The Boy Who Murdered His Neighbor For Tik Tok..


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    Tik Tok was a mistake.
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    Important: Tik Tok was a mistake. Learn from Zach's mistakes. Do not try and harass your neighbors in an effort to gain TikTok fame. it obviously didn't work out for him, and it certainly won't work out for you. so be careful and stay safe out there my friends ❤️
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    1. Destiny

      Tik Tok was a mistake.

      1. Bojidar Stanchev

        Yeah, because people were all rainbows and sunshine before TikTok

      2. Mike Hughes

        You seem like a really intelligent kid. Too smart to pronounce fisherman like fisher man. And pronouncing Durham like Dur Ham. I understand you’ve spent your life collecting and editing videos, but I think it’s time for actual, in person, interaction.

      3. Ivoriie

        Tis I, the one who took the 500th comment ;)

      4. chris hill

        tik tok is a straight up cancer to society. worse than facebook.

      5. Christian Starks

        No wonder so many people are dying

    2. Виктор Герелюк

      Bruh like I genuinely thinks that TikTok should be banned because nowadays people are srsly getting addicted to social media like it's some kind of drug. #bantiktok4life

    3. Towelie

      is anyone else livid that this kid is not in jail right now?

    4. TylerPlayz

      just do youtube

    5. Rudolph B

      Im gonna loose my cool. Like wow dude.

    6. The Reptile Dude

      Most of that list is car stuff. 350z is a type of car. Zociety is a forum for z owners. 5w-30 is an oil weight. DE is one of the engine codes for the 350z and HR is the 370. The army thing is because most new army guys get loans with 20%apr. Most of the rest of it is asshole shit

    7. Hunter Smolowitz

      The abstracted siberian neuroanatomically bake because letter basally copy around a tenuous sturgeon. befitting, bashful distribution

    8. MOADIB2407

      william durham jr lookin like captain america 5:19 hell yeah!

    9. YEET

      When I was one of the durhams son I'd have planted a bomb behind zacks house lol

      1. YEET

        Zack if you see this you're dumb

      2. YEET

        He needs to gain some respect

      3. YEET

        Cuz he spoiled and it makes me really mad

    10. David Wang

      his girl bad tho can’t lie

    11. Nasho Nabo

      Never downloaded tik tok, never will. Social media trends are garbage anyway. At this point I just use it to message people when I want to hang out

    12. Kayy S

      This story is half true i live right around the corner from him and on hance bridge rd and i have the 4 videos taken by his gf about how the officer assaulted him first trespassing his property and the father and sons assaulted him and his gf.

    13. Savannah Vaquera

      Wow, what a piece of shit! How horrible, this poor family.

    14. DeadKennedyInSpace

      A full two minutes in before I realized this isn't the OTHER checkmarked high-sub channel called "Destiny".

    15. James Earl Cash

      Westernized society is a mentally sick society and that is why you see situations like this happening all the time.

    16. Emilio vs Mom

      “Is this how douchebags communicate with each other ” 😂😂 I’m at home like yeah pretty much 😆

    17. Fofoforeverfoxes Plays

      anna oop stole this-

    18. Drew Sav

      If you are white then you can’t say that white privilege isn’t a thing. He killed his own kind and is out on bail. If he was black he would be on a tree or the whole book would be throw at him already

      1. Drew Sav

        Not trying to start a race convo but it’s clear. He killed someone and only got manslaughter

    19. Drew Sav

      She just wanted his money 😂. The wife

    20. M S

      Not so smart boy...

    21. Cp Montana

      I woulda beat da shit out Zach

    22. 26th ENT

      He will be let off with self defense

    23. 26th ENT

      I mean it was a pretty dumb idea to go on his property...

    24. bobby butt


    25. bobby butt


    26. Jakers Russo

      Why do I feel like I know this guy

    27. rainstorm

      I went to the fire academy with the victim's son and I am just now finding out this is how he passed away. This is fucking CRAZY.

    28. Dj Cisneros

      Oh I remember that tiktok I saw that awhile ago

    29. Murda1

      Been hated tik tok

    30. German Ramirez

      Poor lil dude would not survive where I’m from 😂

    31. Raushaun Rigsby

      Dude is his NOT a "kid" an 18 yr old is a GROWN ASS MAN!!!

    32. Raushaun Rigsby

      The white privilege is STRONG with this one.

    33. Angerpull

      No amount of fame warrants being an asshole.

    34. gcampa

      Recording a dispute with a camera = highest level of nowadays cowardice

      1. gcampa

        @ZeldaFreak94 Whatever, it's full of 'bold' cowards out there anyway... Every man for himself, there's no end to this, stupid humanity...

      2. ZeldaFreak94

        Or highest net of safety you can have when you aren't in the wrong...

    35. Ray Bison

      maybe he should be judged through games from SAW franchises

    36. F Mc

      If I see someone fuckering around that threatens me or innocent people I will punish either telling their folks or giving them a good beating. Call me Karen or Boomer but you got to be taught your place.

    37. Kristyn Hoffner

      I live a half hour from there. How did I not hear about this?

    38. Koala From Tomorrow

      They need to ban tick tock even Facebook I think csuee they exlude people don't want Facebook or parents don't allow them to have it ban tick tock Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest it would remove the majority of pornographer exlcusin and cyber buyllung and people use it for hallcurin

    39. Brandon Murray

      Not sure if you heard but he was arrested in Lee county Florida not far from where I live.

    40. J B

      What an absolute waste of space and oxygen of a human.

    41. DoubleOne

      Tiktok: *exists* Boy: *Its free real estate.*

    42. reggiegroove

      So... Pro choice argument right here ? Amirite?

    43. Mavrik9000

      Sadly, the victim went onto his property and then followed him into his garage. That set up the defense for the killing. Tiktok videos with minors taunting adults won't be enough to beat self-defense.

    44. Shit Head

      And thats why u mind your business

    45. Bintang Sastro

      His face look stupid

    46. marcel Tomlinson

      Tik tok makes it easy for absolutely loco unstable insane nutjobs to be able to talk communicate its bad

    47. DIABEDDIE 0

      They kept giving this kid a reaction knowing he’s a d bag and

    48. David Siegrist

      Kid whose girlfriend shot him because he thought the book would stop a .50 AE all for social fame. In actuality, social media is a good thing if you believe in "passive eugenics."

    49. Sup

      Fucking hell.

    50. Michael Snachez

      He was just arrested for trying too run a man off the road and pointing a bb gun at a guy in Florida

    51. Adam Dunphy

      Everyone in the comments was calling her a karen

    52. tom d

      Who drives a 100 mph in a residential neighborhood... 🧐

    53. Syaf Khai

      You dont have to be chummy with your neigh-neigh.. just a decent respect (I dont intrude on your space and dont intrude mine) is enough. You cant expect to disturb a hornet nest without getting sting.

    54. Nicole Vargas

      His tiktok is @c6_zachh

    55. Angelica Schlitz

      somebody will take care I assume

    56. underdogrecord's TV

      Fuck up thing the media put the narrative getting famous for killing his neighbor we need to save our youth SMH China owns tik tok and media . And yall hate Trump for standing up to China

    57. Kouichii

      is tiktok really a mistake or maybe the national guard and the police are the real terrorists? lmao idk

    58. danny ray

      i think it’s time to work hard again and progress to the future. i need someone to make robots to help cook and clean my house. everyone being famous on youtube or social platforms is stupid in my opinion.

    59. JenJenAnimal&MusicLver

      Clearly has some serious ptsd from his childhood and the army, crazy how events can flick a switch in someone’s head and they become a monster!

    60. Unelected Leader

      Another sort of neighbor would’ve kidnapped him and killed him. Yet another sort would’ve just wore a balaclava and fed him a bat. He had super nice neighbors.

    61. Mash

      gen z was a mistake

    62. Laura Watson

      A soldier married at 18?!? Oh I am so shocked..... NOT 😅

    63. 5. SLO

      Self defense Learn about it or Just don’t walk on peoples property looking for a fight

    64. playingwithfire

      Dare this kid to move to Brooklyn see what happens oh how I wish he was my neighbor .

    65. Bear Army

      When Tik tok really actually be salyin'...not the good type though...

    66. Amanda Cuckhold

      Nah covid is over. It's use is done.

    67. Jessica Cobert

      Wow this makes me so angry, I shoplifted first offense w/ paraphernalia on me on me & got charged w/ a 5 flat...I’m a female & I’m white, but poor & was a drug addict...I hate this kid & everything he is...

    68. MJB

      Tik Tok is a mistake, was a mistake, and will continue to be a mistake until the thing is wiped from the computers that have been exposed to it, with fire if need be. This myth that we have security of any kind online is no more true than there was only one shooter, Trump was involved with the Russians and I'll respect you in the morning.

    69. M Chambers

      So no bail, he just free until trial? Wow. Any murderer with any sense would leave the country never to be found. What's the worst they can do to him for fleeing? Send him to prison? WTF would anyone show up knowing they'd be convicted.

    70. Megan Samp

      Most of the times calling a woman Karen is justified but when it comes to the tik toks where a woman is asking them to slow down in a neighborhood it's not justified at all. There are kids that play and families that just need some quiet. Like imagine being a new parent and you just got you baby to sleep when all of a sudden a jackass in a fast new car zooms past your house waking your child up. There is so much to worry about already as a parent and having to worry about some asshole going 100mph while your child rides their bike in your neighborhood does not need to be one of them.

    71. Eleftheria οεο

      Yes, it's indeed a cold world out here, baby:')

    72. daniel talbot


      1. Poop Libril

        You're saying it's their fault? They weren't getting into anyone's business, this stupid antisocial kid was literally recklessly driving and purposely risking their lives.

    73. Wombat Person

      Giving our soldiers a bad name bro. Not cool.

      1. Wombat Person

        @Poop Libril same deal, my cousin was in the national guard and fought in Iraq, even if the National Guard doesn’t fight I feel like people think “soldier” when they see it ya know? At least that’s what I think.

      2. Poop Libril

        He was national guard not a soldier lol

    74. Wombat Person

      This reminds me of that time a kid murdered his brother because he got a higher score on Flappy Bird than him.

      1. MelloYellow308


    75. Oddly Odds

      I really don’t understand how humans can bring themselves to kill other humans

    76. Azazel's Autumm

      man, americans

    77. Claudia S.

      This new generation doesn't tolerate anybody said anything who make show up their wrong. they just act agresive and bad. Include to kill somebody. They doesn't have boundaries. All they care is about the likes. Terrible!!!! 😞😞😞😞😞👎👎👎👎

    78. Release us from the Matrix

      lol. your burns always take out some unsuspecting group that isn't involved in this.

    79. Junit11

      This is like a step above the guy that played real life GTA so he could copyright strike a fucking news company and ended up in prison

    80. emmanuel emanuel

      go watch my video

      1. emmanuel emanuel

        @Poop Libril your welcome i will be posting more videos about me singing and also im going to try and do hair on real people also can you sub that would help

      2. Poop Libril

        Thank you now I know how to do a dolls hair God bless you

    81. Kokeshi D

      Bro this is like the movie spree on hulu

    82. Chuck

      Another update, this guy is back in jail as of Jan 23. "Zachary T. Latham, 18, was arrested just after 11 p.m. Saturday after a driver waved down a Florida Highway Patrol trooper claiming someone intentionally tried to ram his vehicle, confronted him, and showed off a gun, according to FHP." Also "Witnesses on scene told troopers Latham had bragged about killing people before, admitting he was a cop killer, according to his arrest report."

      1. Chuck

        The judge who let this guy run free in society needs to be impeached... At least this fucker is off the streets now, god only knows what kind of deplorable shit he's been up to.


      just crazy shit

    84. Oog

      "btw I don't really do reaction videos"

    85. James cawthorn

      I feel like trading my mustang.

    86. sheila shoop

      He looks familiar, I think i worked with that punk in Burger King 🤔 Enjoy prison!! Say hi to Bubba for me.

    87. Kthakilla

      A young man with this much disregard for others who was emancipated at 17 is pretty sus honestly.

    88. chris gallan

      He ain’t going to last in jail

    89. Nicolas duprès latour

      *Take the covid-19(84) "seriously" virus with a lethal rate of 0.01% ! Man take the flu seriously, you'll be more safe !*

    90. Sammiie Jay

      This is insane 😳

    91. Nicolas duprès latour

      *National guard...No surprise ! The lowest of the lowest. Guys usually finish there because no other US army corps wants them !*

    92. YoYoflamingo


    93. Umm ya Sam

      D**k head: say hi to tik tok Cop:👁👄👁

    94. Angel Bratten

      she basically admitted to doing all for tik tok fame

    95. David Welnak

      This was a great video and it good to shed light on these situations and put the people involved on blast however i feel some of the wording in this video may only inflate this narcissist ego for example calling him wealthy and saying rich kids get away with anything because that right there will encourage this behavior from both the loser in this video and other narcissist who may see these actions as inspirational this kid is anything but wealthy and his whole flex for tik tok is pretty much delusional he speaks like hes balling when his living with his grandparents who by the way are largely to blame for this whole ordeal since they allowed him to live with them most likely rent free and allowed him to buy into his own delusions by allowing him to buy cars and clout for the internet rather than save for his own house and learn to take on real responsibilities and his grandparents themselves are not wealthy that looked like a safe neighborhood he grew up in but most the people looked blue collar and that tells me they were probably comfortably middle class or upper middle class at most most likely had a decent union job but they are anything from rich and his military career seemed questionable too hes a national guard for one thing witch is not really a brag when it comes to military service but he speaks like he just got back from his second tour of iraq with his 100th confirmed kill and national guard members especially privates only make about $35-40k at most and that brings me back to his cars dodge vipers are not that expensive is see low mileage ones near me for sale with only 20k miles on them and yet they are priced less than 50k and thats the high end models like the gts the base models are only 35k and the corvette I believe is below 20k so hes talking down to people when everything he owns probably adds up to less than the average family home in America can’t really call yourself a baller when your net worth is below the average middle class person and before i finish up what up with the gf she seems like she enabling him too who the fuck brags about being married to a guy living in a basement that’s definitely sexy but anyways this comment is probably way to long and more a rant than a statement but i just wanted to point out that to truly stop the narcissist of tik tok we must first not buy into their delusions because we will only throw fuel on the fire rather than put it out this boy was trying to sell a tik tok personality of a young rich kid who can do whatever he wants and the end of this video made him sound like just that when he really just some nobody with some serious delusions about his current life situation

    96. Gleb Gaevoy

      His pencil giraffe neck is bigger than his head. Says a lot about him

    97. Lawrence Hanismaoi


    98. They Banned me

      Ben Shapiros evil twin!

    99. Daryl Fredrick

      I'm glad you said it "being privileged" because that's all that was going through my mind as I watched this. From the cop who wouldn't arrest after seeing video evidence to the lenient court system; after an obvious murder. When your skin is a lighter complexion and you come from a certain background. Thing's are just different for you. ..and by different I meant - BETTER TREATMENT. ...even when you're wrong.