Scariest Theories In The World


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    1. Xortalz

      So about the black hole theory... the black hole in our universe is actually a white hole, taking us out of the black hole world we live in?

    2. Anesh Samaroo

      12:35 is contemplating his life choices

    3. Victoria Martin

      Maybe instead of killing people or stopping life maybe we should of focussed on other planets and expanding rather than lying to all the idiots that think you can stop a planet from warming (that it’s been doing for thousand years or more since the last ice age finished) then we would go into another ice which would kill way more than global warming ever does instead of focusing on time wasting shit to keep the politicians fat now we dooming our future. Like Elon musk said we should of already had bases on the moon and other moons around other planets and fucking colony in mars by now.

    4. War GodYT

      I love how confused jj was at the brain in a vat lol

    5. BIGMAN 126


    6. Jack Mcilwain

      12:56 fucked me up

    7. Olivia Ensor

      Josh bigging up ants Canada again, Love that channel!

    8. Diluc Dawn

      when ethan said "hey dj spin that shit" it was actually fly as hell

    9. Lennox Williams

      Can they not talk over the narrator? It's fucking pissing me off

    10. Matt Keyte

      I watched the same guy on the island video as Ethan the guy found 7 sandals

    11. Beth Tickle

      I’ve never seen jj concentrate so much

    12. George g

      the cia just confirming aliens

    13. HY5GamingYT

      we want ants canida

    14. Nhlistichotdog10 I

      Me: what can i do today? Me again: i'll think about who humans are. My mind: great idea.

    15. Entertainment Y

      Everyone who believes in an Abrahamic Religion knows that the western idea of ‘3D/4D people’ are real but they’re the way scientists have described them.

    16. AuzzieBoy 1612

      Soooooo scary

    17. L’albanais 23

      Actually in Islam we believe that this is like a type of simulation but not really. We were created to be tested on this earth and all the things we see around us it was created for us. And we believe that there are 7 more big universes

    18. Enrico Filicetti

      The ruddy question retrospectively tempt because hurricane lilly turn qua a lethal violin. deadpan, secret bed

    19. FilmCreed

      What if it's all an act, a drama, and death is the interval between shows.

    20. nathan badman

      Do vegetarians eat animal crackers

    21. Vivek Shah

      10:34 thank me later :)

    22. Torben Kett

      At 5:30 that scene made me cry in the film

      1. The ᎠᎬᏉᎥᏞ

        What’s the name the film please and thank you 🙏

    23. CIARIAN MUIR 25

      The thing is this video got more views than brightsides

    24. Cooperrrlolll

      as soon as he said "4th dimensional being watching you" I flipped off my roof, sorry roof

    25. Cooperrrlolll

      i got an ad about cryptocurrency on a video with JJ

    26. Azuka Nwamanna

      I can’t finish the video I’m done 😂

    27. Lord Chad

      No.2 reminds me of HXH chimera ant arc

    28. Tommy Baxendale

      The thing is if aliens are real they will have way more advanced technology than us

    29. epic man

      8:43 well if that's true there's some pretty shit physicists, black hole turn everything into a string of atoms, not just suck in a keep it there

    30. Hungry Horse

      Why does Ethan have bowl cut

    31. BeastlyPlayz

      Wait so that mean the sidemen beef was fake all along

    32. Unknown Artist

      They only hate the theories because day by day they look more likely

    33. Unknown Artist


    34. Stuart Wright

      when four people believe there the main character "Your not real"

    35. Sultan Omar


    36. Diego Tronquet

      Ethan legit just described Ant man 🤣

    37. sirlittleuzi vertical

      So in actuallity, ants are the best p4p fighters species in the world

    38. Tristan aplin

      13:55: ethan hears big words -audible disgust

    39. Melody Milton

      I don’t think I’ve seen anyone that looks more like a Sim than Vic

    40. Theo Roach

      Crazy how at least two of the sidemen suffer from panic attacks that are triggered that easily.

    41. Rahul is GOD

      Me realising that I might have imagined and created the Corona virus 😅

    42. Nik

      Shoutout to ohio state

    43. Kid Dynamite

      Favorite part 10:36

    44. Feras

      the thing that makes me calm is believing in God the one who created humans and everything and this life is a test of our deeds and after we die we simply going back to our creator Islam is the truth if you read it objectively

    45. Omar Elwaraky

      If the sun is in space why is there light on earth not space 🤫

    46. Vibey

      yo i just realized something how are we shit at life cause we havent been in contact with nothing else so who else is calling us shit but humans

    47. Westy2007 Choc

      So if we’re in a simulation, someone is watching me, watch somepeople, watch something 😂

    48. TheBoiRaine

      What if the other planet is ours to claim and thats why its empty

    49. datboidiego

      Every single person in this comment section could be an AI and I could be the only real person, but I would never know

    50. Luis Ledesma

      You know I was subscribed to TheRichest for 3 year but they just repost videos after a year. They’re literally cheating life and no one calls them out

    51. Paige Crowley Jones

      All of these big brain theories and I just realised how crazy it is that the picture on a phone moves.

    52. Tapitity Tap

      Throwback to when I played the sims for about 30 hours straight and had a panic attack because in the sims there’s like clutter items that are basically useless and just there for decoration with no interaction or anything so I went around my house and moved and used everything I owned xx

    53. Nic Green

      "they banged with the loading times" 🤣🤣🤣

    54. Daniel

      What if covid was created to stop over population

    55. Horl tom

      Ever heard of the brain stim theory

    56. perla

      probably not a good idea watching this at 2 am but oh well, it’s the sidemen; i feel like i have this off obligation to watch every video that pops up that i find interesting edit: ok a lot of these aren’t actually that scary but pretty interesting imo. they mention the fear of death in the the video but i think life is a lot easier when you just don’t care- like just live your best life without having to worry about dying or where you’re going after your life is over. bc like if ur just spending all your life stressing about what’s going to happen to u in the future, that can prevent you from living out a good life and it’s not really worth it tbh

    57. mia!

      this video is hella sugarcoated lmao half of these theories arent explained correctly

    58. Colton Simonds

      Ksi was thinking so hard

    59. Yuvraj Doshi

      My theory : Logan Paul beats Floyd Mayweather

    60. Ivan Drago

      8:59 JJ the great philosopher, asking the real questions 😂

    61. Lil Kiwizy

      @13:10 JJ thinking about his whole existence fam😂 man don’t know what to do

      1. Paige Crowley Jones

        His face 😂

    62. Nastya Markofa

      18:04 Ethans and Josh’s instant disgust made me crease

    63. Aydap

      I ended this video as a whole different person

    64. Benjamin Davidsson

      Trash. Brain in a jar? We can see reflections so that debunks that one🤧

    65. Meliodas Wraith

      Ayo killers are doing something for the world why are they gettinf arrested 🤣🤣

      1. Paige Crowley Jones

        One way to solve overpopulation and food shortage lol

    66. Mike Kappas


    67. Fionn Maguire O’Loughlin

      Everyone in the sidemen besides Vik is slow

    68. Jamie McGibbon

      19:20 just for anyone who gives a shit the reason ants can lift a lot more than there own body weight is because they don’t have muscles, to lift things there legs work as almost hydraulics, using there blood as the liquid for it, so if they wanted to extend there leg then they would increase there blood pressure and it would extend, pull in a leg the lower the blood pressure

      1. Paige Crowley Jones

        Dang that’s pretty darn cool

    69. red bufflo

      What if black hole doesn't absorb but condense the planet

    70. Williams _

      Imagine a world with only 1 channel worth of vik content..... It would be so weird

    71. Abe 18

      Plot Twist:We live in a alien kids gta game

    72. TaWandrea Bland

      subscribe to sidemenreacts

    73. Ash Blue

      The aliens computer got a virus

    74. Kai W-Hardy

      The shy cactus ectrodactyly fold because request proportionally rinse notwithstanding a brash underclothes. bad, important cry

    75. Ryan Allen

      I think certain scientists believe that our global population will peak around 10-11 billion and will plateau then start slowly declining or finding a balance point, so we might not breed ourselves out of existence

    76. Pass The Salt

      did any check on josh?

    77. Emir Louis

      Damn... Then somone is watching me watch the sidemen watching the bright side talking about them? Cool.

    78. grrr lol

      Ethan pisses me off

    79. Reuben Gardner

      Bruh Vik is a solipsist

    80. Elvir Sabanovic

      Add me on trovo Im live every day pls

    81. Patty boiii

      Imagine if our brains lagged like computers

    82. Sam Hudd

      What if when you die u go to the real world and your just in a simulation that is waiting to find you a body in the real world for u

    83. bob the sex offender

      Bright side literally gave me depression cant watch this

    84. trentin Sanderson

      Its not possible to be in a black hole because are wourld would be flat because a black hole flattens outevery thing to the smallest thing nowen

    85. YouTube hyper ed

      19:18 are we gonna ignore the fact that JJ has a nail clipper up to his face

    86. Weird Children

      My brother plays at Ohio state for football it’s weird taht they now who they are

    87. Rudra Chambhare

      JJ's face through out the video just made me laugh


      If my brain is in a jar then who is controlling my brain and wouldn't his brain be in the jar as well, and if we are both in a jar who is controlling?? Alien?? That theory got me so confused!

    89. Terry Tran

      The brain in the jar theory is bassicly the game, The Evil Within, the simulation theory is "The Matrix", just proves that scientists are also like children sometimes lmao

    90. unknown man

      the blue screen was 2020

    91. The AquaNova

      These theories were written pretty poorly

    92. Matthew Hakansson

      ksi looks like hes high

    93. yaldram muqadis

      0:50 The Ohio State Marching band is considered the best college marching band because they train to move with precision and in unison. They're always on time, hitting the right notes and getting to the exact place they need to be.

    94. CharlesDaChurro

      Did nobody catch Ethan saying “I’ve left some universes in holes”

      1. Be mi nae


    95. Aoifeg _10

      you could see the anxiety in Ethan when i think no.4 came up (the theory fixed on death) you could see the nervousness in Josh, tops to ye lads

    96. Daehdalas

      I'd be really glad if I found out that my decisions were just controlled by some funny dude poking my brain with a stick.

    97. Savage_LonerYT

      Bro what if life is just a game and that game is GTA 2021 🤔😯😓😧😨😱😵💀

    98. Saksham chauhan

      If Ethan doesn't stop opening his mouth that wide, Cardi B's gunna come and touch it

    99. Athan Paul

      Wait so if our universe was created in a black hole then the other side of the black hole white hole will just spit us out like when babys are borned

    100. Sh3rjeel

      There is another one where ur entire life can be a psycho active drug trip like DMT, u wouldn't know until u woke up. Actually happened to someone who woke up 5 min after dmt trip and said he legit just lived a life for so many years in his mind in dmt time which felt forever but in real time is only 5 min, he started crying and all that.