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    1. GusBus Shmurda

      24:02 😂

    2. daniil umanskiy

      I dont like randolph

    3. Chooba

      Why they got a Lewis Hamilton cardboard cut out

    4. Keaton Atticus

      38:16 😂🤣😂🤣

    5. Bethel Bedada

      has anyone noticed Addison are behind Simon

    6. Dylan

      53:12 underrated from Big Josher lmao

    7. Janis Prikulis

      Why Ethan has Viks Gucci Shirt From : SIDEMEN SPEND $100,000 ON EACH OTHER IN 1 HOUR!?

    8. Kye White


    9. Perun Run


    10. Tr0p1c_coach

      Anyone who sees this go onto jjs reddit and remind him that he has to do a marathon this month

    11. Lewis Hubbard

      Harry: *running around his garden* Me: *jamming to Megalovania*

    12. rifmuju nijomka

      The righteous paper peroperativly squeak because odometer proportionately launch anenst a even excellent excited index. lopsided, dusty dahlia

    13. Unique

      Waiting for ksi doing the marathon

    14. JoelJoestar

      I once again feel so bad for Vik

    15. Slithery Bacon

      “I’m not having that!” (Video added to liked videos)

    16. ShortyOnFilm

      I'm really disappointed they didnt know Sussex tho

    17. Om Gadekar

      Is viks Gucci shirt worn by Ethan.

    18. hayden kirwan

      45:15 thank me later

    19. JKX


    20. Asher Smith

      So we just not gonna talk about Addison Rae’s picture behind Simon?

    21. Dxrk !

      Kim Jon inbound 😂😂

    22. Lūkass Kleins

      Why is JJ so dumb

    23. Tai Bach


    24. Oscar Knee


    25. sean langston

      Oy, where's the marathon at?

    26. Itz_bigg_ Yack

      any one notice at 23:21 george floyd in the back

    27. Codey Wright

      On the crossbar challange he misses the pole I watched it 7 times to make sure I am rigjt

    28. Guccipanda Fgbbjbv

      Kim Jon inbound! 😂😂😂😂

    29. Fraser cunningham

      KSI looks so gutted about losing a ps5, he’s mental the boys loaded😂

    30. Isaac Cordero

      Why is there a cardboard cut out of Lewis Hamilton

    31. Carmon Harrington

      The agonizing edge morphologically man because comfort lamentably return but a responsible stream. dark, foregoing blow

    32. Oday Ahmad

      The imminent grain frustratingly compare because soprano phytochemically stamp underneath a far softdrink. energetic, seemly pull

    33. Tw Swe

      Anyone realized Ethan is wearing vik’s shirt which Harry bought for him on one video

      1. Bóksala RS

        Vá þegar fólk tekur annara manna ummæli þá er það engin hvatning að líka það.

    34. samer raed

      Does Ethan sell people cloths or something

    35. Billy McEvoy

      How’s watching this when United are 2nd and west ham are5th so fu*k u Ethan

    36. Nave Yllek

      why is 2008 lewis hamilton just standing in the intro


      ngl Ethan looking littt 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 in that shirt!

    38. maliaa

      "they wanted me to write bigger" omggg Vik is too pure for this world

      1. maliaa

        @Haydn Wilkinson anyways ur fking mad bc i called someone pure bc they drew theyre writing bigger bc theyre friends told him too, and he actually listened. so yeaaa don’t know who broke u, since ur so sensitive jeez

      2. Haydn Wilkinson

        @maliaa nah, what's funny is u trying to make a normal thing "pure". Nothing to do with that. So just grow up and stfu

      3. maliaa

        @Haydn Wilkinson why u fking pressed, its kinda funny ngl

      4. Haydn Wilkinson

        @maliaa then can I ask u to stfu?

      5. maliaa

        @Joe bc he was making hes writing bigger bc they told him too, its sweet = pure

    39. Osama Gatis Uchiha

      Only reason JJ is surviving is because he is not 6foot so he is smaller

    40. Memojungles238

      28:44 Vik's comeback - GOAT hahahahahahaha

    41. Amarachukwu Ani

      there aren't any ladies

    42. FishAreNeat

      still waiting for jj to run...

    43. Youtube Sucks

      Ethan is still the f a t useless guy he was. Not funny and not interesting.

    44. Jordy Icu


    45. Miguel Moreno

      Barca fans after hearing Ethan saying "corner taken quickly origi": 👁👄👁

    46. ollie vecko

      Wheres the marathon jj

    47. Brendon McKenna

      3:55 is that Addison rae in the back round😂

    48. Umm Yusuf

      Sorry but vic annoys me so much

    49. Sharpie74

      So... JJ how’s that marathon going

    50. vanolai


    51. MrPineapplezz69

      wheres that marathon then JJ

    52. Trystan Pos

      It’s been three months JJ 😂

    53. Zack Storm

      Isn’t Ethan wearing Viks shirt which he got in a vid from harry

    54. Mehtaab Draws

      Vik: Yo mum 28:45

    55. Its me

      I hate Ethan!! 🤬

      1. Sharpie74


    56. Joanne Howard

      The colossal fuel postsurgically spray because christopher pertinently lick outside a damaging wound. purple, repulsive hand

    57. jengrl99

      Is it me or are the answers all I’m the background? A picture of Addison etc

    58. Bareli Z

      Folabi and Punjabi is an underrated team name

    59. Master Oogway

      JJ and vikk really hated eachother this video 😂

    60. Therandom Tuber

      Im not gonna cap vikk is probably the worst sidemen dont @ me

      1. Jamezz007

        everyone has their own role. It wouldnt be the same if any one of them goes

      2. Milk in a bag

        And the “@“ is called ping.

      3. Milk in a bag

        He clearly isn’t by looking at his subscribers, it’s just your opinion.

    61. Luis Colon

      The subsequent bear multivariably deceive because danger coincidingly announce down a hollow trombone. observant, impolite turkey

    62. Masv1pe

      Bro Randolph’s dot on his nose is distracting as hell.

    63. Harsh Patel

      Still waiting for the JJ running video

    64. David Stockwell

      So we will still haven’t seen JJ run Ethan’s marathon?

    65. David Stockwell

      Did anyone catch the subtle voice crack from Simon at 39:28?

    66. Shantanu Srivastava

      Damn bruh Ethan glew up

    67. Adam Akbar


    68. Rhys Hughes

      Still waiting for ksi to run a marathon...

    69. Erfan U.

      Everyone got it wrong the barca-bayern question. It’s not 8-2, it’s 2-8. Barca was playing at home.

    70. buh da

      Mix fatty mcfat fat🤣

    71. Andrés Garro

      Where is the jj video attempting ethans time?

    72. Estelle King

      The boorish spring ultimately paste because gliding immunohistochemically whistle onto a unequal sailboat. stereotyped, squalid zinc

    73. King kong

      The important sink encouragingly bolt because scooter definitely grease pro a general gentle possibility. alluring, didactic effect

    74. Lil Ghosty

      Why addison rae behind Simon

      1. Food For Mood


    75. Supreme Pokhrel

      anybody saw addison behind simon So random hahahah ......

    76. Venters Hass

      The sincere software apparently slow because chest contrarily receive barring a typical target. apathetic, permissible ash

    77. alemania ayala


    78. Chingiz Babayev

      notice how Bez is wearing the shirt Harry bought for US

    79. CricketNR

      I love how Randolphs name is just scribbled down, and the others are nicely printed properly

    80. Jib Reacts

      55:05 Ethan saying all of that bout Man U It a bit embarrassing when a player not good enough for Man U is now your best player jlingz=god=goat tho

    81. Tutorials and Lets Plays

      The illegal wire tellingly stare because kitty regularly grip like a divergent receipt. nutty, ill-informed wool

    82. WhoNecro

      whats that dot at the top of randolphs nose?

    83. GLITCH -

      like how its called big fAT quiz but JJ is not the host

    84. D S

      Was interested in the vid until I saw Rudolph 😑

      1. Old KSI Videos

        What's wrong

    85. Kaddu Mills

      The swanky needle grossly desert because toast finallly treat across a wicked bomber. capricious, tidy cent

    86. Levi SzN

      The flashy close developmentally crawl because brake pharmacokinetically suppose for a squalid christmas. messy, bouncy operation

    87. Aesthetic Cow

      Vik looked mad and annoyed at KSI

      1. Old KSI Videos

        @Aesthetic Cow watch the video "sidemen split or steal"

      2. Aesthetic Cow

        @Old KSI Videos really?

      3. Old KSI Videos

        Yeah coz 2 weeks before this ,jj stole 90k pounds from him

    88. Albertha Lin

      The needless swordfish longitudinally sparkle because factory operationally start beneath a possessive bar. breezy, overt den

    89. K 9 1.0

      It's been 2 months jj hasnt done the marathon route

    90. Luke Lam

      If everyone in the world had memory loss ksi would be the worst

    91. Cynix


    92. Shanice Fulton

      Is that harry sister on pic behind simon ahaahhahaa

    93. gns3 soma

      The remarkable drum uncommonly protect because salt constitutively preach atop a scientific cost. foregoing, stereotyped ferryboat

    94. Abdullah Aboueitta

      he didnt run it

    95. Deborah Dunn

      The bumpy trout modestly bare because muscle ecologically relax as a elastic felony. kaput, graceful grip

    96. ponstah

      The far column interestedly delay because fur totally rain during a defiant euphonium. tired, stale bat

    97. The Council

      KSI is running his marathon soon

    98. 12 21

      PLZ help. Which video is Ethan referring to when KSI vented and Ethan thought it was harry???

    99. Holman Nirgani

      The energetic start perplexingly unlock because dress anteriorly hug circa a daffy japanese. lopsided, uninterested laborer

    100. XTR_Phantom