SONGBIRD Trailer (2021)

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    Official Songbird Movie Trailer 2021 | Subscribe ➤ | K.J. Apa Movie Trailer | Release: 2021 | More
    Set two years in the future during a pandemic lockdown, we follow the budding love story between a motorbike courier named Nico, who has rare immunity, and Sara, a young artist.
    Songbird (2021) is the new thriller starring K.J. Apa, Sofia Carson and Demi Moore.
    Note | #Songbird #Trailer courtesy of Leonine. | All Rights Reserved. | #KinoCheck®

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    1. The Music Vault

      We are living in the end times and watching this is just reassurance of our short time left.

    2. Nate DaSkate

      So this is what they found on Nancy’s laptop.

    3. Kyle Vernon

      Germany is putting people in camps who have covid now.

    4. Rj Nemox

      Their way of saying "well it could've been worse".

    5. Deep Waters

      They used the same Bob Marley song in I Am legend (I AM, a mock of God- Exodus 3:14) Three little birds, for predictive programming.

    6. Daisee Lox


    7. Arohk

      Is this a movie or a documentary?

    8. weissmannrob

      Great, even Hollywood is being used to continue the Fear-Propaganda... what’s going on with you folks.

    9. jamie reid

      Stupid movie, why is Hollywood fear mongering about quarantine? Read a history book you bunch of numb nuts pandemics happen

    10. dog

      Uhhh what the fuck

    11. Untold History

      Time to leave the cities and grow your own food. People fought over toilet roll during a fake pandemic folks. Imagine when 💩 really hits the fan.... Sunday laws next. Jesus is coming soon

    12. Joshua 4050

      This is the elitists laughing at us

    13. Chen Ruilin


    14. Chris Castanas

      New variant of covid

    15. Jaweebelow

      Can't believe so many people out there are still buying into this whole thing. It's almost been a year now are you people actually crazy? Do you want this to happen? At this rate it's never going to end. You think the rulers will ever let go of this new level of power over the people? Majority of the population are retarded enough to walk around outside, in open outdoors, with masks on their face. These people will do whatever they are told, no question. Lockdowns will never end, thanks for letting this happen everyone who complied.

    16. happy hope 2021

      This movie should be banned for a decade still till it gets more better and life go back too normal who with me on this .

    17. Justin Watkins

      Nice, hollywood big shot pricks trying to implant more fear into people. Quit letting the media and hollywood instill fear into y'all and wake up, take the mask off, and be human again, live!

    18. Vg_astxro

      The exact defention of too soon

    19. Vg_astxro

      Tbh it pretty creepy coz this could happene lmao

    20. B Bol

      Apple 2022 - iPhone 14 with thermal camera is the most revolutionary iPhone ever ME- time to switch to android!

    21. Anna X

      Our reality is being turned on into a very dark thriller. How terrible! :(

    22. Anna X

      The mutations and the mutants are coming. Is this movie a revelation or a warning?


      I find this strange. Hollywood is full of leftists. And then will be there portraying is the fear of the right. I’m not sure if it’s mockery, or just to tell everyone that look this fear is only a movie, but this is literally turning into authoritarian government. Don’t pick a side, just open your eyes

    24. Stop the Censorship

      It’s suppose to be a movie not a documentary!

    25. Harvey Thompson

      Predictive programming! Do not watch this evil shif

    26. Xeino

      Leftists watch this movie and think the government is doing the right thing keeping people locked up 😂

    27. Sam Wilkie

      GTA players

    28. Makara Marshall

      Get right with God y'all

    29. Marek Kram

      This film or movie or what ever you like to call it If you have been in to the past 23 years of spilt beans of this sort Then you will have had your Bug out survival kills on the reddy This movie is not a CON If you no of the movie DEEP STRETE ? You will no of the director was KILLED off in real life !!!!!!!!!! Move slip out the next coming

    30. Shane Draper

      How did they write, cast, film and edit all this in only 6 months?

    31. Alex Haines

      Predictive programming

    32. Luca Monticciolo

      C’est bien de se faire de l’argent sur l’actualite ! En plus il est de mauvais gout

    33. stayc

      Are they wishing for another disaster?

    34. Kenan Waters

      Odd idea to bring a film out about the Covid pandemic whilst we’re still in it. Some might say bad taste...

    35. Robert Beecher

      This movie looks good 💯✔️

    36. Boreas Healing


    37. widdlesophiah

      Predictive programming. Hollywood is laughing at us. This is literally what’s about to happen, so prepare yourselves as much as you can and give your hearts to Jesus. He’s returning any second now ♥️

    38. Nathan

      A glimpse into the future with Biden running the USA. Good luck America, God bless.

    39. a ɐ

      “It's called the invisible enemy, and that's what it is: it's an invisible enemy.”


      This is so dramatic, why are y’all dramatic

    41. Der Babo

      What do we do if the People are scare? Offer good solutions Try to calm them? NO JUST FUCKING SCARE THEM EVEN MORE WHY NOT RIGHT

    42. Jan S.

      Fuck that trash. No one asked for a shitty movie like that

    43. massive legend

      That's shockingly insensitive.

    44. j s

      I mean why would we need this Christ !!!!!

    45. 1SecondHero

      This is so dumb actually wtf

    46. Trashed myself

      Covid 19 be like.


      Donald Trump cameo at 1.01

    48. AL P.

      Save your money, the movie is stupid

    49. nutboy93

      Too soon guys

    50. ̇

      Me showing this to my kids in 2035:

    51. Jay Malley

      I pray and pray and pray this doesn't happen

    52. White Spirit

      Nice insight to the future! 😀

    53. Ryan Ramboer

      This is literally what one political party that will remain unnamed wants to do 😂

    54. William Healy

      Tbh even if this movie is bad, I'm glad it was made because maybe it will scare people into staying inside

    55. Mr L


    56. The MindKiller


    57. Gabriella

      Just love where this is going..

    58. Mathew Diaz

      So 8 million deaths a year... Sounds like the lockdown approach isn't very effective maybe they should have tried a different approach after 6 months of failing. I like how they use bandanas like it's a medically rated mask or as if it does anything for a virus. Must be some lazy writers

    59. Chris Wyatt

      They treating it likea zombie virus and horror movie. Foreshadowing what the governments will do to us eventually

    60. Chris Wyatt

      What the fuck were they thinking making this?

    61. Klaus Schwab

      Boycott this movie

    62. Hi Vibe

      Predictive programming

    63. Very Random Stuff

      Wow it must have been filmed so quick. Someone saw an opportunity lol

      1. Vicki S.

        I doubt it. This shit show has been planned for a very very long time.

    64. Apollo P

      A new virus 💀

    65. ByteSized ReviewZ

      How many coincidences have to be made before they're no longer a coincidence? It's an honest question , I wanna know the limit so I can adjust my opinion on whether predictive programming or these such things hold any water when really put to the test.

    66. Andrew Tran

      j powell gonna be printing for another 3 years lol

    67. shadowman

      and the worst part is this isnt 100% unrealistic

    68. elaine conlan

      When's this due out xx

    69. Paul Moss

      Blatant propaganda. And what a suprise Amazon have made it . Fkin raging

    70. Marcus Walters

      You really gonna do the scary slowdown on Bob Marley? For real? C'mon, now.

    71. pingouin7

      Amazing how trailers consistently SPOIL THE STORY. Like what's the point in watching the movie now.

    72. Oscar Hughes

      Too soon

    73. Doug Fresh

      “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.” -Jesus Warning disciples of tribulation.

    74. Carlo Ortega

      When I saw Micheal Bay I was hyped asf

    75. Doug Fresh

      Knowledge is power.

    76. Ryan Brady

      It's not like we want to escape from the shit so why not make a movie about it?

    77. viersen

      Coming to your door Covid23 in 2023!

      1. Vicki S.

        It seems to be the magic number these days.

    78. Ruin Nation

      really why netflix didnt we go through enough? maybe ill watch it and sue for ptsd esp if they have toilet paper shortages. something tells me they put the covid 23 voice over in the movie after the fact it wasnt going to be a covid movie just a virus movie. why its just called the fever or virus in the actual movie. i swear to god some one is going to sue them over this and im going to laugh.

    79. ian mcreavy

      This looks so bad

    80. Mike

      This is what I want to think about

    81. Jojo heartspaypay


    82. Ever After

      This movie is gonna be trash

    83. Seek GOD first



      This is already out why are you saying 2021? It came out last year? You can buy it on HUfast.

    85. Akwe H.

      Coming soon, lmao. 💀 Funny how they use the same song from~ I am Legend.

    86. Baileys Bunkers

      Well, one things for sure.. this pandemic has brought out the egoists for the World to see who only care about their own lives/longivity/health.. I bet most of these people would just be run away if someone got knoifed bc "mwuh Kor0wNa feVr"..

    87. Baileys Bunkers

      Well, one things for sure.. this pandemic has brought out the egoists for the World to see who only care about their own lives/longivity/health.. I bet most of these people would just be run away if someone got knoifed bc "mwuh Kor0wNa feVr"..

    88. I-BL8CK-I ViER

      Here i am hoping they just open the door and clean the whole room with flamethrower

    89. The KER family.

      Its spam! This is a zombie movie overlaid by someone else to make it about covid. This is disgusting, overdramatised and most likely produced outside of the western world. Its BS!

    90. Tuxedo Alien

      This actually looks really good.

    91. Thedopeone Human

      Bro this isn't a movie it's a prediction of the future so stack up on ammo and don't let the librals take your guns

    92. Ethan Thomas

      There’s honestly no point in living through this. I’d rather just die

      1. Vicki S.

        @Nick Halloway Depends. Does it involve "Q"?

      2. Nick Halloway

        @Vicki S. vicki yeah care to join me for a smoke of this hopium, its fun,

      3. Vicki S.

        @Nick Halloway that's some strong hopium you're smoking, there...

      4. Nick Halloway

        ethan the lockdown insanity will end shortly, biden wont be president for very long, trump will be inaugerated in april, and will destroy the deep state worldwide, then this insanity ends, in about 8months things will be returning to normal, after than the world will be a much better place for everyone, without the psychopathic elites, everyone will live like kings, and queens,

    93. Chris Daniel

      It's kinda good so far , after 24min

    94. Joshua Hall

      Not one mask

    95. DRAGON

      POV: This is actually 2021

    96. KristyMOTO MOTO


    97. brokentoegaming 123

      Im sorry who made a movie about covid cuz i love when this happens im purging

    98. Luis Arnold

      Nah, they're trying to profit from the deaths of our friends and family, fuck them.

    99. BuilderofficalcobbyMincraft

      covid 2023 2 year untill this happends

    100. Jean Whitehouse

      Ah yes.. please make the ppl more scared.. sure why not