So I cried in a Minecraft tournament...

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    I screamed a lot. I was in fear.
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    So I played in Minecraft Mondays...

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    1. Sticky random productions

      And thus, them memez was born.

      1. Tom Lommen


    2. axel jaramillo

      when you ask your mom for Robux but she says no 18:54

    3. Erkan 2007

      I rewatched this for like more than 15 times and im still laughing my ass off

    4. Momazos Diego

      18:47 Cuando cierras el word sin guardar

    5. NoobieCodm OfficialGaming

      *18:53** this what u came for*

    6. BoredumBored


    7. doggo gamer


    8. The DoggyBoy


    9. Teshby

      no oh no

    10. Jungle Mania

      Sad seeing carson cry I wonder what his real cry is like if his fake is sad lol

    11. Starzeyque YT

      Everyone o7 :(

    12. Colette

      No way guys , he did the same cry!

    13. Sl1t

      18:47 carson when he saw the tweet

    14. Jack Winter


    15. VlixSpectreYT


    16. Kyle

      You made a great meme

    17. SirGib

      No hate but I doubt you’ll get a bro fist now😄

    18. ianzKimiz

      18:52 the meme that all will take from him

    19. alec lupu


    20. CodenameEric


    21. TheSlyGuy5

      30:43 sheesh two of the same kind 😬

    22. Chunchumaru

      When i first saw this clip i thought carson was 12

    23. Lapiziold

      18:54 Me when I see why Carson was trending on twitter

    24. LuciDemons

      Uhm.. grooming?

    25. McCheezers_69

      Imagine crying like a little bitch

      1. scott Stiglich


    26. Demoman Gamin

      taking stroll down memory lane before it all gets destroyed

    27. Robert Speedwagon Explains the joke

      for all you 2021 watchers out there. here are some video's that wil hopefully make you change/reconsider youre mind the picture stuf Laws that wil protect Carson why you schould reconsider Narrarator's video I hope these video's help a bit in forming youre own opinion. seeing as every other video was against Carson I wanted to share some videos from the other camp


        @•• exactly.

      2. ••

        Ok I am not gonna be rude. But First of all Theres nothing that can defend carson He admitted it. His friends Talked about this . Theres so much things that makes him Completely guilty He isn't going to Jail (probably) And no one said anything About jail. No law is important now because It wasn't about the age It was about the fact he Manipulated (or idk the word) the girl and used his fame to let her do that The narrator vid is COMPLETELY REAL and The guy you're believing is literally just being a d--- Calling narrator a liar cause he has disorders You should probably watch the whole narrator vid and read the pinned comment. Theres so much proof on the internet Carson is not Innocent in anyway. But he can't take all the blame for the Situation that is happening now But he can definitely take all blame for what the narrator said.

    28. mason vlogs

      18:51 classic

    29. vschannel

      18:51 me when i get no candy

    30. edma06


      1. Tom Lommen

        You rickrolled yt

    31. Royale Albert Saludares

      Why does minecraft youtubers has to end up bad

    32. Yeet Brawlz


    33. Slushee Man ツ

      haha lois I changed the title of my comment so you won’t know how I got so many pissed off 12 year olds in my replies.

      1. autumn


      2. Slushee Man ツ

        @Codename Jo you guys seriously like defending pedos that much? Here’s what the response is:

      3. Codename Jo

        @Slushee Man ツ Think before you comment man.

      4. Codename Jo

        @Slushee Man ツ you are putting words in jschlatt’s mouth He did not say Carson was a pedophile he said he needed help and he was refusing to stop his actions. The only reason people are against you because you are making Idiotic Statements with no base.

      5. verticiant

        @Slushee Man ツ youre the one who made the toxic accusation? im just telling you whats what, bud. and youre obviously just like grabbing for something you know nothing about.

    34. aka zuzzy

      18:51 everone when pog get ban

    35. kales 47

      18:46 is part you looking for

    36. potato7966

      How do you feel being a meme now??

      1. Wii Are Soldiers


    37. eraser_ SLZ

      Eh sono italiano

    38. Deagle Hawkings

      Man this was a great video, I hope no joke will be made about this

    39. Alessandro Rocco Viscontini

      why did i always use to think this was from like 2013 and not last year

    40. Norbert's Stuff

      Imagine watching this on the 5th of january

    41. Sebastian Villagrana

      2:13 When you die in hardcore Minecraft

    42. Digital Lemon

      18:48 CallmeCarson when there are no under age fans in his discord

      1. Wii Are Soldiers

        I get the joke and I think it’s kind of funny, but can people please stop making fun of a HUfastr before you hear his response? People making fun of him like this could lead him to kill himself. Also there is a tic tocker that is 19 and is dating a 13 year old and she thinks she’s PREGNANT, so go make fun of her instead. No hate. Have a good day.

      2. Angelo Jeremiah 7th 'A'

        He isn't a Pedophile but I get that it's a joke.

    43. Ernest irang

      Im disapointed even my cat agrees- "you know the rules and so do iiii" "🔫sAy GoOdByE

    44. Dominik Farkaš


    45. Chai

      20:03 After Ten Years Jschlatt to Carson after the Allegation:

    46. MISTA 3310

      that scream when he sees lava though

    47. Moosey Boi

      Carson after seeing why he’s trending: 18:47

    48. Jazzi

      This hits different now

      1. Zach Martin

        It genuinely makes me sad watching this, and the Minecraft talent show :(

    49. Ezkuzemoi

      Me: Maybe in 2021 everything will get better! Me after Carson's drama: 18:53

      1. Anime Guy

        Don't make it worse because of this

      2. Sleeping Cat

        Same lol

      3. Potato


    50. scott Stiglich

      Carson when the cops come for him: 19:10

      1. Shift Apura

        I like how everyone is saying Carson is going to jail for just a 2 year age gap while Mini Lad got away with all shit.

    51. Carlos Pintor

      Shut the fuck up pokimane simp

      1. Slushee Man ツ

        ah yes, a very creative insult.

      2. GnomesMcGee

        🤣🤣 you’re well outdated kid

      3. Demonboy 51


    52. Charlene Therrien

      18:52 me finding out Carson went to jail

    53. Bobsticle

      18:52 “you okay?” He is clearly *not* okay.

    54. luis iscool

      cry bitch, CRY

      1. Wii Are Soldiers

        stfu x2

    55. Niskoon

      Nowadays, this meme is most legendary with the drama going on

    56. HAXAD

      18:47 Carson when people find out he's a groomer:

    57. lester nelson

      19:11 NOOOOO

    58. Anna

      18:47 when you see the cops 19:12 You get arrested

    59. Scott news Freddy bros

      When i get a really bad grade at school and my mom has to see it 18:47

      1. Scott news Freddy bros

        That reaction would be this 19:10

      2. Quality Gameplay

        When I'm vibing in Terraria and my mom calls my name and I know full well its because I have 23 missing assignments because I have ADD and it makes online school very hard

    60. Drew Senna

      It would be a shame if something makes him cry like this in the new year, won't it?

    61. Neighborhood Knight

      How far we've come.

    62. Torres The G

      For those of you who see this comment while going to "Newest First" please beware, you'll see so many overused jokes about Carson's allegations.

    63. Delta

      18:52 Carson when he realizes he's gonna get arrested and sent to prison.

      1. Wii Are Soldiers

        Not funny. Didn’t laugh.

      2. Torres The G

        Overused, but still funny.

    64. Dmitry Khvostik

      When you forgot to ask the age of the girl you're chatting: 18:59

    65. oj jo

      When carson realizes that the girl he is flirting with isn't a minor: 19:03

      1. Grotesque Steve

        @oj jo Oh okay, that makes more sense

      2. oj jo

        @Grotesque Steve he doesn't like adults

      3. Grotesque Steve

        Wait, wouldn't it be a good thing if they weren't a minor?

    66. ranchi

      19:10 "You won’t be right on the 5th of January"

    67. Gameboy

      all of CallmeCarson's fans right now 18:47

    68. Plip Flip

      You know why you're here

      1. Wii Are Soldiers



        I sure do

      3. Zekr0gen

        We all sure do

      4. Green Man

        I sure do

    69. vigil ends

      18:47 CallMeCarson sexting allegations coming back to haunt him 19:12 Lunch Club and rest of the HUfastrs responding to CallMeCarson's allegations

    70. Luke Hudson

      dont worry man, I know you regret it. there will always be people that will hate you no matter what, you just gotta learn to see past them. please man, for you and all of us, stay out of trouble.

    71. michael

      19:10 destroys your ears on 0.25 speed

      1. Wii Are Soldiers

        Finally! A comment that is actually funny and not about the Carson allegations!

    72. plane man

      and here we are

    73. Anna

      18:47 when you go to jail for talking to girls

      1. Bloo Phish

        he sent them uhhhh peepee picture

    74. Themessies FCB


    75. OfficialGD Thunder

      Him crying because of the scandals.

    76. XPunk

      you deserve it


        he did some stuff bad to the narrator

      2. Armin Arvino

        @Your Daily Cringe 90% of people have at least one braincell, and don’t live of Twitter.

      3. plane man


      4. Your Daily Cringe

        @MR THE MAN 90 percent? You're witless as fuck

      5. Armin Arvino

        @Adam K. nah he is innocent

    77. DicoVEVO


    78. 00 CREEPER

      Rip Carson's Chanel

    79. Carl Gille

      The more he cries the funnier it gets 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Wii Are Soldiers

        idk if this is supposed to be about the Carson allegations or if it’s just that it’s funny when he cried.

    80. eeuew i


    81. Maureen Schneider

      Me: 2021 is gonna be a great year. Carson: receives allegations Me: 18:46

    82. dead meme

      Now u have a reason to cry, sorry mate :c

    83. Panziess

      teacher: what sound does a whale make? special ED kid: 19:10

      1. lazy boi


    84. Mc Donalds

      *CallMeCarson in June 2020:* haha maybe 2021 will be better *CallMeCarson less than a week into 2021:* 18:52

    85. Sebastian_

      im still watching carson dont care what you say.

      1. superspot 17

        @BingityBong nevermind about charlie but dang he didn't have child porn he just talked dirty to a minor goodness

      2. superspot 17

        and he didn't ask for her information! Ugh twitter people suck

      3. superspot 17

        @BingityBong also a 2 age gap that's nothing compared to the old minecraft youtubers

      4. superspot 17

        @BingityBong also it's not like I'm watching him for him to get views

      5. superspot 17

        @Rommesje for real he didn't even ask anything sus like her address he knows that he would be in trouble if he told her to tell info about her if you know what I mean

    86. Nightmare Corporation

      18:47 Carson At the Start of 2021:

    87. Imterrenceee


    88. FatBasmentMan999

      18:54 When you cannot eat donuts at 3AM

    89. Yee Haw

      Peso lol

      1. Thrawn Fanboy


    90. Eazy account

      Twomad OSAS will respond to Carson Allegations very soon

      1. Eazy account

        I was right

    91. Juan Olivera

      Pain ,’/

      1. NintendoNerd 64

        so much pain

    92. Kurtnolen Pamplona

      Well... This meme aged well

      1. White an Nerdy

        Even if this a serious matter im still laughing so hard from any video of carson

      2. White an Nerdy

        True lmao

    93. Kenzio lazuardy

      Here : 18:47

    94. sqouts gf

      skydoesminecraft gang

    95. min dani

      Goodbye Carson.

      1. scott Stiglich

        Welp time to find a new favorite HUfastr

    96. Saver 2D

      January 5, 2021 18:50

    97. David Taylor


      1. Dot



      The video that caused me to love this channel was this one. I came to have a last look of the video before i unsubscribe. Carson we all do dumb shit but this is just, awful... Goodbye Carson.

      1. Ok

        Wow this is so sad, Alexa play "Despacito".

      2. Codename Adler

        @Carlos Perez idk how I came across but Carson is fine in my book and the others are bitches cause every single kid in highschool would be locked up if 17 and 19 was pedophilia. Plus it’s not even illegal technically

      3. Carlos Perez

        @Codename Adler y’all some bitches for canceling him for something that small... ITS A 2 YEAR GAP

      4. Codename Adler

        @DeathStarGod no it’s my entire highschool doin this it’s only different cause Carson has fame

      5. DeathStarGod

        19x17 is illegal

    99. Yuri

      This aged interestingly