Scuffed Podcast #100 ft NICKMERCS, SUMMIT1G, SYPHERPK


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    0:00:00 Introductions
    0:19:00 Nickmercs' secret
    0:25:00 Covid and Kobe Bryant
    0:31:00 Apartment Stories & Swatting
    0:53:30 Nails
    1:02:00 Air pollution & LA
    1:13:00 Leauge Of Legends & Games
    1:32:00 HUfast & Twitch & Second Channels
    2:04:00 Stories
    2:54:00 Dr Disrespect
    2:59:00 Bear VS Gorilla
    3:40:00 Streamer Girl Game
    3:49:00 Outro


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    1. Trainwreckstv

      Topics: 0:00:00 Introductions 0:19:00 Nickmercs' secret 0:25:00 Covid and Kobe Bryant 0:31:00 Apartment Stories & Swatting 0:53:30 Nails 1:02:00 Air pollution & LA 1:13:00 Leauge Of Legends & Games 1:32:00 HUfast & Twitch & Second Channels 2:04:00 Stories 2:54:00 Dr Disrespect 2:59:00 Bear VS Gorilla 3:40:00 Streamer Girl Game 3:49:00 Outro

      1. queeblo

        1:55:14 devin's transformation

      2. Scott M.

        This podcast was great, just chilling with the boys talking about random shit. Nick is a great fit on the podcast aswell.

      3. ThatOneDude


      4. P4GY

        yes m888

    2. Michael Dougherty

      When Andy first joined I thought his mic was a gun 😭

    3. BLUEGENE13

      won't the gorilla just go one shot to the eyes or the head and it's lights out either way

    4. BLUEGENE13

      aren't polar bears the biggest bears, and if its polar bear i regrettably must go team bear.

    5. Lilithius

      The Pog Cast.

    6. Ryful -

      I love devin nash bro. Like I don’t understand half the shit he says when it comes to analytics and shit but I love learning and he brakes it down well

    7. Christian Mills


    8. Chuck McIntosh

      I got peas on my head but don't call me a peehead

    9. mark kissel

      Id rather get swatted than play league of legends 🤣🤣🤣

    10. bubyh ybuvb

      nickmercs and esfand have the same background

    11. FracturedStreak

      My dad has a technique where he can throw his farts across the room

    12. Caleb Sutherland

      People don’t realize that you could literally shoot a kodiak and it wouldn’t penetrate it’s hide

    13. Shiny RPG

      every girl ive fucked that hasnt been with a non cut dude always screaming whys it feel so good lmao ahahah

    14. Christian Lindquist

      Best podcast i've ever seen!!!

    15. Adam

      A suggestion for Andy saying LA is the most diverse for night life and good for that reason despite all else... Go to Bourbon Street, New Orleans. No place like it in the Union.

    16. marvin

      “you funny as shit bro” 😭😭

    17. Maruf Rayhan

      This was the best episode ever! Hands down!

    18. redshift912

      Summit is such an odd looking dude

    19. Aidas Matulaitis

      Love train KEKW

    20. Eli A-G


    21. Johnnydontstop

      Bro 4 hours never went by so fast holy shit haha sick podcast bro 🔥🔥

    22. jayden gray

      andy needs to learn to stfu when someone else is talking

    23. Ferret MCS

      devin nash the statistics guy logic: we taught a gorilla to talk so you think they cant make weapons to kill a bear in the wild?

    24. Frank Dean

      gorilla would get there ass wooped by a bear bruh

    25. Justus Romena

      2:03:43 “you are the ✨gayest✨ heterosexual I know” that is one of my favorite lines to come out of this podcast

    26. Divine

      Sagde reckful

    27. christian amoranto

      this fr one of the best podcasts ive ever watched

    28. Chris Owen

      bro the funniest shit was at 1:01:40 when nick talked about the nose itching and sypher esfand and summit all scratched there noses lmaooo

    29. Literally Aidan

      2:03:00 You know? You know? You know? You know? You know?

    30. snakecharmr123

      yooo hahaha the fact that train has a christmas tree in the middle of july just speaks volumes about his whole being hahah love that guy

    31. Paranormal


    32. of a adrian


    33. Dynamic One

      Train is the most hypocritical person lol. He thinks hes so smart but hes actually just as stupid or more then he is even somewhat intelligent. Hes the most judgmental person when hes wrong on so many things but then boasts about his chat bans and how much he tries to control and moderate other people. Its actually really weird as is a lot of other things you've admitted about yourself. Its got to be your OCD that makes you judge so hard when you're not even right about your opinion lol

    34. Kije

      >if you had blue hair you would be hanging out with me (TrainwrecksTV 2020) RIP Zizaran

    35. Primecork

      squadR UHHH YOU KNOW DOD

    36. Zombie Ape

      Humans beat bears wit a 3in blade

    37. Haduto

      This is by far one of the best Scuffed Podcast Episodes...i was dying the entire time

    38. Beck Monachello


    39. Awesom-O

      a polar bear would wreck a silverback gorilla lmao not even close

    40. Stack The Plug

      2:57:00 did train just say 3 minutes and 83 seconds? 🤣🤣🤣

    41. Stack The Plug

      When abdou says “you funny as shit man” 🤣🤣🤣

    42. Stack The Plug

      Imagine Los and nickmercs

    43. Craig Hartanagel

      Is this a real attempt at a podcast??? Train is a horrible host. Shit is so cringe and boring the intro shit was pathetic. Dude is always doing other shit while doing this. He is always complaining about haters but everyone I drop in to catch his content I’m like oh this is why he is not like able. Iv not liked him since his Mitch Jones days he showed his true colors.

    44. Caztecx

      first time watching, APE ruined the entire thing, the dude is just pure cringe

    45. Jay

      raise your hand if esfand shouldn't tell any more stories... i want to hear nicks stories

    46. ~ Bright Romeo ~

      100th podcast and no cool interesting topics arranged ? Do something special maybe ? Idk man.

    47. smokedoubt

      Gorillas are “gang” animals forsure lol bangin that silverback set

    48. Axl Andersson

      Nickmercs is never as academic as when he talks bear vs. gorilla.

    49. Bridy

      WAIT. Why tf is Esfend and Nicks background the EXACT same

    50. Sky

      This interview is a train wreck. Y’all get professionals and can’t conduct in a professional manner. No organization.

    51. ORB Chief

      Yo is anyone gonna bring up that nick sand esfand are like in the same room or some shit, I’m high asf looking at their rooms and I’m lost

    52. Tees & Tech

      Greekgod was present for a total of 2 minutes the entire podcast. lmao

    53. Jr88

      So to the bear and gorilla debate. I believe the King of the Jungle is number 1 🤷‍♂️

    54. FuriousNS

      Nick says “ yo pk is a scientist”😂😂

    55. Dying Wolve

      on my mum

    56. Notmy4ply

      Gorillas are omnivores. They hunt animals as well...

    57. Gary Thompson

      17:31 - look at esfand

    58. thog ro99

      2:05:55 Woah LUL

    59. TMRWmourning

      Great episode. I really wish Nick made a podcast

    60. Tyson Scott

      why is this a video of train riding nick for 3 hours?

    61. Joshua Hales

      I like when Nick is trying to figure out if Esfand was just copying his background 44:40 🤣😂

    62. Kieran Edwards


    63. Nate North

      Bear vs Gorilla for nearly an hour, haha!

    64. Uzi_does_it_

      "Norwayish" 🤣

    65. Lox

      this podcast was hilarious. just the boys

    66. Edgar Alan

      gamers need to create their own streaming platform, twitch is turning dark and will start to create regulations for gamers, meaning gamers will most likely stop using twitch and autists and artists and singers will take it over. WE MUST CREAT OUR OWN SHIT!!! summit or sypher have the ability on their own imagine if they all came together and invented a new platform for gamers only.

    67. Faceless

      Real answer to the Bear vs Gorilla shit is they will both back off of eachother.

    68. ٌRidicuolus

      I think I just found my new favorite podcast

    69. driz draz

      oh i would flip the out doing that, pouring piss and shit all over the people below you... the hell is wrong with people....

    70. K.Sull

      This was fucking great!

    71. Giovanni

      that kobe talk was real, even though we didnt know him- it as though we did

    72. Brock Bashus

      Lmao they are all talking about the statistics and trying to figure out the best path to grow my channel and Sums just chilling like I just hop on and play games.

    73. Mike M

      Jesus Andy needs to stfu and stop talking over people when he has jack shit to say.

    74. _ Tensai

      que pasa

    75. L2R2AimShoot

      When summit is silent until they talk about dicks and then he’s yelling LUL

    76. Siege

      Summit just sittin there grindin zombies for 4 hours LUL

    77. Josh Marquez

      LMFAO this is amazing..

    78. Got Crazy

      I watch these three guys

    79. rory luukas

      How the hell does EsfandTV have Nick's backdrop lmao?!?!

      1. Mark Travis


      2. rory luukas

        @Joshua Hales yea I get he green screened it but there wasnt a chance this whole stream haha must of had it prepared 😂

      3. Joshua Hales

        He used a green screen. Nick was trying to figure it as well a little after the 44:00 mark

    80. bernhard85

      you could get rid of the chat scrolling as well we dont mind you cant read it anyways :)

    81. bernhard85

      wow its crazy how much Ape looks just like pamaj from faze hahahaha i wonder if ape is canadian like pamaj..?? not being rude but seriously its crazy they are like twins :)

    82. Nephzi

      If you think a silver back gorilla has any chance of beating a brown bear you're off your rocker

    83. Dicks Pearls

      Esfand and Mercs have the exact same background and CP

      1. rory luukas

        Its Nickmercs gamer cave, Esfand screencapped it and greenscreened lol

    84. KalebTLT

      Sypher does not appear to be enjoying himself lol

    85. KalebTLT

      3:23 Norwayish

    86. Steelroo

      Summit1g is and always has been my favorite streamer.

    87. FlatLin3

      1st time here ever, just discorver that podcast, almost cry laughing the entire time, Keep this its pure gold

    88. Nate Campbell

      Such a great cast. This podcast has really grown, proud of you Twain sqaudL

    89. J Party89

      Fucking Esfand dude just cracks me up every time rank 1 OMEGALUL farmer NA possibly the world it’s not just a meme he actually puts in the hours in the fields. WoW

    90. PalmTree

      is it just me or was this one of the best episodes?

    91. bronxbombers 2211

      summit, "I don't know why everyone assumes a gorilla is trained in martial arts" had me dying lol

      1. __Last

        fr Greek thinks they whop out a fkin katana n shit

    92. Swift Cactus

      Bear would most likely win Biggest bear: Grizzly Biggest Gorilla: Eastern Lowland Gorilla size 6ft standing, 400 lbs Bear size: 8ft standing 600 lbs Gorilla bite size: 1300 psi Bear bite size: 1200 psi

    93. Arekantos

      the gorilla bear convo is so simple, u take what greeks says and u go with the other option couse he is a moron

    94. ND 8900

      "do girls have eyes in their vagina's" xD i died here, and the smile on greeks face hahahahaha what a discussion this was

    95. Spideysense

      If you think a gorilla can beat a bear you're wrong

    96. Lejtan

      Damn first time i watch Nickmercs, will def follow him. He carried the shit out of this podcast!

      1. Joshua Hales

        His cod intros on HUfast are hilarious.

      2. O Willis

        Bruh hes fuckin great sm love for the man 🤣 make sure to check out his twitch aswell straight 1010 content every day man

    97. Buddy Lee

      Looks like Greek lost some of his personality and humor along with the weight.

    98. Zaokas

      I didn’t even notice that Esfand had the same background as Nick until it was brought up

      1. Recommended For you

        Zaokas he does that like every podcast to some random guest

    99. TygOW

      One and a half hours into the video I notice EsfandTV's background is the as NickMercs, unbelivable. Much love for the content Train!

    100. Triipz-Kronix YT

      Sypher big brain