The 10-Year Hunt for the Lost McDonald's DS Game

Nick Robinson

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    McDonalds eCDP Menu Theme orchestral cover:
    Composed by Jennifer Walton:
    code1038 (aka "Coddy Trentuit")'s original video:
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    Lovren - Contraband
    Czar Donic - Kebnekaise
    Polar Nights - Beyond the Rainbow
    Jo Wandrini - Puzzle Of Complexity
    Niklas Johansson - One Last Mission
    Thip Trong - Many Moons
    Focality - Above and Beyond
    Aaron Kenny - The New Order
    Edgar Hopp - Phoenix Rising
    Kikoru - Honesty Matters
    Hampus Naeselius - Byrr
    Dream Cave - Hydra
    Hampus Naeselius - Hold on Tight
    Hampus Naeselius - Close to the Edge
    Flat Theory - Outer Circle
    A P O L L O - Litty
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - String Quartet No. 19 In C Major, K. 465 I. Adagio Allegro
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Lacrimosa (Requiem)
    Johannes Bornlof - Salvation
    Peter Sandberg - Supine
    mosu beats - black cherry
    Jennifer Walton - McDonald's eCDP Main Menu (cover):
    Portuguese (Brazilian) subtitles by THIVENTURE; OZZY;
    Chinese (Traditional) subtitles by 超人王 KOS:

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    1. Nick Robinson

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      1. Recession TwentyTwenty

        Must be cause I'm old but from the start I knew the guy making this video is the guy that bought the bid so the surprise just wasn't that great for me other than it's amazing that there's just some things you can only get from living long enough living long enough Moral of the story you kids are smart real smart but you all should really learn to respect your elders more than you do

      2. dailyn ragasa

        @BlakeKDM what is the game rom when i click the link it has four options tile file png text and the torrent which to download

      3. valles383

        I the 700 to like

      4. aswdafk 1

        Do a speedrun on this game no one could beat you

      5. Bully Maguire

        You shared it because your not a selfish person that's so cool.

    2. Twisted Mindz Production

      Wow, now usually I see a video this long, I start to lose interest and go to another video but, I watch this from start to finish and what I have to say about this video is a amazing and crazy journey getting your hands on the rarest nds game and system from Tokyo Japan, getting your brother to bring it to United States soil. Contacting and German modder to mod a nds you just bought. Getting in touch with a friend who can read Japanese. Use the code for the first time and failed, try again on a different option, use the code again and finally access the game. What a crazy journey. You was nice enough to dump the rom so everybody can enjoy. In my book you get 10 out of 10 and a new subscriber. Brilliant

    3. HelterSKelter75

      World record speed run timed on a calender 🤣

    4. oznelor


    5. Switch AC

      i got the ROM Running on my 3ds Xl

    6. Remapz

      I'ma be honest this video is boring and interesting at the same time you know what I mean and what I mean is that the video is boring because to much talking but interesting cause you get to hear a good story you know what I mean? Right?

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      my jaw dropped. like wow. much suspense.

    8. Maux


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      Wow....I didn't realise I was gonna watch all of it. And I am very satisfied.

    10. nsfwsoup

      can someone with a following make a video on the old online game "spineworld"? it turned into "migoland" when a different company bought it then it disappeared entirely. ive been so curious about it and getting the game back

    11. Ryan Jones

      This video is not just bout a game it's also a journey

    12. unKnownGamer

      This is one of the best videos i have seen in a long time.

      1. Nick Robinson

        thank you!

    13. AnitaSleap1080z

      This whole video I'm just like "No fucking way.... NO WAY" This whole story could already be an OVA good lord

    14. Cherry Tv

      Am i the only person here who loves the graphical designs of the video them parts where the graphics are. I wish that he made wallpapers of them because i would pay for them.

    15. V V

      Turn this into a ROM for DS emulators, so everyone can enjoy

      1. Nick Robinson

        i did

    16. Miss Pikawaii

      this is a beautiful story :)

    17. IokoThePanda

      the drama just never ends

    18. T Q

      Was Cody mad you dumped it???

    19. MineBlox Gaming


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      The tense background music makes it seem like it's "Bourn Identity: McDonald's Legacy".

    21. skull films

      I can't believe i watched the whole thing, at first i thought like damn its just a waste of my time it's just another extremely long video with a lot of fillers, but no i was wrong it is worth your every second well if your a game enthusiast or just a geek just trying to learn some history idk this was straight up like those documentaries you see on Netflix , my mind is blown away good work my friend

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      I’m gonna say it. I’m gonna say it!!!! The McDonalds training game is the Dark Souls of title screens

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      This was the biggest plot twist I ever saw

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      Never felt so pumped about something I never knew about 😂 great video.

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      Cody also is a mastermind

    30. Mag gg

      Cody really done messed everything up

    31. Parker The Byleth Thomas

      Awesome story dude. To be honest I don’t buy stuff in Japan, because of timing of package and the cost of the stuff is more than US Dollars. Also I don’t want to buy extra costs for traveling to America

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      Kirito in real life !

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      My god this was like a movie, I was on the very edge of my seat for the whole thing.

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      If you look at a dictionary for the word "madlad" you will find a picture of Nick

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      I almost clocked off when he said the story ends here. Then he hit me with that “Me” and i literally screamed

    39. i put my S upercaSe


    40. Hayley

      I actually wrote a similar piece of software for McDonald's UK. It was a HTML5 game that went through the order fulfilment process and ran on a web browser on a touch screen.

    41. Laura Bradfield

      I was innocently watching this in the hopes we would get some answers from people who owned it....but I got GOOSEBUMPS when he said HE is the one who owns it..

    42. Ryland Sieverts

      This music.

    43. Soapy Fae

      anyone else find it crazy that coddy 1038's game needed the crew memby "le1038" le 2038. the 1038. coincidence? yeah probably but a crazy one lol.

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      No Way! What a good video! 😎

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      I KNEW THAT AIRPORT LOOKED FAMILIAR HA anyways congrats on coppin that rare ds

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      "The owner is me" and YT straight quueu to advert. I got deja vu like im watching local cable TV. Bizarre experience. Like a step back in evolution. Also i really think because Coddy reach out to internal McD's, someone from McD japan know the value of their stash, and put it on ebay for you. Coddy is the reason u hv the copy.

    53. Mikey Pierce

      Ohh god

    54. Ivy Monique

      I don’t know why this popped up on my recommended but I’m so glad it did. This is a cinematic masterpiece

      1. Ivy Monique

        @Nick Robinson anytime. You have a way with storytelling, I subscribed halfway through the vid. Keep it up.

      2. Nick Robinson

        thanks so much!

    55. No Love Virse

      i just watched a 49 minute ad

    56. KassTy

      What are the odds that the username numbers in Cody’s game login and his forum username 1038???

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        I wondered that as well. Why not carry on?

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      This story needs to go into the 2020 A.D. time capsule. CovID... Tanking world economy... World leaders resigning... McDonald's NintendoDS game.

    74. David Jacob

      What an incredible story. This is crazy!!

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      i rarely click the like button on videos, but this, i love it. you took me on a crazy journey. it was awesome.

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      This was almost an hour but I totally enjoyed it. Im subbing.

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      The rarest game is not rare anymore

    87. CVS-11

      Former Japan McDonalds worker here. The icons (or badges) you seem to get at the end of each training, are the same pictures from stickers which trainee were given and stick on the nameplate as an certifiate. McD (especially in Japan) was so proud of sophisticated training and the cartridhge shows the vives they were running on at that time.

      1. Nick Robinson

        holy crap! that's fascinating, hahah. i wonder if i could find those stickers anywhere...

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