Taylor Swift - Style


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    1. ana camila

      yo pense que era la sonrisa obligatoria

    2. Jacob Kale Channel

      bring back memories

    3. Monsif CH

      Stop asking who's still listening in 2020, we never stopped listening

    4. the Attcker

      Always stay fresh

    5. Rajeev Verma

      To the people who think thats harry styles ITS DOMINIC SHERWOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!! IM A BIG DIRECTIONER BUT ITS NOT HARRY

    6. Harshini 24

      If you pause anywhere on the video it would make a great screensaver !

    7. Maple Couple

      My fav

    8. Farhan Akbar

      This song is about Harry Styles

    9. Amit Gupta

      My favourite song👌👌

    10. Cindy Amelia

      just "TaKE mE HOmE"

    11. Vivian Ward

      i remember my james dean 😔 mark 🥰

    12. Kevin Ramírez

      So... this is for Harry Styles?

    13. sonali medisetty

      I heard there is another song about harry styles other than style, which song it is???

    14. Widya Kamila

      I love concept of this video

    15. peyton sarah

      me, a harry styles fanatic, hearing this 👁👄👁 all jokes, this song is great !!

    16. Priscilla Cabrera

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    17. Nicole Rueda González


    18. Hannah Gail Pañares

      What was this album this song again?💛

    19. Adrianna Allen

      dude harry styles is a great person, but i feel like hes a terrible boyfriend😭 like from all the songs and everything about him and what he wrote

    20. Cristina Dav

      Who is looking at this just because of Dom? .. Oh no one?oke..

      1. Sinavxo


    21. Isis Dinah


    22. Rim

      Why would she bring jim dean to this carp?

    23. Ivan Ivanov

      The moment we’ve been waiting for so long...HARRY REPLIED!!!

    24. Daizy Jed Galang

      I came here for Jace. Hahaha

    25. L.J. Norman

      We never go out of style!

    26. Reya Mathur

      No, you're not the only Swiftie Directioner here.

    27. Andrei Espe

      Am I the only one getting folklore vibes since this mv have so many nature clips just like folklore lyric videos

    28. Isabella Catherine

      Being a Directioner, Harry fan, and Swiftie all at once is really an experience

    29. Mihira Karn

      taylor swift. periodt.

    30. deboseryo1406

      I fell in love with Dom in this video but de-fall in love with him in Shadowhunters 😂

    31. eric li

      *this stunning gorgeous video deserves more views*

    32. eric li

      *this stunning gorgeous video deserves more views*

    33. eric li

      *this stunning gorgeous video deserves more views*

    34. Aakanksha Ananth Iyer

      harry styles has heterochromiya his eyes are blue and brown

    35. Aakanksha Ananth Iyer

      harry styles has heterochromiya his eyes are blue and brown

    36. Gauri Gupta

      i still dont get it this was a pr relationship and this is a stunt song

    37. Alisson Soares

      This video music looks like a perfume merchan

    38. Whimsical

      Is that Dominic sherwood?! Crushing over him for the longest time in my life and loving TS songs. How did I miss that it was him?! I’m out of my mind! 🤯💛💛

    39. Pie tro

      Listening to this song with the music video is a different experience y'all don't understaND

    40. Isheeka Purohit

      Still obsessed with this video in 2020

    41. jessy kunnn

      I can't believe it's been five years...

    42. Chris Reed


    43. jailveng ah

      swift is already in hall of fame..she's a legend



    45. Verónica Margarita Ramos Zuleta


    46. Verónica Margarita Ramos Zuleta

      En pocas palabras " HARRY STLEYS " 🤧✨

    47. Mike R

      soooo cool my famliy loves you

    48. L Turner

      Not a great singer, but a fab songwriter

    49. Zere Fur

      0:01 I'm inlove with her side profile

    50. Satakshi Bhandari

      Back then everyone s caption was we never go out of the style

    51. Satakshi Bhandari

      When this was released, the crowd went crazy

    52. DELTA en

      Incredible talented is this woman.

    53. ahreum Star

      Everyone talking abt taylor, harry but here i am screaming about Dominic

    54. ratatouille 6738

      How many of u know this is abt Harry Styles? 😂 👇

      1. Kaylor is real UwU

        how is this about harry styles? the lyrics very obviously point this song to be about dianna agron.

    55. Lance Zyrone

      Lets bring back the most BOPPEST AND SO JAZZY SONG YOU GUYS!! YOU GOT THAT!

    56. Sleep Paralysis Demon

      Taylor wears the best dresses in her music videos

    57. Death

      Taylor #1

    58. International Relations

      I think this aesthetic is ahead of the time the MV got released

    59. Raphael Sanchez

      Imagine hearing the New Style when is re-recording her old albums

    60. Nerissa Russell

      Style by Taylor swift to me it is tragic

    61. Oreo Cookie

      Its been 5 years and I prefer kpop, but I still cannot get over this song omg.

    62. matt frazer

      Hi and have A great holiday everyone top 5 video from All American, and Get Better un played song nice to here

    63. Charles Castro

      This masterpiece...💓💘💞

    64. Humberta Lopez

      Harry no necesita de taylor , taylor necesita de Harry

    65. brain eater

      does any one realised when u hear this music it goes in one rhythm from first to end ........ she is really a genius ...

    66. Majid Farahani

      تایلور سویفت خیلی عاشقتم

    67. Henreita Kelstia

      This song is 100% about harry❤️❤️

      1. Kaylor is real UwU

        how? its 100% about dianna.

    68. Lana Del Leto

      We all know why she’s so hung up on him, after listening to watermelon sugar 😳

      1. Kaylor is real UwU

        i- what? they were in a relationship for a month.... lord get over it this song isn't about him

    69. jai sri Ram

      Thank you harry for this masterpiece❤💚🧡💚🧡❤💚🧡💖💜💛

      1. Kaylor is real UwU

        why are you thanking Harry for this? Thank dianna for this.

    70. Meghal

      heading to the end of 2020 but this song never goes out of style

    71. Habibah Nasution

      we never go out of style. I really love this song

    72. Shri

      When you are a harrie and also a swiftie and you're liking every kind comments towards both of them :)

    73. Matheus BR

      Algum brasileiro vendo em novembro de 2020 ???

    74. Casey Atkinson

      This hits different when you are a swiftie and directioner

    75. gisela ramirez


    76. kouki koukita

      2020 🇩🇿

    77. Camila Nahir

      five year from this song? wow....

    78. Lillian Kessler

      5 years later and still a fave!

    79. Alexi Sengdara

      To the people just now realizing this is about Harry I’m praying for y’all

      1. Kaylor is real UwU

        To the people now realize this is about Dianna I'm praying for y'all* you used the wrong name, I had to correct you.

    80. Aaron Filji

      Why is this my 2nd favorite Taylor mv

    81. naga akshaya

      2020 and its still her best music video.. beautiful masterpiece

    82. Jelza Rubillos

      I just imagined what's the reaction of Harry while watching and listening to this one lol

      1. Kaylor is real UwU

        he was probably like: oh shiz this song isn't about our bearding relationship, its about swiftgron.

    83. dumb Ninja

      Ooff... relatable 🙂

    84. K B

      Will Taylor redo music videos once she rerecorded this? I wanna see Harry in a Tswift MV

    85. jaden yuki


    86. Fleur de Lys

      One of her most aesthetic clip ❤️

    87. YOUNG YONG

      Asia kemternya udah bagian udah !

      1. YOUNG YONG


    88. Rajapriya R

      The pain when she says 'some other girl '😵

    89. Dámaris Arciniega


    90. Andra

      641M views 2,9M likes ❤👀

    91. أريام

      It’s 2am here and suddenly I remembered this song and realized that it’s about Harry Styles. Yes, after almost 6 years my brain suddenly worked.

      1. Kaylor is real UwU

        @أريام Yep! Because its an on and off relationship. And that line I've been there to a few times, means she's also cheated lol so?

      2. أريام

        Kaylor is real UwU because he literally said “I can’t stop thinking about you” and she said “I've been there too a few times"؟؟

      3. Kaylor is real UwU

        @أريام why would they care if they see other people?? their broken up...

      4. أريام

        Kaylor is real UwU i think this conversation happened after the breakup. Have a nice day🤗

      5. Kaylor is real UwU

        @أريام The lines "I say I've heard that you've been out and about with some other girl, other girl. He says what you've heard is true but I can't stop thinking bout you and I. I said I've been there too a few times" That whole little section just proved ya wrong.

    92. Eline Schot

      Dominic is soo cute in the video 😍😅❤

    93. Anuvis Valladares


    94. bibi dilux

      Why her out of all of them, whyyy heeer??!!


      It’s better the song of frank Sinatra with the same name

    96. Septian Harta Hadid

      Imagine if this song re record with "featuring Harry Styles" 🔥🔥

      1. Kaylor is real UwU

        keep on imagining.

    97. Harmeet Kaur

      My favourite song


      For me this is the most meaningful lyrics she had

    99. Supercell

      *5 yrs later (me as a teen of this gen) i understood that its about Harry Styles, not from One Direction but one who wrote Watermelon !*

    100. mickey

      ok but like she just *disappeared* all of a sudden

      1. naga akshaya

        Uh what u talkin bout?