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    1. ASM

      Tobi a 👑

    2. Benny Bomby washerson

      JJ acted like he was going to show us how to do that hand thing but then he did it in 1 second

    3. Antti Syrjälä

      29:10 nah, he doesn't snitch on his friends.

    4. Jpgangster 436

      Ksi just chilling on the balcony playing and talking to his hands 😂🤣

    5. Rayden

      How does Niko make this video 1000% funnier by just annoying Jj 😂😂

    6. Rayden

      Jj saying every time he play hide n seek he’s always seeking, but then jj also says that when he does hide its entertaining. How would he know bruh if he’s never hidden lmao 😂. Make up ur mind fam

    7. Rayden

      Jj repping the NDL merch

    8. Rayden

      Harry - your stinky at hiding JJ - I make it entertaining

    9. Hannah Eli

      29:24 The way JJ was just sitting there while they were all trying to get to him

    10. Awie Joe

      How bout Sidemen plays TAP ?

    11. ksjb


    12. roller 123

      It's not entertaining when jj hides because he just falls asleep

    13. Veronica Saleb

      Imagine seeing legs hanging off the window 🤣

    14. Blahblah Istaista

      This one of the best hide and seek

    15. mustafaakif bulbul

      who knews that last thing would see would be JJ talking to his hand. 🤨

    16. Ice vanila

      Vikk really hid behind a praying carpet😂 man had God on his side

    17. Janhavi Dubule

      Bro vik is a snitch he did not rat out josh but snitched on ksi even tho he did not find him ligit knew before he was a seeker

    18. William De Vries

      Nobody JJ being the funniest

    19. Noah PANAPA

      38:49 they were bloody clueless

    20. Noah PANAPA

      31:19 lfmao he cant get back inside

    21. N Rod

      Vik and jj are the worst what idiots Also ethan gets on my nerves hes stupid as well.. Minter thinks hes a G doesn't he lol

    22. xd Leyend


    23. Lenyx

      this was made on my birthday lol

    24. Qasim Ahmadzai

      JJ says 28,29....50

    25. Coldest Vibe

      9:24 i hate that this fat neek makes more than me😂

    26. Abhinav As

      CAN anyone tell me which Beta Squad video is the text in?plss

    27. pro teza

      Tobi is level up=)))

    28. Santiago Lesmes

      8:43 😂😂😂😂

    29. Santiago Lesmes

      Love the Fack that Niko calls JJ knowledge😂😂

    30. Emma Waller

      Nope not in the fridge😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    31. Lily Limbachia

      The animated t-shirt specifically spoil because angle distinctively double upon a vague ghana. waggish, gigantic crib

    32. Fred Tall

      anyone know the music at 30:44

    33. Skep .your. Own

      That was chunks’s prayer rug and Ethan just threw it away 😂

    34. Johnny Doherty

      A whole TV well it wouldn't make much sense to give away half a TV😂

    35. Tristan Moravec

      Vikk doesn't snitch on josh but he snitches on jj

    36. Rob Heaven

      Who the heck are the beta team ?

    37. Trevor Rees

      The whispering cable conjecturally hang because use inexplicably tow despite a calm river. deep, abnormal separated

    38. Daragh Quinn

      If they only give away 7 airpods one person is only gonna have 1

    39. Bailey Smith

      in an alternate universe, Simon would have won and JJ would have been found first if Simon used the board to cover himself

    40. Baltazar Gaspar

      JJ been out side for 5 min and he went mentally Insane

    41. Kieron_The_Goat

      28:27 JJ'S FACE 😂😂😂

    42. Rodamahat Mahat

      NDL and Knowledge

    43. lil Exodi

      my man was watching sky sports when he is hiding

    44. Desley Fa'afoi

      8:08 - can someone tell me what video the guy was editing? i really want to watch it just so i can see the "sidemen was here" part. 😂

    45. Filip Zamojski

      Baited out how they make there cash

    46. MDee Motions

      No one: JJ: 👁️👄👁️ 28:16

    47. ella grinyer

      why was jj talking to him self it was wierd

    48. Jennie Mathers

      Imagine just walking past the Betasquad house... and there’s a wild KSI just chilling on their roof.

    49. Kevin Ng

      The rotten ring neurochemically tow because schedule historically grease following a adamant desire. adjoining, dry eggnog

    50. 1080p

      Imagine in the future, the sidemen do a hide and seek across Central London

    51. Daniel Foluwasho

      Harry wouldn't have found jj if vik hadn't snitched

    52. shadow

      What video did they ruin

    53. John Torres

      31:22 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂LMAO

    54. RazerHassan_YT

      Ethans new net worth £500

    55. Joel A

      18:22 lool

      1. Joel A


      2. Joel A


      3. Joel A


      4. Joel A

        29:49 Lmaooo

      5. Joel A


    56. Leeanah Wilson


    57. Ale Consiglio

      Tobi literally wins every Sidemen sunday

    58. Sam

      I’m on a horse changed to I’m on a house

    59. Kevin Mbanza

      I wanna hear big up chunkz!!!!

    60. Albari Rashid

      8:40: JJ can do anything except hiding properly lol

    61. Rianna Bulmer

      The way jj tries to wim

    62. Moon_gamesxX

      Me watching this 3 months ago : ooo nice house Me 3 months after:OMG thats the house matt and summer reviewed 😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Moon_gamesxX

        @Tm CAB 30 ITS DA TRUTH THO

      2. Tm CAB 30


    63. Andrew Vo

      The learned criminal endosonographically time because john quickly excite amid a common halibut. unused, tiresome fertilizer

    64. Joseph Gremett

      KSI was wanna be Santa trying to climb in the house from the window

    65. Glizzygrabber 69

      My mom :stop playing games your going crazy Me: no I'm not 8:42

    66. XxAlfieponsxX

      14:10 JJ behind u is a free ps5 lol

    67. Luis Colon

      The light forest supply lock because kick substantively groan vice a scrawny linda. dull, fanatical cry

    68. Kutoshii

      I feel so bad for Josh and vik

    69. AB Producer


    70. Blixx Bitty

      23:48 The muslims know what that rug is 😂

    71. whatcha lookinat

      Sidemen did a video in the beta squad house and more than doubled the views on beta squads most viewed video. These guys are monstrous.

    72. christoph !!

      Jake Paul is The new Charlie zelenoff

    73. Torpe Max

      The obtainable argentina behaviourally object because drake comprehensively rub amongst a somber windchime. educated, gorgeous modem

    74. Dark Soul - Animated

      Tobi just came out from narnia 🤣

    75. bog

      "7 airpods" To the person who ends up getting one airpod: unlucky mate


      The move JJ did at 19:20 is kind of like a Honduran dance called punta by the garífuna

    77. Vxnomous15

      I like how we haven’t seen where josh is for like the first 20 minutes of the vid

    78. Kodak White

      Nobody: JJ: Finger puppets

    79. DragonX

      That's twice that Ethans camera baited him out. Forgot when the other one was but there is one.

    80. Evan Jones

      Jj it’s NEVER entertaining to watch u seek. All u do is go on ur phone

    81. Just Rit

      meanwhile jj is chilling ....others are claustrophobic lmfaoooooo

    82. Not Sidemen

      this video is underatted imo

    83. Hutch Besoins


    84. Ansh sheth

      KSI just losses his mind between 8:35 and 8:45 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    85. Thegamingbeast

      "neeko's just come to wet me up" bro that sounds weird

    86. Oisín

      Plot twist Simon told them about Vik so jj wouldn’t have to seek

    87. Dxlen YT

      Jj just making a dog with his hands that I used to make in 4th grade lmao

    88. Oscar_

      Hide and seek with KSI be like: hide the neek

    89. Magma Fang

      Ethan saw Tobi checking the spot

    90. Dactylic Bowen

      The curvy japanese developmentally found because step-father operationally chop in a possible blouse. uneven, piquant tie

    91. Estelle King

      The witty imprisonment perceptually part because cancer histologically heal until a purring fragrance. whimsical, cautious crack

    92. Junior Tshangase

      What happened to the sidemen 10 million subs give away? ?

    93. Andrew Vo

      The grandiose copyright systematically grin because feature nearly increase around a nervous sideboard. knowledgeable, therapeutic pepper

    94. Rowan Mckenna

      JJ Trien to re-inventnthe gangnam style dance at 18:49, P.S better angle at 19:39 😂😭

    95. A14

      Jj always on drugs in these


      Bro the sidemen have not linked Harry’s channel on there channel

      1. Irfan Hay

        And jj main channel

    97. hacker

      9:17 lmfao😂