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    Where is scarce
    Every Scarce Video Ever
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    1. Pyrocynical

      Apologies for being a reddit white knight towards the end, just thought it was a more heavy topic and needed a more serious tone to accompany it

      1. NotSoAngryShark


      2. beanos 123


      3. Sc4ry Dude

        @BruhMoment lmao 👍🏻

      4. BruhMoment

        @Sc4ry Dude yeah i know that, and i just wanna tell other uncultured swines that are scrolling through here thinking he is stilll gone.

      5. Sc4ry Dude

        @BruhMoment this video was posted 3 years ago bruh

    2. The Burned Man

      the comments, they're ancient.

    3. helperbot 2000

      to be fair, Theodore Roosevelt was most likely saved by a book in his pocket, however it only slowed the bullet down, and didnt completely stop it

    4. helperbot 2000

      "theyre *D E A D*"

    5. Jonathan Kim

      Katy Perry, stop being an absolute dumbass.

    6. Jonathan Kim


    7. Jade Jochims

      Even a .22LR would have probably made it through that book, and for those who don’t know .22LR is one of the weakest rounds.

    8. ImNotArchie


    9. Clint Eastwood

      I’ve actually stopped a bullet with a book but it doesn’t go how you would expect it

    10. NoahsNoahs Daddy

      “Well where do they go?” “they’re D E A D!”

    11. YinMajora

      And now it's November of 2020 and Scarce is uploading normally and one of his latest videos is about Pyrocynical (and being fair and unbiased in it albeit defending pyro)

    12. Xenos Breed

      I think the worst part of these stories (The last one) that involves children that are traumatized because of what an adult does around them that permanently scars them, those children are going to grow up very likely to develop mental illness or drug abuse problems or problems connecting to others, and then as adults, they'll be judged as flawed people because of the things that happened to them as children.

    13. IwatchYouTube

      Funny how Dolan is more funny than pyro

    14. something random

      Me: Doctor, what's the status of the patient? Doctor: 5:52

    15. Joshua Pesch

      ??? 2:55

    16. AwesomePig the caped crusader


    17. MountainAsh

      so guys we did it pyro finally didnt make a meme joke for once

    18. Isomorphic

      Tbh, I prefer his content like this.

    19. Tanja TV

      I miss fat Pyro (no I don't lol)

    20. Lord Faggatron

      It’s funny because scarce actually ended up losing a lot of weight.

    21. Wolfatron 39

      You completely missed the opportunity for "scarce has become scarce as of late"

    22. Draw 2Death

      Wow both of Them are idiots and are at fault the girl not saying how stupid he is and him for even wanting to try it. These two deserve what they got only ones I feel pity for are the kids

    23. Salty PickLle

      Keem dropped his ass.

    24. Armando Reyes


    25. Henrik Arnold

      Scarce is gone again, pyro, please save him. #Pray4scarce

    26. An actual Moose

      Now again

    27. Potato

      No shut up ye

    28. SpyingNexus

      this didn't age well

      1. Lord Faggatron

        Jotaro kujo The TikTok hospital show

      2. Lord Faggatron

        Jotaro kujo What do you mean I actually don’t know what? Do you mean because scarce doesn’t upload much?

      3. Lord Faggatron


      4. Gabriel Is Bored

        You're right.

    29. Egamerwithdisease

      Breaking news HUfastR PYROCYNICAL HAS GONE MISSING FOR THREE WEEKS NOW HIGHEST REWARD 10 fucking dollars he does not have much value

    30. Jestin Guzman

      that time i got reincarnated as a hat

    31. Gaymer -

      Your mom is hot

    32. Um Cara Normal num Planeta normal

      Holy shit i remember this video and even commenting on scarces video...

    33. Solar Flare

      Imagine if he actually died...

    34. das me


    35. Xx555deathsxX Deaths

      the extension to the evolution of the karen race has been open wounded, thank you very much pyro oppai

    36. Alexander

      You guys are not going to believe this, John Scarce has cancer. Do you guys wanna win all the gift cards down bellow? Subscribe to my channel, turn on notifications and comment Pray4Scarce

    37. Dr _ Nomz

      2:33 Man I LOVE you for using Cry of Fear music right there, using the main menu music in one of your videos is just awesome, thanks man. :D

    38. FencePanel120

      🇸 🇪 🇷 🇮 🇴 🇺 🇸  🇹 🇴 🇳 🇪 🇩 !!

    39. FencePanel120

      ಠ_ಠ 𝗔𝗺𝗮𝘇𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗻𝘁

    40. Fia

      I’m rewatching all of Pyros videos during quarantine

    41. Zena Dreamer


    42. Cheyenne Reynoso

      I really like Pyro. He’s genuine as can be. I always appreciate videos like this when he gets a little serious.

    43. LIT AKDA


    44. ZBF

      T H E Y ‘ R E D E A D

    45. Cup of Swing

      pyro: this is really grim me: oh he’s just being sarcastic pyro: so someone got killed while trying to make a prank video

    46. Meman27 •

      pray for scarce

    47. Danny Morales

      How the hell didn’t the Desert eagle shoot through the book the time they tested it? Did the have a thesaurus, a dictionary and all the bibles together?

    48. Justin Cole


    49. Ethan Foley

      first time pyro serious

    50. TCA Tokyo

      youtube logic: he’s dead

    51. i.need.it愛が必要です

      you where going to shoot a dangerous video but you ended up shooting through your boyfriend

    52. The king of fandom fandom


    53. The king of fandom fandom

      *SHIT JOKES*

    54. Fellowship-Of-the_Ping _

      A 22 long rifle (one of the weakest pistol rounds) will go through a book. Why. That's just a stupid waste of human life.

    55. Lowe

      I miss this type of content

    56. Jesus Himself


    57. somnus

      🙏🙏🙏 #prayforscarce

    58. bad gameplays

      One time I Dr a sixth upload day

    59. Chris'n Out

      6:06 Well that aged like milk

    60. Grassy Boi

      Oh boy wait until he finds out about 2020

    61. An Account

      I've noticed no one is talking about Scarce's father dying. Even though this is a funny video, there isn't a single comment about why he was on hiatus.

      1. Onlineopossumtv Follow me on Twitch

        Dam that’s sad

    62. fam salad

      why didnt they just fire blanks?

      1. The EscapingMan

        just don't do it at all its completely pointless and i don't see how it could have made for a good video

    63. SdB SdB

      the title sounds like a bad clickbait title like „ksi has cancer“

    64. Darkus Of The Lawl

      2 years later and he still uses the same metal gear memes

    65. King Noah

      I guess scarce, is a bit.... *SCARCE* 😂🤣😂 i know its dumb joke, DONT JUDGE!

    66. Trent Carter

      Tell this to ODS after they just put out a video with guns being super unsafe

    67. Collins Wendt

      This is what Minnesota is known... DAB. We're also known for riots now

    68. holy_crusader515

      You are VERY lucky if you live that shot not many pistols can be stopped by a book and even that is very dangerous

    69. Kuwi


    70. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

      "All men must die, often by their own means." Etched tablet in Skyrim.

    71. Naod


    72. Plague Doctor

      O B B Y F O R S U C C

    73. DOWNN

      5:51 i just laughed and said "THEY'RE DEAD" and now im worried the neighbors think im some sort of killer

    74. Garry Larson


    75. The Saft Shaft

      it just feels bad that someone...lost there life because of a "youtube prank" what has humanity come to....

      1. V. Va

        Shut up. :)

    76. Category 8

      lol fat

    77. Scar Warrior


    78. Kito DoesAnthing

      Second most respectable HUfastr

      1. V. Va

        @Dawud Obama.

      2. Dawud

        Kito DoesAnthing who’s the first then?

    79. Colt.

      Will Pyro ever do a ASOT again?

    80. Xero

      *Clouts’ a hell of a drug*

    81. Y wing pilot2

      5:51 youtube logic

    82. EggLord24


      1. EggLord24

        I know

      2. Tachanka

        Well he is uploading again

    83. Alec2109

      1 liek = prayer for scarse

    84. Rorfa redking

      You could say, he has become scarce.

      1. Sgt Paloogoo


    85. codafett

      That story about the prankster couple is really sad.

    86. hi hi

      Katy Perry predicted the "Is math related to science" meme

    87. Berch


    88. thundering dumbass

      8:10 they defintely became famous

    89. Luke Hewko

      Pyro is actually at his absolute BEST when he's dealing with serious topics.

    90. Lucas Curnow

      Scarce found the tree again

    91. DeSean Jackson #Jaccpot #10mode

      Wat song at 3:35

    92. Dharamvatti Chaudhary

      Pyro we can't take u srysly in the hat

    93. Caison Rivera

      Johnny Johnny (Scarce) Yes papa Quitting HUfast No papa Open Your Channel HEY WHAT"S UP GUYS IT'S SCARCE HERE! Terrible meme.

    94. gravy

      How have I not seen this video

    95. Zak

      Hit my dislike button to pray for Scarce

    96. Taťka Medvěd

      oh no one less moron around ...

    97. Kirply Gaming

      That man got game ended on Minecraft hardcore mode. Press [F] for respect

    98. Alex Spearing