Sad songs // WARNING! These songs will make you cry


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    1. Lorenzo Orr

      sad how i wanna cry but tears dont come out anymore idk what to think about to cry :( i wanna cry

    2. Addison B

      I do smile so people don't think I'm breaking inside slowly

    3. Helen _Moomoo_

      When the comments are making me cry more😭🥺

    4. SakiaTyKat AB

      I'm hurting too right now. I don't know you but right now in this instant someone is hurting with you. You are never alone. To anyone who reads this reply same goes to you. You will always have someone out there who is going through something similar. You are not alone keep fighting

    5. Nish-Ran

      Who here at school pretend you didn't cry at Ur desk because of Ur thought life and you lie to Ur friend that you didn't cry even tho I cry

    6. Brónx

      honestly reading the comments is making me cry more than the songs. i dont remember the last time i cried, so im here to try force myself

    7. Crafty art Girl

      At school:☺️ At home:😀 At night:🥺🥺😭😭

    8. Haya Khan

      Made me cry 😭 so so much

    9. Abigail Ndila

      i pretend things are ok but it really hurts my life changed alot no one knows that but i try to play it cool but soon i cant its to much its been now from im 5 till now :") i guess i will never know it

    10. Alice AndGalaxy

      I cried at the first one these broke my heart so bad and reminds me and makes me ask myself “why do I hide stuff? Why do I bottle it up?” I realise these songs made my question it and I say to myself “don’t bottle it and tell people” Tysm for this it really hit me hard

    11. The reaction channel_1000

      i needed this

    12. Pretty Cakes

      Just revealed my feelings for this guy I liked and it’s too late he is already with someone my heart hurts

    13. Kaci Jones

      My mum tells me I’m on my phone to Much but the comment are just so relatable and I feel like everyone gets me here

    14. • coco . mochie •

      I’m fine... F- fucked up I- insecure N- needs help E- existing doesn’t matter at this point.

    15. • coco . mochie •

      Me when I’m with people: *”happy” smiling, loving* Me when I’m alone: *crying, overthinking, trying to cover it up with a fake smile*

    16. Adesya. Maysa. A

      Incase anyone asks, why do we tend to fake smile to make them not worrying?. Its because your brain thinks that its easier to fake smile than to explain your complications.

    17. Jade s

      If everyone stopped pretending to be happy we’d realise how sad the world is

    18. StopMotion Tv

      Is it just me or are other people's heads just so overcrowded that their heads are simply empty like me? Cuz my head is so fucking overcrowded that it's just almost empty or so...😢😢

    19. Naomi Whittle

      Music helps me so much when im crying my eyes out anyone feel the same?

    20. Phoenix Violin girl

      anyone else feel like they put up fake emotions so often they don't even know what's real anymore? no? just me? ok ( I don't mean this to be offensive in any way. I'm just stating what i wish i had the confidence to tell to someone other than my brother)

    21. Zoey crur

      Leafs from a vine make me cry check it out 😭😭😭

    22. Safiii

      Roses a red my eyes are crying my heart is dying please tell me why i'm still trying

    23. irfn_raziqq

      When the internet strangers understand u more than anyone

    24. - phøënïx røšę -

      There’s 7 billion people in the world. 12 million *sad, depressed, empty, unknowing, fake smiling* people clicked on this. That’s a lot, okay? Think about that for a moment. Take this off your playlist. Be _happy._ And if you can’t, then *_try_* .

      1. - phøënïx røšę -

        Ty 🥺

      2. _MATL_ 03

        That made my Day

    25. Sawyer Amende

      If you need ANYTHING dm me on insta- mosthatedsawyer

    26. Miriam Yusuf

      There is a saying: Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.

    27. Lizzany Salguero

      I almost died.......... not bc of this its bc of my anxiety so my brother is a doctor and my sister also is a doctor so what happened was......well I got an anxiety attack and I couldn't breath and my face was turning white :-( so that's why I listen to this and no im not depressed

    28. Kira Zombori

      If you are sad than everyone thinks you just want attention but the truth is that you just want a hug from someone xx

    29. Furrdude

      these songs are gonna be the last thing im gonna hear depressions are taking over....

    30. Kim Tae hee

      I just want to vent on here because I feel like I have no one else to speak to anymore... Ik this is stupid but it’s hurt me so much considering I don’t think I’m anything I don’t think I’m pretty because I’m not, I’m not funny, I’m not cool, but this just broke me....... I don’t want to deal with anything anymore I started talking to my ex again and we were flirting getting along great again but then suddenly he stopped talking to me again.... so I was very confused so I asked him why and I never thought he could do this to me and he said “Because I know I can do a lot better than you” I just broke Ik it’s stupid I’m stupid I hate myself and I don’t wanna talk to anyone ever again and I don’t wanna love anyone again I will never look at anyone, here’s my vent I know no one even cares but yeh

      1. Gabby

        Armys here, stay strong!

      2. Chim Chim

        true beauty comes from within & I can see that you are a beautiful human being

      3. Chim Chim

        being you is enough there isn't anything more you need to be I'm proud of you. You already made it so far. Don't give up.

    31. Chim Chim

      Being truly happy for the person you love hurts the most when you know they never did and never will choose you. They only see me happy, supporting them. I can't let them see my pain.

    32. wolfie_cookies


    33. Chim Chim

      Have you ever loved someone to the point it hurts? Love someone so much that their happiness is more important than your own. .. too afraid to tell them what you would sacrifice for them.. Because you know they would never choose you. They never did.

    34. Alondra Martinez Rojas

      im sorry for being a brat im sorry mom for being stupid im sorry to my friend for being problematic im sorry teacher for crying those hard times that nobody ceard im sorry every one

      1. Chim Chim

        hey, you don't need to be sorry for being you. It's ok to feel overwhelmed, it's ok to cry, it's ok to feel like you can't take it anymore. It's ok to feel. Don't apologize. You are valuable, so are your emotions. You aren't a failure. Life is a struggle but I know you can make it through. I believe in you.

    35. dorka gala

      Anyone, who searched up for this, just to cry, and those who feel lonely... I want u to know that you're not alone, and everything's going to be okay. Never give up, it can be hard at times, but u deserve to live. U deserve happiness, and a peaceful life like everyone else. Everyone has a broken heart, which can't be healed. But I want u to know, that it's okay to cry, but please, love yourself, just like u love the ones who are close to u. U are loved, even if you don't feel it. And really, you're really not alone. You don't have to bear the pain on your shoudlers all alone. A saviour will come, and love u to the fullest, and help u, and bring u out of pain. ( be it a relative, friend or even a stranger, but to be honest, it's Jesus, you are so loved by Him, you can't even imagine) if u feel lost, and u think that living is not worth it, seek out for help, it's okay to tell someone about your problems and to be honest, cuz as I said, u deserve happiness, u deserve love, you deserve peace. I know that later, u will search for the happiest songs! Luv u ❤️✨


      Im sad

    37. Mc Cañedo

      Listening this song while drinking 😢💔

    38. Sakya inukoti

      I feel so sad, its like all this sadness is locked inside, i wanna get it out but i cant. I am so sorry for existing. i will try my best. thank you ily

      1. Chim Chim

        I love you.

      2. Chim Chim

        Don't apologize. It's ok to feel this way. Embrace your emotions, let them flow, don't try to force them to. I am proud of you.

    39. Jubaira Ahmed


    40. Edina Seferagić

      Do you know that feeling when ypu cry at night but nobody really cares... That kinda brokes me...

      1. Chim Chim

        You need to let people in. Tell them how you feel. You can't expect them to see what's going on inside of your mind without telling them. I really care about you and I hope you can find happiness in yourself. You are not alone. I am here for you.

    41. Stargazer LPS

      I smile only to tell people im ok when im not i just dont want them to find out

      1. Chim Chim

        it's ok to cry, to feel, to show emotions.. you don't need to be ashamed of your feelings.. I really care about you, but am just a random person on HUfast. Tell people how you feel. You need to let them in. You can't expect someone to see what's going on inside of your mind without telling them. Don't be afraid. I love you ~

      2. Momo Su

        You can tell me ur not, the world is so big and often so cold. But the thing is... every time ur lying on the floor in your room again crying and trying to be silent. So many do the same. And life it is not easy and its mean and awful and wonderful and colorful and calming. So when you find someone you trust, someone you love. Dont hide the hurt parts of yourself, because they will do the same and we will stand alone. So to everyone out there dont be afraid to ask for help, for someone to listen, for someone to care. Because someone will, bc i do or at least do my best. We’re all messed up and lonely, but that doesn’t mean were alone.

    42. 샤라

      If you want to lesten osts then "i miss you" from goblin ost album seriously can make you cry if you don't believe the lesten it

    43. Swam Ele

      I would be fakking laugh and smile around everyone but when I'm alone alle by my self I would cry and be broken..

    44. Kairuuui amv

      *I'm fine*

    45. Jaceyyy C. Sali

      "life can be sad sometimes but LIFE most GOES ON" - BTS

    46. Jaceyyy C. Sali

      "i hope you can find the key of your own door of happiness" -KIM NAMJOON

      1. Chim Chim

        I found my key in them, in their sincere love, in their music.

    47. Julie and the phantoms Lover

      People say let out your feelings but when we do they just say we’re faking or you want attention that’s why I just stay on my room

    48. Kyle Kamay

      Does it really matter if there are 6,999,999,999 people with me gone?

      1. Chim Chim

        You matter, regardless of how many people are on this earth. You are important to me. I want to be here for you. You deserve to live.

    49. Wendy Wall

      this song makes me cry

    50. Bubble Gacha Girl

      I’m not crying 👁👄👁

    51. jk

      To whoever who's gone thru all that pain. YOU'RE THE STRONGEST. know that there still are people who are jus scared of experiencing that pain and blow off every opportunity that comes their way. All that pain and tears just make your stronger and value yourself to the most. STAY SINGLE YALL :) ❤️

      1. Chim Chim

        You are a lovely person 💜

    52. Stephanie Payne


    53. Amy Jenking

      If anyone ever needs me my snap is jtrappy963 and my insta is the same. Vent to me. I’m here for you 🥺


      my grandfather was 94 years at a bad health ,

    55. Jimin Park

      Why can’t we just be kind to each other 🥺

      1. Chim Chim

        oh we can it all starts within ourselves .. Do you want to talk about what's going on in your life?

    56. Ella Morley

      Is it just me that I cry and I just want a hug but I can’t I wan t won from my bff that died from cancer last moth

      1. Chim Chim

        oh my sincere condolences Your best friend must have been a wonderful person..

    57. Haseeb Ahmed

      insta " haxeeb_official " case if u need some1

    58. Mason Nollen

      Don’t get lost in your pain cause someday it will be your cure-

    59. Yulanda Montero agudon

      Behind my smile their's broken heart Behind luagh their's falling apart Behinde my body their's a soul trying to figth

      1. Red Lions

        Me too I feel you

    60. The Sciencology

      Who else broke.

    61. Vatana Chhorn

      Has anybody integrated all these songs into a Spotify playlist yet?

    62. Farra Beeha

      tired & feel hopeless

    63. Lei Young

      I have depression but listening to this playlist I have to say thank you because I can finally go to sleep without crying myself to sleep so thank you.

    64. Vlogz_bub

      Love your pillow its the only thing that will hold your tears when no one else will

    65. Xtension reedem

      Soo fvcking warm voice!

    66. Sleepysenpai

      I feel sad and lonely. I want to cry but forever some reason I can't. I'm frustrated.

    67. Trish Bernadette S Feliciano

      Guys I Have A Depression but my parents didn't know that I'm just faking my smile so that they will not worry about me :(

    68. Killernation

      I’ve grown so accustom to shoving feelings down into my body and smoking so much fucking pot (which is legal in canada) that I do it subconsciously at this point... Everything bad I go “Oh well let’s smoke a bowl and get rid of that” without even having to think about doing it

    69. OGBlackeart xD

      I don’t smile for the sake of other people not worrying I smile because if I can fall into this hole I can climb out and then just that thought gets my smile out crying is just filling in the dirt for that hole

    70. AJ & Jason

      I just need a hug this is to much and I don't wanna be here anymore😢

    71. May TSE [08D]

      relatable : puts up a fake smile to make yourself seem normal People call u attention seeking and u laugh it away.

    72. Tears come out Love comes in

      Listening to this after my girlfriend broke up with me 😔😭😢

    73. Jadiyiah Brown

      U know when u just want everyone to like u But somepeople just Dont konw yo pain

    74. Michelle Roman

      Pov your not depressed but you wanna vide to music nah just me? Alr

    75. Divinity Lovato

      This girl I met and slowly became friend with, cares for me the most, always asking if I'm ok, I say "I'm fine" but she's not stupid she knows and I know she knows I'm not ok. I was having a panic attack one day and she calmed it down, after it was over she gave me a hug and I hugged her back tight and cried on her shoulder and she let me, I hugged her for a long time, she's always asking if I'm ok, and I appreciate her for it, but I can never tell her whats wrong because I don't want to hurt her.

    76. Xx•breezy •xX

      I lost me online BFF 😭 I’m crying she said queens don’t cry I’m not a queen I love you BFF 😭

    77. Wolf Gacha


    78. All About Junk Journaling with Kylie

      Who else doesn't even have a single person who checks on you? I could be dead in my apartment and no one would know for months. I moved to a different state 2000 miles away from home and not one of my family members has checked on me to see if im ok im 2 years.

    79. bhavya patharla

      I miss my bestfriend 😭💔

    80. Ronald Mackillop

      I’ve even lost the energy to pretend I’m okay at this point

    81. MIS

      Y’all in the comments are really depressed and sad I’m here cuz I got the 2 am vibe that I wanted to cry

    82. Taylor Lin

      Fake smiles is all I have left

    83. Lorraine Howson

      I'M NOT STRONG ENOUGH FAKE SMILEING I forgot how to smile I never smile anymore 😭😭😭😭😭

    84. Ella Morley

      Is it just me but look at you’re self in the mirror and thinking the mirror is my best friend bc when I’m crying it doesn’t laugh at me🥺🥺😔😔


      Spending my b day alone, my softball team forgot it was my b day and I’m in quarantine not allowed to leave my room, all alone as usual

    86. Saéki Akaiko

      And here a thought i was strong enough to ignore the warning.

    87. Priya's Art

      u know ur broken when ur headphones are better friends to u then ur real ones

    88. Ana Flores

      This is the only place I can share my feeling without anybody I know finding friend said to me that I’m the one she loves the most that I’m so kind and caring and always listens to her and that she doesn’t deserve me. Well I listen to her so I don’t have to tell her all my problems bc I want her to live her life without having to worry about me. And sometimes I wonder if she actually needs me she has a great life compared to mine she has friends that are kinda my friends too and I’m usually always her first choice but some how them and her always forget about me. She also has a family that loves her and other people that love her so I wonder if she would be ok without me because I can’t take much more pain I feel like I’m drowning every day and I can’t help but to just stop trying because every kick gets harder and harder and I just keep going deeper and deeper. And I really don’t wanna keep fighting

      1. Ana Flores

        I don’t know what to do I don’t know what will help dying will just give my pain to someone else. But I can’t take any more! I feel like screaming for help but at the same time I don’t want anybody to hear me I don’t know what to do! The days keep getting longer and longer... i may not be here in a few more days so I want everyone to know that your not alone don’t do anything that will just pass the pain trust me you are worth it and maybe I was too but I had already lost my fight...

    89. xV3r0NicAx

      I fake smile and laugh bc idk whats wrong with me but when i play every time with my friends outside i dont want to play with them bc i dont have any fun anymore.. and when someone says something fun i guess i laugh but not for real my dad says go play woth them and i had to play with them :/ welp i‘ve seen my dad like 1 year ago i think

    90. Kate Phillipson

      ig im too tough to cry- listing to this


      Is it me but I be the type of friend, that will make sure others are doing okay mentally and physically, and forget about myself completely

    92. Tracy Millbrooks


    93. Alexa Marlo

      Do you have any playlists on spotify?

    94. LMH

      Almost everything parents says “we understand you the most because you are our daughter/son” but they don’t understand a lot of stuff about us...they don’t even know how we really feel Who feels so alone and tired of everything even though you have friends and they always there with you and cheers you up

    95. Dani Mills

      This Mayer me cry and Laugh😢😢😢

      1. Dani Mills

        I ment This made me cry so hard 😹😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    96. Lexi Moncrief

      idk what else to do

    97. Sophia Perez

      when your bestfriend knows that fake smile

    98. Gracie ?

      👁👅👁 👁👄👁 👁👃👁 👁💋👁 Sorry I just find these fun to do

    99. Loke Shock

      who hear cries then when goes to sleep they stop crying during day but still remember why u cry