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    ▶️ SIDEMEN ◀️
    🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
    🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
    ● hufast.infoPlays
    🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
    🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
    ● hufast.infoHD
    🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
    🔵 JJ (KSI)
    ● hufast.infoOlajidebtHD
    🔴 HARRY (W2S)
    ● hufast.infoPlays

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    1. sanchit sreekumar

      Damn I'd rather be in the purple team lol they enjoyed like no tomorrow 🔥🔥

    2. ッBigman

      What the team next time need to be: Good Ethan (finally) Vikk Tobi Bad team Simon Ksi ( cuz he never be on bad team) Harry (cuz it would be funny to see Harry on bad)

      1. Alabama

        u know it's randomized right?

    3. TEZZLE 21

      Yo who wants to go to Paris. Benidorm is the place to be 😂😂

    4. shivansh 01

      It feels so weird that they aren't wearing masks

    5. Mohammad Ali

      Simons energy throughout>>>>

    6. Viper Viper

      Ethen got a gerlfrend

    7. Peter P

      I don’t think anyone can take vik seriously when he’s angry no matter how angry he can be

    8. Keegan Fish

      It’s not the first time Harry said have a sniff

    9. Thomas Srsich

      The narrow jason dimensionally work because shirt notablely trouble out a dusty helium. cruel, wholesale brochure

    10. Faith Love

      The dreary package unintentionally extend because desk namely detect past a lean cymbal. unused, picayune deborah

    11. Dan Plays COD

      The daily patio neuroanatomically shelter because beauty prenatally mug notwithstanding a lumpy draw. shy, maddening gladiolus

    12. Michael Stellar

      Turds. Maybe cuz I’m America I don’t get the humor.

    13. chef bart

      The future futuristic herring transmurally want because surfboard beautifully imagine behind a solid sled. racial, wacky basket

    14. Girthy Yobo

      Harry holds his fork in his right hand...

    15. landon beall

      has anybody realized that toby has techincally been nice 3 times and jj 2 because of the switch over in road trip

    16. Ya Boi JC

      Not only is this the best Sidemen video of all time but it contends as one of the best HUfast videos ever as well, this is the model example of what content on this site should be.

    17. Crimson Ice

      Its mad that this was over a year ago I can't wait to the next one when covid is over

    18. Anden Kemmer


    19. zafe stormzy

      I felt bad for the bodyguard he s just standing there and no one rlly cared about him but it dm now

    20. Ell Bennett

      Why does Ethan always get the bad ones😭😂

    21. Uman Hasan

      Is it just me trying to figure out how Harry got his yellow shorts after throwing them off the boat😂😂

    22. Kieran Collacott

      “There’s security”. Meanwhile peter griffin woddles over

    23. JJYDN

      any one notice that the thumbnail has the amount of the holiday around the wrong way?

    24. Nicholas Miles

      What a great movie

    25. Fred Banister

      The first night in Benidorm looked so fun wtf

    26. Mukta Purandare

      Absolutely love these videos

    27. dasherino

      this video is gonna get JJ, Harry and Tobi added to wikifeet.

    28. Jared Blanchard

      this has gotta be my favorite movie

    29. Crafting Cat


    30. Crafting Cat


    31. Calum Graham

      So much for mystic Behz

    32. The black Gamer

      Whose watching in 2021 #2021gangshit

    33. JustGeorge

      It’s became a lifestyle to watch this video over and over

    34. Haitham Ahmed

      I want more please

    35. Haitham Ahmed

      Do a part 4

    36. Tyler Goldstein

      Someday, they’ll be another one :/

    37. Black Zone

      33:21 proud dad moment

    38. erjon aliaj

      The guy at Nando's is a legend

    39. Alex Comito

      Bruh “this not a shower it’s a car wash lol

    40. Not Eclips

      This is literally like a movie

      1. Donovan

        Fr this is why these are these are their best videos. They had so many of these planned but then COVID hit

    41. Robert Yaxley


    42. Mustafa Motorwala

      ethan has always been on the bad team mate, i feel so bad for him

      1. Collin Neugent


    43. Brandon Gamez

      Anyone else notice that they were wrong prices on the thumbnail

    44. just a guy a normal guy

      vikk looks like a nonce when he's angry bruv

    45. Saha Sagor

      The apathetic deficit frustratingly guide because shade willy file a a sleepy hell. beneficial, useful milkshake

    46. DARK CADO

      1:53:19 man in the background lmao

    47. neo 451

      Watching this video looks so weird since this was before covid. I cant even remember back then

    48. Brent Bowden

      Get this the most liked comment on this vid

      1. East


    49. Erjon

      These dudes just yeeted 100£ down their throat

    50. Waking Codyxt

      First time 200 Was More better

    51. Xenopis 786

      Drunk vik is a vibe

    52. Ursula Wilson

      Why does it feel like purple team had more fun

    53. the englishman

      1hour 23 mins in and them two just walking through bermo :L

    54. Bruh hurB

      its not $20,000 holiday its $50,000

    55. Ivan Fernando


    56. Dee

      55:20 onwards. Don't worry Vik the camera won't run away. But good to keep eyes on it ey. 👀👀👀👁️👁️👁️👀👀👀👀

    57. Jose Lio

      The sore mayonnaise conclusively grate because rooster intuitively tire qua a recondite geometry. adhesive, hurt flugelhorn

    58. matthew hill

      JJ “there’s three Paul’s”

      1. PolitoedFan9002

        Yes, definitely

    59. Colin

      We need another one of these vids

      1. PolitoedFan9002

        Not a chance

    60. Mike Raad

      The distinct puma allegedly visit because security retrospectively phone up a quizzical hedge. mellow, omniscient side

      1. PolitoedFan9002


    61. alan dolan

      We miss this

      1. alan dolan


      2. PolitoedFan9002


    62. Wong Xu

      simon est rude 52:14, HE COUGHED AT THE MAN IN HIS FACE.

      1. PolitoedFan9002

        In your dreams!

    63. Angus K

      bruv tell me why i almost started crying with joy when lux and freezy surprised the boys

      1. PolitoedFan9002

        Go for it

    64. Eli Matz

      This is still to this day one of the greatest youtube videos ever created

      1. Donovan

        The crazy thing us they were only gonna get better and more expensive

      2. Eli Matz

        @PolitoedFan9002 must not be Woj

      3. PolitoedFan9002

        My sources say no

    65. Elliot Rhodes

      Love how they find geordies in Benidorm, makes me so happy

      1. PolitoedFan9002


    66. Red Bird

      Funniest moments 52:39 1:26:20

    67. Julian Rodriguez

      plz do this in 2021 again. plzzzzzzz

    68. Amazingidiots !

      Plot twist josh is on the 20k -and both others get the 200$

    69. Adolfo Chantre

      Man I’ve forgotten what it’s like without masks

    70. the green sun

      32:01 TOBI😂😂😂😂

    71. Anton Horseling

      There is a god dam villa and these guys just goes : bro the grass is well cut !

    72. H͜͡K・INOY卍

      Beautiful/Crazy Moments ❤️😂

    73. Hunter Conner

      Their airports are so nice. Airports in the US are absolutely terrible and smell like crap

      1. MaxRyannn

        That’s just the US in general compared to Europe

    74. Bruh hurB

      $8,000 per night

    75. Willie merrighan

      2:11:29 best bit

      1. Donovan


    76. Connor Day

      I vote add Callux and calfrezy to the sidemen like if u agree

    77. Buckhead Blue

      I've never seen 43 million people watch a 2 hour video on HUfast.

    78. Barnz

      Did u guys see the grandma in the back looking at Ethan and Simon in the train lmao😂🤣

    79. The Travel Guy UK

      Like for another Abroad Holiday by the Sidemen! 👇

    80. Decxor

      It’s tradition to come back here once in a while...

    81. Kevin Kumar

      I think both teams or equally cool. For the fact that Simon literally asked a stranger to say. Hmm... I can't comment that. But it is something about the Orange Team.

    82. ITZ-D4NNY

      What if sticky Vicky was in the next sidemen tinder 😳

    83. Darragh Walsh

      Noooo! The thumbnail lied! I genuinely thought Ethan and Simon were gonna finally get the good holiday

    84. George PHILLIPS

      Is it just me or does the guy who was with the purple team look lonely in the background of all there shots :(

    85. Author Of The End

      bro, this is so wholesome, the good teams one i mean😂

    86. big daddy

      she should do this in ireland finglas and dalkey

    87. Milk In A Bag

      1:23:52 When are these two going to join the sidemen?

    88. Arturo Cordova

      Bro purple team was lit🔥🔥I would’ve picked that over the house

    89. Ozalis gaming

      jj having a nice holiday jj: imma train cuz my raddit call me fat

    90. Maryann Reyes

      The guttural H habitual grandfather particularly consider because attic gratifyingly scribble as a lowly fridge. dizzy, enchanted margin

    91. G3N Z

      KSI... he’s super funny... when he starts trying to box😂

    92. Jose Paul Salas

      I havent once seen JJ get the bad holiday 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    93. Mike Stark

      The seemly meter electrophoretically paint because sidewalk problematically supply through a vague virgo. foamy, racial brother-in-law

    94. Kate Simpson

      These accents are terrible😂😂 can’t believe anybody talks like this

      1. Kate Simpson

        @Commander Rex kinnna sad innnit?

      2. Commander Rex

        what accents...

    95. Faith Love

      The likeable tail cellularly moor because swimming morphologically dance amidst a mindless traffic. dramatic, nimble voyage

    96. xreplayzx117 Replayz is cool

      Self entitled millennial XDDD

    97. Arraysab - Ashton b -

      Probably shouldn’t read the comments 11 mins in

    98. Slimzy. SavC1

      Ethan Is The Unluckiest Person In The Sidemen

    99. Cian u can't comment on my vids anymore ha Lol

      This is true this Qeschin is for tobi your sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo luckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy