Shane Dawson's movie is worse than you can imagine


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    1. Pyrocynical

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      1. RodIsNice694

        @• MacknCheezee • ok Ivory

      2. Pataganja

        This is not Shane Dawson’s movie. I pre ordered this movie before it came out from Michael Gallagher. Shane is just an actor in this idk why you’re saying it’s Shane’s movie.

      3. 8golong 8

        I actually can't tell if that was a real sponsor

      4. ismail keskinkılıç

        Guys he made an amazing response video no drama no bs straight facts with evidence We got the good ending bois

    2. NinjaOutfitInTheWash

      He just sucks. A bad friend

    3. Idiotic Marsupial

      she literally could've said "i did it for the lulz" while smiley was in the omegle call so smiley would have to kill himself that would be a very gamer move

    4. Daniel Stitt

      You have 10 mid roll ads.. your are expanding my friend

    5. virgilio andreoli

      Hey bro cool, but where's Petscop 2?

    6. Evantenario

      to everyone who believed the poorly constructed allegations, lmao suck it Kind Regards Evantenario

    7. Egg Hunter

      Hey guys I *really like* this video guys!!!! This video is great. We should all just enjoy this video.

    8. The One

      33:10 It will be done, my lord.

    9. BananaFace301

      poopoo peepee

    10. joshyanmts

      L polo polo m

    11. The One

      People talking about pyros allegations and shit and how they’re false and blah blah but I’m over here looking at Tobuscus

    12. Tom Cartwright

      Im late to the drama. As much as i hate furries and benders, pyros my boy and honest so i believe him and will continue to watch.

    13. FoxyXs

      there are hundreds of cats to be unlocked in this game, pyro what have you done to my life, all my time, my life is consumed by this game

    14. The Scunt

      What's the song on 22:24

      1. The Scunt

        @iso thanks.

      2. iso

        Majima construction theme

    15. Aalia Aswad

      I miss him him:(

    16. Lucas Calavita

      do a video of the jester channel. it is so stupid.

      1. jawed

        Just checked it and it's a clone of all these other channels..

    17. Ex_Shadow2118

      James A Danise (Sorry james dont know how to spell your name)

    18. SpoopyGhost

      why does Shane look so much like mr. Breast

    19. SubZeroPz

      So guys we did it, we reached a quarter of a 10 million views

    20. Earth Angel

      Love you Pyro!! Sorry about what happened this month ❤

    21. Duderobi Patschie

      I am so happy, when I see the acting performance., in my country all the movies are dubbed.

    22. Tatsui666

      11:07 With that face, he looks like as if he was David Tennant's little brother when he was in Doctor Who.

    23. Death Awaits


    24. SFS Playz

      We need petscop 2

    25. Liam .H

      What happened to him he used to be one of the kings of MLG & Memes what the heck happened

      1. Liam .H

        @Professional Fangster true

      2. Professional Fangster


    26. Lil Shawn

      The comment about women only watching him is rude af 🙄🤦🏾‍♂️ but whatever

      1. Currently Begging for Death

        Hey, I understand your concern but it was a joke, or rather something that wasn't exactly intended to be rude towards Shane's audience. Sorry if you were bothered by it, as it's hard to tell who's joking and who's not anymore

      2. Lil Shawn

        @dannie jacob my guess is that u are a grown man worrying about the comment section so much to reply

      3. Lil Shawn

        @dannie jacob not really sir your being very condescending rn by assuming

      4. dannie jacob

        @Lil Shawn my guess, you are a child who could not understand an iROniC joke, am I right?

      5. Lil Shawn

        @RUDRA TEMPEST lmao u mad

    27. Joshua Johnson

      You know I hope the next time pyro uploads a commentary video it's on this guy Alex beckers channel, I've been scrolling though his scrolling though his channel and thumbnails and titles are... Interesting

    28. Damjan Adamceski


    29. Dunkers Dairy

      the majima construction theme hits close to home

    30. KooPakoo

      Fun Fact: Elite Hacker Man also plays in an episode of Criminal Minds. Episode 8 Season 8 “The Wheels on The Bus”

    31. DeadlyBlaze

      fuck petscop 2 we need pyro to do an omori video

      1. Minutewave


      2. Lordkenkaih

        Hell yes!

    32. memezo shitmada

      "Nice haircut by the way" *is bald*

    33. alex alvarez

      Spoilers: So the only reason why they scared, tortured, and killed this poor lady is... just because they could... I both resent and respect the movie for that. Resent because it's stupid and respect because, other horror movies have overly complicated motives for the evil monsters that are stupid too, but to see a movie with a simple motive like this is oddly refreshing.

    34. Lakshman


    35. Foxcit Flow

      I became really sad when he send a nuke on sweden, cause i live there and i do not like being turn in to ash. It really hurts.

    36. The Commie

      9:36 *Don't ever insult Green Day like that ever again, how dare you associate Bille with Shit Dawson.*

      1. Boowie

        Green Day fookin sucks

    37. AlexRAHM

      "Keith David who you'd know him as the Arbiter from the Halo series." Me who hears his voice and immediately remembered him as Goliath from Gargoyles.

    38. Rudrank

      Wait a minute, they really killed Ashley for no reason? Wow, that's high-tier storytelling right there.

    39. Alex Iancu

      Conclusion:even though this is not a good film, shane dawson hase a lot of money

    40. Mr What's his name?

      Funny how A British Person knows more about gun safety then an American does.

      1. Professional Fangster


      2. strangelyGreened


    41. Axys 77

      If you want to watch a horror movie where the friends turn on the main character, for the love of God watch scream instead

    42. India Tap

      I can confirm that women speak to each other like that

    43. POWER

      We have the same dream you got there

    44. Flying Scotsman Productions

      6:54 Melanie Papalia Melanie Pap *alia*

    45. Not a lotta bad stuff

      Yo petscop 2 yet???

      1. strangelyGreened

        :(((( no


      whats the background song at 37:38?

    47. Gsuave

      I keep adblock off for you Pyro, dont worry

    48. GoatNinja 23

      27:12 what is the name of the sound effect pls help

      1. I. PRO

        LeBron James and Bruh

    49. Hariate Hawkwarth

      This occurred on my Birthday XD how unlucky am I 1:41

    50. Scott Arrowsmith

      I'm loving the 007 Nightfire score

    51. Ryvznovik

      some people here dont get the birdman joke

    52. Reddit Moment!!

      Petscop 2 now!!!!!

    53. Iancraftmal

      The episode before disaster...

    54. Bacon Noob


      1. XNINE玖久W XW

        @strangelyGreened ok, send me your username.

      2. strangelyGreened

        wanna play a fuckin fortnite obby on roblox lmfao

    55. Aqua

      The plot twist is actually kinda good

    56. Dallas Reb

      Where’s pets cop 2?

    57. Not_Dio

      i have better cats than pyro

      1. Alright Bloke

        @Not_Dio oh yeah

      2. Not_Dio

        @Alright Bloke battle cats

      3. Alright Bloke


    58. Ruína Sonora

      does the flame uncredible boy has the tweetr?

    59. yoyofams

      Love u pyro

    60. HC Taint

      Shane Dawson shouldn't be dictating who is or isn't a sociopath when he literally hasn't got the education to instigate that. The guy is a loser.

    61. BluTagg63

      Leon Dawson or Leon Yaw

    62. Seth Kat

      on captions it says I did it for the bulls. And I legit thought that’s what they said XD

    63. bartek calinski

      just stop using the app that apparently KILLS YOU how hard it is to understand, halfway through the film they establish that smiley needs to kill to survive, so LITERALLY STOP USING THE APP INSTEAD OF USING IT


      60% of the comments are defending pryo 39% are the deleted comments against pryo And 1% are misc comments

    65. rose casket

      I know Keith David as Spawn

    66. Ruína Sonora

      thank god i didnt pirated this devils diarrhea

    67. lamps

      i feel like an idiot now lol bruh army strong again

    68. Novi

      This comment section makes me feel like I’m at the circus

    69. Twilightgaming2006

      Smiley sounds kind of like a vampire to me

    70. pika2


    71. Nasty Nate

      The tobuscus Terminator clip always has me in stitches

    72. Raze Guy

      The aliens are coming! We've been compromised

    73. Sanatorium Nugget

      I raised you all as sons... GOD DAMNED SNAKES

      1. Jack Mercer

        Nice rdr2 reference

      2. Jack Mercer

        Nice rdr2 reference

    74. jetsetgaming 2016

      My god these comments suck at least pyro made a response that had proof and evidence that he didn't do those things at least he didn't do a miniladd and try to avoid the problem instead of tackling it

      1. tomaninc

        I havent seen any hate comments

    75. Subway Bandit

      yes man

    76. urmomgæ e

      Oi pyro could you do a vid about nicocado avocado

      1. Alright Bloke

        That would be poggeria.

      2. Fall 2nd


    77. Brae Brae VR

      Pyro won gg well played

    78. SpiffyCS

      Decided to watch this at night. Mistake? Maybe

    79. Pokemon Black and White were better than B2W2

      I can see Caitlin Gerard playing an old Judith Grimes if they do a massive flashforward in last TWD season

    80. Alfie Aylett

      Still waiting on my petscop 2

    81. Gasoline Patches

      Twerking Thanos Vs Gigichad

    82. Tristan Sandeen

      POV: Your looking for a comment thats not POV

    83. Ace Rain

      *Sniff sniff* Smells like Vinegar and Edited comments in here.

      1. Voulz

        I smell facts

    84. Silent protagonist

      So the internet really didn't learn from what happened with projared

      1. Saša

        The internet never learns, or does but completely puts it aside when they have an agenda to defend.

      2. NotVicious

        I’m here because the top comment directed me here

    85. El cura anti spammer

      Stfu gay

      1. Alright Bloke

        Uh oh Shane Dawson Stan.

      2. Blockclinger

        @El cura anti spammer that was a meme for the Cold Ones podcast, and if you're reffering to his other channel's video, then, you must be a lobotomite to not realise that's satire

      3. El cura anti spammer

        Blockclinger yuck and his bi and gay lolll

      4. El cura anti spammer

        Blockclinger he uses makeup

      5. Blockclinger

        @El cura anti spammer man literally has a girlfriend wdym?

    86. Coves

      People unsubbed? Bruh momento 2.0

    87. KuwakaNey

      31:06 best part of the video

    88. Electric Speedkiller

      This film is really bad, ngl

    89. The Lost Tapes of Youtubers

      I love how fast the comments changed

    90. TommFoolery

      I genuinely thought that the video ended half way through, I was so sad XD

    91. PossiblyEnd

      Currently playing battle cats lol

      1. thin eevee


      2. Serbian Goat

        Good game

    92. Vortexx

      2 weeks ago (edited)

    93. History Egg

      5:37 >When your opening line is a Shrek meme

      1. Drawtoonz Studio

        It's funny because this movie actually predates the "How to Dance Like an Ogre" video.

    94. Marcus L

      I just came here to see what people said about Shane Dawson man. I don't give a fuck that you were wrong or how you thought he was guilty. Go somewhere else.

    95. Luiz

      True ending: Pyro does a chad move and uses his kinks to defend himself, and we finally can watch his videos in peace, even though we now know his secret.

    96. Filindo YT

      the long cat from the battle cats ad is actually real no joke

    97. UnknownBohemian Games

      The whole movie: Mentally destroy and kill a girl but the WaIt ThErEs An AcTuAl SmIlEeeeeRYUY???

    98. Sniffs paint

      3:49 haha classic

    99. A True Hypocrite

      This is so epic even turkey tom can just beat it

    100. Rolling Kirby

      Oh wow this movie is actually monetized