58. Corsar KM

      Триста Сабатонцев!

    59. James Wolf

      A question to all you historians listening. In the lyrics the line "Crushing blow at Narva dealt" is referring to what battle? I googled it and what I found was a battle in 1944 between Germany and Russia. Is it referring to that or another battle?

      1. James Wolf

        @hoi4 soyboiz Thank you.

      2. hoi4 soyboiz

        Its referring to the battle of Narva in 1700.

    60. Popy Nasr

      Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Why the ottoman

    61. Paul S

      Hi brilliant song get goosebumps when listening to this, I've ordered 2 cd albums can't wait till they arrive 😀

    62. Lucifer Morningstar

      Am I the only one who wants a sabaton song about the Varagian guard?

    63. Николай Ефимов

      Радио Тапок теперь твой выход на эту песню))!! ждем

    64. Kaiser Wilhelm

      If you could convert music into power sabaton would power the world for millions of years

    65. Hunting Shark1

      Listens to this song while having a poop. My turds now have the Swedish cross in them

    66. Kevin Kirby

      Just found you guys after listening to a podcast about the siege of Vienna so I was searching for winged hussars. Omg love your music. Are the videos something you produce or from movies I’ve never seen?

    67. TheWinged Hussar

      I don't get it, why have them be turks that are attacking? The Swedes and Turks were more often neutral with each other and at best of times temporary allies against poland and catholic powers of Europe.

    68. Marek Morrill

      All of sabaton's old songs are getting blocked in the US. Why is that?

    69. Karl-Heinz Fäller

      The one thing which annoys me the most about songs by Sabaton is that they end

    70. Toasty the Toaster

      cod campaign be like

    71. Luke Jones

      Sabaton is the story’s of millions, all thought history being retold, and so the ones who have long since died may live once more through song, truly a great deed they commit too.

    72. elsward

      no arat livgardet star :(

    73. Rocky Balboa[7IL]

      В день смерти принца Филиппа выложили трек.1921-2021😪😪😪🥀🥀🥀🥀

    74. MythicFrost

      Great versions both altought I gotta learn towards swedish bit more even as a Finn.

    75. Hikmet Uğur

      But , didn't Ottomans win this small battle

    76. Иван Жиляев


    77. Zachary Snyder

      I’m 25% Swedish. I’m 100% a fan.

    78. TaWandrea Bland

      I first heard one of your songs in a yarnhub video and now I've been addicted since

    79. Jožo Bezzubka

      It is great song.

    80. Thomas Henley

      Truly amazing. You guys put out truly beautiful songs

    81. Uncle Bob

      SMASHING, CRUSHING, INSPIRING, AN ABSOLUTE BATTERING RAM. Anyone marching into battle with this song in their ears would be invincible...I want it played at my funeral....when there is a battle left that can claim my life. Because this miserable world has yet to provide me a foe worthy of my consideration, but now I have another anthem to ring in my ears as I smash my way to oblivion.

    82. Crabs Cycle

      I want someone to show this video to the actual Swedish Royal Guard (and record it, of course)

    83. Polat Aga

      So as Turkish fans of Sabaton, we request also a Ottoman patriotic song.

    84. Seen


    85. Jack Karnau

      I literally discovered Sabaton on the exact day this came out.

    86. Khiara Pollock

      Another banger way to go gentlemen

    87. Allan Alicajic

      thats why they are coming in with bloody clothes in the swedish version? After this bloody battle!!

    88. Zajemc

      It sounds a bit like a Christmas Carol, doesn't it? Never expected heavy metal to join my Christmas CD set.

    89. faarsight

      The Swedish version is better but the video for the second one is better. Although I have to ask why Arabic looking soldiers are storming the Swedish throne room. I don't recall anything like that ever happening in Swedish history. I believe the last time Stockholm was conquered was in Vasa's time but those don't look like Danes to me.

      1. faarsight

        @rekke92 Damn that's pretty metal. Had no idea there was fighting involved in that incident.

      2. rekke92

    90. Jimmy Larsson

      Great tune. As once a swedish conscript soldier, my heart starts to tick faster. We were good soldiers, and that goes for our sons too, if needed.

    91. Marcin Gołka

      Przyjdźcie pasterze, Bóg się wam rodzi.... 😁😁😁😂🤘🏻

    92. Canadian Idiot

      where are the winged hussars?

    93. Paweł Korczak

      Ottomans in Sweden? Thats a bad version of history i guess...

      1. Carl Sundbaum

        Try the other way around and you get it right :)

    94. Lukas

      Sabaton always make me proud to be Swedish!

    95. JanoTuotanto

      Christmas comes early when Anckarströms get mowed down in droves.

    96. Antoine

      E P I C

    97. Lprcn!2

      I think this is just a alternate sweden, where ''oldists'', or people that wanted technology, to go back to 1700, and, its a monarchy, and at this point, theres also another group, swedish jihadists, which islam spread due to refugees flooding in, and, theyd fight at the old swedish palace in 2500 (for the footage, E.)

    98. Valkig Rakblad

      "Swedeboos" are now a thing proud to be one o7

    99. stuffmasterj

      These guys, I

    100. Tomasz Kiełtyka

      Who are they fighting exactly, in the video? Is there some historical precedent to this?