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    A lone astronaut testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft travels farther than he imagined possible.
    "FTL" by Adam Stern
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    More About FTL:
    Ethan Kane, a NASA Astronaut and decorated pilot, has recently retired from active duty to spend more time with his wife and young son. As he tries to adjust to a quieter life on the ground, he’s approached to fly one last mission...testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft. While the world watches, Kane takes The Longshot on its maiden voyage.
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    Sci-Fi Short Film “FTL" | DUST

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    1. HellbirdIV

      This is the alien equivalent of finding a fish that's accidentally jumped out of water and gently putting it back.

      1. carazo321

        What’s really interesting is the fact that this was a K2 civilization, more over they used a wormhole to get back. This said , they have a good grasp on quantum tunneling. They most definitely knew who we are and were we are from. It’s more a case of “we feel from the bike without trying wheels and took us inside to patch us up “ kinda deal. Just my $0.02🙂

      2. Shadow Rider clone


      3. LYNX777


      4. MutterBilk Miscuit

        @Matthew Kriek The Aliens detected the vessel and pulled it across space to wasn’t random.

      5. tito diaz

        You're silly, dude.

    2. CeCe eva

      They needa make a movie dammit lol

    3. Helvete 6

      Nice. But even thou it is a short film it would deserve some more cuts.

    4. joel Bélanger



      Can I use this spacecraft to go back in time to the place I was, before I wasted it watching this?


      Did the director HAVE to cast his mom in the commander role?

    7. Kleytons


    8. Ana Prados

      The expanse, has ruined me for this. All I could think of when the warnings started was: 1 why isn't he using something to cover the breach and slow the atmosphere drain? 2 why isn't he going for his helmet? Also why are they sending a married man for this mission? An FTL jump couls cause time dilation to happen, which mean, he could be coming years later.

    9. Hennry911

      wish this Tech do exist reality so we can get there mar in few sec..

    10. Gin Dias

      13:50 cool.. free upgrades

    11. Leaetta Hyer

      Cheap low budget trash.

    12. G.D. Traveller

      Is that a Ringworld at 9:05 ?

    13. Виталий Мельников

      Похоже чуваку штраф за превышение скорости выписали, он аж прослезился! Но на первый раз простили.

    14. Владислав Поддубный

      Круто. Слава Роду💪

    15. Петр Петрович

      Что за фильм

    16. JÒMÊT][ Paul


    17. Noob Gaming bD

      On earth:Oh it's a fish out of water ,let's put it on water Outer space (Alian):oh it's a human let's being him on earth ।

    18. carazo321

      Probably an unpopular opinion, BUT I think this should be made into a full length film. Su much meat in this bone is making my mind salivate.

    19. คุณ แล้วแต่จะคิด


    20. חן רוזנפלד

      it's nice the the news is getting real-time updates on anything happening in space

    21. พล เด้อ


    22. Pravin Jaybhay

      Imagine that keep imagining After all, you get nothing... Just curiosity keeps you alive....

    23. Jesus Alvarez

      Great concept, acting is eh.

    24. Test Tackles

      aliens are making a freaking Dyson's sphere?

    25. Eric LF

      Why so many dislikes ?

    26. YEprst

      а где же феминизм? где смелые космонавтки отважные бороздящие просторы галактики?

      1. Петр Петрович

        Что за фильм

    27. YEprst

      они и сюда бабу начальницу засунули

    28. YEprst

      услуга пьяный водитель - доставили к хозяйке чтоб не плакал

    29. Huri Think before

      Like that kind of SF!👍

    30. Over Goddess Washu

      Anyone else oddly reminded of that massive alien ship as Protoss like from StarCraft?

    31. Rocket Model

      Good history 👍

    32. Buddha Belly

      Who needs Hollywood when we got DUST...

    33. NacHla official


    34. Harbor Hek

      Over a hundreds of billions or even trillions dollars down the drain

    35. Randall Polk

      Talk about a tear jerking happy mother f//king ending !!!!!!

    36. Lounge lizard

      Neat video short. Hmmm... how do they communicate instantaneously to Mars though?

    37. pendragonshall

      So is this a clone or residual effects of ,, transport? @13:50 like somebody else said, the side of his face...

    38. Michel Girard

      good job

    39. Ricardo Estrella

      Exelente cortometrage felicitaciones al creador un genio digno de hacer una pelicula

    40. li zi

      So this is what happens when a starter civilization science ship teleports to a fallen empire in Stellaris...

    41. Robinfuturistic Lundmark

      Nice ! gooood wurk !!!!

    42. Nitant Desai

      i probably shouldnt note this out but there isnt sound in space but while releasing his pod it goes like whoooooosh

    43. You Teub

      Shitty !

    44. Ibrahim Oz

      that dude just saw a fucking dyson sphere

    45. Kai leCookie

      Me: Haha this guys gonna die- Aliens: *Cut and pastes* Me: oh....

      1. Weston Howell

        Lol imagine tho. Haha

    46. Alex Dobre

      Epic! I do hope you start doing a sequel. To come up with new heroes, worlds, planets.

    47. Andy Tang

      this is really good you could make a movie tbh

    48. TheBruh

      What if instead of returning him to earth they took him to a matrioshka brain (or in simpler terms a massive supercomputer) where they uploaded his consciousness into a virtual reality, if you look at the background in 9:06 there are several rings orbiting a large glowing object (presumably a star) which would power the device. The aliens themselves look extremely advanced so this is not hard to imagine

    49. Lukman Sanni

      Naaaaa. You guys are the best!!!!!!!

    50. Paul Revere

      "what're you doing here? you shouldn't be here... yet you are. We've much to learn from your species... "

    51. Muhammedyasir Shaikh

      How it stops at 4:38, though it was at speed of light and suddenly decreases to 0(zero) KMPH?, How?

    52. Steve Jankowski

      Amazing production quality. Story line is meh. This is basically The Abyss, only not as long and drawn out.

    53. jon drescher

      Is there by any chance a follow-up to this film

    54. The Arcana Modern AU

      Plot twist: it wasn't an accident. The aliens caused the malfunctioning in the ship because they are biologists who are collecting samples.

      1. Lukman Sanni

        Or maybe they just upset his machine almost got the same speed capabilities as they.

      2. Paul Revere

        yoo i didn't think of that hahah.

    55. Oblong02

      The visual effects and acting quality of DUST films are better than 99% of Hollywood productions.

    56. cosmonauta global

      Wow ‼ Extraño acontecimiento.

    57. badbiker666

      This film is AWESOME!!! I kept yelling at the screen "Put your helmet on" when the windows started cracking. What happened next I did not see coming!! I love a story with a happy ending.

    58. Robert Escher

      The Q or Entangled Satellite that they mention is actually not that far fetched. I remember reading about quantum entanglement in a book called the Dancing Wu Li Masters. The basic idea is that two molocules that are entangled at no matter what distance (even billions of light years) will vibrate at exactly the same time. It's a way for information to be transmitted Faster than Light. I've seen it used in many 'hard' Sci Fi books. One author referred to it as 'The Ansible" I think. We are much closer to having THAT technology than being able to send actual matter at FTL speeds.

    59. Chris Long

      This isn't bad at all, however, I seriously would question whether an Astronaut would start weeping at his wife and son's photo when there is a huge alien thing-a-ma-bob floating around in front of him! The first thing is to be a scientist and learn. Then start figuring out a way home to relay newly found knowledge!

    60. budy cyzie

      What names a movie please

    61. Zekey Huang

      you can say, the longshot hit the shot too long

    62. KurodaSenpai

      When radio waves travel faster than light .

      1. Odysseus

        @KurodaSenpai Theoretically the ship would be traveling but backwards in time at FTL. Comms are out while he's at FTL. When they communicate at Mars it's not via waves, radio or otherwise, so being in a vacuum is moot. If you change the spin of an entangled particle you can create a sort of binary system much like computers. Spin up/down is like On/Off in binary so their comms are more like an instantaneous digital signal that is not technically traveling any distance or through any medium. They brought that technology to Mars with the satellite whereas traditional radio or light communication takes a lot of time to travel through space varying on Mars' relative orbit compared to earth's.

      2. KurodaSenpai

        @Odysseus First of all Thank you, I may have missed that [Q-Comm]. However... I will leave that here. @4:50 [Comm Blackout 00.00.00] - Flight, do you copy? - Loud and clear Commander....... @5:14 - The commander will now lunch an entangled satellite..... BTW I am pretty much sure that: 1. There is no sounds in vacuum. 2. There is no light during FTL jump. 3. During FTL jump the spacecraft don't move or travel.

      3. Odysseus

        They are communicating through Quantum Entanglement which would allow for instantaneous communication across any distance. They delivered an "entangled satellite" to Mars for just that purpose if you listen carefully. After he disappears, ground control tries contacting him through "Q-Comm" or Quantum communications.

      4. Mark Foster

        They were obviously light-reflective radio waves, Duh.

      5. RPD 512

        Yeah bro.. I was thinking the same.. good observation..

    63. herby jerome

      His body made out of steel because that's the only way he stood all that Gs

    64. Daniel Tso

      I love how, traveling at 1.25c, it takes him several minutes to reach Mars. However, radio communications between Earth and him/Mars seems instantaneous/real-time.

    65. WL P

      Thank you :)

    66. wickedvideowatcher

      I need more! What did the aliens show him, if anything? Were they able to communicate? I need more!!

    67. Mirquil

      If only god allowed this to be real, Sadly he probably won't

    68. Efren Laboy

      Congratulations that's real we're not ready . in the way civilization are evolving maybe but we are not right something in us is missing. We suppose to live in harmony whit everything but we destroy and consume like they're no tomorrow if we treated other like we like to be treated whit respect and honor maybe things change

    69. Nasiruddin

      Well he didn't had Visa and so he was deported back to earth... aah you should have your documents ready when you visit other places.. rules are rules...

    70. Justin Vincenti

      Humans: If you have any covid symptoms, stay home Aliens: If you have and covid symptoms, stay on your planet

    71. Komentator Xd

      Wow nice

    72. mmtom2

      Good stuff ... would watch the ~2 hour version :))

    73. Terry Chootiyaa

      *The story line started off well...but then became shit atfer he left mars and the end 😐*

    74. Ramesh Prabhu

      Some shots were W.O.W, dialogues were EWW...

    75. Mimi Kurtz

      So the aliens said they were going to build a big wall and make Earth pay for it.

    76. the tech rando

      huh? is there part 2?

    77. Britt Murray

      These DUST films are really annoying. Every single one that I've watched makes me want to see a feature length version of it, diving more into the story!

    78. LYNX777

      My favorite part is when you can't tell if she's laughing or crying just like the Joker

    79. LYNX777

      Really good one

    80. mj101inf

      Part 2 will be about the government accusing him of lying about aliens and demanding that he return their spaceship that he somehow lost.

    81. Nothing Nothing

      Great concept brilliant 👌👌👌👌👌

    82. Urban SpaceXMan

      This was the first DUST Sci-Fi Short film I watched being introduced to it by a friend. Totally LOVE it!!

    83. Machinedramon

      13:48 There is one impostor among us.

    84. •LEVI• GAMING

      Good aliens❤️

    85. Nordge Grandelfist

      Se sera possible le supraluminique plus tard ? dans quelque année

    86. Urubu777Roulette

      il voyage plus vite que la lumière mais ne possedent pas de base sur mars hahaha bande d'amateurs

    87. Jon Sidds

      I know its just a movie, but no one can travel faster than light. Being that the light will always appear just out of reach for said travler. The speed of light is a constant to all observers.

    88. Jose Olegs

      That match cut at 2:51 referencing 2001 was genius

    89. 徐琥宗

      광속으로 날아 갈 곳은 "집"이란 말인가? 우주비행사 조차도 집에 갈땐 "광속"? 광속 무용론? 일종의 음모설인가요?

    90. Dineshkumar Dinneshkumar

      Very impress imagine

    91. Zachary Smith

      Aliens be, “Get this fat astronaut outta here. Too fat!”

    92. Mitul Mahish

      that was awesome

    93. Al Balysh


    94. Javier

      Its more like they put spy tech like it seems in min 13:48. So they send him back to know more about us through him. Also they keep the spaceship to know about our tech. They dont seems bad. Just doing smart coutious moves.

    95. Ankit

      So the good Aliens retured the earth shit back. 🙂

    96. Mohd Aashif

      Konsi film ka trailer h

    97. Aleks Martini

      I wish I could leave this shithole and live with those alien entities

    98. You tube

      I love for you

    99. You tube

      Is Beautiful