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    Dr. K Interviews @yvonnie from OfflineTV. OfflineTV is a content creator group and Yvonne works as a house manager.
    00:00 Introduction
    09:03 Evading Appreciation
    22:29 Relationships
    30:10 The Breakup
    48:53 Regret
    52:27 Sexual Assault
    1:09:50 Suppressing What Happened / Staying Silent
    1:32:27 Catatonia
    1:34:40 Why Not Name Names?
    1:44:26 Respecting Children's Boundaries
    1:46:16 Final Thoughts
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    2. Sergio Lucas

      I haven't given a chance to this interview since it came before Fed's revelations came up, and I expected Yvonne to be super elusive and indirect. But boy, I have mad respect for her after watching this. She really stood up for her friends on this one, and didn't want to compromise OTV one bit. Such a strong, reliable and honest person.

    3. Turtle and Bear

      compare this to "No." by Don Kulick (2003). A socio-linguistic text

    4. Brian Martinez

      yvonne having back to back 7 year relationships is almost half her life. i feel that. gotta know who you are independently.

    5. Dennis van der Horde

      Yvonne is the bravest, most wonderful person and i have so much respect for her. She deserves the best of things and I'm sure she will.

    6. NO jimmy PROTESTED

      From personal experience not trying to push anything onto her but i think shes not trying to protect people, shes trying to protect the way things are at the moment. And once she says their name things will change, shell have to talk about it again, her friend group will change, her life may change. And thats what she means when she said the whole world would burn down. She means her world would burn down. Once that is out there and everyone in her life knows she knows that things will change and shes happy with 99% of the way things are now and doesnt want that last 1% to alter 50% of everything else

      1. NO jimmy PROTESTED

        @Duskpede thanks! I will do😊 dont follow them too closely so nice to know that there is, hopefully, a positive update!

      2. Duskpede

        look up otv fed and look at videos from last june and you'll know you were right

    7. Gibs

      This all seems blown out of proportion. Sounds like fed is just awkward around girls and doesn't know how to express his feelings. All this drama is making him out to be some sexually deviant monster which doesn't seem true unless I'm missing something.

      1. galetaf

        @Gibs read more

      2. Gibs

        @galetaf all I have read are vague accusation about him making others feel uncomfortable. People can interpret someone's actions as worse than they really are.

      3. galetaf

        @Gibs you don’t even know and you’re defending him 🙄 google it

      4. Gibs

        @galetaf what did he do exactly?

      5. galetaf

        we get it dude, you don't want to believe women are sexually harassed when they say they were, stay an apologist

    8. Savana James

      Me who has zero understanding of League 👁👄👁

    9. Sergent Buzz

      the sad things that part of me wasnt surprised

    10. ZZeto

      The way Yvonne is like just so much of who I am... it’s so mind blowing. It was like she described me. Thanks for dis vid Dr. K!!

    11. Michele Bergman



      "Yea I got something good here but Imma fuck it up cause I'm curious what it's like to be alone and sad"

    13. sad burrito

      Something rlly similar happened to me, I’ve been trying to write it off but this made me think twice

    14. AJ Gaming

      @HealthyGamerGG why do you never smile

    15. Joshua Rivera

      Waaaaaaaaaay to many ads

    16. -Naex- 114

      I'm genuinely so sorry for Yvonne, no one should have to deal with these kind of messed up things man...

    17. Jonathan Becerra

      Thats fine if you wanna do you, but don't waste people's time. 7 years down the drain for the guy.

    18. fishy

      Honestly I would be so boomed after an hour and 45 minutes of therapy couldn't even imagine doing it live.

    19. truMalma

      1:27:14 oof. now that just hit right where it hurts. Feeling like 16 year old me all over again hearing those words.

    20. William Bosworth

      1:04:24 stop the cap

    21. Ir. Potato


    22. Gestoni Cordova

      This is so so painful to watch. I felt Yvonne. I had the same situation where I knew an officemate is causing problems in our workplace but I had to shut up because some people saw that person as good and I didn't want them to get kicked out.

    23. Bobby Fungel Fingers

      I stand for all respectable men and say I’m sorry a lot of other men do fucked up shit and expect to not be held accountable

    24. Chris Skinner

      I was lily and I can interpret what she's saying. She wants to hook up with other guys lol.

    25. codgamefreak602

      Low key can’t blame fed for pursing them meat bags

      1. Germa

        fucked up but true, felt up a girl and got outcasted

    26. RARE!

      what did fed do exactly?

      1. Jana Budimir

        he came into her room 2x and touched her and she felt really uncomfortable but he tried to get away with it by pretending he doesn't remember cuz he was drunk

    27. Ishizuka Hikaru

      Let's all be honest, the person that controls OTV and the people is that sociopath poki! I even remember Dr.K warn Lily about some people in that group. I had a big hint he was talking about Poki. All this now confirms it! Must be really embarrassing for the OTV group because they ALL threw him under the bus including Yevonne. I have absolutely NO respect for any of them, because instead of being brave and honest they all choose MOB RULE while profiteering off of someone expense! IT'S SICK!

      1. Ishizuka Hikaru

        @TESTERFOX Hold that thought bru! U know this is just the beginning. Poki commited murder, and FED is out for Blood. U may soon see Poki's pics. Cross your fingers!

      2. Örlogskapten

        you sound like a flat earther but you're not alone, like flat earthers

      3. TESTERFOX

        Umm might wanna retract that thought, since now Fed’s doc had been exposed for being taken out of context with actual proof

    28. Curtis Agiejew

      good luck yvonne! shit will get worse before it gets better stay strong!

    29. Mira Hansen

      So this is what people call sexual assault now? I'm not saying it's ok. But can we not call it sexual assault? It's crossing boundaries and on the line of sexual harassment.

      1. Tuesday Webb

        @Mira Hansen He lied and said he didn't remember lying down in the bed and touching her so that Yyvonne thought he was black out drunk. You would only lie about that kind of thing if you knew what you did was over the line. The actually perpatrator thinks it is closer to sexual assault than you do man, stop supporting actual abusers. You are arguing that sexual assault is too harsh a word and that it is down playing and minimizing extremer cases of sexual assault, but you are actively minimizing people who have experienced lesser sexual assualt. It shouldn't take the most extreme case to classify for anything, and nothing is as black and white as you want it to be here. Fed fondled and carressed her without consent, and from what I understand from every account I've seen, he did it while he thought she was asleep. More info has come out now, but even with the info you had three days ago, I don't see a single way you can try to be on Fed's side for this unless you have a negative opinion of Yvonne or you are bringing in opinions about the me too movement thing. You can argue that things Pokimane has done are wrong, but you silencing harming a victim if you are trying to exonerate Fed from everything. Also, you agruing that him touching her is barely even close to sexual harassment IS saying that what he did was ok, and you are actively trying to downplay what he did.

      2. Alberta Acheamfour

        @Mira Hansen he touched her place that he shouldn’t have she never gave consent he sexually assaulted her

      3. Mira Hansen

        @Alberta Acheamfour No that is not sexual assault. Just because something makes you uncomfortable doesn't mean it's sexual assault. It's not okay to misuse the term, people use it cause it's scary and it's a very serious matter. It's like calling bullying for terrorism. It's not the same thing. You're taking advantage of a term to make something seem worse than it is. It minimizes the suffering actual victims of sexual assault go through. Shameless.

      4. Alberta Acheamfour

        It is sexual assault cause he touched and kissed her

    30. Viskitissi

      Posture check hits, and sinks the target

    31. Faux Fennec

      & people called me a bitch for not drinking/never been drunk? Whatever happens to being aware of the responsibility of holding your actions accountable at all time?

    32. rinchen dukpa

      Yvonne is very strong and is very sweet and brave...... She tried to protect Fed's identity because she knows that Fed has the most problems and he needs the help cuz he needs a second chance......... Lily said that we should not hate on Fed plus it's all in the past........ We need to move on and see how happy Yvonne, lily and offlinetv ..

    33. Oliver Syed

      I learned a lot about when it comes to just saying no to something like harassement and harbored a small bit of resentment for the victims for being weak. Though the catatonic reaction stuff makes it all make sense and reminds me of what I did during almost every tornado warning when I was little

    34. sohel khaled

      Ayo there is a video in your ads

    35. blimp


    36. Panda kun

      I think Dr. K really helped out Yvonne to come out with the truth

    37. Dragon maid

      Big respect to this lass. I hope all girls have someone in their life they can talk to.

    38. Erik Kraynyk

      It is weird to me that the internet views content creators as financial shills. As if they don't have a life off camera and every emotion they feel is a lie. They're streamers not psychopaths.

    39. Ruoqi Huang

      Anyone remember "The Boys" 1st episode? This is really similar to the Deep and Starlight situation. Except the emotion here is caring for fed (not worthy).

    40. Kiara Etsuko

      This was just soo important to hear and I wanna thank Yvonne so much for opening up like this online, this is some really uncomfortable and personal stuff to talk about but also so helpful to hear about to actually understand the pain and the thought process of sexual assult.

    41. Mary Schachner

      yvonne is such a strong, goodhearted person the last thing she wanted was for things to backfire on her community/OTV

    42. Ömer Alperen Günaltay

      dont get me wrong but why is this public?

      1. George Dike

        they tried to address the issues with fed privately with an intervention from all of the people fed and affected, after the intervention didn't work, kicked him from the house and had to make it public

    43. Ribbeting ribbon

      32:28 this feels like the song Hey hey helen, with abba

    44. migskatipunero

      1:22:20 Dr. K got it

    45. Karma

      Half of the time I feel like Dr. K could just be playing dumb when it comes to slang and stuff because there's some things he claims to not know about that blows my mind.

    46. SIN

      I honestly appreciate Dr. K's knowledge of League fo Legends

    47. SIN

      Yvonee is metal as fuck

    48. Prashil Prakash

      Seriously! I respect this Man! I don't think Yvonne would have come out if it was anyone else. Also Huge respect to Yvonne.

    49. Orangeballs

      So this was before it came public

    50. Ota

      I can't look at feds face down here at otv thumbnails in recommended videos. I'm not hating but god damn it

    51. Ota

      She's really struggling to not expose fed. Yvonne is really strong

    52. Solace Crafting

      This video is really important... like, this needs to be shown on global media, not just a single HUfast channel (no offense Dr. K)

    53. notreallyici

      god I don’t even know this poor girl. BUT THIS IS REAL we protect men so fukn much even when they abuse or hurt us.

    54. Pulledskin

      It's sad that she's been a victim, but I also think she's a piece of shit for how she handled her relationships. Bit of karma there.

    55. Riley White

      wait why was dr k asking if the crop top exposed her belly button...

    56. Vizhardus

      It hurts to watch someone like Yvonne in pain. You're a good person Yvonne damn it!

    57. justagirl NV

      At 53:00 I felt my nose sour and almost cried. Yvonne, she's so fucken strong.

    58. Vincent_music

      The good old I don't remember the awful shit I've done card....Some guys are really just the bottom of the barrel. People always hide behind alcohol.. If you take a certain action, you wanted to do that from the get go and just use alcohol as an excuse.. like a reset button in life. Try and Error, whoops.. didn't work.. oh I don't remember what I did -.-.. Yvonne is really courageous to talk about such serious issues on the internet.

    59. Catherine Brown

      Why are so many people defending fed

    60. morten jørgensen

      i had the same mental issue as Fed, 10 years ago after i left the army when i got really drunk i just wanted hug somebody or that skin to skin contact it is so wired sometimes.. Fed is not a bad dude just confused. yvonne is really nice and i like her but i just don't get it.. i would rather have a girl kick me in the balls then haven her tell anybody or me after... maybe i am to Danish to understend

      1. morten jørgensen

        @SomeoneBeginingWithI when i was sober i just wanted to be left alone, but yes that would have helped me for sure, because i had this kind of on/off button

      2. SomeoneBeginingWithI

        During that time after you left the army, did you get the opportunity to hug people when you were sober? I wonder if people getting more physical affection within friendships (when sober and everyone is comfortable) would help to reduce that kind of behaviour.

    61. 1ebin1 Art

      i was not prepared for these many LOL metaphors

    62. kuunami

      The problem is that people are dating with no goal in mind and wasting years.

    63. Thunderbolt Holt

      I think this guy made this interview way too much about him, especially in the beginning. And the pressure he put on her to speak made me uneasy. Sorry if this comment upsets anyone. I'm a young little shit.

    64. wyrd wyrm

      F E D T H E P R E D A T O R Yvonne is too kind, dude obviously took advantage of his position in more than one way. Best wishes @Yvonnie, please don't let that boy's poison infect you or the OTV house any more.

    65. yoooyoyooo

      both of those stories seem to me like someone trying to be macho while drunk and trying to seduce her. I don't see that it's some sort of insane violation. First story where guy tried to feel her out in a car is such a common occurrence when someone is drunk. Second story is bit different because it was her friend but also lost control on alcohol. He didn't do all that much really. He is probably in to her but is afriad to say it because he knows henwpild be rejected and alcohol gives him courage. All in all in comparison to what I witnessed and heared people do when drunk this is nothing. All she needs to do is tell him she doesn't like it and he will stop.

      1. Raspberry Mint

        First off, you should've done something when you saw those things because it's messed up. Secondly, he's been talked to before. It didn't do anything. It was a part of a larger pattern with other girls, as well as manipulation of people he knew. One of the girls ended up moving out because she just couldn't trust him anymore.

    66. Dogan

      God watching this with future context just makes it all the worse.

    67. LazyGibbon

      I know this is a bit late but watching this and knowing what happened I have so much respect for these two individuals!

    68. Hansi Gasus

      We all know now who it was it was Fed from offline TV pepelaught

    69. DanL

      Great timestamps ;) ty

    70. gametangia

      Man i never saw this girl before but damn she is a powerhouse. RESPECT

    71. SMOSHOO

      Oh yea, she's gonna be alone, with a shit ton of cats.

    72. LC2000

      Why is there a billion ads....

    73. Dragoon GT

      17:28 "If you duoq, you never really know what your skill is" Dr K speaking facts. He should preach to hardstuck low elo players

    74. Breaky

      whoa we can say we know the truth about fed because Dr K

    75. Mykolas Stankevičius

      Yvonne, be my support in League of Legends qnq

    76. Supreme Chancellor

      The docs a dweeb 👎

    77. kneel son

      this is actually amazing. You are really good at this, just amazing that you have reached this level, keep it up.

    78. Wewenethiwa

      Hint on how being on your own is. It sucks.

      1. Wewenethiwa

        I waited 2 and a half years for my ex-husband. Sucked

    79. Dazziling Souls

      vulnerability is always courageous💕

    80. Chryen50

      1:22:20 deym she still was trying to protect Fed, Dr. K really read her

    81. MikaeruDaiTenshi

      I just game to this video, to exlaim how shocked I am about the thumbnail, in which Yvonne is EXTREMY photoshopped.

    82. Jacques Keckle-Berry

      *latest* *S U B S C R I B E R* . ' * ~ fartpoop

    83. Jacques Keckle-Berry

      totally lost when they talk LoL :| lmao

    84. RandomYTComments

      Lol from what it sounds like.....she wants to have her "hot girl summer", if yall know what i mean. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Girls get this in their mid 20's when they been with a dude for a long time. I aint no psychiatrist, this is something I've observed through my life with MULTIPLE women.

    85. John ham

      Who cares.

    86. Toxiciron

      1:25:45 Pokimane subscribed! Neat!

    87. Sargasso Sea Massive

      there needs to be some global moratorium over using the word "like".

    88. Furdonkulous

      1:03:45 start of fed story where she had to lie to protect him yvonnes so strong also pretty good at lying lmao

    89. P4GY

      damn Dr k played league at one point for sure hahaha his league lingo is on point

      1. Arjorn

        He played/plays DOTA and he talked with a lot of league streamers at this point.

    90. Noctis

      Wait what happened at offline TV? I haven't watched them since 2018.

    91. Shannon K

      53:00 I relate Yvonne. You're a brave person speaking about this and I respect you. Thank you Dr K!

    92. Its Time

      "53:39 " in which the sexual assault happened to you? her: yeah... him: OH SHIT!

    93. Asishadow

      these vids kinda cringy ngl (like the beginning lmao "what u bring to the table is what u bring to the table thats cool")

    94. dudegot5

      This guy is not a great therapist

      1. AlphA

        why u think that, also this isnt therapy

    95. Nate c

      I hope fed watches this and cries himself to sleep for months knowing how fucking bad of a person he is

    96. Varahan Yogalingam

      Jesus, if what happened to Sean happened to me I'd be mad holy

    97. K Chiu

      Dr. K's questioning is insanely sharp. Yet, he naturally opens up and controls the conversation in a very smooth and clean way that makes Yvonne comfortable and aware of her freedom and having a control in the conversation.

    98. ClutchTree

      what does he mean by raid boss?

    99. Engiethefriendlyengineer

      I just found this dude, is he an actual psychiatrist? He sounds so much like a real one

      1. Vincent Van Dyke

        hes graduated from Harvard med school and he is also faculty there, this guy is an elite psychiatrist

    100. Karl A.

      When she said that her next bf was better than her ex. I felt that in the ex's perspective :(