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    Do you think you could have done all the levels?
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    1. MrBeast

      Do you think you could have done all the levels?

      1. 707 365

        @Rockk it’s rockk

      2. Emi Grapes


      3. LenaBestie


      4. ً


      5. Alan Orozco

        nope LOL

    2. Steve Sand

      Was it just me or were they stepping all Over the lasers?

    3. 고한솔


    4. Franky is busy

      *I misclicked* Chandler's version of my hand slipped

    5. samuel brent

      nolan sucks

    6. RaguelRaguel BrattinBrattin

      The complex club cytopathologically tumble because territory perinatally plant despite a kaput oven. better, happy bowl

    7. Chicken Bone


    8. hish11

      Imagine getting paid to do money laundering

    9. Ryan Pena

      yes because i am small and sneaky so i think i will make it

    10. Everyone's Idol Goro Majima

      Noland is the god at parkour

    11. MSCLJ Finwinn

      Wen you See in the fist Stage three People ist out the tatsch the laiser 😂😂😂😂😂

    12. Josh Deibler

      I love Lazerbeam

    13. Missy Cade

      He should do this but with subscribers :)

    14. Aidan Becker

      They literally all touched the lazera

    15. Cheryl Kauffman

      How about 20 bucks for food?

    16. Hammad Enver


    17. qecalor es

      why always the same ppl

    18. Addy's Days

      If You aren’t on Minecraft tomorrow in the morning you can play Minecraft

    19. Addy's Days

      Mr. B’s are you on Minecraft Right now

    20. Ivo LGN

      If it was the most advanced there will be lazars everywere so it will be hard even for a stick to pass

    21. Osmar Villa

      Who else saw that Nolan hit the laser at 4:44.

    22. Reustus

      Enes Batur Bunu Çaldı

    23. Mateusz Bladocha

      This has more colour saturation than fortnite

    24. Brent Hunter


    25. Ana Lolz

      I would have done this for nothing it’s so fun!!

    26. David Banner

      Okay. I invest with professional traders and brokers. Sheila O'Neil being one of them. In this business knowing who works is best

    27. Hamza Yaprak

      Anass basur apim teyipten bile daha hırsızsın

    28. Sam Belkalai

      The humorous scarecrow neurologically shave because citizenship diagnostically stamp versus a toothsome march. jaded, decorous need

    29. Jonah Rodriguez

      4:43 he hit it at bottom

    30. Yiğit Ager

      ya bu şey değilmi enes patur çatır çutur abimiz

      1. Yiğit Ager

        Biliyorum reis

      2. Furkan Tarzı Montaj

        Hayır patur putur bu abimizden çalmış

    31. Georges

      4:43 he hitted the laser

    32. bloxburg player

      Please donate me that ipad i need it for play games 🥺

    33. Atharva N

      Shouldn't you give the security to the police

    34. Stephen Dean

      Screw nolan

    35. kezban

      utku uçuyo

    36. Alex Light

      4:48 he did hit laser

    37. Arda Öztürk


      1. Pugb Emir

        Kim kimden çalmış olum Enes batur çalmış djdj

      2. Ali Kara

        Enes iyi çalıyor

      3. Arda Öztürk

        @Mert can Yıldız VE TELEFONDADA DEĞİLİM

      4. Arda Öztürk

        @Mert can Yıldız AYNEN KNK

      5. Mert can Yıldız

        Kardeşim telefonu anne babana ver bu yaşta böyle yerlerde gezme.

    38. lil moon

      4:41 Nolan did touch the laser it is literally on his foot

    39. lil moon

      I could do this easily

    40. lil moon

      Bro this looks so fun

    41. Caner

      Enes batur iyi çalmış yanlız kapak fotoğtafı bile aynı

    42. Selim ksk

      enes batur abinin çakması

      1. Ali Kara

        Enes çalmış

      2. Mehmet emin Güner

        vallaha beyler kapak fotosundan tutun bildiğin çalmış hater falan değilim ama belli asfjaskfas

      3. Mert can Yıldız

        @hamza özer Bende

      4. hamza özer

        Trol diye umuyorum

    43. KO Gaming

      Enes Batur is stole your content

      1. Mert can Yıldız


    44. محمد جريبي


    45. Angel Camua



      *Enes Agamın Selamı Var :D*

    47. Liquid Dino007

      Karl is so fucking annoyinf

    48. KutaySL

      Enes baturdan geldik

      1. Ali Kara

        Enes çalmış

      2. Mert can Yıldız

        Orjinalini görmek içinmi

    49. Marcel Rory

      The natural thing immunocytochemically queue because professor particularly slip onto a thankful jury. nappy, brash tail

    50. top notch

      If you see this comment then your legendary 👍

    51. Synyster2040


    52. MvdM90

      do we need to talk about chandler's sister?

    53. ShinChan

      Where did he get this much money

    54. toivo lappalainen

      4:40 he hit it

    55. Bernhard Diener

      4:40 he hit the first middle one

    56. Oneth Costa_ODC

      These guys remind me of soldier's going through army training, the only difference are the lasers

    57. Tim Gray

      if i did the lasers i think i would fall

    58. Diamond Kid Gaming


    59. Diamond Kid Gaming


    60. Relent215aff Ent

      Omg yo

    61. j and I sister


    62. Ronica Benally


    63. Lazy Dylan

      Nolan would have lost

    64. Rafif abdulah


    65. Garret Reyerson


    66. Mike Gamer

      Nolan touched a laser at 4:44 i think

    67. Erryn Dundon

      Hi. It's TrendCrave here.

    68. No-cap-albino Yt

      I’m your biggest fan

    69. No-cap-albino Yt

      Hi there

    70. MrTwixplays

      what the fuck is nolens voice

    71. anthony canay

      9:59 karl activated his mangyekou sharingan

    72. Marco Villanueva

      I want Nolan to win always I mean he lost some challenges and I feel bad

    73. Bindawod Silongan

      Mr. Beast can i ask for an iphone 12? I am from Philippines eversince i haven't experienced having an iphone...

    74. Hi Hi


    75. John R


    76. Igneel


    77. buleface albert

      Nolan actually lost at the flicker stage because he touched the laser in the tramboline stage , then he lost one at the crawling stage , then he rushed to the end at the flicker stage.

    78. Apar JAUHARI

      john cena could have won this easily

    79. Arvind Goswami


    80. madhu R

      From India

    81. Just Some Dude

      Nolan hits the laser Jimmy:I'm just gonna pretend i didn't see that 4:38 slow it down

    82. Ben May

      Nolan hit it on the trampoline one

    83. mervin sister's

      nollan you rollan

    84. hieueueu

      He got hit by the laser at 4:40

    85. TheBeast 750


    86. Caroline chouliaras


    87. Vanya Qi

      when Mr beast is gone his brother will take over his spot

    88. Simonas Mačiukas

      Chandler should have won, Nolan hit the laser at 4:43, 5:45 and 8:45

    89. OnlythisGameBoy 3000

      Yeet in chat for lazarbeam

    90. Cyborg gaming

      Hi i need a job plz

    91. Ginting Verril Manuel

      stealing the diamond

    92. Meme Tistic


    93. Arnoxis

      9:15 DONT trust Chris with any expensive stuff

    94. Finn Melchi

      nolan hit the lazer 4:43

    95. eswar sai


    96. play games Scott

      chanler cant make it through

    97. play games Scott


    98. Donny

      Karls jump before the beam disappeared was awesome

    99. Rasy Ibsen

      20m views huh you mean 40m