THAT'S CRINGE: Jake Paul Teacher Diss

Cody Ko

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    THAT'S CRINGE: Jake Paul Teacher Diss
    Cody Ko #codyko

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    1. Captain Pizza

      “Why don’t you tell us some shit that were actually gonna use in our real life” My math teacher is literally teaching us about interest, and unit rate.

    2. xX Elizabeth Xx

      Everything your teachers didn’t teach you like “how to pay your taxes” for example, that’s what parents/family are for 😬😑🙄🤔😱☹️

    3. Jaiden Cox

      Ok but WTF were they eating out of that bag

    4. Col_516 13

      Cody’s video on jakes song got more views than the song did

    5. Gray

      I miss these guys

    6. Oganesson

      I love how this video has more views than the original song

    7. VenomSnek

      I hated school as much as the next guy, but at least I didn't do this shit.

    8. Brooke Gillespie

      My 4 or 5 grade teacher once told me your pretty but your not smart like real shit imagine being a 50 year old bitch and saying that to a 10 year old and feeling good about your self lmao.

    9. Grey Depression


    10. Patrik Adato

      So I just had a thought, or more like a question really. When the phrase "disney channel flow" was first introduced to the world, did they mean like a cash flow or something?

    11. Heaven Bunny

      “My teachers never liked me”! Gee, I wonder why...

    12. stevichii

      "Im a young LeBron James" More like JeBron Lames

    13. Emma Lawley

      my teacher saved my life but yeah lambos are more important

    14. Bit Duck69

      The quadratic formula is pretty useful actually

    15. angelinaa

      i have the same skirt as the one girl in the video and it was literally $6 on fucking amazon LMFAO

    16. Shay

      He never learned nothing I- Read,write,count ur fucking money,budget,Principal Rate Interest (u literally use this EVERYDAYYY BRO)💀🤚🏾

    17. cass Little

      Fuck that teacher got flo 😂🔥🙏🏻

    18. cass Little

      When I was in high school one of the students in my class said this same thing to my teacher, “why don’t you teach us something we’re actually gonna use?” And my teachers response was, “Oh... You’re right. For you - I’d recommend ‘want fries with that?’”

    19. Rene Sotomayor

      I used to watch logan paul but never jake jake is cringe

    20. Searz ツ

      Why would they teach you how to buy lambo cash like hello? You wouldn’t be that dumb to not understand how to buy a car now

    21. Bagel Buddy

      I love how Cody and Noel are defending teachers. ☺️ It makes me really happy because my mom is a special ed teacher. And she goes through so much crap everyday and her pay is equivalent to a handful of peanuts. She only teaches because she wants to. Never for the money.

    22. Seamus McKeon

      Teachers make less then handymen per year. Yet they get more shit then plumbers.

    23. brianna

      omg why is no one talking about 6:45

    24. Lil Waffles

      We need more reaction videos pllllleeeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeeeee😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    25. Rocio Palusky


    26. TonyTonygamer !!!

      sounds like someone trna drive stick for the first time

    27. India Morgan

      The top of Cody’s arms are 18 times darker than the bottom of them

    28. DJ Ro-Dog

      ok, i have to say, the beat is fire, but thats the only thing good about it

    29. DJ Ro-Dog

      did they plan the whole shirt thing?

    30. Bi Khu

      Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.

    31. Oliver


    32. Sinn 0fficia1

      Yo that battle rapper in the battle rapper is conceited and I'm confused cause hes one of the best

    33. Anna Grace Rief

      did they really just reference superbad ... in a teacher diss. "just a nerd like mclovin" that was sacrilegious

    34. Mr Spoon

      Imagine jake diss track but with globglobgabgalb

    35. GarrickkTheGreat

      I wish my teachers taught me how to buy a lambo cash :(

    36. xJade x

      The teachers diss track just warmed my heart

    37. Gia Corisande

      This now has more views than the original music video.

    38. Maryanne Dzvonik

      They got so triggered by the quadratic function. Like dude it's okay, if you don't know just ask

    39. iamshooketh

      2:49 can we just talk about how their hands when down at the exact same time like it was so damn in sync

    40. fairy godmother

      jake paul's so rich he can't even touch some grass anymore, his servants do it for him

    41. Ere Santos

      Hearing him say Math 30 warmed my heart.. Alberta peeps word up!

    42. Max Vuksan

      "i'm never gonna use this in my real world", it's not about that jake, it's about training your brain to be able to problem solve silly potato

    43. Macie Hinds

      10:10 this guy looks like the unholy bastard child of Noah Centineo and Pete Davidson

    44. Deepansh Kalra

      This has more views than the video itself...

    45. Moty Manchitas

      I need a full version of the Mesopotamian diss

    46. Joelybean

      your videos are so quotable

    47. As024er _

      *top 10 most epic moments on the internet*

    48. KitKat Willow

      I hope Jake realizes that the teachers teach what the school system wants them to if your gonna get mad bc you don’t know things toast the school system not the teachers

    49. Maddi J

      I'm 12 and I have a channel

    50. CKjaer

      I know this is late, but one of my teachers told a classmate that he should just go be an alcoholic and that he's just going to live on the street. All because he said he didn't know what he wanted to do after college.

    51. GeneeInABottle

      Not Cody and Jake having the same taste in clothes

    52. Cameron Birdy

      11:40 one of my sub teachers at my old school actually told a girl “your never gonna get anywhere in life” and made three kids obviously she got fired

      1. moth

        substitutes have THE MOST audacity i swear to god

    53. rory

      had a friend that drove a prius. his favorite passtime was drifting in parking lots

    54. verda keppler

      The big crown supposedly walk because layer basically encourage between a steady snowman. evasive, subdued dock

    55. Faiths Mom Erhdgf

      Search This On HUfast: Faiths Mom Erhdgf

    56. Bivamshu Khadka

      When you realize that this reaction video has more views than the original one. Well done

    57. Dana Villano

      3:38 that Mesopotamia song is FIRE PETITION TO MAKE IT A SINGLE

    58. harr1700 harr1700

      "I Got Supreme On My J's" Bro Both Of Those Are Different Shoes

    59. ella z

      ok but a lot of teachers are absolutely awful

    60. Erik Hammarberg

      i can bearly watch this, its so fucking cringe

    61. Cyse

      The teacher is probably a English teacher.

    62. khaoula tube

      It's 2021 and I've never seen this diss track lol

    63. khaoula tube

      It should be a diss to the education system now the teachers lol

    64. Awsomeman 323

      I was going to say he used the English they taught him then I thought for a second then decided he hasn't used anything his teachers have taught him.

    65. Leila Shafizadeh

      Did Noel go to college?

    66. ツ Lusty

      This sissy bake ball thinks teachers are suppose to make u successful as if its their responsibility, that's equivalent to getting mad at the waiter for serving you cold food...

    67. thundering dumbass

      damn, leave it to the teachers to literally school jake

    68. Shaunak Padhye

      I just realised, the battle rapper who got clowned is Conceited from Wild n Out!!

    69. William Moertel

      My teacher said that I’m gonna work at a gas station

    70. lollady lol actually a teacher once did says a student would amount to anything. but i hope that teacher got fired.

    71. YN_Bot 24

      The teacher knew how to rap bc he read a lot of DR.Seuss

    72. Nyctosparkle

      Jake's seems to b trying to do the thing boyinaband did once, but he didn't understand wat made it good at all

      1. Nyctosparkle

        Like uh point one, boy in a band beefed against the shitty education system, not teachers

    73. Maria Guglielmo

      I gotta say, this music video is awful. BUT, there are plenty of teachers who tell students they won't amount to nothing.

    74. keiiilalei

      Teachers are not the whole school system, Jake

    75. Sullivan Tillman

      bring noel bake pls

    76. mallory hynes

      noel's jokes are next fuckin level bruh i'm ROLLING

    77. Ball Monokuma

      I know that I'm 2 years late but Hey Jake you said that you never used anything that you learned from school but how bout stuff you learned in kindergarten like How to count , The Alphabet, Colors, Shapes, How to write , HOW TO SPEAK WORDS and yet you say you learned nothing. Welp I stand my point and I shall now leave.

    78. aly cat

      the way i know several teachers from the teacher diss response hhh

    79. Fumbly_Figs


    80. Jihye-S Roy

      Why is noel legit able to make sick bars about anything lmaoo

    81. Kapcer 2137

      the tax evasion comment is funnier now since he actually got tax evaded

      1. Kapcer 2137

        as some people say : It´s everyday bro with the tax evasion flow

    82. Aaran Addis

      I love that this guy calls these people out

    83. ok ok

      I just feel like...telling your young audience to drop out of bad. The children that follow him, yikes 🤮🤮

    84. hayden bakugo

      13:55 low-key same🤣

    85. hayden bakugo

      My teacher yelled at me for no reason at all 😔

    86. J SMITH

      Back on this amazing content in 2021 because I gotta start my year right lol I have seen these videos too many times but they still strangely satisfy my soul. Petition for Cody and Noel to cringe at my life 😂 Also Im smoking a blunt while literally typing a comment no1 is going to give a shit😃

    87. Yoonji Min

      the teacher got better lyrics and flow than most of these fools rapping on youtube

    88. Jeybi Aguilar

      Ksi should watch this lmao

    89. Lisa LiBunny

      I always hate it when classmates ask how is this useful...

    90. My name is Claire

      Cody, your audience is like 13 jakes audience is like 4

    91. Bran

      Jake never learned anything cause he was to busy bullying others

    92. TennisChair

      i literally watch this to laugh and every time i end up dying in laughter

    93. Sarah Grainger

      11:36 fun story - when my friend's dad was in school he was doing cooking and the recipe said two whole eggs so he put two whole eggs in (like shells and all) and when the teacher found out she told him he would never amount to anything and that he was useless. now he's head chef at his job and has been at nearly every place he's worked lmao

    94. Aydin Thompson

      It’s 2021 and we’re still waiting on that dad joke song

    95. Marya Martínez

      boyinaband did something like what jake did but he did it way better tho

    96. Marcus Danchision

      The limping roll ontogenetically report because pea conjecturally arrive until a redundant wrist. imminent, abhorrent hole

    97. nut coatz

      11:36, when I was 17 my math tutor gave up teaching me math when I was in highschool, and he even told my dad that I was hopeless.........I am now 31 and I'm a mathematician lol

      1. nigga black


    98. Jeremiah Francisco

      I’m over here dying these niggas funny

    99. Noobmaster69

      This video has been recommended to me at least 12 times and I have watched it every time

    100. [T H E W O R L D]

      Diss Track=Every HUfastr who can't sing/rap for shit panic button