Taylor Swift - exile (folklore: the long pond studio sessions | Disney+) ft. Bon Iver


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    Taylor Swift performing “exile” featuring Bon Iver from the Grammy nominated Album of the Year, folklore. From the original film, folklore: the long pond studio sessions on Disney+. Get the album here: taylor.lnk.to/longpond

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    exile feat. bon iver - lyrics:
    written by taylor swift, william bowery & justin vernon
    I can see you standing, honey
    With his arms around your body
    Laughing but the joke’s not funny at all
    And it took you five whole minutes
    To pack us up and leave me with it
    Holding all this love out here in the hall
    I think I’ve seen this film before
    And I didn’t like the ending
    You’re not my homeland anymore
    So what am I defending now?
    You were my town
    Now I’m in exile seeing you out
    I think I’ve seen this film before
    I can see you staring, honey
    Like he’s just your understudy
    Like you’d get your knuckles bloody for me
    Second, third, and hundredth chances
    Balancing on breaking branches
    Those eyes add insult to injury
    I think I’ve seen this film before
    And I didn’t like the ending
    I’m not your problem anymore
    So who am I offending now?
    You were my crown
    Now I’m in exile seeing you out
    I think I’ve seen this film before
    So I’m leaving out the side door
    So step right out
    There is no amount
    Of crying I can do for you
    All this time
    We always walked a very thin line
    You didn’t even hear me out
    (Didn’t even hear me out)
    You never gave a warning sign
    (I gave so many signs)
    All this time
    I never learned to read your mind
    (Never learned to read my mind)
    I couldn’t turn things around
    (You never turned things around)
    Cause you never gave a warning sign
    (I gave so many signs)
    (So many signs)
    (So many signs)
    You didn’t even see the signs
    I think I’ve seen this film before
    And I didn’t like the ending
    You’re not my homeland anymore
    So what am I defending now?
    You were my town
    Now I’m in exile seeing you out
    I think I’ve seen this film before
    So I’m leaving out the side door
    #taylorswift #exile #boniver #folklorelongpond

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    1. Arianna Zorzan


    2. 64wing

      Justin is one of the best writers living today. Especially from a musical perspective, though his lyrics are great. Also has an incredible vocal range. His stuff got me through my 20s...all ten years of it

    3. lexi loch

      Why was this song not HUGE?! It is amazing.

    4. Mattias Olsson

      Best song in 2020 +++++

    5. Arpit Jain

      This is an Awesome masterpiece

    6. Keep going

      اهخ لو تدرين إني أحط لايك و اكتب تعليق على كل مقاطعك يوتيوب بس عشان تجيك فلوس، بس طبعاً ما اقدر اشتري ur albums ، شفتي كيف مرة اقدر موهبتك ؟

    7. Maral Jakarsizian


    8. Ahmed Areeb

      The best song in folklore.

    9. Stan-the-man

      She is just pure perfection on this song - and what a great collaboration with Bon Iver..🥰🥰

    10. G

      então é isso que se ouve quando se chega no céu????? 🤔🤔🤔

    11. Ainnur Mawaddah

      Everytime I love a new song, I pray I'll never get bored of the song even I play it in a loop.. And this time I pray again

    12. Aman Sonsare

      Btw just for some people His name is not Bon Iver He is Justin Vernon Bon Iver is a band founded by him☺

    13. 2807truecolours

      I think I like this version better than the one they recorded for the album, and I reeeally wanna know what that little dandelion on his desk is. A light? A real one? So many questions.

    14. Neha Singh

      The way she sang so many signs 😭

    15. KhongKwan BN

      Dear taylor swift I have been long time fan of you. I want you collab song with Harry styles because your sound with you so sweet creater . Thank you .i hope that oneday.

    16. Jack Turner

      One word - Perfection! 🌈👯‍♀️🌸😀🎹🎼🎸🎻💐

    17. Saif Mahmud Ishtiak Shushaan

      Justin Vernon>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Justin Bieber. And I listened to Bon Iver long before this collab.

    18. Tatiana_Lucia

      Sublime 😍

    19. Vanities

      Why is Justin covering up?

    20. Xyrelle Macababbad


    21. Vibha Kumari

      The moment Taylor starts❤️❤️❤️❤️

    22. Katie Powers

      Does anyone else picture Beth and Rip out of Yellowstone when they hear this?

    23. Jason Bishop

      Taylor, Jack, Justin and Aaron are literally the dream team. We are so lucky this collaboration happened.

      1. Christine Harris

        @nikkk yeah sure ha!

      2. nikkk

        William Bowery : you ungrateful ppl 🙂

    24. Alberto Xavier

      honestly, I feel all the feels when I listen to this masterpiece. It takes me to another universe. omg, I love music.

    25. Eric Fournier

      why mask because when you record that is covid ??

    26. Elson Ricardo C.Sousa

      Música muito bonita.😍✔️

    27. x_Bradfully

      Dis song making me apologize to my girlfriend that doesn't even exist

    28. Ismael Araujo

      Ok, that’s definitely my new Back to December... love it

    29. Esma Figge

      This is insane... I can’t stop watching it. The way she keeps repeating „so many signs“ hits every time. And his voice... goes straight to the heart.

      1. Carla D

        me too 😍

      2. The Bunny

        me too

    30. jaslineish

      love it

    31. Matheus

      sedento pro live dessa música

    32. Gonzalo Silva

      Great melody, shame about the lyrics tho.

    33. Darren Ross

      Just awesome. A pure reflection of 2020 - visually & emotionally

    34. Scathe

      why is he wearing a mask lol

    35. arianna

      Best song of the album

    36. B P

      BON IVER PLS just sing the whole song pls, no hate to taylor but all Bon Iver's songs have different style to how he sings like here

    37. D M

      T*Hey Joe, how was your day? J* OK - had an audition. How bout you Tay? T* sat in bed all day. Made $12 million in merch sales, so, nothing special. Want to buy an island or something this weekend?

    38. Luke Hall

      I THINK IVE SEEN THIS FILM BEFORE...... and i didnt LIKE the ENDING I never learned to read your mind! You never gave a warning sign I GAVE so MAAAAANNY SIgns so MAAAAANNY SIgns so MAAAAANNY SIgns.....................

    39. Luke Hall


    40. Jessica Collins

      I love his voice.

    41. Jackie hiner

      Taylor swift you're waiting for fifty cent just released from prison just 3 days before now carefully girl fifty onn beams

    42. 彭浩維

      Here after Todd, but of course not the first time, it’s again after another.

    43. tinpapa lin


    44. tinpapa lin


    45. Soapba

      That was amazing

    46. David Ash

      This is epic on such a gigantic scale. If this song doesn't get to number 1, it will be a travesty! Taylor Swift has done it again & what lyrics & voice by Bon Ivar. Taylor's new album is stratospheric.

    47. Barbara Devaney

      I'm late to appreciate TS music...the lockdown albums have changed my listening along with her maturation.

    48. Firdaus Nawi


      1. PSomsubhra

        Yes😔 but you can find it on her social media!

    49. bube udeh

      4:18 THAT HARMONY

    50. bube udeh

      this is just so raw. and i cant wait for yall to win that grammy.

    51. Life of Akee

      This version still makes me cry till now. sheez

    52. Boerner William

      The gullible gusty america prudently disapprove because yard topically bolt near a clean gum. friendly, lavish correspondent

    53. Lincy K Moni

      Wowww... This Song is sooo Perfect 💙💙😭😭💜💜

    54. Mery Gomez Burgos

      This is magic... The song and the documentary is a wonderful gem. Congratulations for this fantastic and awesome perfection.

    55. maricel vasquez

      How come 5.3M views only? This is the best song for me in her folklore album.

    56. Jeya Harini

      Taylor ✨✨the freshness of her music ✨✨ can't describe in words❤️❤️

    57. Mike Muoio

      Bon iver is unreal. Taylor is alright.

    58. Nimas Ayu

      So beautiful song

    59. Eddy Hudson

      disney exclusive, netflix exclusive, damn all these exclusive deals

    60. nettie1696

      So IS this Joe Alwyn singing the male lyrics? Must be?

    61. โอเล่ เอกพันธ์

      ครับโอเล่ เอกพันธ์ ครับ

    62. Mima GP

      The scenery outside Justin Vernon's studio is beautiful. it looks like a peaceful place to cry while listening "exile" non-stop.

    63. kanal arbeks

      harikasın tylor türkiyeden sevgiler

    64. Robert Birch

      Whoa.......very cool.

    65. Alfredo Tovar

      The way she sings "I think I've seen this film before so I'm leaving out the side door" in this version breaks my heart. They deserve the grammy.

    66. Mashiat

      Justin's voice is just too warming❤️

    67. Noelia TB

      This song is a mood

    68. mel

      hii my swiftie fam! i just released my first single written and produced by me, would mean a lot if you could check it out on my channel 💜

    69. Kyle D

      Vernon has a better range than her.

    70. Cloudy_Pastel Builds

      I did'nt know what Bon Iver looked like........ I still don't know what he looks like

    71. The Continents are Giants Stuck in Dried Mud

      "You're not my homeland anymore, so what am I defending..."

    72. Taehyung Daddy

      THIS DESERVED THE GRAMMY (Although I also want BTS to win but-) this deserves it

    73. Weston Morris

      This took me back to Joy Williams and John Paul White in The Civil Wars (Poison and Wine) Powerful.

    74. Steve Fuller

      They pack so much emotion into 4mins and 40 seconds

    75. Red Future

      She is everything to me.. the only thing I wanted the only thing I needed.

    76. Red Future

      The love of my life, I screwed up, but I will never let go.

    77. Dai Music

      This song is so perfect ❤️

    78. Sandy Zhang

      That gave me chills

    79. Paul Burton

      Put a like on this album immediately on release. Was 25th/ bought hard copy. Keen to support her cause.

    80. Herbi H

      I'm crying whenever I listen to this song

    81. Jasmine Almstrom

      Any The National fans over here??

      1. PSomsubhra

        Here for both... the National and Miss Swift

    82. I LOVE Taylor Swift

      Me I LOVE Taylor Swift me love

    83. にこにこ

      Beautiful voices ✨✨✨

    84. Ben Gu

      {\_/} ( •°• ) | > | > 🍉

    85. Keokhomphet Keobandith

      One of the best albums of all time.

    86. Maheen Zafar

      I just bought a new speaker and I'm testing it with this song. Hehe

    87. Sonja Arlow

      Why is he wearing a mask?

    88. Fab 5

      Bon Iver is probably one of the best musicians ever.

    89. Shendi Sackett

      Justin Vernon and Taylor are amazing together. We need more duets please.

    90. xxx

      This song makes me regret putting my piano in my parents' attic 150 miles away.

    91. Liv the Vegan

      I cry every time I hear this song.

    92. Beatriz Rafael


    93. JackieO


    94. Beatriz Rafael


      1. Iovanna Denisse

        RE SII

    95. J-KUZ

      Honestly where’s the live album at?!?! 😩🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

    96. Camila Hernandez

      Simplemente increible... amo esta canción y el sentimiento que transmite!!!

    97. Sarah R.

      Incredible 💞

    98. John Mark lamana

      Always Love from the 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 Haters are the real trash

    99. Cool Kidd

      If I were giving an award for being on the top for the last 10 years I would give it to Taylor. I mean she is phenomenal. And then you pair her with Bon. Just give them already the Grammys

    100. Munik Torres

      Ikaw nag introduce saken ng kantang to. Isang araw bigla nalang tayo tumigil sa paguusap, Di kita masisisi, sabi mo nga saken base sa lyrics ng kantang to "I think I've seen this film before." Wala, malungkot lang.