Should you Buy a PS5?


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    The first 4D-3K console. Put on your VR shoe to even see this graphics.
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    1. The Manlol

      Short answer: yes

    2. Logan Wheeler

      PS5, the console that you can't get even if you want to

    3. MrJellyTurtle

      "Then we got Spider-Man, other Spider-Man is Spider-Man this time and the other Spider-Man, is the other Spider-Man from the movie. But not the good movie, the stupid movie."

      1. Mr. Chadwick871


    4. Lee Webber

      What a great review. No bullshit, common sense.

    5. Svarte Natt

      1 month after this video upload date. Still ps5 is nowhere to be found

    6. CloudShifter

      After playing Spider man Miles Morales I can day without a doubt that it is the exact same game with a fresh coat of paint. It could easily just have been a dlc story.

    7. Bubushkah The Memer

      Dunkey, where the fuck is your best of 2020?

    8. Narukami Yu

      Big wheel in spiderman exagerated swagger of a black teen? I'll take your entire stock

    9. OTRON

      When dunk boi gets the wrong tech stats on the consoles.

    10. Quinn

      Dunkey trying to fool saying there's a 4k picture on a 1080p video. Oof.

      1. Elvis.N

        Do you 8k should even be a thing? At that point, it's better looking than irl.

    11. SSHWENDY

      or u could just get pc ?????????????

    12. Ace Storm

      The feel of being Spiderman... How unoriginal...

    13. Mikael Selimovic

      Got one

    14. Ευαγγελος Ζερβας

      Am gonna disagree on ps2 to ps3 was a small jump i would say its bigger than ps1 to ps2 how is that posible i kean ps3 was worth500 and 2 200 at its time of release and if you compare end of gen ps2 with end of gen of ps1 and then end of gen ps3 wity emd of gen ps2 pse was the biggest jump on top of that there is also multiplayer and a lot more

    15. TheDirtymikenation

      $20 says the release all the ps1-3 games as dl content

    16. Dion

      To this day you still can’t buy one.

    17. julian esposito meehan

      Dunkey it disappoints me that you got your facts wrong, it's actually call of duty 17 black ops 1.5 cold war

    18. b s

      The simple bucket postmeiotically identify because push presumably pull next a acidic purpose. wretched, protective parade

    19. Julius Brown

      What do you buy a PlayStation 5 at this moment no because only thing the new consoles are doing is recycling day now one thing I am going to say if you was not around during the PlayStation 3 error there is no way you can buy DLC games so this is where the PlayStation 4 come in because it gives you all the PlayStation 3 DLCs on the PlayStation 4 a lot of people will not admit this but if I'm going to buy a PlayStation 5 I want to play a game that has never been played on my PlayStation 3 and my PlayStation 4 if we're going to keep recycling games and say hey a little bit more better graphics and no loading strings I'm going to stick to my Playstation 4 because at the end of the day news splashed it is not your video game consoles that makes new graphics it's your TV you're welcome

    20. Kneedeep And Friends

      Big wheel?! SOLD!

    21. EDOC 1

      Why was Witcher 3 not on there man

    22. Domino 64

      Ay guess what - Joe's Diner's backwards compatible now lol

    23. Dabacon BossBro

      1:38 Nah, Dark Souls 3 is optimized like trash, that thing would start a PS3 on fire even though its graphics arent that impressive.

    24. MR.C&A Video911Game

      Rather buy GABAgool

    25. hthought

      What kind of question is that lol.

    26. Spark_Zero

      1:19 this video doesnt even support 4k

    27. Kyler K

      Joe's Diner works on PS5 now so I'm throwing Xbox in the dumpster

    28. Thierry Almeida

      North americans wondering if they should get a new 400 bucks system while in Brazil it's like more of a question about which whorehouse you're gonna choose to work, since it's gonna come out for 4000 bucks here.

    29. Papaconstantopoulos

      This is brilliant, but _I_ like _Onsoles._

    30. Kanishk Srivastava

      Negative ass whiney content

      1. Roze olifant Studio's

        You mad cuz a critic gave a critique?

    31. MdAuTnTn

      I didn't know Axle was in Spider-Man Miles Morales

    32. somekid06

      dunkey i know that you are the best vidoe game reviewer but? persona 5 is on ps4 and ps3

    33. SwampFox2020

      wait... you cant play PS1/2/3 games on the PS5?? WTF?? Seriously????

      1. Dabacon BossBro

        Sony has always lagged in backwards compatibility, but its not as big of a problem here. The best PS3 and PS2 games were either rereleased to the PS4 or can be found on Sony's $10 subscription service, PS Now. PS Now is good for both Playstations and PC users which means you can play everything from the MGS HD Collection to the Nathan Drake collection on the PS5, as well as all the big PS4 titles. I'd really recommend just buying a PS3 though for the old PS2 titles.

    34. Ethan Osborne

      No wait intill the second module comes out like a ps5 pro

    35. Kieran Grant

      It didn't occur to me until yesterday just how often people have probably found this video without being a dunkey fan and having no idea what his review would be like.

    36. Rudra Ambike

      Dude i dont even have the ps1

    37. XIII Z

      BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY?! No waaaaaaaaaaay! They finally gave us back the basic privilege that they took away in the first place.

    38. Mr Orange

      I finally got a ps5, it is amazing

      1. Dabacon BossBro

        Good to hear brutha, I'm still keeping my eyes out for one

    39. anal warrior

      whats the song at the beginning

    40. SkibsIsn'tFunny

      1:36 He's got a point

    41. Ugly Fredo

      When u can't play Joe's Diner on ps5 😒

    42. Kevin McKinley-Czup

      did you just use ff9 music? Nice.

    43. M1lkyXD

      1:29 "You busted boy"

    44. Toni YT

      “This is like playing PS5 at Big Wheel’s house”-Gex

    45. Fatoni Fatoni

      No you should buy ps4

    46. Take a Wild guess.

      The stealth is more fun in the new spider man but it’s way too short

    47. Stephen Jeffreys

      The way he said "you busted boy"

    48. Snorlax GOLD

      What’s the game at 2:54?

      1. max payne

        it's a great game sad that capcom make the se version for ps5 only greedy capcom...

      2. KA


    49. The Radioactive Box

      I do agree that graphical progression gets worse over time, but the 4k comparison was odd. Because the vid is locked in 1080p. But I do agree that 4k is only significant on hyper realistic games with color. But most 4k games have a dark color palate. If you have a 4k screen Dunkley, I implore you to emulate windwaker hd for the wii U in 4k. It is beautiful.

      1. The Radioactive Box

        TL;DR the 4k comparison was silly and realistic games in 4k are silly. I still love you dunkey.

    50. whitecobra97

      dude had me with that witcher 3 shit man

    51. Mohannad Al-Shareef

      More like "can you"

    52. Xtactic

      nah, im waiting for a black slim version

    53. Vog

      I feel like they put big wheel in just to please dunkey

    54. BORAN ÜNAL

      giving a game 40 dollars and u can found a big wheel toy I think there is enough content for a 40 dollars ps exclusive game fair enough.

    55. Kenneth Hamblin

      I wonder if it can run Buck Bumble for the N64

    56. Stewie Griffin


    57. Jorath

      2:10 ff9 worldmap

    58. Wolves_notfar

      Donkey we agree on everything that is based on videogames, can we be friends? Ahah

    59. DollarTree RiceGum

      Xbox is better

      1. Yam Polar

        Xbox has no launch titles

      2. Yam Polar


    60. Tenelum


    61. afilthyliberaliguess

      Honestly just get a pc

      1. afilthyliberaliguess

        @Roze olifant Studio's there's already talks of both getting ported. Including the.... the last of .....🤮

      2. Roze olifant Studio's

        @afilthyliberaliguess I don't think any more of the big ones are coming to PC like spider-man, god of war, etc.

      3. afilthyliberaliguess

        @Roze olifant Studio's so have several others

      4. afilthyliberaliguess

        @Roze olifant Studio's homie its been in pc

      5. Roze olifant Studio's

        @afilthyliberaliguess The only one that's coming to PC that i can think of if horizon zero dawn.

    62. msfsaint

      Xbox 4 was a thing that could've happened, around the launch of the PS4 Pro. So that both consoles would be at the same generational number and raw power. But I bet some exec at Microsoft saw that as weakness, so now we have the xbox x series x triple x.

    63. EpicManXI


    64. Awe Emperor of Chicken Killing

      spiderman 3 was the crappy spiderman movie

      1. Awe Emperor of Chicken Killing

        @Roze olifant Studio's nah you were just being helpful. You would have been dumb if you acted like a prick about it but you were civil which is rare here in Internet Land. EDIT: fixed a spelling error

      2. Roze olifant Studio's

        @Awe Emperor of Chicken Killing Ow, now i'm the dumb one. Sorry

      3. Awe Emperor of Chicken Killing

        @Roze olifant Studio's I know I'm just kidding a bit myself

      4. Roze olifant Studio's

        @Awe Emperor of Chicken Killing It's a running joke on the channel that spider-man 3 is a masterpiece.

      5. Awe Emperor of Chicken Killing

        @Roze olifant Studio's sorry I mean spider man 3 was the crappy spiderman. I've fixed it now.

    65. Jacob Nelken

      “the new COD is like Demon Souls because it’s a 13 yr old game with new graphics”😭

    66. Ricardo Tapia


    67. Alan Roberts

      The specs you put on the video are ancient leaked specs that aren't even correct in most places... 10/10 has a little something for everyone.

    68. Genghis Khan

      I'll wait a year or two before I get a PS5. Let them work the bugs out, like I did with the PS3 and PS4.

    69. Mason Hunter

      How has no one mentioned the Cruisin' World music at the end! Such a deep cut.

      1. Mason Hunter

        @NoThanks NoName you're right about it being the initials/license plate section but it's definitely in World too! Love it.

      2. NoThanks NoName

        Cruisin USA music actually. Sounds like the inputting your initials screen.

    70. J Tab


    71. PeanutButterMan

      Should you buy a ps5? No. Should you buy a xbox X? No. Should you buy a KFConsole? Yes.

    72. Beyblade Buddy

      Uh....... so should I buy a ps5?

    73. J T

      feeling bad for the new gow

    74. J T

      maybe I'll just continue rocking my ps3

    75. Wayne Wang

      I doubt Sekiro ,bloodborne and doom eternal can run on the ps3

      1. RONG PIRSON

        Bloodborne actually has a surprisingly low poly count, and From Software games don't really push technical boundaries so Bloodborne could probably run on a PS3 with some optimization. Sekiro's engine is really similar to Bloodborne's, and Doom Eternal runs on the Switch which isn't that much more powerful than a PS3.

    76. Ben Pearson

      Lol except “Joe’s Diner” 3:01

    77. Cmnst

      This is the first ever Dunkey video I've ever watched and I had trouble breathing after 2:00 honestly

    78. Andy Roy

      Check out my latest video on my channel dunkey is in it 😏

      1. Andy Roy

        @Jqke awww thanks

      2. Jqke

        @Andy Roy there you go I gave you a view on the video

      3. Andy Roy

        @Jqke check it

      4. Jqke

        Yeah I don’t believe you

    79. Joseph Buzaglo

      I’m buying it when gta 6 comes out

      1. Roze olifant Studio's

        Keep waiting til at least 2025. They ain't releasing a game any time soon judging by their history.

    80. Matt Análises

      PS5 not running Joes Diner is definitely a deal breaker for me.

    81. Auspiciious

      Dont even have to watch the vid to say no so no. Goodbye.

    82. CR3ATUR3

      Yeah, the major graphics improvements are in the hands of the game devs from now on. The thing is that hardware is simply not a problem anymore

    83. Peter Flaxman

      Good video!

    84. the doom slayer

      it costs 1200$ in my country

    85. AGenericAccount

      is dunkey still meatwad

    86. Holden

      I like valhalla

      1. Jqke


    87. Otávio Ferracioli Coletti

      Just truths unfortunately.. buy a "next gen" videogame doesnt have the same magic that was before

    88. Toasty Lad

      They’ll make more games for it obviously with it being the next gen of consoles but as someone coming from Xbox and never being able to play the games I want cause they’re always exclusives I’m definitely getting a ps5 when I can shit is so hard to get rn

    89. Savim 18

      All I got from this is don’t buy a xbox

    90. Jeremiah Chacon

      We need more people like you to open many eyes about the graphics because I personally feel ps4 is ps5 but just a hardware update... could have done more.

    91. Vegan Ham

      "Call of Duty 17: Black Ops 5: Cold War" I'M CRYING X'D

    92. Seif Yasser

      I don't understand why you didn't mention HZD it's a great game and one of the best ps4 exclusives for me

    93. Only Jesus Can Save Us

      John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. Amen! Repent and turn from sin!! Obey God's sacred 10 Commandments! Time is running out!

      1. chingas

        thank you cheesus

    94. Caitlin C

      Correction: you can play some PS 2 and 3 titles on the ps5! Not many - but if you have ps now you can stream them :))

    95. THURMANaus

      Call of Duty 17 Black Ops 5 Cold War. Who in they right mind would buy that shit

    96. O O

      Those specs you put up are wrong! If your going to put up specs of each console put up the correct information man it’s not hard!

    97. Yuk Siu

      1:32 TLOU2??????????????

      1. chingas

        yeah other people can like games you didn't, what a surprise

    98. OTRON


    99. Vaibhav Shah

      Wait you think the jump from PS4 to PS5 isn't big? PS4 had a crippled CPU that actively prevented developers to reach 60fps even if they wanted to by compromising graphics. Also, you cannot look at Demon's Souls and tell me that it would run well on a base PS4. Maybe on a PS4 Pro. The PS5 runs it at locked 60fps. The console just came out so of course most games would not even tap into half of what the console can do and are straight up ports from PS4 with extra enhancements. Look back at Assassin's Creed Black Flag. It came out on both PS4 and PS3. But that doesn't mean the jump from PS3 to PS4 was not great. There is no way games like Red Dead Redemption 2 or the Witcher 3 would even boot up on the PS3 (due to lack of RAM). Its the same situation with PS5 and also for the PS3. 3rd party launch titles are made to run on old gen. We'll see developers take advantage of the PS5 hardware from next year most likely depending on the adoption rate of course.

    100. Aidan Kleckner

      You are great, never quit.