SCP-847 The Mannequin (SCP Animation)


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    TheRubber brings you SCP Foundation EUCLID class object, SCP-847 Animation.
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    SCP 847, also known as The Mannequin, is a human female mannequin, 156 cm tall and 27 kg in mass, constructed of human hair and an unknown composite fibrous polymer that abrades and shatters similarly to porcelain.
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    1. AlyssaB

      So it's someone who was abused which turned them into a toxic friend to other women, who will use them to get what they need to be beautiful in a desperate ploy to attract a man. Most people know a least one girl like that!

    2. balli salsa

      I have subscribed to you for real🥰


      I just need a fleshlight and its good to go

    4. Aaron Bugayong

      She kinda bad tho

    5. NocturnalBrolyFury

      She may be a mannequin, but I'd treat her like a real woman.

    6. Blue The Fox

      Anime be like

    7. 《 - Buns !!! 》

      I eat here for eleven minutes watching this shit, and I’m very intrigued

    8. moonfang016

      I'm down bad....

    9. •DeviFractures


    10. Peaceful Boiii

      Before we run away from 847 But now we simps chase 847

    11. allen

      The rubber

    12. Mathew Aramian

      I was born in March 15th 2013

    13. 黄色い女の子

      *the girls left the chat*

    14. // Custard Cat //

      Trans Person: I’m male. SCP-847: *no.*

    15. Luna

      3:16 hey 847 can you teach me to be that jack/buff

    16. Jakub Řezáč

      good video good animation good story congratulations just keep going

    17. Niyah Candeias

      I love the mannequin

    18. Maria Camilla Evon Manlapas

      Bruh the dabbing one 👁️👄👁️

    19. zero point wolfie


    20. NYEIN MOE AUNG hacker

      Please give me scp 1984

    21. Rizqi Juanda akbar

      scp 166 please

    22. HaloJadez10


    23. arliza rojo


    24. Sabrina Wilson

      What about non-binaries or trans?

    25. Kontroversi

      A broken woman always yearning for love and attention and doing whatever she can to get it. While attacking any woman in the area who could be deemed as a possible threat to her love and attention. If the men left, they died. If women came around they died. All could have been turned into mannequins or or just dead. The D-class, could represent broken men who are repulsed by the behavior of broken women, but they cant help playing with her anyway, enjoying the total control of her entire being even to the point of physical damage to the broken woman, and relishing in the agony of mental damage of the broke woman....enticing him to play more. Why was this so deep?!

    26. reynaldo De castro

      SCP 053

    27. Victoria Harrison

      What happened to his kids and a big dent comes a dad

    28. Queeter Whittle

      So here is my theory, this mannequin was once a woman, an(sorry for saying this) not very pretty woman that was married to a man. The man, after enough of her, cheated on her but to her, she thought that she wasn't enough for the man and wanted to get back with him even after he cheated on her, he said no which saddened her but made her furious at the woman, starting to attack and eventually, kill her( this is why she is aggro on woman). Afterwards, the man ran away from her to call the police but they got there, no one was seen. The husband, obviously terrified and scarred for life, moved to a new house across the entire globe but for each night he slept in his room, he had dreams of her just staring at her crying until she walked away. This eventually drove the man insane until he killed himself. Neighbors near by heard the screams and called the police but once the police got there, they saw a note that said, "I'm sorry". While this all went down, the wife now insane and scarred did a ritual to transfer her soul into the body of a beautiful manniquen she saw once at a mall before her husband cheated on her, but what she didn't realize was that when she was transferred into the body, it turned her into the gross, awful look she has in this video but when she went to the mirror to see how she looked, she thought she looked perfect in evryway, even though from the human eye, it was the complete opposite. She then wrote in the mirror with the black ink that came running down her face, "come back to me" and soon ran off into a building where the story now starts in this video.....

    29. MoonStone Glass

      will it attack little girls?

    30. Smiley S0ul


    31. Peter Akpako

      She has been train by sonic

    32. Ronald Estephane

      i can't sleep enymore

    33. • S t a r R e i n d e e r •

      8:08 That dabing tho--

    34. Akira Liu

      Man walk close, and put SCP-847 in a jojo pose.

      1. jade langres

        Ah yes a fellow fan.

    35. CK Chan


    36. asia szypula

      IT kinda looks like chrus baby/elizabeth

    37. Chhoeum Somnang


    38. Radiante The Shit poster

      8:05 "kill me pls" type of face lol

      1. Radiante The Shit poster

        @jade langres n o

      2. jade langres

        KONO DIO DA!

    39. Alxtel - In a Nutshell

      8:04 DAB

    40. Spikes Archer


    41. Miss Haps

      New fnaf character is this

    42. Draw best Monsters

      d - class says : uhh how are u scp 847 : crak cork creek crak

    43. Ghazi Alfajri

      Hi you

    44. Ghazi Alfajri

      Привет тебе

    45. Roblox troller Roblox timer

      No one:is it real?

    46. YTTP TeaParty

      3:13 I love the artstyle of this frame

    47. katzlover321

      10:00 that’s how it ends, really.

    48. N y o o m

      Aaaahhh she’s a pick me

    49. Thunderbolt3129 Rblx

      Soooooo is she a yandere mannequin?

    50. 05 council member

      *watches even thought basically knows allot about this*

    51. gg fixing xxbest

      Don't let jaystation near her

    52. Gio Fang

      How to find a serial killer: one: go to the foundation where keep scp 847. Two: bring her in New york: she would start to rumble and go insane

    53. ChadsGachaVids_ 2021

      in 1:06 she looks kinda cute :3

    54. Sherman Tank

      Girls cant be simps! Me:

    55. 4Ffxtion

      I still don't know If scp's are real.

    56. SCP 682

      “You’re my master.” Take the water lady, you’re thirsty as shit.

    57. Goldzy

      4:05 GAYYYY

    58. Solenn Angela Go

      8:04 THAT JUST MADE MY DAY WTH 😂😂😂😂😂

    59. Fatherless Flavid

      is she single

    60. Larry Sizemore

      That's not labroscopy

    61. Gacha wants a Milkshake

      She can't take a hint the blonde guy is in to dude's

    62. San Rai

      Little nightmares mannequin

    63. gg fixing xxbest

      1:00 that would be Cool for my profile pic so can I ask you if I can use this image

    64. Joe Limon

      damn girl nice dab

    65. The Animator

      draw me like one of your French mannequins, rubber

    66. ZianTheWeirdo!

      what happens if the person has no gender-

    67. Frozen Eevee

      This honestly seem like one of the creepier SCP I've heard about

    68. skiled_Plasma X

      I need to know more about her

    69. Spaghetti Catto

      Tfw no mannequin gf

    70. msh kachi

      3:21 what we need now...its resolve!

    71. sam luke

      The DAB pose XD

    72. Tim Stekelenburg

      I'm convinced that you are a robot

    73. Yinza RetroGames

      ok i will be like that

    74. Yinza RetroGames

      ok so um what should we do

    75. ghost freak

      I feel bad for 847

    76. The Council

      I- I never knew I wanted to have sex with a mannequin

    77. Red Tron

      I forgot what the number was but this SCP is a book that allows you to do anything, so I wonder what 847 would look like in human self

    78. laurensia johanes

      Can you give a subtem Indonesia i can't learn English

    79. painkid


    80. Bloodust Viardo Jr.

      Are u working scp

    81. Mr Capone

      Right after doing homework for 2 hours this is the first thing that I clicked on

    82. Milf Hunter

      If she does a jojo pose she will get all the mens around her lol

    83. LeviatHellThan-R- 1534

      Can be she was sister of scp 035 Because she both of then has Black resin

    84. Tiffany Bradley


    85. Smart Ass

      Was wondering how the mannequin would react to a trans or nonbinary person bc I am these and because of the nature that she came from human trafficking's specifically for sex work I think she would attack any individual who presents more feminine since those who dresses or appears more feminine would remind her of competition and anyone who dresses or appears more masculine she would try to appeal to bc these people would remind her of the customers as for those who look or dress more androgynous I think she would be confused and maybe stay still bc she doesn't know which the person is thus not knowing what to do bc she hasn't been conditioned to think a certain way. Just my thoughts.

    86. Anonymous

      bruh PLEASE put that thing in a room with my sister.

    87. Amber York

      All men are like D-class. Never know what they want.

      1. Rodrigues

        I want you to shut up

      2. Rodrigues


    88. Big Ed

      damn, the mannequin is a pick-me

    89. Natzu Dragneel

      Ide smash

    90. •{Heart Sayin Rivera}•

      When i saw the thumbnail i said: circus baby(from fnaf sister location) what are you doing there 👁👄👁?

    91. Yuurou幽狼

      Since it let male play with it indefinitely, maybe a professional can fix it to a better state with material that can only stretch till broken rather than snap, to see the effect in pattern X.

    92. ??????

      I would love to pose this maniqine if it weren't so creepy and wont kill meh

    93. DontTreadOnMe

      So SCP-847 is just your average teenage girl?

    94. Okay, And?

      Waw....she looks like my mom's vase, oh shit

    95. alexander zarate


    96. Rhea Saragena

      Its like Anabelle but a simp.

    97. Burrito Cat

      Awwww it just wants a boyfriend 🥺

    98. 『ʋι』 DiᏫᎶᏋᏁᏋᎦ

      Idk why but I'd still smash

    99. Moehamad Ghozi Mubarok

      scp - 787 the ghozi pesawat

    100. dwyne apiit

      the rubber4