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    I had the most amazing opportunity to meet the one and only glute guy. Bret is an expert in his field and as you’ll very quickly find out he knows a thing or two about the booty! Fun fact… HE INVENTED HIP THRUSTS!!!
    Brets IG: @Bretcontreras1
    Gym: @Glutelaboffical
    Brets Bands:
    - Squats
    - Reverse Lunges
    - Side to Side crabs
    - Bridges
    Main Exercises we focused on:
    - Hip Thrusts
    - Goblet Squats
    - Conventional & Stiff Leg Deadlifts
    - Hyper Extensions
    - Split Squats
    Make sure you show some love in the comments below and let me know what you found helpful!

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    1. Krissy Cela

      I am honestly so so happy you are loving this video. I’m such a firm believer that every single day is a learning day and no matter how much you think you may know there is always room to learn more and become better and better. One of my favourite things to do is read articles on nutrition, our anatomy, training adaptation, progressing and so much more before I go to bed so I can provide you will as much help as possible. This has made me so so happy! Thank you for always being so incredible and supportive ❤️

      1. Brian K

        Great stuff Krissy. Burning that booty!

      2. Rosser Smith

        This guy specializes in women's asses what a genius!!

      3. derrik tie

        @Terrence Odonnell ur dumb ass getting mad because i am telling the truth.listen receiving hair line bold man.go get you are eyes checked at eye doctor ok?i know ur hair loss but is ur vision as well?

      4. muzamil aziz

        @Terrence Odonnell I will give her best advice anyway, whether somebody gets jealous or not,

      5. Terrence Odonnell

        @DemieALT what the fuck are you talking about.. Stfu you loser

    2. Natalia Watson

      Wow súper interesante el vídeo, por algo Bret es el mejor en el tema de entrenamiento de glúteos

    3. justjess gonzalez

      Minute 12:25 I feel you! 🤣👌 That's how I feel with all this info 😎


      Esos dos solo c nota que quieren clochar

    5. CatEyesKiki

      Omg, this man is amazing!

    6. Didyou Getit

      @ 5:08 will that quack up my back?

    7. كابتن ضي


    8. Roelanda Hartman

      Wow! This is key! Thankyou for the tips! I'm going to really use them! ❤️❤️

    9. Trash Bin

      Nice video

    10. Viper

      A wider stance is much better for bigger glutes.

    11. kris Sing

      Wow he just did that for me

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    13. Madison Escolar

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    14. Lucas Zertuche

      What a douche bag. Show the technique without the weight to avoid injury until she gets it right rather than making her try to do something the wrong way first with all that weight and then explaining what not to do while she’s still holding onto all the weight 😒

    15. Adnew Wolde

      Iwase seen hard hip and back exersice itis nice body builder keepitup

    16. vanilla coke

      unnatural rotation of the knees during squats like whaaat?? do you even think about joint injury when performing these? what the actual f of a coach you are?

    17. vanilla coke

      why nobody talks about colossal lower back strain in these types of hip thrusts? do coaches nowadays even think about safety of one's spine or the efficiency is the only thing that matters?

    18. lulu R

      Honestly I loved loved loved this video !! It was soo good ! Very informative and the way he explains and corrects the form I felt as if he was at gym with me

    19. lulu R

      I’m so happy this video came up on my list

    20. Emcee

      i need a personal trainer smh

    21. Dragonfly Gaming

      Loved this video! Can’t wait to use those tips on my form

    22. Christina lila

      16:08 nearly left him hangin

    23. White Hore

      Did phuck her afterwards Bich seems so enthusiastic

    24. Manifesting Maren

      This is amazing, thank you and Bret for this free info!! 👏🏼🙌🏼🍑

    25. v b

      Hi you have a strong physique

    26. Billie Parker

      I was really excited about this video bc of the amazing comments, but I could not get past her leggings going up her front and back. It made me sad that she was ok wearing that bc she doesn’t need to to get views! Her body is amazing and she has a great personality. I just could not pay attention bc all I could see was her chocha. Those leggings were up in her business so damn high! I see that at the gym and then see men not even working out, just creeping! And girls get upset when they stare! I’m all about leggings and wearing what u want but damn there should be a limit, in my opinion. I guess I’ll just have to get over it so I can watch but it’s super distracting 😕

    27. Tommy Nakajima

      Excellent pants

    28. Jenna Revamped

      I wish he explained how to prevent "butt wink" or just how to keep your lower back from rounding in general. I have that so bad and don't know how to fix it.

      1. Jenna Revamped

        @V g No, “butt wink” is when your spine starts to curve at the bottom as you get lower. It looks like your butt tucks under a bit which means your back is no longer straight.

      2. V g

        Is he referring to when you go down and squeeze ur butt 🤔

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    30. Marsha Mathieu

      I’m glad she tied her hair up. I hate seeing workout videos and the women leaves her hair out. It just makes me cringe.

    31. byron jordan

      7:13 you’re welcome

    32. Tracey Lennon

      The reverse lunge is a far more natural movement than stepping into a forward lunge!!

    33. Rhiannon Williams

      Why do fit women want big calves?

    34. Rhiannon Williams

      Hip Thrusts!

    35. Tracey Lennon

      Technique is so important yet frustrating to master!!

    36. mleblanc307 seaglass

      Omg did this today thought I was going to puke 🤮 lol

    37. Lousine Babayan

      Wow, amazing video! Thank you for such detailed instructions!

    38. Kanyanat Bebest

      I’m enjoy the video so much thanks for sharing

    39. Miss Piggy

      I’ve been doing Bulgarian split squats wrong all this time 🤦‍♀️

    40. Vanilla Bits

      I feel everything here is pure gold, thank you so much!

    41. cindy w

      Excllnt...... very well explained 👍

    42. Rocio Saldarriaga diaz

      Exvelente!!! Que bueno sería Brett si hubiera una traducción en español, recomiendo tus videos a todos aqui en Perú, pero algunas amigas no saben inglés y reniegan jajaja

    43. Hélène sev.

      Should we isolate the work of the abductors !? Is it necessary !?

    44. Mary Jo Crawford

      Love his detailed explanation on the exercises

    45. Annu Thiruselvan

      Thanks krissy for your much useful info. I’m working out for great glute shaped.

    46. Mulalo Nengobela

      I am going to try this

    47. Roberto M

      I have always thought that dieting is eating only green vegetables and drinking water. NextLevelDeit proved me wrong. I am eating delicious and nutritionally rich food and still reaching my fitness goals.

    48. Anna Henry

      I just now got to watch this! I love these tips!!! I have learned a lot - thank you guys!

    49. Samantha B

      This guy did NOT invent hip thrusts 🤣 He popularized it.

    50. Poojitha

      That hip thrust. Thank you for the tips.

    51. Theresa Eisenhard

      WOW!! I could see what I have been doing wrong this past few months.....I now know why my back hurt so much. Thank You And Thank You Brett, Awesome!!

    52. Zensee

      You did good. I really appreciate his corrections. As a viewer it is so much easier to fully understand. At the gym I allways got confused, got it wrong and therefore did it wrong. Naturally I avoided a crouded gym. Perfect to exercise this at home. Thanx

    53. Moustache mike

      what do ya have for bad knees ?

    54. Moustache mike

      i dont have a bar !!!

    55. Bûngee Gûm

      Hahahah this dude XD Read the wrong book abt working out XD

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    59. Rachel Blackburn

      Hi what is the hip extension machine called ? Thanks, Rachel xxx

    60. Y T

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    64. Palestina Libre

      What a Charming and funny girl! Brett is really the glute guy excelente video, saludos desde México!

    65. Prajyot Naik

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    66. heaven leigh

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    69. Birgit Schenk

      I need to do my squats like that because exactly where Krissy feels it i have a little dent in my butt. At least I do the bulgarian split squats right :-)

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    71. Sarah Kay

      Right then, that's my workout sorted for tomorrow xoxo love from UK

    72. CPO Durnell

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    73. Alexis Astramskas

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    74. The Non-Exerciser's Guide TV

      Where does this dream girl need even more butt work...Where's the organized exercise work flow? Violates all four phases of fitness? There are 10 advancing levels of muscle memory moves that will turn an above average booty into something even more special. Especially on BUTT SANDWICH you literally want to feel like a caterpillar hanging from a tree to skill the glute into submission.

    75. CW DeLeon

      It’s been a year since posted. Glad a bumped into this. So motivational. I love his training technique; he explained the WHY!! So important!!

    76. Friends For Ever

    77. CelloAfterDark

      When he says “beginners” I think he means a beginner to the exercise and also giving good tips for us possible beginners at home :). Great video!

    78. CelloAfterDark

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    85. Giljr LUViCouldNvr

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    87. SQUEKY1 GEE.

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      1. Rada 008

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    93. Love Dove

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      I came here to figure out how to maximize glut exercises but also found real life Lara Croft...

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      This was a really Good video, He's instructions on the proper form for the excises is gold dust!!

    98. Daltira

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