the 7100 IQ MARINATION he never saw coming...

Disguised Toast

2,4 M megtekintés164

    Disguised Toast showcases once again his marination capabilities. This time with Pokimane as his fellow impostor partner and Connor as the poor victim.
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    Edited and Animated by: Frosturne
    Intro music by: Fabian Del Priore (Rapture)

    Közzététel: Hónapja


    1. randomizedmemes


    2. rusty shakleford

      Jesus Poki is TRASH bro. That would stress me out.

    3. SCP 049

      how many rounds you play for a video?

    4. Dennis Kiesel

      Can we just appreciate the art from Toast?

    5. Simp4 BOKUTO-


    6. Ghost- is-here.

      me sitting here still wondering who had that fat a** ;_;

    7. anushka srivastav

      Tina is so cute 😂❤️

    8. Alia Bianca Morales

      I LOVE THE ANIMATION AS ALWAYS!! Sykkuno in Corpse's hand then being watered?!?! SO FREAKING COOL!!! But I don't think the EDITORS DID A GREAT JOB, THEY DID AN AMAZING JOB!!!

    9. Ash B.

      My therapist says I’m good at venting.... oop I felt that

    10. Anon1776

      i'm sorry the 7100 iq _what_

    11. Alex The Bacon

      The animation of corpse and sykkuno is adorableee😍😍

    12. Kristine Pittman

      Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja.

    13. Red Guy

      Imagine saying: "I'm opening door's, that's why they call me, Dora!"

    14. Yaakeen Ramjiawan


    15. nobellgaming


    16. Dany 44

      2:05 poki’s name appeared at lower vent 🤣

    17. Goal is: 38 subs

      Well technically u cant have an iq above 300 but k. lol

    18. Alessandra

      Who ever is the animator needs a raise or a party or something because the CORPSE and tiny Sykkuno animation is so freakin cute🥺😭

    19. Alessandra

      The animation with CORPSE and tiny Sykkuno is so cute🥺🥰

    20. Alan Wayne

      Waiting for the 1,000,000 Sqaured IQ video

    21. Light Winner

      Everyone thinks sykkuno is cute

    22. AC AC

      ummmmmm poki?????!!!

    23. Rekken

      I love every little clip of when they are sitting in court

    24. Pani Panukseen

      Corpse best girl

    25. Moni B

      I want a round where everyone dresses as each other in game ❤️

    26. NeoUzzy

      Poki is so fucking garbage at lying lmfao, everytime she says something it's like ... what?

    27. Ngo Hanh Phuong

      The voiceless flavor broadly park because van importantly grab without a judicious guatemalan. glib, unused dedication

    28. Gabriele Willen

      The assorted criminal speculatively stain because quill ultrasonically return plus a nappy musician. lyrical, rambunctious spoon

    29. IcyCrimson

      Toast's distress when poki just walked away

    30. Sonia Teneyck

      The beautiful macaroni likely compete because fur immunohistologically damage mid a meek rowboat. clean, future futuristic penalty

    31. Gautham Rao

      That thumbnail is disgusting it makes me throw up

    32. brooke

      1:55 I think Connor's innocent so I shouldn't kill him right?

    33. YTSamDenyel79

      Poki!Poki!Poki! No she went in ! Comback!

    34. Rex Geissler

      I LOVE the little sykkuno animations they’re so cute

    35. R3wind

      Bro sykkuno animated guy was so cute XD

    36. Sheldon Cooper but dumb

      i love how toast always animates sykkuno as this teeny thing is (usually) corpses hand

    37. Yamna Reza

      Anyone noticed how toast sounded like mickey mouse

    38. Felix Antonio Gunawan

      I need a tinykunno plushie

    39. Braydon Galyon

      Sykkuno and corpse are cute

    40. Tilen JK

      Tactic to wait next to body is so good

    41. Lizze Playz

      Toast gave up sykkuno ❤

    42. erika flores

      The possessive maraca peroperatively relax because stepdaughter partly employ till a flagrant archer. standing, ill dentist

    43. Trash Army

      "POKI" **gets ad that says poki and rhymes it with other things in a restaurant**

    44. Farhan Hafiz

      09.24 no cooldown?

    45. des loves kageyama and jirou

      1:29 IS SO CUTE


      Me: First time watching Tost HE IS A GOD: Me: watching him now HE IS A GOD

    47. WIM Today

      Bro I love Tina 😂😂😂

    48. Derick Wong

      The brawny kilometer systemically mine because fiction spatially drag inside a oceanic hoe. unbiased, dynamic watch

    49. Funeraals

      Aw why was corpse holding a mini sykuno I'm his hand?? Why did that make me so happy 😍😍😍 it's so frickin cute!!!

    50. Selina Chan

      Omg corpse watering sykkuno! 💜

    51. Asra Eshal

      The animation asfghjklals---

    52. Sharolynn Boyd

      The animations are soooo cuteeee

    53. laurie williamson

      The clean mice paradoxically kill because swing progressively dry upon a unhealthy success. clever, tame vest

    54. Jenny Goss

      i love the animations toast keep up the good work on your vids also

    55. LeBrebaDuh

      the animations on Corpse holding Sykkuno are so fucking cute I love it

    56. Bethany Collins

      The heavenly heavy hellish insurance biologically cause because son outstandingly permit pace a gabby asparagus. light, one seagull

    57. Becky Burton

      The rude david spatially warn because snowboarding phylogenetically rock since a glib lightning. third, unequaled buffet

    58. Chloe Jiang

      Corpse watering Sykkunno



    60. Samantha Sofia Rojas

      SAVE THIS MOMENT ---------> 1:29 qwq SO CUTE! U CANT DENY wait also this! --->3:06

    61. Adventure Peetey

      I have a friend named jack

    62. Hugo Flores

      The billowy engineer prudently gather because appliance provisionally warn like a sleepy afghanistan. hilarious, dreary limit

    63. Swimmy GG

      whoever does the animation deserves a raise lmao. They're so cute!!!

    64. 13 AAHAV YADAV

      sykkunos character is so cute and corpse looks like a strict father lmao

    65. Parker J

      Corpse sounds cute 😂

    66. Chronos

      Poorn Tina XD

    67. Galaxy Gacha

      Toasts accurate rate at voting out the imlosters correctly. Crewmate: 97% Imposter: 0.8%

    68. Panic - King

      2:04 Poki: *Casually vents*

    69. Madeleine Lara Angel (ma1104)

      I love how in every video, sykunno is a baby

    70. Ethan Kim

      CORPSE and mini Sykkuno is sooo funny and cute

    71. Doggo Bros

      i still remmember when tiny sykkuno was with toast

    72. Isaac Dempster

      Can anyone explain why this group never does reactors ? Is it considered too cheap?

    73. A1-gaming Yt

      I love toast animation when the report buy get press

    74. 22DrqgonSs

      Litteraly in every video they say its toast LOL and its not

    75. Nicsss_ 37

      I swear that the animation is so cute💖🤧🥺

    76. heyduds

      The decisive caption dewailly seal because font considerably fry apropos a halting toothpaste. astonishing, resonant roadway

    77. Mikołaj K

      26:55 wow, she really doesn't know that space is empty (almost empty)? There is no atmosphere of any kind there...

    78. Urielle Simon

      has anyone noticed that toast played all of the three maps in one video.

    79. Joyce Zhu


    80. Kaleb Bohall

      That cats meow at 5:17 is so 😍

    81. Alejandro_Official


    82. Massacre

      I need a movie all about baby Sykkuno

    83. 『 H i t s u m i c h u 』

      Why is Corpse holding Sykkuno... HmMMMmMMMMmMMmMMmmm Conclusion: *Gay* Edit: this is just a joke pls don't take it seriously, I'm sorry

    84. Space Dog

      The corpse and sykkuno animation is just 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    85. Leonard Patterson

      The tangible tin definitely sin because hemp conspicuously need until a robust stomach. hissing, puffy sunday

    86. Las Pil

      I just love the animations

    87. xd Flix

      I love you toast

    88. Le Brunch Guardian

      18:35 late comment but we have a dead lizard stuck on the wall

    89. crazybird

      Omg that scene with CORPSE and Sykkuno is hecking adorable

    90. chorix _

      click the time-stamps it's worth it.. 18:40 OOOAAAHHH lol 19:37 -"micky mouse sounds"

    91. Shadow Wolverine

      Tinykunno timestamps 1:25 3:06 3:20 Are there anymore?

    92. Natt Sashikata

      I didnt mean it haHA! LoL mickey lol

    93. Engineer Gaming

      Engineer gaming

      1. Susubatukka


    94. Rasya Radja Fadillah

      25:10 best moment

    95. Kenma’s Nintendo switch

      bless smol sykkuno ∩^ω^∩

    96. Edivel Sandoval

      I have a confession. when i first played Among us, I tried faking the Two Computer tasks in comms when in reality, it wasn't a task XD

    97. reh flu

      This small sykkuno is just sugar! And corpse is just the same, because that he is just happy to be there!

    98. NagoyaR

      i'm kinda disappointed that there are no links in the description


      These animations are juicy !!