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    Dr. K talks with @xQcOW about value, self-sabotage, and $1000 bicycles.
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    00:00 Introduction
    6:45 tilt, immersion, self-sabotage
    16:30 Dr. K patient storytime, Overwatch
    24:20 Twitch cares about xQc
    33:50 Caring about Appearances
    41:05 "Is your dad proud of you?"
    54:50 Unhealthy mindset, but it works
    1:13:53 Fundamental sense of value
    1:25:30 xQc's dad and a true sense of value
    1:40:30 Takeaways
    1:47:00 Meditation
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    2. Kiaf

      I really liked this video. xqcL

    3. safwan


    4. vi6er

      it’s so hard listening to him talk, it’s so confusing.

      1. PandaChips

        english isn't his main language

    5. bamie16

      More people should see this. People always say he's but tbh its just chat 9 outta 10 times

    6. Evan Q

      Aw man this actually makes me feel bad for Felix. I hope he knows we all care for him xqcL

    7. Dan Skyder

      Really impressive to hear XQC open up and talk so honestly about himself

    8. Tuba Syeda

      awww he was so awkward and cute what happened FeelsStrongMan

    9. Brittany Basch

      The moment at 28 minutes in when Felix feels like someone has described for the first time how he feels is such a rare moment for people.

    10. FoilHattiest

      I really wish parents would just try to work on fixing their own broken self esteem instead of constantly trying to use their children to boost themselves up.

    11. xSuhtv

      xqc is one of the more interesting minds I’ve seen on this show

    12. Fonix

      Maybe do another one of these but let him draw as well. I think you’ll get even more out of him

    13. Alejandro


    14. Professor Small

      Anyone have tips how I can set up an interview stream like this?

    15. Boi Tra


    16. monica

      i love his two-handed wave ngl

    17. KaleTheSalad

      1:35:18 best part by far

    18. Digital Olimon

      I'm just like xQc, when got to the sleep part it was confirmed! My analogy for mediatation; Imaginbe being in a fast moving car and you're the pasanger and all the trees and houses and fields going by are all your induvidual thoughts. You don't have time to entertain them so you only acknowledge it all and let it flow on by untill you are only ever present. no past no future in your thoughts just whats happening now

      1. Lone Wolf

        @Digital Olimon k

      2. generic username 420

        @Digital Olimon ok

      3. Digital Olimon

        Learn to juggle!

    19. Xero Coop

      I wish xqc always had chat closed.

      1. generic username 420

        dude chat is half the experience

    20. RareCow

      Wow, xQC was very well spoken and thoughtful throughout this. I think this is a strong reminder that twitch, and streaming in general, brings out a character in a lot of cases. I really enjoyed this.

    21. Andrea Queen

      Felix > xQc ... 💕

    22. VIN N TONIC

      As an Asian Male who finally sought therapy, I must say that this analogy to validation is on point! It's something I've been working on and learning to understand/process - I can definitely say I've grown a lot and improved. I think everyone should be able to openly talk about mental health. If y'all need someone to talk to...I gotchu :) Also, you got a sub from me Dr. K! Keep spreading awareness!

    23. Very Triippy

      so felix just talks like this even normally.

      1. Wyatt L

        yeah dude he has a stutter and isn't a native English speaker

    24. Optimal Shot

      came here to see the full context of the sit up straight clip lmao

    25. Thomas Tosti

      i was litterily playing tetris the whole time They was talking

    26. IvanLN 1

      Lowkey teared up when he said how his dad only cared for when he is going back to school

    27. Eddie._.

      "You're a smart guy Felix" of course, he is one of the best carpenter from harsvard.

      1. Eddie._.

        @Ureshii not a door

      2. Ureshii

        he made a pizza

    28. Joshua Kennedy

      i mean i never thought xQc was a dick, but he definitely looks like 10x more of a respectable, honest and polite person without the hard working streamer facade...

    29. Tehblood

      talking about my wife at 16 min lol. luckily I'm the one that stayed

    30. Tops Ilog

      I like how Dr. K became Felix to bring out the true Felix, not xQc

    31. aquatiq

      I’m not gonna lie I watched the entire video, it’s just so nice to see x talking, sharing genuine thoughts and talking about himself without dono spam as funny as it is.

    32. Splecti

      is that a ERB?

    33. J Li

      Dang. I feel for him.

    34. DOOFUS PK

      I have the same problem as xqc when ut comes to the rank thing

    35. Arnav Rawat

      Is felix saying yes to dr K just to agree?

      1. generic username 420

        @SHP 7777777

      2. SHP


    36. Liam Hilliard


    37. Yoona's Husband

      Holy shit watching this just gave me a revalation when K was talking about meditation and listening to so many sounds. I listen to lofi with alot of background sounds and that relaxes me more than anything. I love listening to the sounds going on and speeding up my mind. Wow my brain. IK nobody cares but I just felt I had to write this, perhaps you felt that too,.

    38. Kye

      Moral of the story: no matter who you are, therapy is extremely beneficial. Dr. K. is awesome and there's probably someone awesome near you.

    39. Kye

      I think he still has the same attitude about performance but he's switched competitive gameplay with content creation. So many times I've enjoyed the hell out his stream then he goes "Today's stream was shit sorry guys"

    40. Julius Ellison

      50:25 even in a psychiatric interview, felix is still the best shit talker around

    41. Winging Globe

      Hi Dr K, I was wondering if you have considered making a dedicated video about rejection/abandonment by the family unit. I've looked but I might just be missing it.

    42. Seif Farag


    43. protolexis

      This guy is so fucking toxic

      1. Rionion

        dang i hate among us community , it's getting worse and worse than fortnite community. i hope it doesn't lead people to suicides.

      2. liquify

        bro shut your stupid ass the fuck up

      3. Elijah likes Hentai

        Shut up nigga 🤡

      4. Dioxide

        just because of several drama in a single game doesn't make you have thoughts on who he is, he's been through a lot of shit and he has his own reasons. He "tries" hard because if he doesn't get competitive he thought people wouldn't watch him even though most of his viewers watch for his personality

    44. Lewis Kane

      thank you Dr.K and Félix

    45. Jordan Pool

      I actually learned a lot from this about myself.

      1. Araf


    46. Merisa Hale

      this is a brain feel good 🙌🏾

    47. Asher BN

      i luv how bad he is at interviews kinda makes the interview watchable

    48. Anthony Campo

      xqc is good at explaining things

    49. Mak wa

      felix more like in his feels-ix luv u xqcL

    50. Jakng

      I never really got the hype behind xqc but watching this I relate to him alot, these videos are always so interesting and unlocks new layers to my mind.

    51. Tim Müller

      A good video title could've been:" Behind the Schnoze"

    52. MrCurlyFriess

      puts the "Give Me the Love" outro a whole different context

    53. John Browning

      He fell into a deep depression after losing to Critikal in 6 moves

      1. Vivid

        Still PepeLaugh 6 moves

      2. Vivid

        Nah going against him no one would feel bad if they lose

    54. bronzeowl9

      1:49:00 Felix thought he said to stand and Dr. K just went with it. Legend

    55. Fabbly

      He forgot about Banana man with Saxophone....

    56. LovelyAineChan

      So his drive to win is to get his dad's attention and love. Fuck man

    57. Liam Gallagher

      lol i love messing with xQc TTS shit

    58. Son of Sparda

      45:06 drinking out of the mug with nothing in it PepeLaugh

    59. Prod. Exo

      This is some good stuff

    60. k a r m a


    61. Narcisse

      "if in life, you always show up, and you get up pardication ticket everyday and what you do, at some point, you'll get the juice. Even if you show up and you don't get it 100 times in a row maybe at some point you'll get it. But if you have no names in the hat, how can you expect to be drawn from the hat? You can't. Every day, you gotta put your name in it. At some point, it goes * juicer mode*. You just gotta belive in yourself and do what you do" -Felíx (aka xQc)

    62. Wiikoolaid

      XQC Imposter warlord even in therapy 4:40

    63. Galen Burnett

      2:02 talking about stillness in fast movement. Smash is just like that actually. Unless you take an L of course lol

    64. Galen Burnett

      1:48 I just need to think about how much to engage your mind... (10 seconds later...) (...still in that chair thinking about it...) (3 hours later...) Me: I think I’ll go watch some xQc Overwatch now.

    65. Lal H k i p

      Like like x))

    66. Jaimy Tourigny

      44:40 Autistic hyperlogism (I call this that, you call it hyper-analytical) XD Illogism break our psyche and thoughts, so we restructure things so they make sense, you got it right doctor, it's actually simple but end up complicated for everyone else ^^ I love how you frown your eyebrows so much :P But we do have that tendency to understand things as logical or illogical wich tend to erase self confidence as illogical toward the world, and replace it with logical values, but we often miss the bigger picture and change it to our conveniance for it and our mind to work hand in hand and avoid discomfort or total failure to process. The main sign of this is the constent questionning about things being rationnal or not, and feeling anger, discomfort, or cringe, etc, from illogism or not seing the point in some behaviors, often neurotypical ones.

    67. Roshen Nair

      Continue watching: 36:55 (Trampoline contest)

    68. Furia C

      good one

    69. ihaterickowens


    70. ihaterickowens


    71. ihaterickowens


    72. ihaterickowens


    73. ihaterickowens


    74. ARandomContentCreator

      12:55 xQc tries not to laugh after he says that LULW

    75. Sapphire '-' '-'

      That was pretty complicated, cool. Xqc is a competitive warlord

    76. Ennis Del Mar

      In the beginning I was waiting for xQc to say "hi sisters"

    77. Sandalwood01

      idk what i expected when i clicked on this. but i didnt know it would make me cry. also, the term imposter syndrome is used a couple times. i wonder if xqc's recent attitude with among us has any correlation with that.

    78. angel

      its nice to see felix open up and see things from his perpestive

    79. SquidFigther

      I like when you mention the medical term for things (example Alexithymia), it makes it possible for people to find out more information about an aspect on my own.

    80. Coolbeens 23

      Looking at it now it’s clear he does this in Among Us. Everyone talks about how Felix ruins every among us game he’s in because he tries so hard but he’s actually doing it because he feels that if he doesn’t get the imposters off the ship then what’s the point in people watching him

      1. Cyzclone

        @Chicken Dynamite This has already been full resolved but i don’t care and I don’t think this was fully pointed out. Bruh you are actually annoying, do you not realize that there is probably 500 hours of xqc playing among us on stream to pull from. Of course he is going to have toxic moments he is a competitive person. Does that make it wrong in the moment? Yes But should we really be commenting on positive comments or reasons with limited occurrences With specific negative examples when the original comment didn’t even say anything like xqc is always just trying to win and never actually toxic.? no Its like if I say that a criminal isn’t in jail because they are evil but instead because they had really abusive parents and were poor. And instead you responded with a video taken from 100’s of hours of footage from someones life just to prove that the person was clearly just evil and disregarded others and wanted to see them fail. Its like wtf u are just an asshole.

      2. Suzanne

        @SimplyForged I don't speak for trashkitten. However, entertainment or any other hobby can help depression and suicidal thoughts. Because maybe in your mind you don't think your life is worth living, but you'll have this one thing to look forward to seeing or doing. It doesn't immediately pull you out of depression, but it gives hope and motivation to strive for change and to find things to enjoy in life. It's really not easy, but the impact is, if this funny streamer is making me laugh and bringing me joy, what else in my life can and am I not afraid to miss out on that?

      3. World oғ ʀօʟɛplay

        Holy shiet. This was one of the better comment sections. I quite enjoyed it. I've learned a lot from this thread than I do when watching the current day in age Hollywood flicks. After all, we're living and learning our mistakes constantly every day.

      4. hm no

        @trashkitten76 I always get confused when people go after someone for being upset or showing anger. Because he’s human? We all sometimes do shit like that.

      5. SimplyForged

        @trashkitten76 ah, then that’s completely understandable. I hope you are doing better in life 👍

    81. Nintendan

      1:15:41 "You ARE a thousand dollar bike" "Pog." LOL Hope he starts feeling better about things. I can't imagine the kind of mental stuff streamers might go through.

    82. JayKou

      that’s my streamer pogu

    83. Xilly

      What a guy, kudos to Felix for being so vulnerable in front of so many people. Much love!

    84. Dankrupt

      A rare glimpse of xQc when he’s not tweaking lmao

    85. Mark

      Pepega Clap WR

    86. Chairman Meow

      Im sorry but I just really dont like xqc. hes a fuckface.

      1. Denis Jon

        @Chairman Meow You don't like any streamer. You hate them all

      2. Chairman Meow

        @liquify im not allowed to like ONE streamer?

      3. liquify

        shut up man please im beggging you. no one asked for your fucking flawed opinion. go outside for once in your life

      4. its kisu

        You created your channel in 2006 Still doesn't get recognized OMEGALUL

      5. its kisu

        WHO ARE YOU?

    87. that one dude

      Didn't know xqc faced these proplems

      1. Cup Gold

        On stream he doesn't like to talk about his personal life

    88. Ruben Ramos

      That bike metaphor was so good especially when extending from just the chain to felix being a thousand dollar bike wow

    89. Ruben Ramos

      Felix's response after he was asked if his dad was proud of him almost made me tear up because it seemed like he was maneuvering around say no

    90. Fried Leaf

      When you realize Felix could've been a professional skateboarder or a professional gymnast but decided to play video games and stream widepepohappy thanks xqcl less than three

      1. Krz Low

        @generic username 420 If he took skating seriously, im pretty sure he wouldn't be this skinny

      2. generic username 420

        how could a walking stick ever get a contract with thrasher omegalul 77777777777 xqcl

    91. Juudonei

      Goddamn I'm relating to this man

    92. Undone Future

      XQC looks so cozy

    93. Martyn V8


    94. Martyn V8

      Teacher asks me a question Me : 18:27

    95. King

      This isn't xQc, Mr.Cow, or El Goblino, this is Felix

      1. generic username 420

        no, this is schnozer

      2. Dioxide

        the angelic form

    96. Dakure

      Why would you watch a 2hour long video about someone's mental health. That's just depressing in my opinion.

      1. Tejay Plant

        I don’t think it’s really something you actively watch it’s something you listen too while doing something else

      2. Aegiswave

        It helps people who face similar problems. It has helped me a lot

    97. ZappyyZ

      bus chair barry

    98. aquatiq


    99. Turbo Twinz

      You can directly tell xqc took some advice here, when he ties a tie and is only happy he put in the effort.