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    00:00 introduction
    06:20 Success & Jails
    12:40 Failure to Commit, Laziness
    19:30 Dying
    32:20 Moments of enlightenment, Laziness
    1:04:50 breaking doing "because I am Lazy"
    1:29:15 Dharma, Responsibility, Hedonism
    1:50:33 Meditation
    2:02:40 Closing thoughts
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      Hey folks - Dr. K’s Healthy Gamer Coaching is a cutting-edge program tailored for the unique mental health needs of the internet generation. It can help with issues like lack of motivation, excessive procrastination, missing life purpose, repairing/building relationships, and more! All Healthy Gamer Coaches are trained personally by Dr. K! You can learn more here:

    2. Quin Co

      Zach needs to do shrooms. It will bring about ego death.

    3. Alex Myrick

      I’ve never seen so many manually input ads. But I don’t blame you , I think it’s smart.

    4. Aidan Poole

      I am LOVING this texas talk :) everything else is great as well

    5. Zach G

      Be me: named Zach, lazy af....uhhh

    6. Alex Law

      Is this not the cringeist thing ever. But helpful.

    7. Erin


    8. AOS-

      The moment of enlightenment Dr.K's trying to say is like that of an orgasm. It's not a thing you reach and permanently stay in that state, it's more like crossing a threshold which you have to continually build up towards, and that latter bit is what Zach was stuck on.

    9. david simpson

      someone who doesent know what agoraphobic means.

    10. bronzeowl9

      "Leeroy Jenkins is the reason you can't get out of bed and listen to your alarm clock for three hours."

    11. Chucksta

      "That's Why Fat Kids Don't Skip" That would make for an excellent title of an article/video talking about being out of shape.

    12. אבינעם בן מיכאל- מחזור נט1

      the thing about these session is that i feel like im in a therapy session because these issues are so relatable and hit close to home. its mire than a some podcast with some popular streamer

    13. unonoq13

      21:51 a lazy ghost?

    14. SavageSapien

      in the last half they keep using the word fulfilled but they really meant "content" pronounced cuhn-tent. playing videogames and eating junk food obviously wouldn't leave you feeling fulfilled as its not the purpose of life but it would make you feel content or in a state of happiness.

    15. Kieren Moule

      49:04 after chat just said "mic" is hilarious 😅 "LEEROY JENKINS!!" 😂

    16. mar1na1993

      My therapist sends me to this channel for homework assignments 🤣 and I absolutely love it!

      1. SavageSapien

        thats awesome!

    17. Severisakin

      Love this channel, in fact it is my new favorite!

    18. Ved Joshi

      "So what's scary about not existing for eternity?" ... 6 months later and I'm actually still thinking about this

      1. Ved Joshi

        @SavageSapien yeah its so odd but true!

      2. SavageSapien

        @Ved Joshi Right? It seems more peaceful to have eternal rest than being an eternal entity drifting through the universe.

      3. Ved Joshi

        @SavageSapien sure but i dont know if there's anything scary about not existing for eternity... the more i think about it, the less fear i have about not existing for eternity

      4. SavageSapien

        The opposite is just as scary.

    19. Zacharyyy

      I've avoided watching this since I've seen it originally uploaded because I knew how much it was going to resonate with me. The whole metaphor with the bladder and laziness really opened my eyes. It's exactly what I've been going through; I started out my first year of college with excellent grades, but now this laziness has taken over me. I know my school work needs to get done, but I don't even care about it until I'm desperate when everything is due and I don't know why. This was an excellent interview.

    20. Anderyx

      "Im gonna REEEEEEEEEE" - Dr. K 59:24

    21. Winspur1982

      "No, I wouldn't call it experience. I would call it ... words." This made my day. Asmongold is suffering from excessive white male privilege and he wants to call it "laziness" or "failure to commit," anything but words that would make him think about his social location. If he consciously chooses to work on this he can get a lot better.

      1. Winspur1982

        @SavageSapien It's both. When Asmongold told us about going from 30K viewers, which made him happy, to 100K viewers, seemingly effortlessly, and making him less happy, I couldn't avoid the conclusion that as a 30-ish straight white man living in Texas, Asmongold hasn't been challenged very much in his life. (He says he was happy growing up poor and I didn't get the impression he was haunted by anything that happened to him in childhood. I could be wrong about that.) I honestly worry that he could be sucked into the world of QAnon because doing battle with the shadowy forces of a worldwide cabal of child traffickers at the very moment of "Sex Monster Joe Biden" taking office is a challenge! (and still totally batshit)

      2. SavageSapien

        It's not excessive white male privilege that he suffers from, it's excessive success.

      3. Dane Green

        Wow you missed the whole point of this conversation and took nothing from it, good job

    22. Don't Reply

      literally everyone relating is a chair bound redditor and is evident in what you watch 😆

    23. 42Zero

      they have the same headphones

    24. SLITHERMAN54

      At first when i saw you pop up in my feed i thought you were probably another one of those guys who don't give a shit and are doing this whole scripted thing with the other streamers i hate it when streamers or youtubers aren't genuine, i love authenticity. So after seeing this reckful and some others i definitely understand now that you are legit, thank you for being one of the few.

    25. biomjolk

      Is it ok if i show your videos to my psychiatrist, i dont feel like any i have seen have the insight you have to this sort of culture

    26. Luca Mueller

      Is there a form of meditation to learn detachment from overthinking things

      1. Rami Reini

        Meditation is cessation of the fluctuations of the mind. Meditating helps you get towards a no mind state where you are only pure awareness and there are no thoughts. So by this logic I would assume just by doing any meditation you would be working on focusing on the present instead of your thoughts.

    27. Luca Mueller

      35:45 its funny how the light shines on asmon as dr.k talks about moments of enlightenment

    28. Benjamin Poole

      Not that I would fuckin know but I think a good way for Zach to break his laziness and selfishness is to organize Charity Streams for people he wants to help where 100% of donations go to those people. A) he will get the rewarding feeling of organizing an event B) it helps break the laziness cycle C) it helps him begin to focus on others D) it will help give him a duty / purpose in his streaming for someone other than himself that he feels could use some help.

    29. Hutt E

      Dr. K seemed a bit more defensive/aggressive in this one. I think he let Asmon calling Buddha a philosopher get to him a bit. It's a slight difference at best but it's there. Not saying he was mean or abrasive, honestly it made the conversation more interesting over all.

    30. Noah Rothenhoefer

      This is me. Every bit of it. Too surreal.

    31. Kantb Tamed

      This IS ME!!! Now that I understand this, how do I fix it?

    32. Ahknu

      Dude this is actually super cool to watch after the OTK and Mythic world first show he had. Like... did this conversation help him get there? Would he have been able to conquer laziness and create OTK without this conversation? Did Dr. K actually facilitate OTK? lol

    33. Zai

      Wtf is HENT3I doing below admon hahahhahaha i lost it

    34. demonsnails

      Imagine if he didn't get his teeth fixed after this stream. 😂

    35. Tyler St. Clair

      This might be the most helpful video I’ve ever watched and with my favorite streamer!

    36. medokilper porchiman

      i feel like they're making a huge effort not to say procrastination

    37. UnfortunateTiming


    38. John Smith

      It’s actually shocking to see this pro wow player go toe-to-toe in understanding of existence with a monk/Harvard educated psychologist

    39. Versaro

      Too lazy to watch all of this

    40. Shizukesa

      Dr K: /cast Summon Steward > Tea arrives.

    41. ALeotar

      how convenient :D

    42. Mandy Whorwal

      Asmon is far from lazy intellectually. His overthinking is the reason he doesn't bother with the mundanities of physical existence.

    43. iJVJf

      I would very much like to understand why I can't study everyday. Do I need to act like a little kid and start 1h a day and then 2h a day? I need 5-6hours to keep going and today I just played all day and then I feel so bad.. so bad

      1. FilipGaming123

        As 4head as it sounds just do it

    44. rhendryo araque

      49:23 It hurts to relate to that... You relate so much to that explanation that it actually hurts, trully. 1:32:37 In this moment is where Asmongold actually breaks...

    45. Johanng2

      Man, this thing about detachment vs apathy is really weird. On one hand I think I can see the difference, but actually thinking about it it's already fucking with my mind. Detachment is acceptance. Apathy is avoiding and distraction. While their "thoughts" might be similar, they are actually exactly the opposite in what they do. Detachment is acceptance of everything as it is, and to accept that while I have the choice of action, I do not have the choice of outcome, but more than that it is a complete feeling or experience of peace from that. Apathy is when you use acceptance as a pretense to avoid. The thought would be like: Everything is as it is, so it doesn't matter what I do. Detachment is that Everything is as it is, and my action is mine, but I do not control the result, but also that is what completes it. The action without expectation, vs giving up on taking action because of expecting nothing to matter. The action itself matters, because the result isn't controllable, that's why the action needs to be appreciated, because that is what you can do. Whereas apathy would be that the action doesn't matter, because I can't control the result. While I can't control the result, I do know what will happen if I give up on acting because of that. And what will happen if I give no shit about anything and don't care to act. Nothing will happen. And that's exactly it, when you take an action it is like a spark that may or may not light a fire. But when the spark itself is considered useless because it cannot control whether or lights a fire. A fire will never be lit, even if the moment comes that the spark would have lit the fire, The spark was not there, because both it and the fire was given up on. What does that mean? So you keep lighting sparks in hopes that the for will be lit? is it that you accept that the fire is out of your control so you don't get attached to lighting the spark only one way, maybe you let go of sparking the wet wood you'd been sparking for years causing you depression, and find a nice dry bundle. And maybe you also accept that that is okay. That the fire was never under your control, so whatever could be tried can be tried, because either way, you don't control it anyway. And if you can be detached, you can be unattached to the method, the particular type of action or even the depression of failure. I feel like something crucial to all this is missing I think I got what I wanted to look at, I'll finish the video lol.

    46. Quinntiful87

      My Mum is my Tarma!

    47. GGRin

      Just watched this and managed to clean the whole house (not just vacuum the floor) and I realised that by doing that I became better friend with my Past and Future myself. And now because my Past self did this I feel grateful and indebted to keep up the hard work for my future self so I also exercised after cleaning the house and I already feel like I progressed from my yesterday myself and my future self is proud of present self. So people, the only judges in your life that you must satisfy are your Past and Future self, you 3 are together your whole life. Your Past self must make proud your Present self so you feel indebted to make proud your Future self. (ty for reading my rant wish you luck becoming a better yourself)

    48. HoggsyTheHoarder

      This dr. k is dogsht. He doesn't get what he's talking about. Cheers!

    49. LukeWoodz

      thank you

    50. snarlbuckle

      Your dirty room inspires me that mine isn't the end of the world.

    51. Arcadis Torias

      I think a lot if not all of us resonated with this session because we are all ultimately the same as streamers. They just mostly hit the lottery of becoming big twitch streamers, but Asmongold, McConnel, Moonmoon, Sodapoppin, etc. are all the same people we'd play online with for the past 2 decades. I think it has a lot to do that we are used to playing pretend with a supernatural avatar of ourselves that is seemingly perfect and always the hero, so when we exit the game worlds and return to our normal selves, we compare ourselves to our hero selves and it creates maybe that sense of shame. Like your real self cannot live up to the video game self. So we do the bare minimum required to exist in the real world, so we can escape into our virtual worlds where we get to experience a more powerful and influential "future self". In terms of the past, present, and future comparison of ourselves I think internally gamers view themselves as their avatars most often in the present, with their real self being their "past" self, and the "future" self being a merging of their virtual "present" self who is physically and mentally powerful and influential and their real "past" self who is still a pedestrian with no power or influence. Just shootin the shit here, great session all in all.

    52. Chase Fann

      These are the instances where I really appreciate Asmongold....I know he has his antics and “part” to play on Twitch, but damn he’s intelligent and pretty down to Earth person and I love watching his Treehouse videos where he’s conversing in such an honest way...

    53. Andi_S

      Fuck. This is so 100% relatable. What a great interview really. Thank you.

    54. Fowlae

      The moment you predict or expect a moment of enlightenment, you kill it.

    55. Sareseras

      Am going to a psychiatrist whom I talk to kinda like I would to a friend, while talking and thinking to myself similar to Dr. K for diagnosing where thoughts stem from whenever I am more content (or under mentality influencing substances like hot coco or weed) when watching or playing media. Edit: Just try to be nicer to your future self and stop thinking it's a problem of my tomorrows version

    56. Andrew Waveware

      I love DR K and what he does dont get me wrong, but there's an ad every 3 minutes on this video

    57. rahmatsyah pulungan

      Thank you asmon and dr k

    58. Emma your new pal

      thats so fascinating. as i was watching the meditation part I went from procrastinating on work to starting my work and i realised my breath out of my nostrils had changed in "clock position".

    59. Nathan NotImportant

      I still can't join discord because the verification is bugged. The admins are all on private as well so I can't message them. The worst part is the verification things keep happening randomly and making my phone go off.

    60. Gilbert489 Van48

      thats not asmon, its zack

    61. gater ateher

      literally a commercial every 3 mins... cmon youtube its a 2 hr conversation....

    62. Francesco

      Sorry im not english, what does they mean by “skipping”, is it like jumping?

      1. alise_hedgehog

        Skipping is jumping with a jumping rope

    63. Ryan Reyes

      This guy is good

    64. Alexander Jontchev

      "if we think about this for a second"

    65. Vaulted Death

      best way to beat laziness is to get up and exercise, but the choice to be lazy is normal no one wants to grow up or in better terms move more often.

    66. alma

      i can't tell you how helpful this is

    67. St. Miina

      Anyone else see that mist behind zach at 21:50 , either a car passing a window or das a mr spooky ghost

    68. Quino - music

      A week ago I didn't who was Reckful and somehow I get interest about him and videos after video he lead me to Dr K. Those conversations resonate a lot to me and I'm grateful I found it. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing guys !

    69. elvijsp

      I'm gonna .. i'm gonna REEEEEEE

    70. J

      Stop making excuses (for things you must do, but you won't), instead DO it that you must to DO, that won't make you miserable Message of the video. Enlightenment comes when you accomplish your goals, gaming is not it, it's just strange case of postponing important things, cause Leeroy Jenkins lurks there in the dark corner of your mind telling you to skip important things in your world, cause skip always seems easier, but it's actually building a mountain of problems, which later you'll need to climb

      1. Wawtfcff Dock

        How do you get yourself to do it tho

    71. Hella Vela

      Wow Dr.K these have helped me a lot thank you.

    72. Semir

      Tbh I feel like Asmon is caught up with religious thinking to much. That's where the fear of death comes from. He portrays Mother Teresa as someone close to perfection and makes her faith something to strive for. His description of "moments of enlightenment" where he says that he understands eternity is weird.

    73. Julian Luchelli Fassa

      "If a light goes out i just stop using that room". This...

    74. DoubleM

      Your interviews are inspiring. Thank you.

    75. Desuboi

      56:13 Leaving this here. For posterity.

    76. Nootpocket

      The assorted antarctica technologically skip because headlight speculatively store through a brave tortellini. plucky, best printer

    77. Idle Wolf

      If life is finite, every action becomes infinitely valuable. But if life is infinite then everything becomes infinitely meaningless.

    78. blue dingo

      Love the content, but I've seen like 12 ads and I am not even halfway through the video

    79. kris eros

      Laziness don't describe Asmongold, Asmongold describe laziness .

    80. JazzleFrazz

      I love how professional yet chaotic this interview was. I like seeing realness along with professionalism

    81. Cylig

      i hate how much i can relate to him

    82. Jam x x x

      Dude loves the interruptions

    83. BoneThugsRTheBest

      Lmao sometimes youre goin to get a Leroy Jenkins

    84. WishfulCreation

      Hi, Dr K., this is my first exposure to your content and so I wanted to give a first impression on your takes. I feel like Asmongold's description of his psychology is incredibly similar to mine, so I've found this conversation particularly interesting. My observations/commentary: 1. Totally with you on one's attachment to life as being one of the deeper roots to what people describe as the fear of death. I also think people are afraid of boredom, which I believe is what many people are scared of when they imagine an eternity of no experience after death; which lends itself to the idea of attachment, or things that stimulate/add a filter to the experience of life. Through a few particularly powerful psychedelic experiences, I've become interested in the idea of the "Unfiltered Life," which I believe is the same idea as a detachment to life or an ultimate relinquishing of control to the universe. Also, your explanations here feel very Taoist/Hinduistic/Buddhistic in nature, of which I'm a big fan. 2. I don't think skipping is solely related to one's physiology, in my experience, there is definitely a social stigma at a certain age that skipping is for younger kids...maybe that's just an internal interpretation and projection onto others of one's personal physiology. Personally, I've played basketball for 22 years, and some of the motions involved in driving to the basket are similar to skipping in some ways, so much so that I've found myself "skipping" from one foot to the other when navigating a narrow area with a bunch of people obstructing normal walking. 3. You're explanation of Dharma and application to real events was one of the better of explanations that I've heard. Thanks for the upload!

    85. D4mR3d

      why do americans say whenever as a replacement for when.

    86. D4mR3d

      why do americans say whenever as a replacement for when.

    87. Markella Papatzima

      The ads are killing me. Great talk though.

    88. TheNobody

      Surprised that Zak (Asmold) has these kind of problems, similar problems on my end o.O

    89. Kyrmana

      Twitch chat is adorable 😂

    90. Exittt

      I also eat with one side, my left side I split a tooth it’s still in there but I’m too lazy to go to the dentist

    91. George Williams

      Thank you Dr. K and Zack for this discussion, I found it very helpful.

    92. Mekias

      Very fascinating discussion. However, I didn't understand the way they talked about moments of enlightenment. In my view, the "moment" is when you take in some bit of information that suddenly helps you understand what you previously found confusing. After that "moment", you now understand the subject better and that understanding is a permanent level-up. In other words, the enlightenment is lasting and not momentary.

    93. NEeL

      I wonder.. have u ever meet a person that’s not a deep/ “good”/ grounded person if u really sit down and talk to them and try to understand them?

    94. Ham 'Housekeeping' Sarris

      Dr.K is loud as hell XD

    95. Josh maggooo

      Skipping is a huge thing still lol and it's extremely efficient

    96. Isaochy

      If you are here watching this to distract yourself, I at least think you’re heading in the right direction. Mental health is always a good place to start imo.

    97. Kyle Simmons

      The people that disliked this did so because they think they're lazy, but really they aren't lazy they just can't see the equation in the black box.

    98. Kyle Simmons

      55:10 this whole "what age do kids start skipping and stop skipping" bit blew my mind.

    99. Ian Mitchell

      "Sleep is probably the closest thing to death we experience" bro i havent had/remembered a dream in probably a decade, looks like im just going to cease existing or however you want want to put it hahaha!