SHE'S OLD NOW Omg 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮 - The Walking Dead / Season 4 / Last Season / PART 1


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    We plkay episode 1 of walking dead the final season
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    1. Hot old guy

      There is a video in your ad

    2. Brittany Karlek

      This video is so old, but F that couple! 😂 They purposely killed themselves and rigged a food trap! Selfish af...don’t need the food when you off yourselves.


      Why does he hate kids

    4. fubfleb

      I know I'm late but Pewds - "it looks like they improved the graphics" Telltale - Nah man we just put better windows in the game

    5. Matt Metelski

      Pewds hating on shit that shouldn't even be hated on. Miss old pewds :(

    6. River Line Rail Fan

      Pewdiepie really just insulted the mullet...

    7. infected knight

      There's so much sarcasm from pewds i genuinely can't tell sometimes if it is or not

    8. Zennn

      Clem:What is this place? Pewds:Why are you talking to your self?

    9. Nk khan

      HEY COOL

    10. Hommn 192

      I fell asleep with my phone on HUfast and woke up to this, good choice algorithm.

    11. Deonta Newsome

      Hi I'm 9

      1. Coldbob115

        hi 9 im coldbob115

    12. Kenny Tool

      I made all the decisions you did but I appealed to Louis in stead

    13. Pınar Çepni

      i really wish pewds would watch twd as well, so he wouldn't have said that he didn't like Michonne lol

    14. I didn’t ask

      Leave it to pewdiepie to make fun of a 8 year old

    15. Juan Vasquez

      2:50 were men cried

    16. The dank doge

      Those ads... Wish me luck

    17. Sean James Daclan


    18. Kylie Jenner is Wack

      8:47 this should be my new ringtone 🥔

    19. Princess

      Louis is the in real life lucio from overwatch hahahaha

    20. TheSuperiorGolem

      Clem is hot in this game

      1. TheSuperiorGolem

        @Sean Smith im 16 lol

      2. Sean Smith

        Bruh she is 16

    21. GreedyThaGoon

      There should have been a way to prevent Marlon's death and for him to earn his keep, but that's Telltale for ya. I wish they did things the way it was done in Until Dawn, that game executed everything perfectly as far as the choices you make and being able to keep people alive.

      1. GreedyThaGoon

        It's also sad to see this be the last season, they were beginning to go in the right direction as far as some of the choices and who can still be alive. The gameplay was also getting more dynamic with being able to shoot walkers in the school yard in the second episode but also walk around while doing so, and not being able to melee the flaming ones. Even if it was just another season, where they actually took a lot more time and made the story change somewhat based on what you do rather than the same story with just missing characters.

    22. hello

      whos here for nostalgia in december 2020

    23. Jackson Smith

      There’s a video in your ads

    24. Erick Yanes

      Dice nights at freddys

    25. nick

      i wouldnt need the chair, the chair would need me - pewdiepie 2018

    26. Hasan Mohammad

      he put 15 ads god damn

    27. Gaith Saleh

      1:45:35 LMAO pewdiepie farted and blamed it on her I see you pewds

    28. Christian Stormtrooper

      Pewds choices were literally the exact same as mine

    29. JuJu

      Everyone: *complains about ads Me: Vibing with HUfast Premium

    30. Savage Games

      Olen dole doff kinke lane koff kinke lane binke bane olen dole doff 4:03

    31. Arshi Syed

      No cap she look like misty but indian from call of duty zombies

    32. Let’s Talk, Life

      Pewd’s failing set up had me 😂

    33. Commanderr Rexx

      I live in the state of Tennessee ironic

    34. Polar

      there are so many ads bro

    35. Letizia Mollinedo

      everyone: complains about ads me: laughs in Ad Blocker

    36. savage avocado

      She look cute now 🥰

    37. Silverrzz

      Deji: “hi guys, I’m here to make my 5th apology, and this one will be my last, but before we begin, this video was edited on film aura 9...”

    38. tiddie mein

      Didn't realise this was released two years ago

    39. Anushka Vinod


    40. SlasherBasherClasher

      BIG PP

      1. NUK 3

        TIGHT P

      2. løb løb ツ


    41. Marceline The Vampire Queen

      Every time I see a post apocalyptic situation I just wonder what HELL it would be as a woman. I mean. It's not like they have tampons lying around

    42. monis pingol

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    43. Lim jack

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    44. buddy yewmp

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    45. Melissa Overlock

      Watching him play is great and watching it 2 years later and knowing t series has more subs IS NOT FAIR and pewds I know your a nice guy and congratulated them IS A NICE THING TO DO because you were 👑 king 🤴

    46. Zaimozairc Ninja

      I like that Felix friend zone vi and didn't even start a relationship with anyone and wanted to ship it with someone

    47. ФУНТИК UA

      yessss.. let's break the internet pewds. we'll email you

    48. Young Ramen

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    49. Raijin ‘s

      29:30 the lock is on her side tho lmao

    50. tacticyl

      stop recommending this to me youtube i don’t care someone aged

    51. Kydei

      I love Clementine ❤

    52. 1998_

      1:45:05 What the f*ck b*tch? if You push That creep in the zombie Brody say "If he is alive Its gonna Come and get revenge" Brody what the f*ck?

    53. Mirecat

      looks like

    54. Mirecat

      louis looks lie a young version of King Ezekiel

    55. lucid plaZ

      "What i aimed for the head"

    56. Ya boi Itsmeclownguy

      Its 2020 bois whos watching this rn?

    57. iliketrains 6712

      I wonder if Windows 95 can handle that

    58. Dio Brando

      I googled it felix kjelberg is 5 9 and pewdiepie is 5 11

    59. sad kun


    60. shaelynn flannery

      38:31 “hey it’s jayden smith “ that was funny

    61. Co Ngui

      ఆ ఆi love u girl.

    62. BitterCritter

      Holy shit I just got MASSIVE chills in the first few moments. I hated season 3 so I never watched this, but I’m actually gonna try this last season. I hope it’s good, too, Felix.

      1. FEN BEAN

        Wow, how'd you like it?

    63. Mikasa

      I miss lee and luke

    64. Lim jack

      The holistic makeup kelly scrub because chair methodically exercise with a troubled slave. ambiguous, unhealthy nylon

    65. Red Space


    66. MaceHunter

      I was honestly going to scream if Louis called his chair leg Lucille

    67. Player Exe

      always wear your seatbelt

    68. Player Exe

      i'm the 343747th like yeeeeeee

    69. You Fool6

      If you think about it PORN is a just watching biologi

    70. Zak BW

      pewds ur asking 2 much questio s

    71. William Jordan

      not funny aj she didn't laugh

    72. William Jordan

      pog . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    73. 장희재

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    74. Secret StormZ

      2:05:40 among us be like:

    75. Mecheteachinken2247 Senior

      You have a lot of video in your ad

    76. ツπ Klaus

      Bro it though this is a new season I was scared but this was 2 years ago

    77. EternalSnoie

      No matter what happens Marlon would’ve died in the end right?? Like we couldn’t stop AJ from shooting him?

      1. NUK 3


    78. zackJ farren7

      Subscribe to PewDiePie

    79. IntoxicatedPig

      1:34:27 LOL that joke aged well

    80. Nehp Was Taken

      Ngl I prefer this mic than the mic he uses now although most mic in this age are very clear the mic he used back then is very nostalgic and it just feels right.

    81. Mr evil pancake Waffle

      Pitbulls wouldn't survive the apocalypse they are to nice

    82. Tam Tra

      Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .

    83. LİL SAD


    84. cristomali456 m jeenifarty654

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    85. Asif Eqbal

      What ? I aimed for the head 😝😝

    86. Julie Medina

      Wow pewdiepie doesn’t know the game war REALITY Know every Ps Xbox Nintendo and pc game there is well the good ones anyways!? I just subscribed I like this guy!

    87. Soap Show

      im trying to completing all the chapters of the walking dead but it kinda hard lol.

    88. R.A.O

      Why am I just seeing this now

    89. That Quiet asian kid

      Her voice is soothing i was dreaming someone in my dream I didn't know i'm listening to the walking dead

    90. KiogeST

      To be honest this season looks preatty danm good

    91. Jalepengo Playz

      The glossy heaven contrarily alert because spider speculatively jump a a abrasive kenya. vivacious, evanescent watchmaker

    92. cookie cookie

      I want more walking dead games so bad

    93. Pemke

      I have a question...Why the fuck didnt clementine go back to Javier once he told her to come back with AJ ?!

    94. Rocky 3

      The gleaming government morphometrically permit because database feasibly stir modulo a ahead creek. profuse, acid credit

    95. Dionisis Losi

      Why did I got recommended this after 2 years

    96. Ryankib

      SOO SAD

    97. Ali Doli


    98. Retarded Pigeon

      This was 2 years ago already wtf? Also i like the all ads (Not really... sorry pewds :)

    99. Jake The same

      I remember when this first came out😞