Superliminal (FULL GAME)


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    Superliminal will blow your mind over and over until there's nothing left but ashes and dust at the bottom of reality and then it'll do it all over again!
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    1. The Pack

      Alternate Title: Mark Getting Soda for an Hour Straight.

    2. Stick agent Man

      Mark: *gets unstuck* Also Mark: IT SMELLS LIKE STUCK IN HERH

    3. The Pack

      Lol jokes on you my dreams are nightmares

    4. Levi Brown

      i'm crying because I miss unus anus

    5. Levi Brown

      im 10 but this still makes me think about life and whats to come.

    6. gaming Ave

      Do it take my dreams you can meet Fred my demon in my dreams

      1. gaming Ave

        Go on do it

    7. Carot Stic

      My head hurts

    8. Derp master Eric

      my brain during gaming: oh yeah its big brain time my brain during tests: 19:13 Oh what brings you here well never mind that im sure we can have a..... *nice* time ;)

    9. Lightning Gamer

      1 hour and 20 minutes in and Markiplier has destroyed the reality of the game lol

    10. Chip Clip

      Just played this not know Mark did. Very fun

    11. Firelord

      Everyone: (talks about video) Me: can we get an “F” in the chat for lixian he don’t deserve this

    12. DaniBoi

      This man used elements from SCP Containment Breach, Stanley Parable, and Bendy and the Ink Machine in a 3 minute time span

    13. Dr. Zion

      510K people are appreciating mark’s Glory.

    14. Aiden The Diver

      Perspective is dangerous, that is the one lesson I learned from this game.

    15. DJPendell Music

      Does anyone else find this video somehow nostalgic? Like I've never heard of this game and this video doesn't remind me of other videos by Mark, but for some reason it feels nostalgic

      1. Anono Miss

        I'm reminded of the Stanley Parable. Such a good series :)

    16. abbeysonic

      I shouldn't have watched this at 4 in the morning, my brain is melting

    17. Elyiana Flores

      1:24:18 Time stamp to show my broski

    18. Elyiana Flores

      LOL "am I about to fight shadow link" man that brings me back 🤣

    19. Diane Zeno

      I was covering my eyes at scary bits lol

    20. Lightning Gamer

      I love this game so much so I’m glad to see it XD

    21. Mars AI

      I never seen anyone with more cancer energy than mark.

    22. ColligendisAurora

      1:07:00 the nostalgic vibe of rats map in cs1.6

    23. Taylor Haskan

      Man I got a headache watching this my big brain s system says error and why I would be panicing really bad if that was in real life dang

    24. I am the new Justin y.

      Best vid ever

    25. RMPM27

      I cant believe that I watched the whole video without my teacher noticing me on my phone with wireless earphones XD

    26. Felamae Fiedacan


    27. xCapriconx

      Imagine yournarrator markiplier and corpse being mixed THE ULTIMATE LOW VOICE

    28. Xanthan Gum

      I miss Tiny Box Tim so much

    29. StarScreen Studio

      mark is a guy like just play the game i mean the full game

    30. gill pill

      Its called a crosshair mark😂😂😂

    31. Yagie Studios

      1:04:58 tf2 vibes

    32. dosh man

      brainwave dosh

    33. Yada Nada

      "But, just like the power of perspective itself, it will have been as real as you believed it to be. All you have to do is... *Wake. Up....* " - Dr. Glenn Pierce.

    34. Sophera01

      31:08 "DeVeLePeR, I broke the game-!" We knew it would happen eventually XD

    35. Lance Schneider


    36. Courtney H

      18:14: David Tennant? lol

    37. SkyrimBarbie

      Mark please wake up.

    38. Egg Station

      To answer your question mark, yes I have pretended to squeeze peoples heads pretty fun ngl

    39. Rolfy Widdle

      Soda Steve no...😥

    40. Roque Ortiz

      Just sat through a class and a half watching this video

    41. Mønix

      17:03 Lyric: ''Blu, Dudu, Dudun, Brim, Pubu, Bum, Dum, Bupo, Blum, Bidum, Drudun'' Hahah

    42. Calvin Phi Larsen

      33:58 neeerrrr ner nerenrenrenrnenrenrnenrenrnenrnrenrnernenrenren

    43. Calvin Phi Larsen

      oh my goodnes gracious gally gosh 22:37

    44. Sean Morris

      The intense fear of shadow link is real in everybody 😂

    45. Vlasta Sušák

      Everybody: Material emancipation grill Markiplier: _Object thing_

    46. Αοβίνια Καστελάνι

      I threw up. This game made me really motion sick

    47. Loya Frostwind

      Ok. This makes me think of Lost/Portal/Alice in Wonderland.

    48. chris honey

      DO NOT buy this game. It's too short and the novelty of the perspective puzzles wears off quickly and even becomes annoying. Complete waste of 20 dollars. Worst game i've ever purchased.

    49. Eleina Kelai

      No one: Mark: *laughing at piano noises* Me: *WHEEZE*

    50. Ali Chughtai

      28:00 regular person has 3-5 dreams per night Cries in zero dreams per night

    51. VEX


    52. Lillian World

      23:54 to 24:04 When he started I was drinking and i almost choked but i did not then right after that i laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed so hard.

    53. FOXY GIRL!

      mark has gone insane he is laughing over jazz

    54. Lillian Mandela

      Whyd this make me so motionsick


      Daaam that S is deep .yes't?

    56. Goatopia 0-0

      I forgot I’m about to be murdered 39:47

    57. Eucis93

      It blows my mind when people say they’re not depressed/have no mental illness. Like did they get some vaccine that everyone else missed or something because who could live in this world and not feel sad and hopeless every minute of every day? This world breeds depression and sometimes I wonder if the happy people are the sick ones

    58. Prof. Sir

      These games are proof that video games art pure art.

    59. aidxn6k

      This game might as well be made by Zach King

    60. Zverobob


    61. Am A ukulele

      1:04:00 don’t remind us mark!

    62. Dirty Dangles

      This game is so brilliant


      He still and always remember of Tiny box Tim 52:13

    64. UI god

      like who is watching this in 2021

    65. Rat King

      BeAn jUiCe

    66. Presten Kitchen

      that one part "MY BRAIN" he says THEN: "its so friking cool"

    67. Ivan Poy

      Why for mark’s voice sound unusual

    68. F4

      He be goin around the house at 3 a.m looking for BEANS.

    69. funny posts

      Well he did not sign all the papers but he sure as hell pressed all of the soda machines

    70. Lecto A. Moyme

      Timid Jazz Pianist got me

    71. tobio draws

      mark: i am forward marching- me: hErE wE gO, MeMbErS oF tHe AgEnCy BaKuGo, SaI- EuGh

    72. Yeetus deletus

      The die is a reference to the die-t from the simpsons

    73. youtube letsplay

      Zach king the game

    74. JFlint GAMING

      This game:character is in a dream sequence and leeps on trying to reach a goal( going through the elevator) Call of duty cold war: character(bell) in a dream sequence trying to reach a goal.(opening the door.)

    75. yes you

      Honestly this one of my favorite videos ever I keep rewatching when I not well I really wish I could like more that one time

    76. AndroidAP

      Portal Parable

    77. nagito komaeda

      Game:**is serious** Mark: big box

    78. Zero Journeys’ Official

      1:24:32 I thought the exact same thing Mark

    79. Superbux45

      My brain is officially broken. This is the trippiest shit I’ve ever seen.

    80. Walcott Girls

      20:35 - Illinois?

    81. Ice L

      “I like cheese” “I love beans” “I like guac” Is there a food mark DOESNT like?

      1. Magic Music 117

        @KawaiiLemon right! that was the joke i was making. 😂

      2. Ice L

        @KawaiiLemon I mean. I guess soju works

      3. KawaiiLemon

        @Ice L Koreans can drink alcohol. You realize they invent like three types of alcohol right? Mark can’t drink alcohol due to medical stuf but Koreans can DEFINITELY get schwasted. My gf and her family can drink me under the table any time and they are always busting it the soju.

      4. KawaiiLemon

        Not onions anymore XD

      5. Ice L

        @Magic Music 117 Koreans can’t drink alcohol

    82. ZygardiumOrder • _

      Lowkey getting some portal 2 vibes from this game(namely the dialogue from somnascript's staff)

      1. ZygardiumOrder • _

        Also layers of fear vibes in some bits of this. Layers of fear is also a good game

      2. ZygardiumOrder • _

        Morpheus would love this game

      3. ZygardiumOrder • _

        Cool overall tho

    83. VengefulVids

      I watched this while high and wow wtf lolol I love it ^_^

    84. Larry Hughes


    85. Larry Hughes

      i fell droonk

    86. Larry Hughes

      tath does nothing to my brain cuz ive ben triked to many times

    87. ·Atsumu Miya·

      43:45 i thought i saw somebody standing there but i looked again and nobody was there😭

    88. jack the shadow


    89. Chewy Mustard

      5:01 his brain just broke lmfao 🤣 💀 😂 😭

    90. Jasper McMahon

      Mark is my 3d favorite HUfastr he also takes the place of 1st and 2nd

    91. Martínez Jiménez Eduardo Armando

      Imagine explaining this to a blind person

    92. Bruno Diaz

      so.. stanley´s parable's verse

    93. Hariku Spams

      Deep voiced mark is so nmgsyegzyeh🥰😍😘

    94. Payton Hyman

      What happens if you get all the blueprints?

    95. Itz_ ShellyJelly

      Soda Steve Anybody remember tiny box Tim 😭

    96. Steve Nugget

      I don't know how, but I watched the whole video despite it being gameplay. I absolutely loved it.

    97. XCloud

      You left soda steve!!!

      1. XCloud

        Also it was never sunday!!

    98. NightFang427X3

      The timid pianist is adorable-

    99. Formatic