The best and worst show on every streaming service

Drew Gooden

Drew Gooden

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    00:00 - Intro
    00:34 - Hulu
    04:32 - HBO Max
    08:23 - Disney Plus
    10:43 - Prime Video
    10:46 - Netflix
    17:12 - hot dog
    hail the sun - doing the same thing and expecting different results
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    1. Harry Walsh

      Who will be pinned it’s a mystery

      1. Hannah Johnson

        I'm so excited for you. 😁

      2. Dahlen Olson


      3. bo


      4. bing bong

        harry i think i might know who will be pinned

      5. I Don’t Know

        Haha! Not anymore!

    2. Eden

      Fuck Amazon

    3. monke

      My favorite part 10:45

    4. Madison McAllaster

      Yay for the “fuck Amazon” I agree :)

    5. Maicey Pickrell

      New comfort video unlocked

    6. Lloyd O.D.

      That’s my favourite Amazon show, too.

    7. Valeria Lopez

      am I the only one that kinda liked space force

    8. TravelingT

      At least you cannot accuse the show "Unsolved Mysteries" of false advertising

    9. DaMeanCleanKillnMacine XD

      Maybe talk about Lucifer🥺👉👈

    10. YoutubeCertifiedMechanic

      Netflix: star trek enterprise ftw

    11. o k

      yay bojack horseman is on this list!!!

    12. leslie

      Best show on prime is DEFINITELY Banana Fish. I don't take criticisms.

    13. Poppylan

      Who would choose wedding over beautiful home? A day in your life that you own nothing about the wedding VS. A house you own for the rest of your life if you want to. WTF

    14. des n

      If money doesn't make you happy maybe you should donate and stuff Kylie...

    15. DA O

      Drew gained a subscriber when he said he doesn’t watch avengers.

    16. Yohanathan Yoha

      What about gravity falls

    17. jackson ;

      good video now *apologise*

    18. Rakib Khan

      Man you didnt talk about the best Netflix Original ever The show is called DARK Its a show created by a German dude named Baran Bo Odar What doesn't this this show have Mystery,Thriller,Suspense,Feel good moments,sad moments The show will fuck with your mind in so many ways that at one point you'll definitely think that one doesn't concieve a idea like this without smoking weed

    19. Michael Plummer

      I'm gonna say it the death note movie was bad

    20. MrSlice

      Why does he lowkey sound like John Mulaney😂

    21. dilblo fagbins

      this channel is like that one friend who tells you to watch a funny video that's supposed to be hilarious, but when you watch it the hype doesnt match so you do your best fake laugh to not make um feel bad.

    22. Moritz Poersch

      The best show on Netflix is Brooklyn 99 and there is no show that can compete with that one

    23. Alena nela


    24. Ema Snow

      Why did you end the video with Sarah Lynn? Do you want to make me cry?

    25. shivam sharma

      I was here to see if there is anything fun on Amazon Prime but okayy

    26. Dominick Ritucci

      Fucking hail the sun transition slides!?!?!?

    27. ai

      Personally, I think all you really need to know before watching WandaVision is everyone Wanda loves is dead and she has magic powers. I've watched HUfastrs react to it who haven't watched the entire MCU and they still enjoyed it, so I think if you really wanted to you could.

    28. invertedironcross9

      Amazon has better original content than Hulu... but the interface on Amazon sucks.

    29. hotgirlsarehot

      When Ned Stark dies, I stop watching.

    30. Studio Works

      Your eyes are red .......... lol Are you suffering

    31. The Last Prince

      You should check out the midnight gospel it’s a emotional adult animation

    32. Clarkey7163

      For people who want good Amazon Prime shows: Expanse, The Boys, Invincible, Good Omens

    33. Semilocon

      That Prime Video segment was the best part.

    34. the4bangerthatcould

      the segment about amazon is honestly really insightful, drew is such a smart guy when he really gets so passionate and intricate with something. easily made the entire video. liked and subscribed

    35. Abel Jonathan

      Ok, fuck amazon, but Invincible is great

    36. Frankie Travale

      i feel called out before wandavision the only movie i watched was avengers and then when wandavision came out i had to watch the entire mcu

    37. Peter Sanchez

      I’ll fill in the Prime Video gap Best: The Boys Worst: Everything else

    38. Cherryblade

      Cobra Kai is the best show on Netflix try to change my mind

    39. Myjel G

      so glad someone appreciates will forte's snl characters other than mcgruber 😭

    40. spookpuke


    41. Golden squid

      Wandavision sucks btw.

    42. luka luka

      The Boys are good

    43. andrei cadariu

      The best show i have ever watched on netflix is Black Mirror.

    44. Shiloh Buff

      WHY DID YOU SKIP OVER AMAZON PRIME. IT HAS SOME OF THE BEST SHOWS. Fleabag, Undone, The Expanse, Upload, and The Boys

    45. Ham Fast

      Drew, you should watch the MCU.

    46. Parakeets 6

      Um no, the best show on Disney plus is Gravity Falls

    47. maggie

      i will die on the hill that bojack horseman is one of the best television shows ever made, if not the best outright

    48. InsaneTrain HD

      Invincible? The Boys? Tales from the Loop? None of those on Prime?

    49. Gummy Bear

      Crying at the fact that I got a Netflix commercial immediately he started the Netflix segment.

    50. glo glee

      that "(deep sigh)" at the end wasnt very deep

    51. VIL

      Cobra Kai netflix original!? Also I like some cooking netflix shows

    52. VIL

      What F Amazon!?!? They have pokemonnnn

    53. VIL

      The Falcon and the winter soldier is the best disney+ series so far and i bet loki will be even better

      1. Looshroom

        nah Mandalorian is better and its not even close

    54. VIL

      Genera+ion sucks on hbo its garbage absolute and I havent even watched it

    55. Omar

      He not gonna mention the Man in the High Castle, The Boys, and all other AMAZing AMAZon shows?

    56. Phillip S

      I liked Space Force...

    57. African Rhino

      I bet the f Amazon comment is why you got into trouble..,

    58. Sylvia B

      Sex Education is the winner for me! The Good Place is also fantastic imo

    59. Micahx28

      Drew u have to watch the magicans

    60. Mikaela Forrester

      I’ve not seen any marvel movie but I really enjoyed wanda vision!! Was a little confused but got the hang of it

    61. Ajay Jassal

      Vedant rusty copied your idea

    62. ManMan

      Ok but actually what is your favorite Prime video show

    63. Citron

      Fuck Amazon, yes. But The Expanse is brilliant and everyone should watch it.

    64. Logan Patterson

      Ok but like hulu also has animaniacs the original, pinky and the brain, and the animaniacs reboot

    65. Brian BigBoss

      Dan and Dave are solely to blame for Game of Thrones being bad.

    66. ManInTheWorld

      Watch Netflix's Dark

    67. Anna Manqueros


    68. Quick

      Drew can do anything random or not and somehow I’ll stay entertained

    69. pogdog

      Bojack Supremacy 😤😤😤😤😤

    70. TommyTS

      All the best shows on Netflix get cancelled like daredevil for example 😔

    71. Ailsa Ni

      running into the locker room.

    72. morgan lezotte

      well, i’m back two weeks later finished with bojack horseman, and drew was right

    73. Mark Parkinson

      Shame you didn't review the Boys! I would have loved to hear your opinion on it.

      1. Mark Parkinson

        @Ailsa Ni And I also started watching the first episode of the Invincibles. Holy crap, that ending, makes me want to watch the rest of the show.

      2. Mark Parkinson

        @Ailsa Ni Looks interesting. I have enjoyed the creator’s work before, with Bojack Horseman, and Bob Odenkirk was pretty good in Breaking Bad, and I have enjoyed Rosa Salazar’s work in Alita. Although I am curious, what did you enjoy about the show?

      3. Ailsa Ni

        You should watch Undone on Amazon Prime!!!

    74. Raven Leahy

      Amazon has the boys, invincible, and sponge bob

    75. Constance

      Omfg yes finally a youtuber who doesnt worship Amazon.

    76. Aidan Sweeney

      Pen15 looks terrible

    77. Anthony Langone

      I watched all of Barry because of this it was amazing

    78. Big Papa


    79. All Caps Media

      I unsubscribed when he picked high school musical.

    80. RangusJ

      dude im gonna go use squarespace code drew to make a website about why drew should watch the mcu

    81. Seth Hughes

      Slightly disappointed about Love, Death, and Robots not being on this list

    82. Mr4chn

      Hi, I’m eating Subway.

    83. Kyan Kasuri

      If you want to watch a good show on Hulu you should watch “The Great.” It’s very funny and has amazing writing.

    84. Jamie B

      I wish Drew would've covered Apple TV because Ted Lasso needs more recognition. Great video still!

    85. lando9flo

      It’s called UNSOLVED MYSTERIES genius.. you know because they’re UNSOLVED. 🤦‍♂️

    86. Nick-E Nicole

      Why is this 23 y/o rich woman complaining about kids being "so mean" when she literally makes a living exploiting the gullibility of kids?! What! 03:48 she was going to say "who's filming you" but then she realized how that makes her sound.

    87. Earl Cedric Mediavillo

      Y'all should check out Infinity Train on HBO Max, it's an animated anthology Series that sci-fi horror. Each season has a different protagonist but they have a connection to other passengers, in some way. The show currently has 4 seasons, Ten 11-minute episodes each. I promise you'll love it. A few days ago fans trended #FinishInfinityTrain to #1 on Twitter WORLDWIDE because we want HBO to give us up to 8 seasons. All seasons of the show have a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, and it even ranked higher than GOT on HBO Max trending

    88. sakthi sd

      You should watch Undone on Amazon Prime!!!

    89. sakthi sd

      You should watch Undone on Amazon Prime!!!

    90. sakthi sd

      You should watch Undone on Amazon Prime!!!

    91. sakthi sd

      You should watch Undone on Amazon Prime!!!

    92. sakthi sd

      You should watch Undone on Amazon Prime!!!

    93. Ryan Wicks

      Marriage or Mortgage is so funny, everyone should go watch it now.

    94. Gabby’s World

      hey danny u should watch master of none on netflix

    95. Mehmet Âkif

      10:42 Based

    96. Just a cup ‘o Macaroni

      Ohhhhh god this video was good lol

    97. MikeyMike

      Invincible is the only reason I downloaded Amazon Video.

    98. BorinUltimatum

      I've never related to Drew more than his early comments on the Mandalorian and the SW series in general

    99. EvilAxolotl4721

      I love how his review of Prime video was just "Fuck Amazon"-Drew Gooden 2021

    100. You’re*

      Amazon Primes Invincible is AMAZING