The American Civil War - OverSimplified (Part 1)


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    1. darvad77 Frimml

      Lies, lies, lies, yell me sweet little lies! 1854 is when a Republic finally created the Republican party, and the democratic party already was established, in that very same, REPUBLIC? Why didn't they mention that the Jesuits/the Vatican influenced Americans into division? Ever wonder why their are catholic churches in every American city, when the 1st pilgrims that arrived in America were running away from the Catholic church? That is the true cause of the civil war!

    2. Scoot


      1. LetterO


    3. Ash. Bl.

      Hey OverSimplified ,could you list the Reformation and the 30 years war.Belongs to the most important events in human history.

    4. k8ne0456YT

      Can someone explain why there are so many dislikes?? /srs

    5. Ash. Bl.

      The US Civil war is one of the least meaningful wars in my opinion.

    6. I don't know lol

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    7. FattyMcButterPants

      Daily reminder that 70% of all slave owners were chewish. Funny how youtube deletes this comment

    8. bhruv Momento

      owning a slave is hella gay my guy - Aberham Lincon

    9. FattyMcButterPants

      They should have been sent back after

    10. Alessandro Liscio

      Me after realizing it’s Monday 28:18

    11. I don't know lol

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    12. Cameron Tuller

      You make history sound fun

    13. Anthony DiCola

      Blacks in 1850: exist Southerners: This enraged Them all who punished him severely

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    16. Todd Howard

      Won't anyone mention that Abraham Lincoln knew how to speak when he was a few seconds old and stand up Edit: I forgot that he had a grown up mans voice and flew away from his mother

    17. Mike

      Actually, at Ft Donaldson, Grant was defeated....and SHOCKED when the Confederates sent him word they were ready to surrender. THAT put him in the spotlight. The rest, as they say, is history. Visit the area. It's beautiful there. Let's learn history, not hide it or forget it.

    18. Ferdinand Von Aegir

      Texas is still causing problems

      1. FattyMcButterPants

        More like California

    19. Ender Girl

      When your something great grandfather is an abolitionist but then your family become Nazis in the 30’s and 40’s

    20. Raditya Rakha

      D I N G U S

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    23. Lexxx #01

      Abraham Lincoln was a republican, he united the north and south then abolished slavery. Meanwhile Trump whined in twitter.

    24. F. Dout

      Lee is interesting as he was against slavery, but wanted to protect his states from central power even more.

      1. David Cooper

        @F. Dout 1 I’m in school 2 i do play fortnite

      2. F. Dout

        @David Cooper well you can't study AND play Fortnite, I understand.

      3. David Cooper

        @F. Dout dumbbbbb dumbbbbbbb

      4. F. Dout

        @David Cooper nop, french, so I can learn history without caring for bigots 🤷🏻‍♂️

      5. David Cooper

        U goofy my guy

    25. Alex Howard

      They were not stolen they were sold If you actually Know your history

      1. David Cooper

        @FattyMcButterPants 1. Who is we 2. MOST

      2. FattyMcButterPants

        @David Cooper Most slaves were bought from traders in Africa so we didn't have to hunt through the jungle for them.

      3. David Cooper

        They where stolen from Africa brought to America dumb dumb

    26. Alex Weber

      “It’s war baby what are you gonna do”

    27. E Snas

      10:33 That dude looks suspiciously like Colonel Sanders

    28. mike korzek

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    29. David Bubbins

      Am I the only one seeing the parallels between plantation owners and NRA members?

    30. Tyler Hacker

      Anyone else thinks general Mclellen looks like donut operator?

    31. jessie mayfield

      13:30 Love from...GRANDMA?! 😂 I love this show

    32. mike engleman

      if i use nord vpn can i find girls in china?

    33. B

      Virgil Kane is the name And I served on the Danville train 'Till Stoneman's cavalry came And tore up the tracks again In the winter of '65 We were hungry, just barely alive By May the 10th, Richmond had fell It's a time I remember, oh so well

    34. Jessica Arthur

      10:38 colonel sanders

    35. Nicholas Vargas

      Hold up so the Union took escaped slaves, and then proceeded to make them work? dude, uncool

    36. j k

      No no mr oversimplified. They were SOLD from their home land.

    37. Nico Dangond

      Lincoln was such a fake 🧐

      1. Palmetto State Railfan

        The president that screwed up a tightly knit country

    38. Gerard Ligonde

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    39. John Linden

      “The history of the whole world I guess” by Bill Wurtz is basically every Oversimplified video ever and every one that will ever come compiled into one 19 minute video.

    40. Jackson Stuart

      Bro, Brathwait Manor!!! 3:01

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    43. Caleb Steimer

      POV: if you are reading this you are a union-Dixie boy this means your are a Dixie boy and union boy for the next civil war good luck lads

    44. Roy Knapp

      All lies, we all know that the war was about the suppression of the great Vampire evil. I suggest a great true life documentary titled "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter" if you want to know the truth.

    45. Lolo Ntsewa

      Abe had some BARZ!!!!

    46. NorAisah Abdul Samad

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    47. Ryan Hannigan

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    48. ahh I think?

      The most beautiful words I have ever heard “if slavery was a woman then she would be an ugly women and the senator from South Carolina would like to boink her”

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    51. Jim Wednt

      You got the color scheme wrong in you map of the states of the Noth and South. Yeah, the slave states were democrats, so they should be blue to correspond with todays color code for the democrat party.

      1. Connor Sloan

        That color scheme is relatively new in American politics. And actually it was Grover Cleveland that first made use of colors. He used blue as holdover from the Civil War to represent the Republican Party and red to represent the Democrats, but both parties still used both interchangeably. It wasn't until the 1990s that red and blue became Republican and Democrat. And let's not forget about the party switch too. The Republican Party was the liberal party during the 19th century.

    52. noriakiboi

      Th war was not about slavery or states rights it was all a plot to steal Joseph's beans and get away with it

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    57. Allutheburd03

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    58. Joe Momma


    59. pedro garcia

      North Americans vs South Americans? Yankeeland vs Dixieland?

      1. Palmetto State Railfan

        Dixie better

    60. Anthony Mignogna

      Can we get any confirmation that Grant actually tried to be called “Unconditional Surrender Grant”

    61. CT03 King

      15:40 The man on the right is The KFC guy

    62. Zemlak Ismael

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    63. Mr. Pody

      Confederacy=employment...Union= entrepreneur

    64. Kirsten Taylor

      thats why ill never go to America

    65. Rod Burgundy

      The American Civil War is ALWAYS oversimplified

    66. Butch Calvert

      usg= ulysses s grant=United States General. mind blown

    67. Hinth Darkshot

      haste is spelled wrong in the poem

    68. Lola Fields

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    69. NightwishTarja

      I just saw the title and was like "yes" please

    70. xxPIXELANDxx

      Victoria: how much cruel slavery is. Also Victoria after hearing about hungry kids slave: nothing.

    71. xxPIXELANDxx

      Texas: "I am alive." Country:"why".

    72. javi009z

      19:55 Thanks for the Goodfellas reference 👍

    73. Edward Sr Baumbarger

      My GF's great grandfather was General Sickles. Apparently, he was the true hero at Gettysburg. History leaves this out because he disobeyed a direct order from Meade. Not to mention the fact that he later murdered Francis Scott Key's son. First case using temporary insanity and he beat the charges!

    74. Jaafer Ibrahem

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    75. Rectofer15


    76. Rectofer15

      Please latin america

    77. rap extream

      do the war of 1812

    78. Perme Abang

      Why r u not making any more videos

    79. Lance Monaco /WW-WR2D

      For anyone who likes history, Abraham Lincoln invented The Pro-Wrestling Move, The ChokeSlam

    80. FizzyGM

      Everyone here “ the southern Democrats “ meaning THEY HAD DAMN SLAVES, and the republicans didn’t want slaves.

      1. Connor Sloan

        Yup. The slaves were freed by a liberal Republican. Whatever happened to them? They got ran out of the party.

    81. Justin

      Lincoln: I don’t really care about the slaves but I guess I will advocate for it to gain support but I don’t care either way Everyone: I’ll ignore that

      1. Connor Sloan

        Well that's just not true. Lincoln always wanted to free the slaves. He just knew it was constitutionally protected and the only way to go about it was by stopping its spread into the territories.

    82. Anna Anna

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    83. TheMarquis

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    84. Zach Popp

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    90. zachelberry0188

      Lol blacks still vote for their democrat massas to this day.

      1. Connor Sloan

        Well yeah. You've clearly never heard of the Southern Strategy.

    91. Devine Kendal

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    92. Kasun Hettige

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    93. Siddhdarsh Kamat

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    94. Leroy Jenkins

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    95. Orange Fort


      1. watson couch

        @Orange Fort that's just what they want you to think

      2. Orange Fort

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      4. Orange Fort

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      5. Orange Fort

        Also I’m not British

    96. Gab F1Adventures

      Why is america kinda squashed? Or is it just me?

    97. Oi

      Your advertisements for terrible products in the middle of these ruin them. It's a history less you can't suddenly have a Raid Shadow or Nord VPN advert be inserted into the story and maintain any sense of credibility. If you have to shill for bad products (which you shouldn't you should only advertise something you believe in) then it should be at the start or end, not inserted into the story. It's a big nope from me.

      1. the gaming attack

        He has to adverist these product as most of his video demonitized

      2. Cloudless

        if you were in his place you would advert those things too lmao

    98. Brussels For Dinner

      Why does the USA map look elongated

    99. Aiden Johnson