Scooter - One (Always Hardcore) (Official Video HQ)


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    Scooter & Timmy Trumpet’s new single "Paul Is Dead" is out now!
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    New Scooter album “God Save The Rave” out on 16.04.21!
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    ►SCOOTER LIVE 2021
    27.01.21 CZ - Pardubice // Enteria Arena
    29.01.21 CZ - Usti nad Labem/Aussig // Zimni Stadion
    31.01.21 CZ - Pilsen // Zimni Stadion
    21.04.21 IS - Reykjaviv// Laugardalshall
    30.04.21 UK - Glasgow // Brahead Arena
    01.05.21 UK - Manchester // o2 Victoria Warehouse
    02.05.21 UK - London // 02 Academy Brixton
    03.06.21 AT - Nickelsdorf // Nova Rock Festival
    04.06.21 DE - WCD // Frankfurt Deutsche Band Park
    12.06. 21 HU - Budapest Park // Budapest
    19.06.21 PRT - EDC // Praia da Rocha
    16.07.21 BE - Tomorrowland // Boom
    18.07.21 DE - Parookaville // Weeze
    23.07.21 BE - Tomorrowland // Boom
    30.07.21 EE - Tallinn Song Festival Grounds
    06.08.21 UK - Rock The Park // Wrexham
    13.08.21 DE - Berlin // Zitadelle
    14.08.21 DE - Halle // Peißnitzinsel
    19.08.21 DE - Kassel // Messegelände
    20.08.21 DE - Lingen // Open Air an der Emslandarena
    21.08.21 DE - Hamburg // Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld
    27.08.21 UK - Creamfields // Warrington

    More to come!


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    1. Marta K.

      2021 and waiting for ending of pandemic to hear Scooter live!

    2. kiko 993

      2021?? Still the best

    3. ronaldo dario

      Hello 2021

    4. Rolis Garais

      Scooter forever. Newer ending Hardcore in my heart !

    5. cristian encinas


    6. Calogero Cagnina

      Lucrezia grinfie fine vi ho nei boschi ha n grill nel Nina r ci vino un minuto x ft il mondo

    7. Эля Трофимова


    8. Эля Трофимова

      Вот он крутой, скутер!!!!,😘💕💕💕💕

    9. Инна Головацкая

      Im too,alobg

      1. Инна Головацкая

        Такая же судьба,а....как же любовь и самопожертвование я ему не верю

    10. The FBI

      I always come back....

    11. Janina :D

      Grüße aus good old germany 😜😅

    12. Csongi D.

      2k21 🤪

    13. Danielle kennedy

      jan 2021 and every year before since this song scooter.and love hardcore.😉😉🙃🙃

    14. Dilhan De Waal

      me singing : heyeyeaa yeeee i feel hardcore scooter singing : I AM THE HORSEMANNNNNNN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    15. Christopher Puls

      Was passiert wohl wenn Hardcore 2.0 das Auto trifft :) Bestimmt schaltet das Mittendifferezial mit Druck 4⁴ ;)

    16. Elfenkotze

      Ich bin nur wegen Blond hier!

    17. Martin Gries

      St.Peter.Ording ?

    18. 3DArtistfoxhound

      What a Lyrical Text.... Welcome 2021

    19. Aleks Kropiewnicki

      Who 2021 ?

    20. X_bandar_ X

      2021 ?

    21. H. KS

      Beste Jugend mit Scooter gehabt!

    22. Tommy Vercetti

      2021 someone?

    23. Sven C

      Scooter for President

    24. Biiloon

      2021 :-)

    25. Morten Hellerud


    26. Krzysztof Madej

      Polska Przejmuje Klip!!!



    28. Pawel Sudzinski

      🤟🤟🤟Who is Listening in 2021 and hoping for better year 💪💪🤟🤟

    29. Anah Alien


    30. Lukasz Racinowski

      Once covid is over, I want to go to a fucking scooter concert.

      1. Charley The unicorn

        Im going to one in August, can't wait to pretend I'm 16 again

    31. Włodzimierz Ratajczak

      Scooter wideo polecam

    32. Ľuboš Tegi

      I'm 25 but those are my childhood memories .. am I sick or nah? ;D

    33. Lisa Marie


    34. Keraj

      2021 !

    35. Mariocamspam


    36. Skiner

      MISTRZ!!!!!!!!!!! TYLKO SCOOTER NA ZAWSZE!!!!!

    37. Йордан Стайков Велев

      На Scooter - Friends Turbo не само щуро, диво и яко, ама и така дяволски измислено, че като го гледа човек, да се залива от смях!

    38. Robert Bibulovic

      I am Hear 2020/2021 Fuck Politics Fuck Corona! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh Aaaaaaaaa I Felllllll Hardcoreeeee!!!!!!!! Letsssss Gooo People!!!!

    39. johnnyhun1

      the original song: Bodylotion - Always Hardcore

      1. NPO 1


    40. Celine John

      And Now listening to it hardcore in 2021💃🏼

    41. Robert Rabena

      Super sharp shooter👌

    42. Eimer

      Alfi Hardcore

    43. AP B

      No joke: this song plays when I accelerate down the on ramp for the highway.

      1. Ikairon


    44. der fehler


    45. Anônimo Legal

      I am the horseman I'm mentally mad I am a super sharp shooter Sittin' on a rooftop My name is MC H. I got the big breaks, the bass One, two, check It's a mixture rough to the core Through the texture Come and get a taste of the fixture, yeah Yeah, aaa, aaa, aah, yeah I feel hardcore Yeah, aaa, aaa, aah, yeah always hardcore Yeah, aaa, aaa, aah, yeah I feel hardcore Yeah, aaa, aaa, aah, yeah always hardcore Yeah, aaa, aaa, aah, yeah I feel hardcore Yeah, aaa, aaa, aah, yeah always hardcore Yeah, aaa, aaa, aah Want a lyrical sex Ice the platinum tech With a minute in the game When discover my necks, you don't fret Me and my crew we are too H O T For any crew out there or any MC Rippin' up the B you want H A T E Jealousy won't get you nowhere, I'm H.P. yeah Yeah, aaa, aaa, aah, yeah I feel hardcore Yeah, aaa, aaa, aah, yeah always hardcore Yeah, aaa, aaa, aah, yeah I feel hardcore Yeah, aaa, aaa, aah, yeah always hardcore Yeah, aaa, aaa, aah Alright One world, one people, one music One MC Yeah, aaa, aaa, aah, yeah I feel hardcore Yeah, aaa, aaa, aah, yeah always hardcore Yeah, aaa, aaa, aah, yeah I feel hardcore Yeah, aaa, aaa, aah, yeah always hardcore Yeah, aaa, aaa, aah, yeah I feel hardcore Yeah, aaa, aaa, aah, yeah always hardcore Yeah, aaa, aaa, aah

    46. Titan Chek

      If you´re listen to this in 2021, you are a true legend!

    47. Regina Sebestyén

      Tetcik nagyon de nagyon a videód 😃😃😃

    48. Skiner

      Całe moje młodzieńcze lata. Tylko SCOOTER!!!!

    49. M.Otis

      NUR DER HSV !!!!!!!

    50. R҉O҉B҉O҉T҉

      Always hardcore

    51. Travis Scott

      what‘s the first melody, i kinda alteady knew it, but i dunno where i got it

    52. Vjekoslav Berta

      scooter is champion

    53. Vjekoslav Berta

      i wanna one is supper music jeeaaaaaaaaaaaa jee always hardcore

    54. Justus Haß

      It's a shame about the beautiful car that is now starting to rust as it drives through salt water

    55. Alonzo Archer

      It's possible that music taken from "Cappella - Move on baby" (1994)? First time from 1:40 till 1:53 and few times again. I can not help myself, i hear it there. Mistake? Anyway is cool. Greetings from CZ

    56. Shitposting Prick

      And remember fellas, if you want a website with your name as the domain, I feel strato.

    57. Martin Decker

      Nice 🚵‍♂️

    58. Vervex

      He never gets old

    59. onkelholgi


    60. Dre Day

      This guy is a Legend!

    61. Lajos Neszvecskó

      Mások szerint is kicsit hasonlít az alap dallam a Soho Party 90-es évekbeli egyik számára?

    62. Multipass

      Olways hartkor

    63. mauro minetti

      grande scoooteeer

    64. Martin St.

      Some feelings never die! If I listen to this song I feel hardcore and full of an never ending energy! One world one people! Thank you Scooter!

    65. LiquidArtZ


    66. John Smith

      If your listening from a parallel universe, then you have accidentally picked up our internet.

    67. FastPlayerOnline

      Dit is muziek.

    68. kenJa

      Cineva in 2020 ? Good Scooter and go rave!!!!

    69. 1. TTV Schwarzenberg

      Always Hamburg, yeah yeah yeah yeah

      1. Mark Alles

        I'm from the USA, and currently embarrassed beyond belief. This song is a refreshing relief from what we have to deal with - insane presidents, Covid19, riots, etc. THANKS!!

    70. Stef


    71. Bible Woke

      I listen to this song every time my pet ant challenges me to arm wrestling.

      1. Mark Alles

        Good song - my pet just lies around and looks at me.

    72. Doom Guy

      Original melody by Neophyte.

    73. Robin

      Just drove 140 where 50 allowed... thanks

    74. Ian NorthWind


    75. Marvin -

      hp Baxxter is a savage

    76. Unbekannter Teilnehmer

      Scooter sieht in 20 Jahren noch genauso aus wie vor 30 Jahren.

    77. Howard Beale

      I am Paco Yo soy Paco

    78. Abc Def

      Thanks guys

    79. Saúl Aguilar

      Llegue aquí por el Rubius que onda

    80. alberto segura

      This song is soooo energy

    81. scarkey

      My Teaching Assisant used to play this on a Morning before we went into the workshop at College.! Thats Crazy Plumbers for you. LOL.

    82. Smokybear549 BigSmoke

      Love scooter

    83. Hachimichima


    84. Michael Bulat

      It's still the same Power !!! Es ist immer noch gleiche power wie fruher

    85. Roman SpB

      возможно dj smash вдохновился этим треком,попахивает плагиатом

    86. loltermi 08

      Als zweites Hashtag ist einfach fkc2020

    87. Jurek Ka

      Fck N.W.O and Plandemic shit.

    88. kati lautaoja

      kyyllääää lähteee nyytttt :D

    89. the dude


    90. truewolf

      2020 Always Hardcore #FCK2020

    91. Scruffy Official

      YEE HEEE AaAaAaAa YEEAAAAAAA Always Hardcore!!!

    92. Enduro Riders

      Eeeej, někdo 2021 v Ústí?

    93. SZ İÖ


    94. play timofey


    95. Panama


    96. Mlecznyy !

      Polsat - Koncert Il Volo 18.04.2005

    97. slav life of nojus

      (SREEEEEEEEEEEECHING (tires) 0:23

    98. hollowcifer


    99. Sebastian Kucharski

      FCK 2020 virus time 👊✌️✌️✌️✌️