texts that prove the willingness of females on tinder to engage in acts of thotery

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    1. Bobby McKenney

      "&Big, small, fat, petite. . . As long as I can play with them, they're perfect."

    2. jamesda3asu 1

      Is it necessary to do the annoying high pitch voice in every video you do geez

    3. phantommaggotxxx

      Women say that shit to get free dinner and dip out.

    4. link Xavier Stone

      a like for them small TT's

    5. MrBoombast64

      So is there any men sluts out there?

    6. KemkoKaoKameo

      Wow, wut a roundabout way to say that u r "all that n a bag of chips". So glad someone burned redwood sized ego before the earth started revolving around it

    7. Smith

      sawcon girl brought the boys together

    8. Keith Good

      It's all in the SHAPE!!! Firm, definitely NO SAG WHATSOEVER!! Here's the test. Take a pencil, fit it horizontally underneath the base of the breast and let it go! If it falls to the floor, EXCELLENT!!! If the pencil stays there you DEFINITELY have SAGGY breasts!! It doesn't matter what size either! Even if they are big, if they are not firm enough to pass that test, YOU HAVE SAGGY BREASTS!! ALL guys HATE SAGGY BREASTS!! They might be nice about it and live with it but they DO NOT LIKE IT!! So pay close attention women!! If you must decrease your size to fix this problem DO SO!! BUT, most of all, ALWAYS WEAR A BRA AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE TO KEEP THEM FIRM!!! Btw, I'm also a small breast fan!! Actually I like a B cup!! That's most likely small in today's standard!! I like B, an A is also nice but no more than a C cup!! D is just too big!! I really wish women would stop thinking bigger is better, because IT REALLY ISN'T!!!! **GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!**

    9. Kryoux Kryx

      3:55 I love it when he try to speak german. The hard letters in unserer Sprache, are difficult for die meisten Englischsprachigen😅

    10. gamergodofjustice

      the dark humor whyyy whyyy are there so few responces to them dark humor is the best XD

    11. [REDACTED]

      Itty Bitty Titty Commity: present

    12. Gary Shook

      I'm not ashamed to admit I only subscribed because I am in love with your voices, Jeannie. But I love both of you. Great chemistry. Keep 'em coming.

    13. thatsghastly

      Seeing the likes, small-titty gang came thru 😏

    14. Project seXY

      Anyone else feel the need to dump all these pickup lines on Jeanie then belt her with a pillow until she submits to marriage

    15. Ephoo

      1:20 me too my dood me too

    16. Logan

      16:59 well sees like we have a lot of fans if ya know what I mean

    17. Magos X

      The 69 is at five o clock, 5 = 1 * 5, 15 = 6 + 9, 69!

    18. Benjamin Allingham

      Why do I only hear "Felix" when he talks... pewdiepie is everywhere now isn’t he.

    19. Mr. Mew

      "no it's not Jeannie" as she stares at him with the two finger movement

    20. Davis Hicks


    21. Mark Black

      Does anyone know the words to the song that's played at the end of this video?

    22. P U T R I D

      Yeah, hundreds of matches and i never once got any positive response like these.

    23. John Medeiros

      Okay, I am nearly fifty and for the first 30 sec. I thought this was stupid, but hey the girl is cute so I kept watching. By 7 minutes in I was laughing. These two have great chemistry and are very funny. Even when I don't understand all the tech stuff.

    24. kpop jasmine

      this is my first time watching one of your videos....i albsolutely love jeannie's roleplaying voice its so cute and high pitched,which just makes it even cuter,even if the texts she's reading aren't so innocent as her voice anyway,you earned a new sub

    25. Dean Alvarez

      That Jeanie is so cute when she does those voices. Amazing.

    26. Ben D

      As my grandfather once said about titties, "All you need is a handful. Dont get greedy".

    27. Brian

      "Who's Anastasia Knight?" "Idk I've never heard of her" Just look at that face lol you can tell he's like LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH

    28. Oddz Kosmic

      seeing them be so cute makes me want to die... not in a joking way

    29. ohurley11

      The math was right. Could we get a new Asian please? This one is clearly broken.

    30. Sheriff K

      Does Jeannie not like blowing? Who cares, Henry made an amazing symbol joke!

    31. Christoban Rodriguez

      Your stepsis IS hot.

    32. Cup0Joe

      “Small Titty Gang” earns my like and subscription XD

    33. Mika Paananen

      Wow i just found one of the most annoying channels ever haha. Bye.

    34. Cody Lowry

      Yiu try way to damn hard ti sounds like pewds

    35. The Gute

      Where are these women on my Tinder? 😂

    36. Daniel R

      What’s with the little girl voice with Asians.

    37. Caged_Rage

      Lol the obi wan was hilarious!!!

    38. Sir CoCoNUT

      Alex Adams do be pogging tho

    39. MAW SAFGJP

      Sorry boobs are boobs, big, small, round, pointy, we love them all.

    40. Im Oof The Ooffer

      Her voice........

    41. Matthew Sykes

      Small boobs are still boobs

    42. johnnny boo

      Jeannie is annoying af

    43. Matthew Archambault


    44. Blood Raven

      Who is Anastasia Knight??? I don't know I never heard of her. lol

    45. Epicurus _

      Can't believe I'm watching this cringe. Wtf? Rubbish

    46. Robbo Entertainment

      How does Jeannie make everything sound so cute? Even the sawcon thing!

    47. Bernard Delos Santos

      16:35 she went savage

    48. Kevin Rowe

      17:07 ummm... It's actually called the itty bitty titty committee... Duh 🙄😂

    49. Michael Williams

      She totally makes this work

    50. Crow2099

      I much prefer smaller chested women than bigger chested.

    51. KReeMMeeNAL

      The way Jeanie announces SawCon... got me in tears ))))

    52. KReeMMeeNAL

      Is it me or that guy doesn’t deserve this girl. I mean she is a compilation of all cutest anime voices and sexiest woman talk in her regular voice, how the F she does that ?! ⚠️⚠️⚠️

    53. Logan Frost

      Who else likes the itty bitty Titty Committee🤙🏼🤙🏼

    54. Jean-Paul Gagnon

      Why edit the text in the thumbnail to Ms NY from Ms Washington?

    55. Mitchel Evans


    56. C H

      This man just say tune the cymbal.

    57. Mixed_Emotions_69-96

      I like em small cause the owner of them arnt ass wholes

    58. Dustin Krejci

      HUfast algorithm recommended this to me on the last day of No nut November.

    59. Dustin Krejci

      Where can I get the outro song?

    60. Nathan tubera

      It's NOT 'bout the size, it's about the shape The "watch 'till the end" squad knows what I'm talking about

    61. Deedless Deity

      You're horribly wholesome. This scares me.

    62. Devesh Yadav

      Her voice...😂😂😂 how did you do that?

    63. Ryan Vincent

      Bruh he didn’t have to finish that sentence, I know exactly the Video they are talkin bout😂👌

    64. Odongo Janabi

      you guys are cool

    65. Miha Grmek

      What does she say at 9:20?

    66. Rob Diesel

      God, I can't stand his girlfriend

    67. ali ramezani

      Judging by these moments from 1:02 until 1:25 I wonder if Henry's Skyrim skills Sneaking, Speech and One Handed Are max level or legendary or something... Well played dude!

    68. Propagation Station

      Who’s Anastasia knight....don’t know never heard of her

    69. WentoTheWolf 01

      Your sexist comments /jokes probably make her feel bad about herself and jealous.

    70. David Blalock

      So, this is the very first time I've ever seen MxR in the flesh. And while I never saw this face, the voice fits.

    71. Big Ern Mahkracken

      Henry's explanation of splitting up the butt cheeks got me rollin.👍

    72. I, Voyager1776


    73. Your Friendly Neighbour Hood Lean Dealer

      The name Anakin isn't from star wars neither is padme, is from Sumeria

    74. Eric le Norsk

      Anniken is a common girl name in Norway...so common in fact I did not get the starwars reference at first.

    75. Benjamin Strudwick

      6:43 😂🤣😂👌

    76. Mary Blood

      The girl named Anakin didnt even spell it right if you're going to name your kid the same name as a Star wars character at least spell it the same

    77. Randolph The gr8

      Glad I found this channel! You guys are awesome together!

    78. Shane Derpington

      Sounds like pewds

    79. Nicholas Greer

      Itty Bitty Tittie Committee wya

    80. guy dude

      People *actually* prefer big tiddies? Why?

    81. Brett Kays

      "Whos Anastasia Knight?" "I dont know, never heard of her" *Speech 100*

      1. Christoph Kröppl

        That was perfect

      2. Quinton Tuthill

        When I was the 69th like *nice*

      3. 93robertn

        Destruction 500

    82. Losha Olson

      Jean ***

    83. Losha Olson

      Your voice is too high why do u do that ?? Idk yo name but just wondering why

    84. I dont do birthdays

      I never see profiles like that.

    85. Princess Yamamoto

      those new peep cuss word filters are killing me. not headphone friendly. much louder than the rest. pls dont do that again.

    86. Biker Bert

      1:22 RIP Step Sister😔😔😔

    87. rase mitchell

      The math question should have been, " a×1= ? a=your number."

    88. Metolazee 39

      1:05 is it bad that when i read that i INSTANTLY knew what it was because it is my favorite video?

    89. darkinertia2

      its always funny watching straight a asians trying to understand jokes lol

    90. Sam Ridgwell

      dude... you need to slow down when you see code... damn i had to go back and pause it to look at it.


      9:50 So it's not starwars?! 5:20 I don't get it, and what did they say?! 8:44 Haa... thank god you're f'in hot! 1:51 How did you do that (be cute while barking)?!

    92. Snailed lt

      4:08 "I would swipe right on that Jeanie, because that's pretty Jeanious" Lool!

    93. Devan Peters

      9:24 Jeannies boobs

    94. Fingerlingus

      Henry's German at 4:38 made me want to die.

    95. 37thraven

      4:43 Underappreciated how kinky this girl is. Sometimes: into bdsm, pain, bloodplay. But most of the time: art, weed, mushrooms, astrology, spirituality, love, peace Looking for: dark love, weed, mushrooms, skaters, musicians, to get chained up and makeout sessions.

    96. Rytis Sližauskas

      5.20 Did he actually took out a bag?

    97. Bas de Heer

      The calculation is correct. 18 bags is the max he can buy. $0.53 x 18 = $9.54. He has $0.44 left and a bag is $0.53, so he can't get any more. AKA, 19 x $0.53 > $10

    98. PogUChampion

      RIP Anastasia knight

    99. WhiteTiger Productions

      This is depressing.....

    100. Blitz Prime

      Jeannie: who’s Anatasia Knight? Henry: I have absolutely no idea Me: don’t u dare lie dude, we all know who she is 😂😂😂