Testing 5 CRAZY Among Us MODS!


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    1. Infinite

      if you like the video, the new map will come out tomorrow 👁👄👁

      1. Christine h

        Just do the best that you can knock em out break the class jump out

      2. Brooke Wagner

        No cause I did it and it’s been a day no new map

      3. Duncan Gutzmer

        @ً that's cool

      4. Kash Money Johnson


      5. Stacy Abernathy

        @ً cool

    2. Chandrish Nani

      It's y8

    3. dinky donky


    4. Najwa Khaira wilda

      Who ITS name game i go download 😁😁😁😁😁

    5. Brian Philip Ilango

      Bro this is boring

    6. Charlie Mick


    7. Charlie Mick

      Nice hair

    8. allyson shean

      Roses are red blood in among us is too if green did not kill it must be you!

    9. Ma Aileen Fernandez

      Thanks for 2.9k likes

    10. Beckham Patta

      Click the link

    11. Mr Cheese

      It would be Skolus HQ

    12. Yadira Valdelamar

      The first one I have on my computer and you have to stay as far away from the body to win. :3

    13. Christine h

      Caleb in this video maker make their speed the limit of task and make their speed 0 and 0 cool down

    14. shadow the dino

      I just wanna say think beffore you kill

    15. ThatGamingGuy2

      SKELDUS HQ!!!

    16. Brooke Wagner

      No it won’t caylus

    17. SoJa Sisters

      Dude where is the horror part

    18. Saleem Ramjohn

      Meep 5:15

    19. Mario Grant

      How did you get that Among Us

    20. Mario Grant

      How did you get that Among Us

    21. Saleem Ramjohn


    22. Saleem Ramjohn

      Also at 5:02

    23. Saleem Ramjohn

      Funny surprise at 4:20

    24. Hazel Comet

      the mirus

    25. Kade Reasoner

      I just moved into my new house it has a pool and two lemon trees

    26. Lucas Ngo

      sekledus HQ

    27. JohnKalogirou Official

      Who else was fooled by the clickbait?

    28. Ondrej Haveta

      Whats popin

    29. Jarrett Lancaste

      what is the game called infinte

      1. seiom jvony

        This is funny

    30. Vani

      The video was so wierd

      1. seiom jvony


    31. KakarotplayzYT

      Links to the games?

    32. Kevin Boulos

      What’s popping

    33. yoyomynameisjoe

      Bruh i found this game like 3 months ago

    34. Mr Ghoul

      I changed my name on Among Us to be Infinite so I can get the real Infinite more suscribers

    35. KensterBooster


    36. KensterBooster

      The first one sux

    37. Kenth andrei Llego

      What the name of this game

    38. KensterBooster

      Links pls?

    39. fizu fazleena

      You're crazy dude

    40. Brain Power


    41. Georgie

      0:38 roblox playing among us

    42. Fares Potter

      Put linj for the games pls

    43. Willow Admin Dubai Marina

      Stop saying frick

    44. COLE the gaming MASTER

      the phumb nail is clickbait and hes begging for likes and saying 6 days ago that if i like the video the new map will come out tomorrow... it did not so very bad content buddy. DISLIKED but im subscribed and i like most of his videos. keep it up man but still dont clickbait that much please

    45. Madelein de heerk

      Bro i want to pl

    46. alina apopii


    47. alina apopii

      So funnnu3

    48. alina apopii

      Omg i love cars plz no same and I have wast in roblox

    49. زينب امويس

      hahahahaha (つ≧▽≦)つ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    50. Lovita Choudhury


    51. Fatma Ashkanani

      Tell me The game or unsud first Game I want

    52. FNaF Music Channel 8D

      Someone Know The Adres At Among us Online I want Play Among us Onlinee Plsss Infinite Give Me Adres At Among Us Online ;] \ you are here ok dont go here I SAY DONT GO HERE GOODBYEEE im want adres at among us Onlineeee

    53. SamuariTaco


    54. Thepro Masters

      2:02 look at green HES using hacks

    55. Bhavya Saraswat

      caylus: gets scared at 6:00 me : bro im a kid i didn’t even get scared lol

    56. Doris Díaz

      teo mí hao did get hhea

    57. Playa Rhyme

      Whats the game name

    58. Yousef Khaled

      Infinite / Caylus. Can I Ask You A Question

    59. The Hill Twins





      i playde tadt

    62. Sani Shaji

      It is fake

    63. Sani Shaji

      It's not real

    64. paul Brennan

      I hated that horror among us game

    65. Marco Z

      What about horror cars

    66. Willie Kalb


    67. Willie Kalb


    68. Willie Kalb

      🏨 mand in 🇨🇳

    69. JUN's tutorial

      hey caylus !! give the link of mods

    70. iron playz star 2021

      Can you plzz teach me how to download that among us game pretty plz i will like you video and subscribe promise

    71. Aser Elghazaly

      I have amung us

    72. Lee and Adrianas EC Officials


    73. xXAngel JessicaXx

      How dare u call purp idiot idiot (srry just love purp)

    74. uwebritz


    75. Arvi Lanto

      Why is violet at the beginning her/him name is roblox

    76. katijah abdul rahman


    77. CL

      I like video I exited for the map

    78. Miss Vivi

      What game is that ??????

    79. Syukri Ael

      The thumbnail is weird because you already can run and there is a run button doesn't exist 😅

    80. Dax Famorcan

      i know its in y8


      I playd dis geme and I love it

    82. Partition2002

      You need 0 kill cooldown to play more fun

    83. Emmanuel Goes

      Dis is clickbait 😡

    84. Meisan Cruz

      6:45 he said he's not scared but he run that means he lied XD


      Whats poppin

    86. Tengku Daud Shah

      Finaly game video :l

    87. Sinahsabandar Sabandar

      You among us Infiniti it's a talent show 😊🔫

    88. kobeGoh BG

      Yellow so funny

    89. zayan lanar

      I play this

    90. zayan lanar

      Bro this is online game

    91. John Chris

      how to have it

    92. Mynewgaming life

      Hi can someone tell me how to get among us mods bc i dont know


      i play that before the first one

    94. ItsKimoPlays

      Lol the creepy guy is red

    95. ItsKimoPlays

      What’s the game called

    96. Kam Kuanyee

      Heuwhaspaah. Translate: hey what's popping

    97. Andrew Rodriguez

      Did you not notice the crewmates faded through the walls



    99. NINZA games GAMING

      How you make the game i went do this to

    100. Eddie Bosngon

      Do.yoy know there's a new virus that is more deadlier more than covid19

      1. Eddie Bosngon

        Do you know there's a new virus that is more deadlier more than covid19