Shane Dawson, Fousey and Keemstar INSANE live interview!!!

No Jumper

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    today on the No Jumper live stream i set out to interview Shane Dawson but instead Fousey showed up. Then Keemstar showed up. Then Ice Poseidon and Sam Pepper showed up to call Fousey out. Then Brandon Hampton showed up for good measure. It was one of the most insane nights of live streaming I"ve ever experienced.
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    1. No Jumper

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      1. Rose pillar

        Go fuck yourself

      2. 123321playstation

        ,, 😜,, ,,

      3. 123321playstation

        @La'quiteDinoirEspinozaKappasen WandiceelmitrieIII ,,,,,,

      4. 123321playstation

        @C A ,,

      5. money sun

        @Gerard wwwlll almost happened Lol

    2. Alejandro Villalobos

      Fousey needs to just forget about the internet and go to therapy ... He's manic and delusional af

    3. Big MallyMall

      Watching in 2021 🤣

    4. Caleb Hawkins

      I enjoy Shane’s reaction because it reminds me of myself when I have to entertain my manic aunt.

    5. KelseyRuby

      I have never been so happy for an ad to pop up in the middle of a sentance before

    6. I.B.A. Armstrong

      For someone that is trying to push less hate and more positivity, he comes off as an angry manic person.

    7. Indica Moon

      "he's in Virginia. What a bitch."

    8. Indica Moon

      1:26:00 same Shane lol

    9. john wick

      This guy is absolutely fucked.... I'm lost for words lmaoooo what a joke

    10. Jay Montana


    11. Adam Castaneda

      Rewatching this in 2021 and its even wayyyy more funny. Literally chaos 😂😂😂😂😂

    12. Sleepless_JR

      2021 & im just realizing Sam Pepper stayed because his two biggest/bat shit craziest opps were outside waiting for him

    13. iG Endorph

      Imagine if instead of Chris coming in with a bunt ad came in with a bottle of patron

    14. Tk PAL

      The more i watch this the funnier it gets lmao.

    15. GetBenched

      Every time fousey rambles on and on, you know he's lying.


      Fousey can get some of that credibility back if he makes a video telling Keemstars secret lol 😂.. keemstar changed topics so quickly

    17. Orion Free

      Respect to Sam at telling fousey the truth to his face.. he couldn’t handle the mirror check...fousey is or was at least, legit delirious and out of touch with reality...

    18. Lemon Grass

      Did Adam really say that Ice Poseidon looks like a Jewish cartoon wtf

    19. Lemon Grass

      I wonder if Shane gave a fake number

    20. Bee Awesome

      His shirt tells the truth. Pig.

    21. tyson okeefe

      fousey came in made shit confusing as hell

    22. SnipeShowSteve

      Fuuck fousey is a clown x)

    23. Penny Royalty

      Years later “that’s a yikes from me boys” still hits

    24. AVN49

      2:26:36 i’m sorry but i died inside watching this cringy interaction with IcePosidon unfold lmao

    25. Jason Borne

      2:32:30 .... i mean. I believe in the law of attraction too. But foosie adds all the mystical supernatural shit to it, and his explanation for what happened with country is just a gross misunderstanding of the law of attraction. And he is clearly diverting bc he knows the event he promoted and his staff can’t justifiably be defended. What im genuinely curious about is if he truly believes that. I mostly think he is incapable of deep thought and is unable to flesh out how his logic is comically flawed

      1. Dom Joseph

        Well he was on a lot adderall and on top of that off his anti depressants for the first time in years, that’s a recipe for delusions and overall crazy shit to happen, could have happened to anyone

    26. E.M.C the incredible

      kinda wired

    27. The Kid

      It's so awesome, I have literally no idea who Fousey is, nor other dudes - but he just said with heartfelt sincerity that he's not Tupac

    28. ireallylovemcr

      Jesus I never expected to agree with Sam pepper

    29. ireallylovemcr

      I aspire to be successful enough to have a weed sponsor

    30. LNR

      He talks down to people as if he’s on a higher level of thinking but the shit he’s saying makes no sense whatsoever straight up delirious

    31. Jasmine Nicole

      Damn fousey talks too damn much 😭

    32. Agentxphile

      This guy fousey is so full of himself. Holy shit.

      1. Dom Joseph

        Nah he was just having a manic episode off his antidepressants and replaced with adderall. He isn’t acting life himself, it’s obvious

    33. bubbles

      i love keem the whole time hes there

    34. Dylbo

      This never gets old, he talks so much to make you forget lmao

    35. Jared J

      “Wanna feel my hair it’s not there “ Shane feels it “ woahh “

    36. Ieshia Johnson

      "Your a bitch I hope your audience reminds you,"....sam pepper🌶️" I'm sure they will!

    37. Sam Sudh

      Quarantine anyone

    38. MiMik •

      After a while of hearing fousey talk I decided to skip forward a bit. And skip forward again. Skip forward again. Still talking.

    39. Trishcraft

      Lol he took off with the weed and Shane's water!

    40. Trishcraft

      Why did he even invite Shane? He was replaced by this non stop talker. Aren't they all cancelled now?

    41. bad brad

      Lol what a loser

    42. Makeup by Mia

      That damn fly is pissing me off

    43. Timothy Kappel

      Is that an Einstein blotter on his shirt

    44. GetBenched

      Adam and Ice texting each other goofing on fousey the entire time he was going at Sam.

    45. Ferretti


    46. liluziisthegoat

      Love how whenever fousey got loud adam just put down the phone and started looking like a kid watching his mom and dad fight and ice poseidon eyes light up cause he knows its good for views

    47. Gabrielle Goode

      It’s the long ass drake story for me 🤣🤣🤣

    48. g w

      What are the odds that I watched 2 different no jumper vids with this fousey weeny and he is wearing the same shirt.

    49. gabriel yslas

      Just a fan girl lmao

    50. gabriel yslas

      Fousey needs to chill lmao, shits a action movie to meet drake

    51. xSenpai Sky


    52. xSenpai Sky


    53. Mason Raworth

      Watching this again in2020 and it’s an even funnier massive circle jerk of transgender men. Hosted by Adam 22. Man those days of HUfast We’re golden

    54. Dalton Holm

      Fousey was on some shit 😂

      1. Dom Joseph

        Damn right lol it’s sad but entertaining as hell

    55. Dom Joseph

      2:51:36 this never gets old for fouseytube to perform a disstrack against ricegum! I wish I saw it, ricegum sucks lol to be honest I hate that fucker h had zero talent and fousey is sort of right he gave him a lot of exposure when he collab with him

    56. Adrian Ortiz

      The dude that came out for 5 minutes was equally as annoying as Fousy was in 2 hours

    57. LEATHER FACE116

      I honestly fucking hate hearing Shane Dawson of all people talking about the porn he watches. But nonetheless, my favorite HUfast video to go to while high as shit

    58. iTzzz lEEROY x

      Re watching this and none of this has manifested haha

    59. toolie

      “let me finish”

    60. Mike O'leary

      People are crazy

    61. Samy 04


    62. The Brokenwaffle

      Fousey kinda sounds like an ego fueled little cry baby back bitch

    63. Chad Pursell

      Sam is so right thoigh. Bella blocked fousey lol

    64. Chris P. Weiner

      Still one of my favorite interviews. It’s dope how much of a fan you can tell Adam is about some shit you’d never think he’s give af about lol


        Foreals he was DEEP into it on some fan sh*t Dope asf

    65. Fernandx LZ

      n aguento ve essa thumbnail sempre acho q eh o ilha de barbados :(

    66. Edward Balderrama

      2:40:16 that shit must’ve been so awkward😂

    67. knightdriven 420

      "Spread positivity....YOU LITTLE BITCH " Don't worry Pepper, just hold your fist out and fousey will walk into it for 3 minutes

    68. knightdriven 420

      "I was gonna take off my shirt, take off my pants and throw them into the crowd and present myself to the world" You'd get arrested for that blud

    69. captin snoochie boochie

      Bro is long winded gezzzzzz

    70. Ryan Castillo

      Mann fusey is crazy as hell. He prolly called the bomb threat himself hoping itd save him. But he still faked all this. Hope dies love arrives xP. Fusey aint got no spirit, no deeper layer.

    71. PepsiBlueDiedSlow

      How the hell did this dude pull all of this shit out of his ass. It’s mind boggling

    72. Bean Burrito Supreme

      fousy really took them blunts 💀

    73. Teez Williams

      Yo, the shit the dude is sayin he gotta be either off some typa tack or like adderall or he needed and been takin meds that he needed, then he prolly just stopped takin the shit, and he’s gone frfr offa what he really needs to be on! I can’t stand his lil soft ass weak boy voice that he’s using this whole time to try sound like his lil love not war bullshit.. he’s fucked up offa some ol other shit talkin bout “I just wanted to tell u I loved u and bring u on stage and just tell everybody that I just absolutely love everybody “ he sounds so sussin!!!

    74. LEATHER FACE116

      This entire podcast is pure comedy, fousey a fucking goober I shwear

    75. katherine vitox

      thats what you call geeked up on drugs. he is def rolling on something in this

    76. John Bosco

      He’s is insane

    77. CHICX

      Funny he calls Tana a narcissist after throwing an online tantrum and quitting the internet after being canceled.

    78. ajdaslumpgodd

      This mans was zooted

    79. Trachta

      Gotta get Chris in more of these

    80. 702 DOINKS

      2:15:53 damn Adam you Fuccing funny as hell for that shit😭😂😂😂 “no I’m the *highest* actor in the world”😯💨🌎

    81. Larissa Zavala

      More of Shane less of fousey lolol

    82. Leshy


    83. Sons Rice

      Wtf is these niggas talking about

    84. nicole jackson

      To imagine his girlfriend deals with this..

    85. Trevor Granger

      Energy and intentions and drive and manifesting and looked directly in my eyes ... this dude sounds like he’s bought wayyyy to many self help books. Painfully lame ass dude

    86. Trevor Granger

      I don’t know who any of these people are, or anything about this stuff - and I HATE that badly dude fousey? What an obnoxious little dude

      1. NigerianBrudda

        not even shane dawson?

    87. Travis Jugum

      I was happy when Shane Dawson left the room

    88. Jay P

      Trump 2020 tho

    89. Vernon Miller

      Sam Pepper will always be a whiny bitch XD watching this is 2020.

    90. Richard Ivan

      Keemstar [talking about text's he sent]: "That was a private text. That's not for the documentary.""

    91. Cool guy Syndrome

      What they are doing completely wrong is that they are arguing with him to get something out of it when obviously he is not mentally stable, does not know right from wrong, and is completely out of his mind. What they should be doing is telling him that he needs to take his meds

    92. Cool guy Syndrome

      Was he in a Pancho😂😂😂

    93. Goat on Molly

      Drake is my BROTHER

    94. Luke King

      Not sure if fousey is still like this but boy was he manic... & maybe on drugs

    95. King Khari

      Damn Shane did show remorse for his actions a looooong time ago

    96. Jacob Keller

      this man never grew up

    97. Brip God

      I pressed on this video just to thumbs down it

    98. K1NGG 890

      Why am I still watching this 2020

    99. The Odd Evener

      This is why you don’t do pills , you literally lose who you are and every bit of thought . Sad

      1. The Odd Evener

        @COACHELA COPWATCH yes it does make sense lol. Do you see the black hole eyes 😂if you think this guy is not on pills you’re on pills 💀


        So he a pill head g?? Makes sense

    100. Shortty Play's

      Oh shit this goes deep - Yousef