So I went on a dating show...

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    Thanks to RajjPatel for having me on! Super interesting show to be on and overall a super fun experience.
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    So I went on a dating show... - The CallMeCarson Rajjchelor

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    1. Aleksandar Buhtev


    2. Dylan Mendoza

      Ashame if you broke his heart... huh Kate

    3. Rxndom_

      We all know kandy choose host

    4. Apple Sauce

      Noone: Me: Rewatching this video and feeling so sad when he choose katerino over minx 😔😔😔

    5. ThatOneDude

      “The biggest deal breaker is if they fu- freaking cheat on me I guess” 2020 The Katerino incident

    6. Nitro

      Was it with a little girl...

    7. Samuel The great

      15:54 it would be a shame if you broke his heart

    8. God

      This is fake. The women consented.

    9. the Sheep Z

      Wait, they're all adults ?

      1. Carl BB


    10. SANX

      I have the best jokes: *what bees make milk?🐝 booBees.* Why didn't the chicken cross the road?🐔 _It chickened out_

    11. nei_Client

      16:02 he knew...

    12. Dylan K

      Carson you son of bitch quit giving your loves

      1. MintyBoy

        A bit toxic dude you sound like twitter

    13. Snappy

      15:55 wtf is that foreshadowing rajj

    14. walter

      This video aged like milk

      1. Arakius • _

        @walter this aged like cheese. It became better

      2. Mac Ramos

        @walter I knew that but for some reason I need to do this😂

      3. walter

        @Mac Ramos No..? It turns into spoiled milk, which is worse than the original if you couldnt tell. That joke took a one way flight over your head bud

      4. Mac Ramos

        Then it turns into a cheese?...

    15. Chocobroodje

      This video aged like fucking yoghurt

    16. Chocobroodje

      6:30 monkaS

      1. Chocobroodje

        15:55 even bigger monkaS

    17. Fjas

      Aren’t they a bit old for u?

      1. Kaiden182

        Stfu kid

    18. Trasher jew

      Hes never talked to women Hes talked to girls

      1. Omar HD Amusement


    19. Simeon Petrov

      I thought teens were his target demographic...

      1. MintyBoy

        Yea i know just got a little annoyed cuz i just feel bad for him that people are just flaming him yknow?

      2. Simeon Petrov

        @MintyBoy its a joke lol but ok

      3. MintyBoy

        Bro leave the dude alone we get it he did a bad thing no need to spread it everywhere now

    20. Sovietsky

      Trust me Carson, it sure can get worse....

    21. Kamo

      6:30 That didnt age well XD.

    22. rip_skii

      Jesus fucking christ............

    23. Shayan Ahmed

      2 years ago, i never thought dabbing or seeing someone dab would be this cringy

    24. Pyneap

      I hope they’re happy together!.........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

    25. The crusader

      Unfunny 17 year old girl joke here

    26. TheRealTiam lol

      I wonder if he chose minx it would have ended better or worse.

    27. e-Boy

      I would just kick off all the attractive people because I’m not that lucky

    28. That Crazybear32

      I would kick off the really good looking ones first because I’m not that lucky

    29. The Gatekeeper

      15:58 it be a shame if u broke his heart

    30. Caleb Slackford

      Yeah, this aged well.

    31. hns

      6:29 Foreshadowing...

    32. Erin Hickey

      currently wondering why no underage girls were there competing...?

    33. Robert Lucas

      Why is this recommended now.

    34. Ren B

      Where the 17 year olds at

    35. Scottish Banana Clan

      This aged well Oh fuck no

    36. Anthony Spinozzi

      if this video was a person, it would be a man balding in his late 20's.

    37. Sans Boss


    38. Duarte Costa

      12:44 Minx- : O

    39. Ben chapman

      Bit weird him going for girls his own age

    40. `

      Next episode: "I went to a high-school! 😍"

    41. captain dumbass !

      at 15:58 katerino: he's really cool raj; it'd be a shame if you broke his heart this is what we call in the business 'foreshadowing'

    42. Jo

      Well this didn’t age well

      1. Jo

        @Arakius • _ in WHAT way

      2. Arakius • _

        Actually it did age well

      3. Jo

        @walter my new favorite comment ever

      4. walter

        Aged like milk

      5. Garlicozzy

        it didn't age well twice, first with the kate situation now this

    43. Jervis Tetch

      My man the abolute chad. Keep pumping out those vids my man

      1. Madara Senju

        @Bollo Rice look at his pfp

      2. Bollo Rice


    44. SchwiftGhoschtly

      this video aged even more badly after the current allegations lol.... CARSON YOU IDIOT WHYYYYY!?!?!?!

    45. Jukub


    46. Logan Hunter

      The beginning of the end

    47. UnrealSushi

      Uh oh...

    48. Fh Al

      There is so much foreshadowing this video and fuck u Carson

    49. BrandonLULW

      why were there no minors on the show??

    50. K !


    51. Yoshikage Kira

      No wonder Carson only chose host he’s into younger women

      1. your average Jojofan

        Yes just like you are into hands

    52. 1999MONKEYDONIJA PATRIOT велес

      All these girls here and that discord miniborv is who he hits up, and manipulates!

    53. Super Fire 64 Gaming

      15:52 This dude can see the future “It would be a shame if you broke his heart”

    54. Princceton

      Everybody when the video first came out: Oh cool! Seems like a nice pair I hope Carson and Kate stick together Everybody when the Kate drama happened: oh, well it can’t get worse from here right? everybody in 2021: ...

    55. OG DJ Dog


    56. Rayce Paden-Thomas

      when he said he had no experience with females 😬😬😬

      1. rudy 2

        Well he have experience with kids

    57. Toshikazu Kishibe

      Why couldnt i have been one of them

      1. Name

        it's for the better trust me

    58. zodwod

      This didn’t age well...

      1. rudy 2

        Well girls were not aged at all

      2. TheDapperDice

        i was just about to say the same thing

    59. Eddy-g

      6:19 biggest deal breaker “if she cheats on me”

      1. Name

        kate: so anyway I started blasting

    60. Kuroibara

      "Never talked to a women" Oof

      1. Kuroibara

        @treeno Jesus christ

      2. treeno

        technically he hasnt, hes talked to a kid

    61. Altirix

      1:50 "the sucess rate of it getting better than it is now, you're at rock-bottom is gonna get better" March 2020 January 2021 oh, you thought there was only rock bottom, but there was a rock bottom bottom

      1. toypop

        Rock Bottom 2: Tokyo Drift

    62. Carlos Rivera

      Lmao, everyone's commenting this aged poorly cause of cheating. Just wait till the 2021 people get here.

      1. Shwan Awn

        @Asuka saying chance bruh.

      2. Asuka saying chance

        @Shwan Awn groom

      3. JSM1712


      4. Shwan Awn

        @Kobi Davis tell me my guy.

      5. Kobi Davis

        Aww shit who’s gonna tell Shwan.....

    63. Shef

      20:23 "People are gonna put this in their cringe comp." Aged like milk on bread.

    64. Daniel Almiron

      When tf was this recorded 2017 why is there so much dabbing???

      1. _Qa _


    65. Koup

      Huh so thats how they met

    66. Tyler Cai


    67. StopPapaSmurf

      This video is like the beginning of the end

    68. JJ JJ

      Goddamn he got a lotta love

    69. Hunduna

      2:37 this aged well

    70. HJP10UK

      newest first MonkaS

    71. 4-2

      6:28 really now Carson

    72. Matthew Hodges

      This aged poorly for both parties involved

    73. Funny Valentine

      I'm disappointed

    74. Icecoldduck

      This didn’t age well

    75. Alfa Films

      15:58 didn’t age well

    76. Morgan Freeman


    77. Doomsday

      We got the wombo combo going on now, not only did he get cheated on, now he's possibly callmeincarcerated

    78. Shont.e

      “At least it can’t get any worse.” -Carson King

      1. Apple Sauce


      2. Kaan K

        @Barney Powell but it was a good run man he will be missed

      3. Barney Powell

        @Kaan K I'm not so sure he's gonna return from this, brother

      4. Ramoni Noodles

        @Kaan K indeed

      5. Kaan K

        But he is still the king and i have a return of the king meme ready for his return so he should return for the memes

    79. syDn3y404


    80. Not Jar Jar Binks

      this video didn't age well...

      1. Spooky

        @Not Jar Jar Binks because I’ve seen this same exact comment at least 7 different times

      2. Not Jar Jar Binks

        @Spooky someone’s mad

      3. Spooky

        Oh my god we know already shut up

    81. sqouts gf

      and he got cheated on f

    82. MCGoldDigger

      Carson PULLS so hard.

      1. tan dess

        especially kids

    83. Oscar Andres Sarrazola Ciro

      Ah yes, ''The incident'' The beggining of the end must i say

    84. bbybrad 2222

      Too bad they weren't kids lol

      1. bbybrad 2222

        @` facts

      2. `

        Guys I'm goated at fortnite

      3. bbybrad 2222

        @Thunder bruh I know it was a joke you fat fuck

      4. Thunder

        He was 19 at the time and she was 17, Carson is not a pedo or a groomer

      5. TheMandalorianGamer

        Carson's not a pedophile

    85. Voidsabre _

      This was my first experience with Minx and honestly I hated her for so long until I could separate what was a bit and what wasn't

    86. NONAME _

      LETS BE REAL THIS is the video where shit started to do down!

    87. Karel Košina

      15:57 foreshadowing

    88. Sizzle Ting

      This video aged like milk

      1. Shont.e

        @FlameDood1901 it rotted and then someone took a steaming shit in the spoiled milk as it got 10 times worse

      2. FlameDood1901


    89. jojo gaming lmfaooo

      👁️👄👁️ watching this now like

    90. Nathan Hachey

      6:30 Foreshadowing

    91. Parallax

      This video didn’t age well...

    92. Leva Nyra

      6:31 That aged so badly 15:51 oh no

    93. Liam

      I'm sick of the "this didn't age well" Meme, just shut up we got it.

      1. Yannick

        Don't look for them then

    94. Guardian

      Carson: Spell their. Everyone: their Carson: That's the wrong there

    95. Br Uh

      I can't believe it. A video that has aged badly...twice

    96. Parallax

      He didn’t date any of them because they were over 18

      1. Steve The Talentless

        17 is perfect man

      2. Misty Blahbull


    97. Victoria

      “at least it can’t get any worse” oh baby-

    98. AJS VID SHACK 2k16

      The twitch plug audio did not age well

      1. Brokegamer

        @AJS VID SHACK 2k16 I mean he is literally silent for a while now

      2. AJS VID SHACK 2k16

        Carson plz inbox u would like to hear ur point of view of the whole sitch, not a reporter not a cop , just a longtime fan who cares

    99. Bowser

      This aged like milk. TERRIBLY

    100. Penny Graham

      hrmmmmm same year as he talked to under aged females hrmmmmmmmm