Shane Dawson & Jefree Star REALLY Are EV!L...


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    My wonderful thoughts on Jefree star and Shane Dawson...

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    1. ajaesque

      This video deserves more views

    2. Witch's Brew Views

      Love the call out about nick rich and Dustin at the end!!!!

    3. Gi'Ana Versacé


    4. Ty James

      I use to be a shane fan F tht Dude but i do love james he has changed a lot after the drama..

    5. Lakisha Cook

      Miss u buddy post more

    6. Karima Nouri

      These people messy omg

    7. kdot woo

      I’m probably the only black person who finds Shane Dawson’s videos funny....

      1. Shonte Nelson

        Your not

    8. Life with Shaey

      They really are ugly too

    9. Love Rosecee

      I get it but it’s ridiculous cus as much as there’s people that don’t like shannaynay how ever you spell that or the humor that Shane has there’s plenty of people that do find it amusing y’all don’t have to watch it 😂 I get it how black people feel but when he said the migra dude I wish you guys understood our culture we laugh between a lot of us Hispanics we don’t give a fuck if it’s funny we will laugh even make fun of ourselves. Black people have to much insecurities I get what happens with the police or judge mental people there’s a lot of black people that get far is the dam mentality that black people have that don’t let them get far. Whatever I’m irritated having to comment idgaf about the comments you guys are gonna say about it when your hurt I feed off it lol 😂

      1. Love Rosecee

        @Yager yammy the real subject was about Shane Dawson not black we are here because he was being racist right? Tell me why it’s different when Kevin Hart or Gabriel Iglesias or another comedian does it? We laugh right?? Shane Dawson is on HUfast to make everyone laugh he can be a comedian himself what’s the difference from someone trying to be funny an make you laugh then a comedian that’s geting payed to do the same thing?

      2. Love Rosecee

        @Yager yammy 😂 my comment is ignorant because our opinions aren’t the same an clearly you need to be more social with more people volunteer and do research many many cultures an ethnicity are being attacked why is it that black people are more popular to be attacked ask yourself that question as a matter of fact you can tell me if you go to downtown or watts maybe even skid row an tell me the black people aren’t gonna scare you walking around acting a fool I love black people as matter of fact there cool but they act wild your gonna tell me you don’t lock your doors an feel more petrified with a black then a Muslim? Tell me why not or why you do ?? Don’t give me the bullshit answer that I don’t because people should be loved blah blah that’s what I want to know?

      3. Yager yammy

        And just understanding your culture doesn't help us with our problems...your point?

      4. Yager yammy

        Honestly this comment is so ignorant. Just because your race wasn't being talked about and/or you don't get offended doesn't mean that other people should get over it. When someone is making racist comments about our race and we get offended that's not insecurity. The shanaynay videos are little kids humor...not even that its just not funny. Black people are sick and tired of being oppressed as much as we are. Its not a mentality

    10. Cassandra Flannigan

      I didn't watch a lot of Shane Dawson's old content I didn't watch the blackface videos that Shane made I don't really like many of his videos on shanedawsontv I liked the other videos like he made on his main channel I liked the trying girl products and life hacks and conspiracy theory videos and taste test videos now those were truly funny the blackface videos aren't funny racism is terrible we need to grow and accept people of all different colors

    11. Lupe Avila

      🤣How you nonchalantly put the air fryer on top!

    12. Lupe Avila

      Why aren't we canceling Jeffree?!

    13. Ayanna Cowan


    14. QueenOfBeats Lu

      Im not over you, taking and throwing them glasses tho😂😂😂😂

    15. Patricia Cruz

      I'm sorry but I'm disgusted by Hollywood way more then some HUfastr who built his career on shock value entertainment! Shane dawson recognizes how disturbing his old skits were, if you've ever watched his every time he comments on another person he starts off by says "I've done stupid shit for views, I've done this, I've said that" I grew up on southpark, family guy so Shane's material ain't that crazy to me but I'm outraged more that will smith is on the list of Epstein island!!! They let their daughter at a young age hang out with grown ass adults, that picture of willow in bed with that washed up actor from hannah Montana (rico) yeah shane started exposing shit and had everyone turning into conspiracy nuts and had to shut that shit down before he stared talking about 🍕gate and Epstein and adrenochrome!

    16. Krissy Fizzle

      LITERALLY Shane has been racist and they all knew and still called him their fave but now everyone is holding him accountable it's suddenly "OMFG I'm so disappointed in you" shut up. Like if you stanned him before when you clearly knew he was keep the same energy and stan him now.

    17. Krissy Fizzle

      Why tf did his black friend not clock him 😒 some black people are such jokes 🙄 I don't understand how you can standby and condone racism and play along with it

    18. Moan Aleesha Meadow Nature

      I wanna throw away my palettes 😷😭🥺🤨

    19. Ann Stewart

      Didn’t you say jeffree isn’t that bad? Now you get what black women were saying?

    20. PlzContestMe

      I’m one of the few boys that watch troyce and has been an og subscriber 😭

    21. Lexi Carter

      Umm.. I Dont think you are supposed to plug an air fryer into an extension cord.

    22. Black Beauty

      Can I just say how stupid Shane's friend is and looks?? For a blk woman to sit and allow/partake in such stupidity is ignorant and disgusting. She is a female version of Stephen from "Django Unchained" 🤦🏽.

    23. Jayden Williams

      Like you said people can change but I can’t believe people still promote him and they are stupid fucks and are dumb as hell like he is disgusting and Shane is disgusting as much as he is

    24. Montana Flowers

      PERIODDDDD ceo of Oh my god

    25. Mayaa.

      Why is every white person racist when they were “young" or whatnot like that’s not cool it’s honestly sad 😐

    26. Zoe Mayo

      I know this not the point but I love him cooking

    27. Q S

      that show with his "black ass friend" was super cringe worthy.. he even called her "the help" 🤦🏾‍♀️

    28. A A A


    29. Caca Puta

      Remember the enjajaja drama

    30. Kiara Bates

      the thumbnail be like: / \ \ / 👀 👀

    31. Kokos world

      Im trying to hold white youtubers accountable for racist comments ALL DAY

    32. Yuni Moody

      @TROYCETV Black people and people of colour in general should start our own beauty community and call it Beauty Community[Colour]

    33. Yuni Moody

      @TROYCETV I like how they wait for Jefree and Shane to become successful and big to expose Jefree even though Jefree at least gave a real apology in ‘19(^~^) he later that year was surprised at Shane. It turned out James was all cleared for being predatory. Troyce haven’t learned by now that cancel culture usually jumps to conclusions and waits for people to follow without proof(^~^) However, cancel culture is right about Shane and I still think Shane is racist because the first parts of his apology if you listen closely was him not taking accountability for him racism (^~^)

    34. Jamesia Sings

      This video.. wow

    35. Jamesia Sings

      Wtf troyceeeeeeee I miss you!!! You look great my love... skin is glowing !! I hope all is well 😘

    36. Literally

      Thanks for the air fryer tutorial. My sister just gave me one without a basket. I'm about to shove some foil in it. Lol

    37. Jaudon Rainey

      I had no idea. I'm disgusted. Thank you for doing this.

    38. SOSA

      Damn broh that 9/11 hit a lil close


      I remember that 🤬

    40. a pritchett1

      the “ HI MY LOVES” always takes me out😭

    41. Joselyn R

      2020 the year of exposure!

    42. Joselyn R

      Um isn’t shaynaynay from the show Martin???

    43. Dana Harley

      what Troyce said about the “democrats in this country” truly confused me 😭

    44. Dwayne Broussard

      When you type: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 now shut up and twerk for us😂😂😂😂😂😂

    45. Janneyn Simmons

      I really couldn’t stand the way Jefferee did makeup Shayla, threatening her and of course calling her out her name (he even hit the c-word) He is garbage and Shane never had my time🤷🏾‍♀️

    46. BodyDouble Security

      @14:41 because it's their own kind voting for them. They can relate....

    47. Ishaami Ishari

      you lost SOOOOOOO much weight troyce

    48. Amazing sweet

      doesn’t that black kid got hiv??

    49. Brieazzy Beemstar

      Sum wrong with shane

    50. Katelin Hilton

      Me watching troyce make fried Oreos in a airfryer and covering them with biscuits 😳🤭🤔🤨🧐💀

    51. Egyptian Queen

      But yet he wants those full lips though. People always make fun of people that they are envious of.

    52. Keisha Green

      Never Followed Them

    53. Dajaunaa

      The tea channels in the makeup world are trash 🗑

    54. Briana Ayala

      Can you discuss Sex Trafficking and touch on the story about Wayfair? They sell furniture that is way overpriced and it's named after missing children. They are suspected in child sex trafficking, I would like to hear your opinion and your own theories.

    55. Brenda Saah

      Can more people fucking watch this shit 😒 will always make me mad how people try to look like angels & crazy how all these people look up & support humans like this ... 😣😣

    56. Angela Wadley

      You lost some weight I see!! Keep it up Troyce and yes people will always be racist it’s so sad. And prey and use black people!!

    57. Brittany

      I was never a fan of either of them tbh . Shane’s old videos aren’t even funny regardless of the context , I’m glad I never gave him my views because he is disgusting .

    58. ѕуяiα

      Troyce I know i’m a little late 😬 but you stopped singing at the end of your podcast😓

    59. pretty

      grim reaper im crying

    60. Black Diva

      You forgot to mention that at the end james pulled out an 1 reverse card, so it turned out jeffree lied

    61. Rodra Burruss

      Here’s the true tea. Shane’s videos used to be FUNNY to a lot of people. That character Shaynay and the other stuff had millions of views and gave him the fame he has today. The same people who are dragging him now were laughing at his content 10 years ago. He thought the shock culture humor would work, and it did at the time but it aged horribly. Yet these videos have always been there, why the outrage now?

    62. yung jrizzy

      o shit u can make fried oreos in tha air fryer? hollup lemme call my girl

    63. Yvette

      Okayyy 👀👀 troyce let me just say this ...boyyyy you look like you lost weight looking good !! ...but back to the video I saw this video of shane and his niece and omg my stomach just turned I cant believe it but the evidence is there I feel so disgusted by him 🤢🤮

    64. Katherine Bitto One

      Someone call the mafia!

    65. malikjw1

      It depends on the mistake Troyce! Do you sympathize with pedophiles, serial killers, psychopaths?

    66. Yazminn

      Hey can you make a video about naya river

    67. Branden

      I’m sorry I was hollering when he put tht big ass air fryer on the table..😂😂😂

    68. A D

      Racism is taught and often normalized. So, I can forgive genuine people. But, I see a lot of white people specifically who are incredibly disingenuous.

    69. A D

      Not Liar Mcliarton talking about, "all I know is honesty."

    70. B

      Troyce Please Return 🌟🦘

    71. Kaylin Lahnoy

      He sexualized kids etc he’s CANCELLED period

    72. Nathan Groot

      I disagree people do care its not about a bandwagon its more about protecting the vaulerable the childeren please watch blare whites video

    73. WetMouse

      Shane gonna be in all yall inboxes trying to create a doc

    74. WetMouse

      Since when is apologizing grounds to say and do whatever tf u want as long as u apologize ur good..."Sorry I cheated on you babe and when the person I cheated on you with ran over ur dog... my bad again" 2 weeks later: so you're really not going to forgive me for the past?!?!? I AM A DIFFERENT PERSON NOW!! THAT WAS 2 WEEKS AGO!!!

    75. PuffDa Toddler

      White people: we forgive you king, you don’t have to apologize for your racial past🙌🏾👑

    76. PuffDa Toddler

      I can’t believe I watched him🤦🏾‍♀️smh

    77. Loclioness2k

      Wtf, that beach scene... its soooo obvious

    78. Alexandra Bellville

      Shane apologized but didn't remove the videos so he was still profiting from them. That's not sorry.

    79. Micah Alphonso

      I love you Troyce.. but your missing A LOT more evidence! I’m just glad that I never supported this evil ass man.

    80. Moera Piilua

      Uggggh how bout that video surfacing about Shane Dawson making sexual comments towards a underage child. 🤢🤢

    81. Pearloftheworl

      this black women sitting next to his ass looking stupid af while he literally insulting her smh. embarrassing .

    82. Tif30 Tone

      Isn’t that Character from the Martin Lawerence show? If so, why is he profiting off of it?! Wouldn’t that be a trademark issue?

    83. MrsLady Buzzboo Vilase

      Yea i feel like he behind Jade getting exposed. I feel like he paid old due some comeback..I could be wrong.🤔🤔

    84. Thee Real Sukiii

      in this day in age nobody's every genuinely sorry for what they did they're only sorry they got caught

    85. Safiyah Turner

      You losing weight!!

    86. Antonio Anderson

      The real question is is he banned from utube if not why the hell not

    87. h3110k1tty

      In your next video or podcast can you please focus on the topic why they don't take mental health seriously in the black community/the dymond flawless situation, also ilysm💗

    88. Tauriyanna’s World

      Why he’s not in jail smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

    89. Martéyvia A

      If y’all haven’t noticed everyone around Jeffrey star is getting back lash and exposed and NEXT will be JEFFREY STAR! Oh but he’s going to get it the worst 🗣

    90. S Making

      Jeffreee paid August Alsina to our jada again

    91. Alicia Rivera

      Thank you for teaching me how to make fried oreos

    92. Christine IsMee

      Do a video on dymond flawless

    93. FIX YO CROWN

      That black girl is embarrassing, got second hand embarrassment 🥴

    94. Diamond Guzman

      Tbh I never liked Shane Dawson, he was and is still boring af

    95. Amoré Baskin

      At 13 me and my white sean friend would try to find Shane Dawson on Omegle. My best friend did.

    96. Knox Harrington

      I don't keep up with none of this HUfast bullshit. Thanks for the break down.

    97. MLuna

      Speak your mind King! 🙌🏽

    98. MLuna

      Never liked them! Disgusting af!

    99. P Fair

      I was watching your Q&A on your instagram and you said Shane Dawson is one of your favorite HUfastrs tho 😂