Star Size Comparison 2


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    Dear world,
    Let´s talk about time.
    When I uploaded my first HUfast video 7 years ago, I would have never thought that it would get that much attention. Had lots of discussions, met new people, continued to make videos about things that intrigued me. Or tried out effects.
    I enjoyed it a lot, and I still read every comment that pops up. And they keep coming in. It is a hobby that I am very glad about having started. And I am humbled by the attention.

    Well, as time went by I found less time to work on videos, struggled with other things in life, and wondered if I would ever find the time again.
    But I always knew one thing:
    I owe you something. All the time people were are asking about a sequel to starsize comparison. And yes, I promised once.
    I keep my promises. So, whenever I found time over the last year I spent it on that. Here it is.
    I hope you like it. I tried to do it in a bit different way. Curious for the feedback. I know I will be hardly able to beat the choice of music from the first part, but let me say, Vangelis Alpha is a piece that is very dear to my heart, I always had this in mind.
    Still looking for contact to musicians.
    I do not know what the future brings, but I hope we will hear from each other. Enjoy.
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    1. morn1415

      Star size Comparison 3 (Vortex V1) is out. Enjoy

      1. Luka Luka

        @Ali Moosvi they can't they lie us the world has end and it would be the second galaxies aren't real there is only one galaxy where we live it's idiot theory of scientists they think that earth is made by a explosion don't trust them without God it can't be done it needs material thing which they can't find cause earth is created by god

      2. geo wolf

        ar megona qartveli youtuberebi amdens tu miagwevdnen magram rogorc schans shevcdi :)

      3. Uras Saygun

        This music is super pls say name of the music

      4. HC YY

        Still popular as ever.

      5. Максим Міняйло

        1:56 она похожа на юпитер токо кора сная

    2. Alex Dascalu

      This clip is the best of the best of the best of the best. MAGNIFIC ! SUPERB! EXTRAORDINARY!

    3. Dang Ptty

      so the universe is in sphere shape.

    4. Jercee Salonga

      How Great is our God! Halleluiah!!! John 3:16 For God so loved the World He gave His Only Begotten Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have Eternal Life!!!

    5. влад галкин

      я отказываюсь это верить

    6. MCJ Gamers

      Maybe outside of it is Heaven.

    7. 윤우

      이렇게 조온나 진짜 졸라 큰 우주에서 조온나 작은 지구에서 조온나 작은 대한민국에서 나는 도대체 뭐냐 현타 씨게 오네 ... 이렇게 살아봤자 ㅅㅂ....

    8. Ridwan Mahmood

      If you go to Vangelis - Alpha (Audio) all the comments are about this video

    9. Laxey

      This is so cool but also scary I don’t know why

    10. Junhao Xie

      I love this music

    11. MeinNameistHorstduSpast

      the music is soooo ;-///////////////////////////////////// no pls

    12. heinz-juergen pucher

      Heinz - Juergen Pucher betr. Erdplanet. Unser Erdplanet hat einen Durchmesser von 43.330 Km.!!!! Nicht zu verwechseln mit dem Durchmesser unserer flachen Erde von ca.13.000 Km. Die Tiefe unserer flachen Erde bis zur urspruenglichen Kraterlandschaft, sind ca. 20 km. Aber die beschaedigte Gesamthoehe von unserem Erdplaneten, sind bis zum Aussenrand/Dom mindestens 1.000 Das heisst: dass unter unserer flachen Erde/Erdflaeche, bis zum Erdplanetrand ca. 42.330 km. sich befinden!!!

      1. morn1415

        Hier wird genau erklärt warum kein Dom existiert. Jeder kann das am Himmel beobachten. Unmöglich auf einer flachen Erde.

    13. Mei You Ming Yi

      your translations is so stupid\brainless!!!!!, its word is unclear, vague!!!!!

    14. heinz-juergen pucher

      Heinz - Juergen Pucher sind die vielen Kugeln fuer eine antike Kegelbahn gedacht, oder fuer eine neue Bowlingbahn???

    15. Тарбозавр 2011

      Видео крутое

    16. Mikas Journey to 1mil

      Knowing that there might be another society makes me think are those ufos coming from another planet and that a human is controlling it...

    17. Payal Sakharkar

      I thing aliens are real One day human find alien

    18. Chronic Talal

      Was here since 13k views. How the turn tables

    19. Luis Sang

      man this is crazy

    20. sean f

      >believing this is real

    21. [4B03]FUNG CHEUK LAP [4B03]馮卓立

    22. Cheezzy0

      It's a great big universe, and we're all really puny. We're just tiny little specks, about the size of Mickey Rooney...

    23. Farris Firdanish

      You guys feel smallest yet?

    24. mnemalo

      мы все пыл ьебаная

    25. ÇÖZÜMÜ NE

      TÜRKLER hala burdamısınız

    26. Yurko Sirko

      Nothing else scares me as much as thinking of "absolute nothing". None of religion can deal with this and help, once I'm there I'm alone. Only thinking even more, even further and feeling myself being a part of "something" can help. Thank you for this video.

      1. morn1415

        I would not worry too much about it. :) You did not exist an infinite time before you were born, and it was not that bad for you. Ok, the bottom layer of Minecraft scares me a bit... Probably would be very scared too if being near a Black Hole. Fear of the unknown outside of the known world is relatable. :)

    27. Cường Nguyễn

      By new measurements UY Scuti is no longer the largest star in the universe as it is only 755 times larger than the radius of the sun (even out of the top 50 of the biggest stars), Stephenson 2-18 becomes the largest star in the universe at the present time with a radius of 2150 times that of the sun

    28. Muhammad Rifat Shahriar Rumi

      Can I know the name of background music?

      1. Ken Logsdon

        Of course, look at the end of the description. Or, I can just tell you. It's "Alpha" from Vangelis' 1976 Album "Albedo 0.39".

    29. King Abody

      خلق الله سبحانه

    30. NINJA Gaming

      I think there is people in every galaxy

    31. Andy. Jung

      지구는 마이크로나노펜보다 더 얇은펜으로 찍은 점보다도 작겠다....

    32. Monti


    33. sana FJ

      Its cool how ALL that is real!

    34. Мистер Miner

      А вдруг это кто то на телефон снимал?

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    38. אריאל אילוז

      אני אריאל

    39. Ovuvuevuevue enyetuenwuevue ugbemugbem osas


    40. Noah Harris

      This video is beyond beautiful to me. It demonstrates a concept I could've never hoped to visualize any other way. I came here to see how large UY Scuti was compared to VY Canis Majoris, and I got so much more. I used to think "Oh, I guess it's within reason that life only exists on our planet, I know the universe is huge but there aren't *that* many planets, right? Like, okay, a few hundred billion, that's good odds that life could exist elsewhere, but it's not beyond reason to assume we're alone, right?" Wrong. There's more than hundreds of billions. There's hundred of billions in our galaxy. Ten galaxies and that's one trillion already. But there's so much more, hundreds of thousands of galaxies that have near-infinite unique formations within them. Suddenly, a few hundred billion planets seems like a small number... That's the real beauty of it. Not necessarily that there's *guaranteed* to be life out there, but that there's no possible way for us to know everything about our universe, let alone others if they exist. All of this is moving constantly, at speeds we can't comprehend, being created, destroyed, colliding and combining, and there is NO way to know everything about it. We don't suffer because we don't know, we are driven to pursue what we CAN'T know. It's unbelievable to me just how well this video puts everything into perspective for me.

    41. Brian Mannella

      what i love the music morn, where did you find it.

      1. Ken Logsdon

      2. Cherry May Moralde

        Vangelis - alpha

    42. Faber 035

      La mente umana non riesce a concepire l'immensità del universo..

    43. A2L

      I have re watched This 100times because of how scary and satisfying this is

    44. repenthumans06

      Это Бог сотворил Всемогущий Какой же он великий я в шоке

    45. Владимир Авдюхин

      Вот это круто!

    46. Сергей Ритре

      От такого мозг виснет)

    47. Jeskelvamaro JG


    48. Cherry May Moralde

      The laniakea supercluster looks like a girl deer

      1. Ken Logsdon


    49. Cherry May Moralde

      5:07 my favorite part

    50. محمد جابر

      سبحان الله

    51. FOSRAD

      Does anyone think we are still alone in this universe?

    52. Melinda Roberts

      Are we seriously that nothing to the point where we are atoms beyond atoms Beyond atoms compared to the universe, EVEN OUR GALAXY!?

      1. Ken Logsdon

        Yup, now you see it!

    53. jennie

      we are just figering out how to get to mars. and then i see this video, its mind blowing how many other galaxies and universes there are. can you just amagin what it would be like to travel from are universe to another just like that its crazy!

    54. ? It's Wølf Skylãr ¿

      bu kadar ışık ve galaxiyi düşünmezdim 😰😰😰😰😰

    55. Chloe Baldwin

      Anyone else questioning the meaning of life? No? Just me? Ok.

    56. velzheart dream

      heaven is very high above the universe.

    57. Azazel Samael69

      Afterlife in purgatory..

    58. Appu22b Appu22b

      Ooh God

    59. Axel Pedro

      Nobita and Doraemon

    60. Rish Iris

      After wathing video big,large,vast words are nothing.

    61. мари клэр

      3 When I see your heavens, the works of your fingers,The moon and the stars that you have prepared, 4 What is mortal man that you keep him in mind,And a son of man that you take care of him? ( Psalm 8:3,4) Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created. ( Revelation 4:11)

    62. Pferdeclique

      You know what I still find amazing? Walking outside an feeling the heat of the sun on my skin

    63. wiil somaliyed

      The universe is huge

    64. Qanat Ashirbek

      4:43 the best moment of the video

    65. Anjali Sharma

      When are we meeting aliens? They must be thinking about meeting us too.

    66. Anjali Sharma

      Ohh man!! I had always been thinking that there's nothing beyond the universe. Yeah, I am wrong again. I'm never right.

    67. garbanzete_04

      So... My screen is bigger than the universe 🤔 nice

    68. Karl Karlos

      I will never do my homework again

    69. Mert Hot

      Whos here from TikTok?

    70. vito s.


    71. wahab gul

      Allah akbar

    72. A and M

      But the real question is.... what’s beyond the multiverse

      1. whats his name?

        i know. but i m not telling.

      2. A and M

        Well, im not educated in the science 👁👅👁

      3. Reaper Gaming

        @Hope l freya Mikaelson absolutely right bro:)

      4. Hope l freya Mikaelson

        There is no edge to the universe, as far as we know. There's an edge to the observable universe-we can only see so far out. That's because light travels at a finite speed (one light-year per year), so as we look at distant things we're also looking backward in time.

    73. Ty Ty

      We are so small it’s unbelievable there is 100% life out there

    74. johan** hossain**

      Well my screen is still the Bigger. they fit all in my screen

    75. Lal Parvula


    76. Blake Donnelly is the best and better than you

      In my opening noon this is the single greatest video on HUfast.

    77. Lal Parvula

      After seeing this i realised how small our planet earth is

    78. nnikhongtw4


    79. Gaming with Kativix

      now i can see what beautiful world its this one most and most beautiful thing that i wanted i never known this until i watched now i did not know that galaxies was up there god created such an beautiful world or universe he and his son created animals,humans and world very good such an great life on earth!

    80. David Nissestad Unsgård

      Whats the name on the song

      1. Ken Logsdon

    81. 51Dss

      Seems oxymoronic to suggest that we know the dimensions and boundaries of something that is called "Universe". If it can be measured then it cannot be "Universal". Human beings - mortal man cannot plumb infinity any more than it can fathom "nothingness" or a true Void.

      1. morn1415

        We only are able to measure the so called "Observable Universe" which is a sphere with the diameter of 92 billion light years. Impossible to measure anything else, as no information can travel to us from beyond. But based on our models how the world works, we can extrapolate a probable extent. Recently our measurements of the curvature of spacetime indicate it is not infinite, as we thought for some time. Regarding other universes, there are additional hints.

    82. cuong nguyen

      The music is far more fantastic than i believe

    83. Kenny Lin

      What happen when they collide?

    84. cuchillo afilado

      ¡Viaje al pozo más profundo del Mundo!

    85. Loty Kormos

      Foarte frumoasă, și interesantă postarea dumneavoastră, felicitări mă uit cu plăcere, succes încontinuare

    86. 실루아


    87. Chili Cactus

      Wait i actually didnt know there it was so big, i only thought there was the milky way

      1. Bnslamb

        The Milky Way is the name of our galaxy. Andromeda is the name of our neighbor galaxy. There are billions of galaxy's, or more, and each galaxy contain hundreds billions (more or less) stars.

    88. Surachat Ngangit

      เดญา */ดั้นเจี้ยน/เดญา*...//....//.... */หลั้กฐาน/เดญา 15 แท่ม* */เอ่กส่าร/เดญา 1 ใบเบิ้ล* */หนั่งสือ/เดญา 8 เล่ม*

      1. Surachat Ngangit

        รุพ */หลั้กฐาน/เดญา 1* บ */หลั้กฐาน/เดญา 2* ด */หลั้กฐาน/เดญา 3* ษ */หลั้กฐาน/เดญา 4* ฬ */หลั้กฐาน/เดญา 5* ด */หลั้กฐาน/เดญา 6* ศ */หลั้กฐาน/เดญา 7* ง */หลั้กฐาน/เดญา 8* ฃ */หลั้กฐาน/เดญา 9* ก */หลั้กฐาน/เดญา 10* ส */หลั้กฐาน/เดญา 11* ฃ */หลั้กฐาน/เดญา 12* ศ */หลั้กฐาน/เดญา 13* ฅ */หลั้กฐาน/เดญา 14* ญ */หลั้กฐาน/เดญา 15*

      2. Surachat Ngangit

        อะ */หนั่งสือ/เดญา 6* ใ */หนั่งสือ/เดญา 7* อ */หนั่งสือ/เดญา 8*

      3. Surachat Ngangit

        ปะ */หนั่งสือ/เดญา 1* บ */หนั่งสือ/เดญา 2* ถ */หนั่งสือ/เดญา 3* ถ */หนั่งสือ/เดญา 4* ถ */หนั่งสือ/เดญา 5*

      4. Surachat Ngangit

        ตร็า -ค -ต -ร -อ -ฐ */เอ่กส่าร/เดญา 1*

    89. Asya Balcı


    90. 。 M

      It's like a living brain cell!

    91. Патимат Идрисгаджиева

      Вы думаете что это без Бога все существуют! Аллахь вилок !!!!

    92. Ny'ygth'aal - Sothoth

      ا̴͢ن̡د̸̧̀د҉͞͠ي҉̡͞پ̸̶̀͘͢ت҉̷̀́͞ م͏͜҉̸́ا̴͢ن̡د̸̧̀⭒ چ̴̢̛̟͚͚̝͉̰̜͖̭͙̥̖͟͞و̴̜͖̯̣͚̲͕̙͕̮̥͕̭̪̼̀ͅو̴̜͖̯̣͚̲͕̙͕̮̥͕̭̪̼̀ͅ

    93. MF Sharif

      But still some morons........ Earth is flat!😉 Me: What the 🤬?


      Precioso video, Gracias por el esfuerzo. Escribo en medio de nuestra pandemia 2020, con el cuerpo agobiado por el cansancio de este año tan particular y este video ha sido un espacio de paz y amor. Gracias, gracias, gracias

    95. Vladimir K

      Необходимо к просмотру при внезапном приступе собственной важности...

    96. M. A. HUSSAIN Doctor's Vibes

      What is the Name of Background Music Track? Please Let Me kNow

      1. Bnslamb

        Vangelis - Alpha

    97. Guilherme Trevisan

      I watch this video over and over and still I get this was the first time seen of how amazing this is. How every colossal thing becomes insignificant in comparison to the next ones! Simply incredible! Better than 2020 comparison, I suppose!

    98. Tamara Tihhonjuk

      Просмотреть -- the first movie ---second video --- link to my books for kids

    99. Tom What the hell did you take

      Its amazing how a universe like our, is so small compared to other housands of multiuniverse's and multiverse's.