Scooter - FCK 2020 (Official Video HD)


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    Scooter’s new single "FCK 2020" is out now as stream & download:
    Scooter & Timmy Trumpet’s new single "Paul Is Dead" is out now!
    Stream & download:
    New Scooter album “God Save The Rave” out on 26.02.21!
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    27.01.21 CZ - Pardubice // Enteria Arena
    29.01.21 CZ - Usti nad Labem/Aussig // Zimni Stadion
    31.01.21 CZ - Pilsen // Zimni Stadion
    21.04.21 IS - Reykjaviv// Laugardalshall
    30.04.21 UK - Glasgow // Brahead Arena
    01.05.21 UK - Manchester // o2 Victoria Warehouse
    02.05.21 UK - London // 02 Academy Brixton
    03.06.21 AT - Nickelsdorf // Nova Rock Festival
    04.06.21 DE - WCD // Frankfurt Deutsche Band Park
    12.06. 21 HU - Budapest Park // Budapest
    19.06.21 PRT - EDC // Praia da Rocha
    16.07.21 BE - Tomorrowland // Boom
    18.07.21 DE - Parookaville // Weeze
    23.07.21 BE - Tomorrowland // Boom
    30.07.21 EE - Tallinn Song Festival Grounds
    06.08.21 UK - Rock The Park // Wrexham
    13.08.21 DE - Berlin // Zitadelle
    14.08.21 DE - Halle // Peißnitzinsel
    19.08.21 DE - Kassel // Messegelände
    20.08.21 DE - Lingen // Open Air an der Emslandarena
    21.08.21 DE - Hamburg // Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld
    27.08.21 UK - Creamfields // Warrington
    More to come!

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    1. johnpeelslovechild

      No lobster claw is gonna hold ME back.

    2. Changing Reality

      FK the millenium...

    3. Changing Reality

      Никто так не поймёт эту группу как русскоязычный контент!!!!

    4. Kleiner Pilot

      Fuck the Millenium 2000

    5. Kleiner Pilot

      Ну наконец-то вернулись. Как в старые добрые времена

    6. Jürgen Schmitt

      Einfach Geil,er Trifft es immer wider voll Hart:)))))

    7. Honzishek

      oh Fu.. This is the f...... RAVE Love scooter and this is masterpiece better is only FIRE !

    8. uvlezapanje

      VUČE? Si tu?

    9. Pyro Stefan

      Da kriegt man ja Gänsehaut! Ich versuche es so zu machen das Scooter noch vor 0:00 uhr "F*ck 2020" sagt und dann halt 2021 ist

    10. David

      The hype man in Scooter pisses me off for some reason. It would be good without him

    11. Tobias B

      kann mir jemand den Namen von der Sängerin sagen ?

    12. Lilli Kankel


    13. ZavHoz

      Олды тут?

    14. Adrian Collingwood

      Love this !!.. bangs like porn stars arse. Shame we cant drop this, just after midnight

    15. The Fighterrr

      FCK 2020

    16. Botch Müller

      Mein 9 jähriger Sohn kann das besser

      1. scooter

        @Botch Müller 1 hast du schon

      2. Botch Müller

        @scooter na wenigstens keinen Daumen runter 😇

      3. scooter

        Glaube ich dir nicht ganz ehrlich selbst wenn hast du dafür ein schlechten Kommentar da gelassen

    17. Christopher Jones

      Who is the women singer in this?

    18. Zia Mobh

      I thought I won't love music, until the first time I heard him ❤️❤️❤️ Happy Hardcore here to save us 😋👌🥰 We are connected. So 👉FCk 2020 Can't stop listen. What a priceless morning ✋🙏

    19. Il Pazzo


    20. Hippiehunter

      LOUDER, LOUDER, till my ears bleed! The master of bad taste is still alive. A mummy never dies!

    21. Mini lover 2000

      OK get everyone in the village outside now were tearing the streets up with this!

    22. Natalia Wojcik

      How do the girls react to the news of beeing the ones who will perform for Scooter's new video? By fainting? Or do the first ones dye from heart attack and then they need to look for a wizard to revive them as Scooter imune dancers?

    23. Ulquiorra31

      2020 was a bad year and then this song appeared and made it even worse, this is fucking horrendous

    24. panda adnap

      hp baxxter without a doubt the most UNtalented 'singer' of these last few decades.

    25. Progressive House

      So und nicht anders

    26. Matsuda Ivanoff

      Какие правильные слова! Bravo, Scooter! Respect You!

    27. Социальный Психоз

      скутер,вернись к старым мотивам11

    28. Cerys Ciri


    29. Rambros

      From fuck the millennium to fuck 2020. Been following you for a long time, different sound, same vibe. 🤘🤘🔥🔥

    30. Frader1981

      Hyperino, nur gültig in Schleswig-Holstein!

    31. Manuel l

      Scooter and whoever likes this needs exorcism to get rid of this demons casing bad musical taste

    32. Robertino Roletti

      Fuck 2020.👊Scooter is The King. best regards from Poland

    33. scream62

      true words !!!

    34. silva florencio


    35. Zoltan Borbely

      Baxter looks like a bored sick bird in this vid. Is he OK??

    36. Sheffield Mike

      Faster Harder Scooter .... FCK 2020!!!!

    37. Ильгам Батршин

      Noooo, bad than never. Forgot the jumpstyle plzzzz. Where our favorite bounce like Weekend, Ramp and more tranced tracks from the stadium of techno experience? We like it more than this...😇

    38. Maxmilián Rockatansky

      TRUMP 2020👍 No Corona Bussines!!

    39. Andrei Rînea

      Not bad!!!

    40. Adrian Fôrrest

      I love dance, hardcore, breaks, freeform whatever but this is just hilarious... Sounds like he has gone back 20 years, grabbed the beat, usual format, added his usual lyrics in 20 seconds... Its like the cheeesy summer song we used to have every year 🤣🤣🤣

    41. Mateusz Wezgowiec

      What's the blonde girl's name


        Rebecka Landing

    42. Blaze LB

      holy shit he still lives

    43. Wouter Lindeman

      I hate all the rules, FCK 2020!!

    44. Cora Reeve


    45. Patricks Simuwelt

      das ist ma ne geile Nummer!!!!!!!!

    46. Black Pit Web

      Name of the blond dancer ?


        @Black Pit Web No problem,. Nice girl. Greetings from Poland.

      2. Black Pit Web

        @CHOROSZCZUR thank you!


        Rebecka Landing

    47. Лида Гойнич

      Красава.оставайса.с нами

    48. Sebastian Albin

      The official Corona hymne

    49. James Love

      Misheard the lyrics as "no lobster car"

    50. Loveis Trustinyou

      Ooooooooh yeeeees ... ihr sprecht mir aus der Seele!

    51. Sven Eriksson

      Filmed in Gothenburg and Mölndal, i´like it a lot!! 🔥

    52. Jurgita Stulpinaitė


    53. Moxley Mox

      Fuck year 2020 corona virus fuck

    54. Dream Chaser

      on new years eve im gonna play this so hard

    55. Владислав Н

      The Best!!!)

    56. Manuel


    57. hardmaster

      2000: "F*ck the Millenium" 2020: "FCK 2020" 2040: "FK 40"

    58. fmas1978


    59. Gemma Williams

      Fuck 2020

    60. Udar Pavarota

      Scooter sucks as of late.

    61. Tamas Azer

      Thak you!!!!!

    62. ein Typ

      Schön das Farin eine Hymne für das Jahr veröffentlicht hat

      1. Stephanie

        Farin? Das ist HP -.-

    63. Tamas Azer

      ez az!-rave nation!

    64. xxKloZxx

      Stuck on the wrong channel, like chained to a dead camel. HOW MUCH IS THE FISHY

    65. Heidi


    66. Jesse Jaakonaho

      I just walked to my highschool at 2007 and listened to scooter. And before that -97 with walkwan

    67. Raiden

      2020 is about to getting better 🍻💪🏻💪🏻

    68. Bartlomiej

      1:31 Yeshh! Love it!

    69. Georg Weissgerber

      Passt zu Silvester 🎆🎆🎇✨ Richtig geil

    70. Sentic Twister

      Leute jetzt bleibt mal beim Thema. Wie heißt die blinde tänzerin

      1. Jannah

        rebecka landing

    71. borat11


    72. Sasha K

      Крутяк! Скутер вернулся))

    73. Vova Rozhok


    74. Dean Medlow

      Kicks ASS!!!

    75. Dean Medlow

      First time have really smiled all year, listening to this. Thank you scooter!!!

    76. Autentique Max

      Bordel j'avais 16ans j'en ai 42 et toujours au top je taime H.P BAXXTER

    77. Kelemen Tivadar

      who is the GIRL?!

    78. Janis Zogota

      Scooter the best.Before Fck the Millenium in 2000,after 20 years ago this good

    79. Юрий Макфлай

      Пreat song ... change vocalist ...

    80. Jere Pakarinen

      I like this so much thanks i see this car in finland

    81. Jaakko Halme

      Latela's Ford Transit SCOOTTER = incredibly magnificent, perfect. 💪🏻👍🏻👌🏻

    82. Norbert Wahrstein

      Ford Transit MK1 mit Dieselschnauze👍👍👍nice

    83. Michel. s



      the return of happy hardcore))))))

    85. Осторожно КРЫМ

      Красавчик 🤘🤘🤘

    86. Valentin Stoian

      Respect for you scot.

    87. Martti K.

      Scooter is legend.

    88. Denny Iwan

      Beste Lied aller Zeiten 😚😚😚nur jetzt bekommt man noch mehr Lust aufs feiern weiter so💪💪💪💪💪

    89. Валерій Акулов

      Scooter📢 вы красавцы👍🎧

    90. László Beke

      Nem vettétek észre, hogy ez az ember nem öregszik. Már harminc éve ugyanugy néz ki.

    91. 3214342a

      goddamn, what a fucking BANGER

    92. Wamuu chan

      I can smell the AXE

    93. Tibor Szarvas

      SCOOTER IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    94. ShellCastrol

      Also so eine hübsche tänzerin ... wahnsinn

    95. Luis Carlos Prieto Galindo


    96. Wot in Tarnation

      I'll take this over Avenue Beat every day. It's cheesy but in a good way.

    97. Tomáš Mičák

      Fuck twenty-anything, we need back 90s and Rule of the Rave.

    98. MekyEve

      And i still cant find, who the female vocale is :D

      1. MekyEve

        @Rickard Kjellin Thanks. I thought she is. Never mind, still thanks. I wonder who is the vocalist than.

      2. Rickard Kjellin she is not the vocalist in the song only dancer

    99. Jens Hatzig

      👍🏻 Something new 4 YOU : Our new music video!!

    100. Romu ATKS ツ

      What's the name of women singer please?👏🏻😊

      1. Rickard Kjellin only dancer