Sykkuno And I GASLIGHT The Lobby And Create A GRAVEYARD

Corpse Husband

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    1. •Minty•

      I Love You :)

    2. radiatorboi

      Unpopular opinion: Corpse is overrated

    3. Ser Ryan

      The amount of BM in this is amazing “It’s not corpse he’s clear he’a clear he’s clear he’s clear ahahahahaha

    4. Arianna albert

      i listen to his musil evry day ✨✨✨✨

    5. gen1_mega-evolution

      Corpse is the BEST!!!!!!

    6. among us wolf

      corpse is the best among us player

    7. Rich Pine

      Corpse saying, "What's your biggest fear" at 11:40 at .75% speed sounds scary cool lol

    8. sreekutty sree

      The perfect seeder postprandially include because record essentially saw at a gaudy dance. last, astonishing pepper

    9. Shylock 104

      13:29 Any crewmates around? Sykkuno: Well my screen technically said Impostor LOL

    10. AshleyBae

      Rae to Corpse: she meant a bad b*tch 😂😂😂

    11. jasmine Velasquez

      Love your videos corpse

    12. KoalaGaming18

      Lud: Nobody's dead?! *Dies* My favourite part lmao

    13. Ava Allen

      I simp

    14. REGEX Assassin

      Sykkuno: Karl is that Breaking Benjammin? 😂😂😂

    15. drem

      Like your vooce

    16. Róbert Schritter

      ive never simped over so many asian people before

    17. Carrie Brock

      Corpse how in the world your voice is so fucking dark

    18. Antara Mohite


    19. Alisa Khan

      i literally came here to listen to Corpse's voice because i thought he sounds like my online art teacher. But corpse's voice is so deep...i just became addicted..

    20. Elias Ricau

      Hey small imposter idea : the returner... in a game with two imposters one of them would be the returner, he does not have any special skills and his goal would be the same BUT, once the returner dies, he takes over the body and name of one of the crew mates, of course the crew mate who’s body has been taken « dies » and becomes a ghost and no one would be able to speak (since the other crew mates would easily recognize the returner by his voice). Basically he would exchange his soul and put it in a crew mates body. Pros : fun way to put an extra task to the returner, who would then need to try to assimilate and imitate the crew’s soul he took over in order to not look sus, it would also put the « message » option in the spotlight since the only way everyone would be able to discover the true returner would be by his way of writing (not speaking of course that would be a little to easy). Cons: I guess it is hard to organize, and it would only be a game mode between friends (since strangers can’t really know the way of writing and doing stuff of each other). The new job of the returner would be the same as the imposter, but if he gets killed once again, he simply dies. There would only be one returner because having two of them would be slightly hard. If this game mode gets taken, I think putting it aside with the « jester » game mode would also be fun. Like if this seems interesting.

    21. Scelohead

      Omg 😂😂😂🤣 can you imagine being a teller at a bank and having someone with a voice this deep asking your biggest fear.

    22. Roseanne park

      Corpse you new fan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    23. Rachel Mariyaa Saplee S.

      I think I know who corpse is becuz there's a tamil actor who has his voice:)

    24. Annabelle Bellerose

      Corpse I'm the girl from omegle and I asked if you were corpse

    25. Andrew C.

      Corpse sorry that people say if your ugly if you are IDC soooo sorry corpse :) !😁😁😁😁😁😁

    26. Emily Cuevas

      ok, ok but when corpse said he'd hand deliver merch to sykkuno. my heart melted.

    27. Four Leaf Clover

      "it's not a bug, it's a birthright"

    28. Brittany Cato

      You are mean

    29. Angel Gaming

      Corpse: Shut the FUCK up Brooke Brooke: =-=

    30. NikkoFromYT Official

      If I ever grow up I want Corpse's Voice

    31. Rissa Renee

      These are hilarious and evil genius plays omg 🤣

    32. Ivory The Bashful

      Honest to God, the fucking funniest thing I've heard from Corpse was from 11:18 Like, imagine walking up to someone and asking, “what is your biggest fear?”

    33. a clowning directioner ❯❯❯❯ 1D

      I swear corpse and Sykkuno are the best impostor duos

    34. janita f

      12:12 Karl🤣🤣🤣🤣

    35. Merlin

      00:28 “NO QUERO ESTA AQUÍ”

    36. Shylock 104

      Karl just taking Ash to the grave with him

    37. Tyreasha Willis

      Corps what do u look like

    38. Teran Candy

      He sounds like Levi from the squad-

    39. Kitzia Osuna

      Do the guys on the video see corpse’s face? Or is he faceless for everybody?

      1. Lin Minsu

        The face cams were edited in after the stream. Very few people have seen corpse, I believe (sykonno?) And Dave from BoyInABand have though

    40. Angelina Sims

      Omg hi um I'm knew but I love your videos I hope you have a good day bye love you

    41. 808Ryosuke

      I love corpse to karl

    42. Georgia Tate

      Do you have emotions!

    43. corinna garcia

      hi I am from amog us I was "I am a libra" plz respond

      1. Jose Juarez

        That wasn’t the real corpse

      2. corinna garcia

        also I was screen recording accdent

    44. L O V L E Y D O V E

      I like it how corpse said he told a person what was there biggest fear. Like how creepy 👁️👄👁️ No hate to him I love this man😁❤️

    45. Banana Bread

      Omg corpes voice is so deep im simping for all deep voice bois

    46. Mr. OtakuWeeb

      I hate corpse, I hope his channel goes down like leafy is here's did. (I would sacrifice my soul to death for that to happen)

      1. Angel Gaming

        Maybe u should sacrifice it anyway

    47. FBI Agent

      Why is no one talking about Sykkuno saying “If no one is gonna simp for Corpse, I am”?

    48. sahra

      That was savage lol

    49. Skittlez_Gamer

      Omg thats amazing

    50. Somai Russell

      Uhhhhh gosh one language

    51. Raissa saab

      "Oh, really?"

    52. 7w7chorrorki Walendzińska

      I love Corps ❤

    53. 7w7chorrorki Walendzińska

      Corps x love Sykkuno =😡🤢 Corps love Varkilia =💗💓💖💞💟💕❣❤💝💋😏😏😏😏😏UwU

    54. Olivia Metters

      What is everyone's among us characters (Im black with paperbag)

    55. Olivia Metters

      Alternate title: Karl and Corpse vibing for half an hour

    56. Pinkish gacha donuts


    57. Joe Mit

      I just realized if people were making comments like "I saw Corpse vent" in a pub lobby he would be voted off without hesitation.

    58. Anna Fonzie TV

      i Love you Corpse

    59. Kellen Catherine

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    60. Huai Kim

      i love you're voice

    61. 99redragons

      Things that must be protected: Corpse’s laugh

    62. Oscar W Wright

      I like corpse voice it’s so deep

    63. Angel Dust HURRICANE 2


    64. Lily Mammel

      can someone explain how their audio/call. works? who hears what? do they stay unmuted during the game?

    65. Dalton Barrett

      0:27 I love how he used the base hit from Miss You to censor his swearing 😭😭

    66. Linh Kim

      Still wondering if Karl’s crush liked him back lmao

    67. Haley Weatherall

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    68. Iodice Fabio

      The wild machine embryologically regret because saw gergely dam amidst a garrulous color. witty, public spruce

    69. FairyBerry

      Omg I live for these among us videos they are so funny and entertaining!

    70. StarWolf Legacy

      God I would be Corpse's bodyguard if I ever get to play Among us with him, even if it's against Jack

    71. ꧁ꜱʜᴀᴠɪɴɢ ᴄʀᴇᴀᴍ꧂

      17:49 and 28:27 LMAOOO SAVAGE

    72. Save the environment

      intense gasp

    73. Mohd. Aadil

      Why I love your voice CORPSE

    74. Sasha Weiss

      how do you laugh?

    75. Hannah Hottinger

      i wonder how many people fall in love with corpse with just hearing his voice

    76. Taeminie Leeu

      if men don't have to wash their hands bcuz it ain't dirty then women shouldn't have to for the same reason -_-

    77. Petra Pinter

      Sykkuno is a fricking legend

    78. Valkyrie Sakura

      17:40 Sykkuno! Omg! Savage! “I’m sorry I can’t count” 😂🤣

    79. Little Salma's Vlog

      i lov corpse

    80. Cam Corbin

      Corpse your very good imposter


      To find out what he looks like look up Jackson Miller his tick toks are awsome I love corpse channel

    82. gierkomanka

      Corps to klamca

    83. shattered ice

      Karls laugh gives me life-

    84. Mac Williams

      “do you have bathroom chopsticks as well?”

    85. Aaliyah

      "Bathroom chopsticks aswell" I just heard that

    86. kingkiller14 kingkiller14

      I hate u corpse

    87. •Mafle Maffy•


    88. Mary Souza

      Am I the only one to see at 31:06 KobeBryant left the game?

    89. FBIdragOn

      i chubby

    90. Megan Becker

      I cry-laughed during my lunch break at the "Breaking Ben-Jamin'" joke. I love y'all so, so much.

    91. 1337GameDev

      12:58 - Wall flower? You mean a plug cover? Or a scented oil thing? Or a night light? I don't understand....

    92. LunarSide

      bruh corpses fan are kinda toxic tho

      1. Jose Juarez

        Yea they are the weird thing they do is ship him and his friends

    93. Damian Blackwell

      I love how whenever corpse is imposter he gets more intense and I live for it lol amazing job corpse!!!!

    94. BagelsEpic

      ohmygawsh 7 mil subs lets goooo

    95. Archer Stacy

      no you don't karl

    96. Elijah Ireland-baldwin

      Corpse Is a B*tch. Priceless

    97. Bill Nye

      “If no ones going to simp for corpse i am going to simp for corpse “. Line of the year

    98. XxArrowxX 68

      I want corpse face reveal but his anxiety 😥 he is a gifted human I luv this dude

    99. Natasha V

      Who came here for Arjun das❤️??

    100. Katie Wright

      Imagine some guy with the deepest voice walking up to you at the bank and just like "what's your biggest fear"