The Bachelor - SNL

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    Pop superstar Adele competes against other women (Heidi Gardner, Chloe Fineman, Lauren Holt) for the love of Ben K (Beck Bennett).
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    1. lori’s reality

      I just fell in love

    2. Cynthia Z

      3:39 Adele calls Hannah C (Chloe) Hannah B lol

    3. Yağmur Skywalker Adele is a gift from god to us 🤘🏼💜💜

    4. Bota Dulatovna

      Adele look like Kardashian, Jenner's

    5. Deontey Parker


    6. Serafina Chuidian

      eh cringy af.

    7. Lashayla Jackson

      I love that there is a song for every situation. 🤣

    8. Raisa Choudhury

      Bruh, if Adele was singing live in front of me, I don't care what is happening around me, I DO NOT INTERRUPT HER. YOU DO NOT INTERRUPT ADELE WHILE SHE IS SINGING LIVE!!! That is sacrilege!!!!

    9. Plark Zane

      The awake anthropology wailly slip because ash eventually divide of a narrow port. sweet, bewildered puppy

    10. DaKween Lyrics

      Skinny LEGEND!!!

    11. No Name

      She's incredibly beautiful,like drop dead gorgeous. And the british accent somehow suits her perfectly

    12. Grisha 1776

      The bios at the beginning 😂

    13. brutusbn76

      she's only pretty when she's thin. she looks like ursula from The Little Mermaid when she's big

    14. Plauge Boi gaming

      4:27 is my favorite part

    15. heichuu

      Adele is so cute and funny


      Shes back if over in tbe States 👍😊

    17. karlation37

      Adele is extraordinary

    18. Avery

      this skit saved my life i stg

    19. Mi Poorboy

      God that voice! I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like in person! Breathtaking!!

    20. Mark Champagnie

      Adele..wish you the best.. Tottenham lady..London England... kapppish 🇬🇧🇯🇲❤️

    21. maryannmiami

      Re-watching! It is just so awesome!

    22. Frecklez Love

      Shes naturaly funny as hell so this is perfection!!lol i love her!

    23. Stavos Butron

      I love this, these actors must of loved this being part of this

    24. Griangel Suarez


    25. Prince Hassan III

      Adele has my undivided attention!!

    26. rihanna Harlow

      3:57 is the best part 😂💀💀

    27. paola chan


    28. Misty Grove

      The real star is her gorgeous hair!

    29. Alana Shannon

      can we just appreciate how beautiful adele is in this?

    30. drumzRfun1

      OMG she can sing

    31. A.J. Alvarado

      Her hair... I would like to brush it. And she can sing as long as she wants.

    32. сон ник

      1:20 wait what? This's my mood in my life lol👍

    33. Random84530

      Taylor Swift would be perfect for this segment. She has loads of crush/in love/breakup song and she can sing bad blood when a girl interrupts her.

    34. Daymo02

      I love Adele. Im going to say it. I know that's her body but she look just fine before the weight lost.

    35. Morgan Smith

      I would honestly watch the Bachelor if Adele was on it and broke out in song

    36. sadia zenere

      Adele's voice does not sound powerful as always but undertone. Does it anything to do with her weight loss?

    37. Dasha Lemeshko

      кто пришёл с Тиктока?

    38. PsychoKitty사랑

      Damn she looks great

    39. petar anic

      Great voice.

    40. Roy Alvarez

      No me gusta que la interrumpan

    41. Eva Ostrom

      I Love adeleeeee Shes my idol. Shes inspired me To be a singer and to be proud and happy and love me for me! I love u adele

    42. ronald graham

      How would this get old?

    43. Matteo pio De angelis

      Adele is the one of best singers in the world. Her voice hasn't changed. I love Adele.

    44. Tivne Marlene

      Why am I crying? WTF...

    45. swum

      wow what a shit crowd, this was fucking gold

    46. Phaze Laser

      great sense of humor, I mean I hate all her terrible music but..

    47. Wole pyro

      Omg that’s Adele? She looks amazing omg

    48. Tomas Cano


    49. Charlotte

      Adele will be the only woman that I would be totally cool for interrogating any of my dates, to be honest 😂

    50. Katelyn Rushe

      I was kind of hoping she'd set fire to the rain at the end. XD

    51. TheBlarggle

      Oh. I guess I'm an Adele fan now.

    52. Lecher Moncul

      Adele realy need to make some new music... Lost 300 pounds we have to watch ... I realy dont care... But sorry Adele.. the music is getting to become the some Ol some Ol.... Some new material girl. Know you got filthy rich now got a smashing figure (the old one is going to back in two years... Dont get another Oprah)... But Adele.. You.. it is just about the amazing music you make not about you figure.

    53. Jalessa Ellis

      okay this was good and all bust and COMPLETELY missed an opportunity. When the girl that said she’s 21 talks to the guy adele should have popped up singing rumor has it singing this line “ she is half your age but i’m guessing that’s the reason that you stayed”

    54. Olorin Grey

      Yass gurrrl! Slay! She is back y’all. Love you.

    55. Jazzy W

      Her breaking the glass is so iconic

    56. Denisse Mora

      i just love her dress!


      Вроде голос Адель, а вроде не она 😁 умничка

    58. Dilara Atav

      Shes so talented and so beautiful 😍 My Queen 👸🏻✨

    59. S M

      5:03 excellent social distancing!

    60. INTERNERT!

      man is she talented

    61. EssenceofNoelle

      Everyone saying that they think she's losing her voice, but tbh it sounds like she's got more soul into it.

      1. Ellie Gaba

        No one is saying it tho?

    62. Fart Zerelli

      When she broke the glass, I spit my Earl Grey tea all over my computer.

    63. preciousjey


    64. clifton bowers

      Adele u are great! Clifton Bowers...

    65. jrveloria

      I enjoy watching this skit, it was really hard for me to see how Adele could be annoying, because I am sure she's not like that in her real life. Still I am astonished how she can sing her songs and bring her vocals to the exact pitches. And now that she looks extremely attractive I am sure the next gentleman in her life will be a keeper... Thank you SNL for having Adele host your show.... From Guam 🇬🇺 I say Hafa Adai.🤙🙂

    66. John Jacobs

      I kinda like the bigger Adele. The extra weight fits her well.

    67. varis karis

      Really random video but nice

    68. Ayhan OKÇU

      I wanna Rolling in The Deep's new style also 🥰

    69. Cory Chapin

      This was clearly a way to show even with the weight loss her voice is unaffected. “See guys!! Same voice!!”

    70. Katy MacCoy

      She looks so gorgeous! Love her sense of humor! :)

    71. Yesika E. Alvarez M.

      I love her 😍

    72. Jim Allen

      She sounds the exact her.

    73. Joel Barker

      Good lord that woman can sing

    74. Uzgen Uzgen

      20? she is 40+

    75. Yasmeen Khader

      Adele is so incredible

    76. Avil Georgescu


    77. Dr. Middle Earth


    78. Fernando Garza

      ok, but why do americans find singing so funny?

    79. Tara Hower

      This is me in relationships lol my hormonal brain

    80. k9keo


    81. L S


    82. Mayra Gutierrez

      Down her (Adele) eyes have a big bags and lines when she smile!.

    83. Gatze Van der Meer

      Here voice seems even more powerfull as ever before. Totally in love with this woman

    84. kia mostaed


    85. baur umar

      Адель супер👍👍👍👍👍

    86. Felipe Hernandez

      i find this annoying lowkey

    87. Julia Demopoulos

      Incredibly funny lot of song and pushy attitude

    88. Matthew Hughes

      Who’s watching this in December 2020

    89. Alex Cooper

      omg idk why but her face now reminds me of Billie Eilish 👀

    90. Andy Gonzalez

      2:28 Its a skit I know but i actually got mad she got interrupted singing "When We Were Young". She's angelic when she sings that

    91. PLATOON72

      Fk!!! She's not even recognizable!!! Best turning better ever.

    92. Dave Ratliff

      Lol cause theres always like 8 hannahs

    93. iop erty

      She is amazing, she has a voice of an angel

    94. Mobile Gamer707

      This was entertaining and great but I miss the fat Adele😂😂😂😂🤛🏻in a good way btw!

    95. Grey_hulk1906

      How is she so beautiful and her voice is so unbelievable. She is a time traveler. Adele is not of this planet.

    96. Jennylyn Reyes Enano

      Why it is not available in my country 😭

    97. Eric Bonewicz

      Damn she sounds amazing live! And her voice is so amazing after she lost that weight thank God

    98. Rosee Ramirez

      Adele se ve rara y aparte su voz tambien perdio peso 😆 y eso no esta padre.... de haber sido unica y original ahora ya es del monton😒 una flacucha mas 😏😏😏

    99. Fluffy Jimin

      She is so prettttyyy

    100. Jabon Wilson

      who else heard that cough in the background