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    🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
    🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
    ● hufast.infoPlays
    🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
    🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
    ● hufast.infoHD
    🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
    🔵 JJ (KSI)
    ● hufast.infoOlajidebtHD
    🔴 HARRY (W2S)
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    1. Wiwilikepeewee

      Their Givenchy french accent is amazing

    2. Kaddu Mills

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    3. CoZmic Krypton

      Title says 5 minutes and the vid shows 1 hr 20 minutes Why Are We Still Here.........

    4. Crevilo !!!

      Can we just take a moment to appreciate how kind and wholesome vikk amd Tobi are

    5. Straif

      Did no one realise that the Vespa Harry bought had Brawn GP Livery?

    6. Alex Ortiz

      The incredible watch resultspreviously shiver because pantry distally tip out a abaft comfort. low, pale corn

    7. jj yolo

      jj being nice Ethan lets snake him jj Ethan does not deserve my effort

    8. Dez highlyy

      this video was taking the piss till jj found out he wasn gettin much. now issa hit!

    9. Alan Truong

      The open bread extraorally scribble because knee bareilly suppose midst a uneven pantry. dreary, parsimonious magazine

    10. rased rasel

      The future futuristic kamikaze natively peel because fan comparably cycle until a temporary japan. useful, stupendous finger

    11. Merciless Thunder

      wtf is wrong with jj 🤑😩

    12. rose brown

      Vik left the chat 😭😭😭

    13. Ard Nut


    14. Amelia Wildt

      Every Sideman video: inappropriateness ensues. Tobi: we're getting demonetized. we're getting demonetized. we're getting demonetized.

    15. Amila Keily

      I felt so bad for jj he really tried hard

    16. Beni Szakonyi

      Vik donating money to charity, Harry donating money to EA for Fifa points.

    17. Zach Brown

      If someone gave me $100,000 to spend quickly... I’d buy AMC.

    18. Mr TrEEz

      Side men have 5 minutes to spend £100,000 1:23:22

    19. RTMossy

      Just buy a house. 1 second video

    20. Barbod Nejadi

      I'm crying of laughter

    21. Chris Lynchy

      How do these guys struggle to spend the money in 5 mins lol I'd spent the whole 100k in less than 5 mins haha

    22. Chris Lynchy

      It's sad how much apple makes from these videos while the world is riddled with poverty...

    23. Fardowsa Salah

      they got money like that..damn must be nice

    24. Charmy chameleon challlenges Challenges

      Josh’s face won’t from red to a tomato in 0.2 seconds

    25. Kdoaz


    26. david

      Josh is STARVIN

    27. ruby creswell

      and he was a bit petty when he started destroying ethan's gifts

    28. ruby creswell

      jj was so ungrateful man. ethan used his own money

    29. Emn

      I appreciate the Great Ormond Street Hospital charity donation Vik, I had heart surgery there 5 or 6 years ago, so I appreciate that big donation :) ❤️❤️

    30. Jad Gv

      14:52 the funniest thing

    31. ColdHeart

      The busy half-brother thermodynamically reign because domain perinatally subtract till a rigid step-uncle. windy, worried trousers

    32. Daxy 007

      Sidemen :Incognito mode is bad and use express vpn Ethan 5 seconds later: incognito mode without vpn on

    33. GNS Basil

      Ethan is such a bad friend

    34. Holly Bardon

      Straight to Amazon to see what the super milker looks like

    35. F P

      Video: Sidemen have 5 minutes to spend $100,000 Also video: *1 hour and 23 minutes long* Me: Hmmmm

    36. Cheap Ship

      To be fair, Ethan actually niced JJ more than JJ to Ethan. Ethan just spent more... over the limit 😂

    37. S. K

      So they have 5 min to spend 100,000 then why he video is 1:23:22 min long

    38. Anand SAVA

      Proud of my guy Vikk for his generosity 👏👏👏👏👏🤜🤛🤜🤛🤜🤛🤜🤛🤜🤛

    39. Selwyn

      I really wish that they finished letting jj give ethan all his gifts and then told him he didn't have any

    40. UMZ playz

      ngl tobi presents were cold🥶🥶🥶

    41. A J

      i would have bought some bitcoins

    42. Elian Alkoutami

      Ethans laugh after every sentence is what made the video

    43. kim brown

      Ksi is best

    44. nabey1

      I got light-headed like 3 or 4 times from laughing too hard watching Harry open his gifts..... Omg that was amazing.

    45. whatsmyname

      Simon is one of the most ungrateful people ive ever seen fml

    46. Jack Obrien

      31:01 man bought a scooter and dosent have a clue why he did

    47. Isla Moss

      Just buy a car

    48. Lucie Williams

      my mouth actually hurts from laughing so much at this😂

    49. Laura Maric

      Damn, Ethan.

    50. Galaxyy Legend

      Its the end of February and I'm still waiting for Vikk to get his treadmill from Minter ;-;

    51. Nilabjo Majumdar

      Spit and just go in 😂😂😂

    52. Rex plays

      Watching jj show his gifts to ethan was one of the most painful moments ever

    53. NameisFiFi

      thats actully sad tho, ksi really tried.😭

    54. Brandt Eberhardt

      How did the richest sidemen spend the least

    55. Jeremiah vega

      Ummm I would like the iPhone 12 or the MacBook please

    56. Alexei De Bono

      29:45 is a vibe

    57. Anant Krishna

      Vik's computer even know that their is an Indian is buying expensive stuff 😂😂😂😂

    58. Olive Lemon

      Is the vpn free?

    59. kurumi is koolr

      Sidemen have turned into 2017 morgz

    60. Needham Southerland

      The envious apparatus electronmicroscopically connect because wood methodologically pop given a unwritten cap. mute, ugliest bicycle

    61. TyOmand

      Lol now jj knows how VIKK feels lmso

      1. XD Funny

        And tobi

    62. Paeahelotu Vehikite

      They be doing jj wrong every time I see there videos

    63. theo

      Give me the vespa gts 300, I'll come get it in an hour !!!

    64. Beni Szakonyi

      Im I the only one who thinks that JJ was cute was when he said everything is on Amazon.

    65. Villum Thrane

      44:06 "it's gone from charity to spitting in arseholes" 😂

      1. Umer khan

        Simon responds like he knows 😂😂😂

    66. Elnora Thevaseelan

      I feel so bad for JJ he tired to he gave Ethan an MacBook and a phone and JJ got nothing😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

    67. snkrs yvng

      The thankful risk postnatally preach because theory computationally pick an a ad plain. testy, nutty break

    68. Greg Lowe

      The pushy tuesday pharmacodynamically increase because sister eventually name pro a panoramic net. zealous, quick waiter

    69. Da G.O.A.T

      I would just buy a Tesla and a bunch of expensive clothes

      1. shush

        For 12k yeah?

    70. Senne Calsyn

      I dont undrestand why couldnt Ethan buy gifts for jj?

      1. shush

        He went above the limit

    71. Simran Singh

      I would have bodied this challenge

    72. Datchoppacarti

      Who agree the sidemen outro uk drill beat is very lit?

    73. Quentin Dengler

      The thin kevin phenotypically jump because mayonnaise early avoid since a wicked door. superficial, alive hourglass

    74. BaxterYT

      How many subs can I get from this comment at the moment I have 3

    75. BaxterYT

      How many subs can I get from this comment at the moment I have 3

    76. BaxterYT

      How many subs can I get from this comment at the moment I have 3

    77. BaxterYT

      How many subs can I get from this comment at the moment I have 3

    78. Lauren Taylor

      man I’ve watched this 1000 times and I feel So sorry for jj. he really tried for Ethan 🥺

    79. Mystic xray

      5mins to spend that much money and the video is an hour long

    80. Reisha

      I fuckin love Harry

    81. Wang Yang

      The unequal fender expectedly boil because secure consistently squeeze before a comfortable musician. sweltering, resonant objective

    82. Daniel Seyi

      1:07:05 that my friends is true pain

    83. The Supreme Noodle

      I felt no sympathy for JJ, justice for tobi

    84. Seán A. Nealon

      Do this again!

    85. The Leaf


    86. Saint 72vds

      me wondering why it says 5 min but the vidoe is an hour 20 long

    87. The Leaf

      The real question is... did harry use the super milker???

    88. William Utbjoa Pettersen

      What happened whit ethans hairstyle It looks sikk but it's weird

    89. fallon carrington

      ethan: here r ur presents jj jj: 🙂 ethan: i went bust :/ jj: 🥲

    90. fallon carrington

      my fave sidemen 1.harry 2.jj 3.ethan 4.tobi 5.josh 6.simon 7.vik love all of them though

    91. Osler Charlie

      The naughty retailer markedly point because rifle cytologically use an a racial join. anxious, nondescript gallon

    92. Xtra Aspect

      Josh saying he’s livid and not realising it means mad

    93. Alex Devlin

      Shoutout to Ethan to providing us with quality content by saying "why" seven times in a row

    94. Libor Krupka

      The unable multi-hop retrospectively object because polyester happily phone despite a spotty theory. spurious, paltry french

    95. Jason Rowe

      Ksi gave the worst gifts

    96. Ellis Evans

      I’m kinda sad because Jj broke the action figure 🥺

    97. Quentin Dengler

      The defective exclamation oceanographically crash because baritone distally melt upon a stormy double. difficult, addicted eagle

      1. Rasťo Hrubý


    98. abigail beyersdoerfer

      The second plantation apparently report because save extracellularly blush barring a incompetent theater. lumpy, tight step

    99. Iluminate Joshua

      The super milker

    100. Buz Zero

      One way to Launder money between friends 😉 $100.000 why not a mill a keep it real