System Of A Down - Protect The Land (Official Video)

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    Watch the official music video for "Protect The Land" by System Of A Down
    “Protect The Land” and “Genocidal Humanoidz” - Out Now:

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    Directed by Ara Soudjian and Shavo Odadjian
    Producer: Lara Aslanian
    Dir. of Photography: Mko Malkhasyan
    Armenia Unit
    Director: Armen Soudjian and Arnold Ghazarian
    Co-Director: Arman Nshanian
    Producers: Ani Vorkanyan and Edgar Karapetyan
    Special thanks to Bars Media, CivilNet, Artsakh Public TV, Varante Soudjian, Apo Avedissian, Mher Petrosyan, Aram Production, Armen Aghaeian, Raffi Asatoorian, Anthony Catchadoorian, ANC Australia, Nyree Cooper, Asko Akopyan and Ara Alejandro Kevorkian for contributing source footage and other assistance.
    The big gun tells you what your life is worth
    What do we deserve before we end the earth
    If they will try to push you far away
    Would you stay
    And take a stand
    Would you stay with gun in hand
    They protect the land
    They protect the land
    Those who protect the land
    Those who protect the land
    Those who protect
    The enemy of man is his own decay
    If they’re evil now then evil they will stay
    They will try to push you far away
    Would you stay and take a stand
    Would you stay with gun in hand
    They protect the land
    They protect the land
    They protect the land
    Our history and victory and legacy we send
    From scavengers and invaders those who protect the land
    Those who protect the land
    Those who protect
    Those who protect the land
    Those who protect
    Some were forced to foreign lands
    Some would lay dead on the sand
    Would you stay and take command
    Would you stay with gun in hand (with gun in hand)
    They protect the land
    They protect the land
    They protect the land
    Our history and victory and legacy we send
    from scavengers and invaders those who protect the land
    Our history and victory and legacy we send
    from scavengers and invaders those who protect
    Those who protect the land
    Those who protect the land
    Those who protect
    Those who protect the land
    Those who protect
    Additional Credits:
    Production Company: Friendly Filmworks
    Creative Director: Sako Shahinian
    Line Producer: Meher Kourouyan
    1st AC: David Asambadze
    2nd AC / DIT: Sebastian Guerra
    Gaffer: Zhirayr Avetisyan
    Key Grip: Dmitry Labzin
    Grip: Tigran Nersisian
    Makeup: Sosi Bournazyan
    Wardrobe: Houri Mahserejian
    PA: Shahe Mazbanian
    Edited by: Ara Soudjian, Lara Aslanian, and Hrag Yedalian
    Motion Graphics: Garen Mirzaian
    Color: Nick Sanders
    BTS/Documentary Unit
    Documentarian: Hrag Yedalian
    Mher Petrosyan
    Karbis Sarafyan
    Still Photography: Armen Keleshian
    Armenia Unit
    Armenian Sequences Edited by: Armen Soudjian and Arnold Ghazarian
    Production Company Armenia: anEva Production
    Dir. of Photography: Argo Baroyan
    1st AC: Gevorg Baroyan
    2nd AC: Sevak Mkhoyan
    Focus Puller: Kevork Tutundjian
    Production Coordinator: Jemma Sahakyan and Karlen Galstyan
    Follow System Of A Down:
    Instagram: systemofadown
    Twitter: systemofadown
    Facebook: web. systemofadown
    #SystemOfADown #ProtectTheLand #GenocidalHumanoidz

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    1. Red Sole

      Support from the U.S Armenia!!

    2. Joey Orthmeyer

      Fight the good fight my brothers and sisters

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    4. stefano statzu

      SOAD always hits the right chords! proud to be your fan! Sardinia stay with you!

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      Вот вас исламисты нагнули ютюб

    8. G. S.контроль

      Где мои Христианские братья???

    9. James Kessler

      Respect from Germany we stand with you Armenia!

    10. G. S.контроль

      Где мои сильные комменты...что я должен сейчас писать...Бог защит Армению и все....

    11. Mace motherfucking windu

      One more album please 😭😭😭

    12. Khalyps

      Force à vous depuis la France 💪🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵

    13. Dayanna Vera

      System!!! 🇨🇱 lml

    14. Antti Pihlgren

      so is patriotism cool again?

    15. Kon Karda

      SOAD IS BAACCK !!!

    16. Andrei Cocor

      It's nice to see there are still people who care

    17. El dIeGoS

      They back :O

    18. Vlado Kocevski

      2021 will be an awesome year since soad released a new song i can feel it...

    19. Zxer music

      Respect from Australia

    20. AL

      Best return with carricarive objective that i see ! Protect the land !🔥🔥

    21. Jesús Chacón

      Stay strong! 💪🏻 A big hug to Armenia from Mexico

    22. Nancy D. Law

      Omg I'm losing my shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit Uh god... Thank you thank you thank YOU

    23. Adrián Fdz Noyola

      Y cuando el mundo más los necesitaba...regresaron.

    24. Fadista Kenji

      RESPECT, from Malaysia

    25. Gareth Richards

      Nearly 10 million views cannot be wrong. The world needs more System Of A Down.....................

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    26. angelica guadalupe ramos alvarez

      puro arte que veo y escucho

    27. D-MAK Productions

      Nice, you talk about a lot of good talking points in the video production industry! We love what you talk about, don't stop. Anytime you are in Arizona hit us up. If you can, message us @dmakproductions on IG and we can chat. You do really great work.

    28. Semih Karakaş

      🇦🇿🇹🇷 they were not your lands, we got ours back, never forget the Hodjalı

      1. A. D.

        You probably don't know what happened in Khojaly. Thanks to the propaganda of your government. Read the report of Human Rights Watch instead of Azeri resources.

      2. Zxer music

        Stuff you

      3. Noro


    29. Sergio Space

      Never support any army

    30. FoxWolf666


    31. Adin Ahmadin

      "In your world you can take a pen and write on a piece of paper and destroy 10000 people or more and it's okay because you dont have to see it." (Serj Tankian)

    32. iiVickx

      my companions: that music is from the devil The Demon's Music: PROTECT THE LAND I do not regret knowing this band 😎

      1. Nmn Mnm

        how can Protect innocent people and land be demonic? Must They wait to be killed, or watch how enemies rape their girls? Does It make them good people?

    33. Juanse MH

      From Colombia🇨🇴 to armenia🇦🇲 the unity world 💪🏾SOAD amazing

    34. Milan Wolf

      Viva la Armenia Bůh žehnej těžce zkoušené zemi.Peace from the Czech republik 🇨🇿🙏

    35. Aiden Deir

      Its beautiful ive been staring at it for hours

    36. mr shlubbs

      just for at least 1$ you too can help give supplies to the soldiers that really need the help (not a joke like this is fr)

    37. amazi

      Our students were unable to resist these terrorists, they did not save Artsakh, but they remained heroes!

    38. s4me

      Вечный спор за Нагорный Карабах , советское наследие.

    39. Первана Дарчыерва

      какая красивая песня только жаль что это неправда

      1. Noro


    40. Jean-paul Valentin

      Pauvre aménien

    41. qwerty qwerty

      Recent comments are interesting. Don't they know that the war is already over and they lost? Weird...

    42. Edgars Arakeljans

      Es dzer cavet tanet ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    43. JuanLELE YT

      my strength and consolations and love to Armenia from Argentina and i wish this conflict would stop

    44. Spy Retto

      45.000 Turks disliked that video

      1. Orhan Aydemir


      2. Thinkdeep Always

        Ohh My God 💘👀🪅🎊❗️‼️❗️R u serious⁉️ Go go go Crazy Turks are coming 🤪😜👻

    45. Antivine

      Those who disliked the video, pleaaaaaaaaase tell me why.

      1. Antivine

        @A. D. it does not tell me why you disliked the video. can you be a bit more straightforward?

      2. A. D.

        @Antivine Here is the explanation: The Turks and Azeris disliked the video.

      3. Antivine

        @Thinkdeep Always afraid not, explain.

      4. Thinkdeep Always

        I’m telling bro.Rightful people against occupiers.enough?

    46. Pat Anderson

      Powerful Tune...Powerful Message,

    47. Caio Henrique

      Support from Brazil! PROTECT THE LAND!

    48. Radio Stepanakert

      Ողջունում ենք բոլոր հայերին՝ քաղաք Ստեփանակերտից։ Greetings to all Armenians from Stepanakert !

    49. Radio Stepanakert

      Artsakh is ARMENIA!

    50. Dee Gelling

      prayers and love to the Armenian people New Zealand stands with you


      My one wish before I die is to see System Live.....

    52. Alp Erkal


    53. Tom

      We all need 1B for this song💪


      bandera de venezuela?

    55. Ani Sargsyan

      So proud to be armenian!

    56. Dominic Verdecchia

      Here’s the thing The USA could stop the war in two seconds but Russia is there and if we did it would start ww3. Wich we don’t need a nuclear war right now

    57. Matthew Poole

      This makes me so happy just to see your faces, oh how I've missed you all. Armenia will rise!

    58. DeamantideOfficial

      This song is great! \m/ Goo Soad

    59. Axooba

      Nós do Brazil estamos juntos nessa tbm, protect the land.

    60. Rafi Alif

      support from Indonesian 🇮🇩 ❤️ 🇦🇲

    61. Alex the Lego guy

      YES! System!

    62. Michael Fernández

      chimba de video viva system of a down, viva la democracia LIBRE, y abajo el COVID Y EL MIEDO

    63. Rowan

      3:19 Chills... every time

    64. Jeff

      why is this video short

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    66. Ahmad Bibaen

      Helo im from indonesia 🇮🇩 I still support the system of a down !

    67. Eloy Cabrera

      I love them

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      2021 Anyone ?!

    69. Bodo Durst

      к всему уважению к Системы но, ребята, не забирайте чужие территории ибо вас ждет тоже. следующий Крым. Россия держитесь скоро разхуярим и вас.

      1. Max 1987

        Что Крым, что Карабах, были буквально подарены большевиками Украине и Азербайджану, несмотря на этническую и историческую составляющую

    70. Flo Zn

      Légend ❤️soad big up, big respect from Switzerland

    71. Радик Буренин

      Респект вамиз ЛНР

    72. Servet Karasu

      dont look just of one side.....we dont need war.....both side...are ever right.....

    73. Master Younus

      Love from Bangladesh ♥️

    74. victoria rodionova

      I’m literally crying From Russia with all my love

      1. Ivaylo Staliyanov

        @Нечитайло Микола Belarus and Syria are good examples of what I'm saying.

      2. Ivaylo Staliyanov

        @Нечитайло Микола There is no real friendship between countries, but countries do work together. Russia have helped many countries, it may be because of their own interest but they do it.

      3. Нечитайло Микола

        @Ivaylo Staliyanov Russia doesn’t want to be a friend to anyone. Russia wants to be an occupier, a dominator, a conqueror

      4. Ivaylo Staliyanov

        @Нечитайло Микола Isn't it the opposite of what is happening in Armenia? In Ukraine Russia is the problem? In Armenia Russia is the hope?

      5. Нечитайло Микола

        the same thing is happening in Ukraine because of the Russian military

    75. Jamvortix

      Semplicemente bellissima e ancora più contento del fatto che sia nuova. Spesso con questi grandi gruppi nulla di nuovo può pareggiare i vecchi successi, e invece a volte succede.

    76. Baran Bulut

      Protect the land=attack the civilians=occupy the territory 😑

    77. Lexy Bubu

      I love sistem of a down

    78. Siq Siq

      Strenght to Armenia From Brazil.

    79. Hexenhammer

      My Pulse gooing Higher!(To all Dislikers,Brain Death or what?)

      1. Thinkdeep Always

        Calm down little boy.U make me laugh

    80. Tim Sawyer

      I didn't even know they got back together!!! My favorite band ever, and my finger is far from the pulse it's not even funny. I need to pull my head out of my ass and pay attention! haha

    81. Lil Big

      Cant believe it *wipes tear of joy *

    82. Михаил Зайцев

      Respect from Amurskaya oblast, Russia!!!

    83. revolver _ overdrive

      Karabakh is Armenia !

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      Don t bê a coward...fight

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    86. Campr

      God damm this is awesome

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      System of a Down did it again! Lots of love and support from Finland! ❤ 🇫🇮🇦🇲

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      2. 0whisper0

        torakat murskataan

    89. x827 Molinae

      it is very clear at this point, humanity has entered a real, REAL dark era. Not that the XX century (or many others) weren't dark enough already, but, it's like it gets worst and worst. Cheers from Argentina guys.

      1. Pablo Lasso

        saludos de chile

    90. Green Jeans

      USA today 🇺🇸 ✌ time to kick these globalist to the curb!! Unacceptable! Every nation should have peace AND PRIDE! God bless Armenia! Prayers!

      1. Joseph Von Meisthal

        From which globalist are you speaking

    91. ElMorse

      is this real?

    92. Antonio In'Tafyr

      Support from Ukraine 🇺🇦🇦🇿

      1. qwerty qwerty

        Cheers mate 🇹🇷👍 war is already over 😁

    93. Entre Libros Y Waifus

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    94. Bᴀᴅ IᴍᴀɢE

      We wish you the best ♥ ️🇮🇩

    95. Thomas Miller

      This should win the Best Video award. Not only is the music awesome but the scenery is stunning, the natural and the man-made (and destroyed).

    96. Psych aLeX

      love to all those Armenian friends from India

      1. Thinkdeep Always

        Kashmir is PAKISTAN 🇹🇷🇦🇿🇵🇰

      2. Fedora

        Love to India from Armenia 🇦🇲❤🇮🇳

    97. Aaron N

      My life just changed.....

    98. Reltig A

      Россия любит вас!!! Russia love you!!