The Deepest Plots in 𝐻ƎNTA𝐼 (ft Cr1TiKaL & Projekt Melody)

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    This is The Greatest Plot of All Time
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    1. Vintage Meme lord

      I just want to admit I've actually watched dropout

    2. GoodGuyMew

      Anyone know the sauce of the hentai melody was talking about??? I'm asking for a friend

    3. anime siping tea

      youtubers: if i say the word butt i get demonitzed nux: I WILL NOT BE SILENCED BRING ME ALL THE SHMENTAI

    4. おめがch. /OmegaFlame02 ch.

      Where the heck did ma man found door hentai😂😂🤣

    5. covid 19

      I love dropout

    6. danizinya

      I actually watch hentai for the plot coz japan never ceases to impress me with how complex and mindfuckery (literal and nonliteral) it can get. nobody believes me when I say this tho :(

    7. Korqy


    8. 4 Times

      6.5 inches of pure moist steel glory

    9. Darling 2003

      1:28 what's the sauce

    10. Jenny Lin

      Zettai Junshu Kyousei Kozukuri Kyokashou

    11. James Daniel

      Whats the name of the first one shown

    12. Ozukai


    13. Olivier vdB

      wait why is nozoki ana not in their mentions its the best plot where at some point you just forget why you even started watching it

    14. Jordy

      Im going to doom eternal

    15. Gaardieen

      *I'm gonna be needing some of those sauces my friends.*

    16. Damon Pono

      Deep metaphor, how dildos can be the keys to success

    17. Random person

      I hope that nobody goes into my playlist

    18. Unit


    19. Mr.DirtyDan

      Glad this didn't turn into something actually serious lol. I was scared of that

    20. Projekt Melody.


    21. Kaustav Ghosh

      Why is my Hanekawa san in Dropout?

    22. Copyright Chan

      I wanna talk about hentai with melody.

    23. Skycrafter01

      Why tf do I actively click on this???

    24. Hjonk Hjonk

      The triforce has been assembled

    25. Marcierex

      baboon nipples XD haha i fell out of my chair with that one

    26. Paul Muir

      this guy would make so much money if his vids were actually monetised... Damn.

    27. Keagan Fairchild


    28. Snakefish 12

      Wants the name of the first anime?

    29. Marik

      Whats the name of the nux one

    30. TunableCargo


    31. Fastgameknight

      Lmfao my mc went from 10 to 12 percent when i clicked on this.

    32. Res Void

      If women were actually in doors doesnt that mean anyone could unlock the door

    33. Black Not Sus

      iwatch dropout :)

    34. Ghyfari Ramadhan

      Where is the hentai sauce????????

    35. Robert Henderson

      Dropout or Bible Black Which one of these has the most interesting plot

    36. Robert Henderson

      NGL Dropout is literally the only Hentai with a interesting plot 😂 (that I know of)

    37. Yamazaki Michio

      I found the fabled Dropout its on Smentai Haven

    38. papita69xxx

      Well i found the gem just now but in the dropout manga they explain men are put into forced labor. So different flavor of slavery from the women

    39. Grant Barrett

      Nux can talk about hentai and it gets him millions of views but when I talk about hentai the priest asks me to leave the premises.

    40. Kaiser Beelzebub 4th

      yo i cant eat this pasta without the sauce...

    41. owner bark bark

      I like to call you 3 hentalectuls, but maybe that's just me

    42. Nick Pearson


    43. Arthur Gibsen

      So a 2d 3d and a real person having a deep conversation about hentai? I'm down

    44. Joseph Moore

      Yup subscribed lol

    45. Shaggy, Destroyer of Worlds

      Sorry pal, I'ma need the sauce for this entire video.

    46. Bulletjie Bul



      Has someone a list of all hentais?

      1. SlimLimVeryGood

        Zettai Junshu, open the leg or open the door, dropout

    48. catchme ifucan

      I loke how 3/5 of this video is about "drop out" verse

    49. x zr

      May I ask what's hentai

    50. ironclad demon

      This is pretty good

    51. Anime DXD

      I’m here for the plot

    52. Julius Padilla

      Melody's Hentai: Zettai Junshu

      1. BungyPlumb

        my man you are a legend

    53. Cole Cumbie

      I’m tryna find that door porn cuz I’m curious

    54. Mr Note

      Whats the hentai melody was talking about

      1. Velocity Wolf

        Lmk if you get it

    55. Coffins

      ngl, i always thought the projekt melody thing is kinda weird, but she actually seems kinda cool

    56. Dj_Devil

      What did I jest watch!?!?


      What henti is melody talking about in the beginning? I need to know for......research.

    58. Larrytheblobfish .p

      i wanna like this but i don't want this to be on my liked page ah f**k it theres worse

    59. Thirty One

      I like how Nux had Charlie's type of description ...

    60. Homnix HD

      Im a simple man i see charlie i click

    61. Jsonic5 GD

      dROpOuT is so crazy its bullshit as f3ck

    62. Its Yosie

      She had a lot of really good points and jokes and the guys often just responded with 😐 anyway-

    63. stone spicher

      Love Drop Out, great deep hentai 👌

    64. ThatOneAnnoyingEditor

      damn I saw the thumbnail and I swear I saw each fucking timeline in every universe in every multiverse ever

    65. Aaron Davis

      I mean hell, the dropout animation didnt get into the good stuff in the source material haha

    66. The Weeb Dweeb


    67. Lol im not giving you my real name

      Charlie really compared dropout to deadman wonderland

    68. Nobody Special

      How is HUfast still monetizing this lol

    69. Succ Lord

      it’s a bit dry without the S A U C E

    70. Bubbles Layne

      Nux. You need to watch "The Pollinic girls attack" if you haven't!!!

    71. Jeremiah Miller

      325955 thank me later

    72. TPausW


    73. Mental 01

      Damm could someone link me these please asking for a friend

      1. Succ Lord

        This is pretty dry, you know what it needs Some S A U C E

    74. Bingus_gaming99

      I see the 3 luminary's of erotic Japanese literature have all gathered in one place, the world is bound to change forever

    75. hope worldians

      2:05 lmaoo i saw pewds read that before 🤣

    76. Gav Yeet

      *Quality content* Neat, I might watch it later (probably never watches it) *Quality content with Melody* Yeah I got time for this right now

    77. John Jones

      “History shows again and again How nature points out the folly of men Godzilla“ -Sun Zoo

    78. Alex K

      Well shieeet. Whats the sauce tho?

    79. SmugHat

      Did you just say "Ladies first"?!?! I yearn for true gender equality. I have no patience for one who talks about female privilege when it suits them, and then complains about someone "not being a man" when it's convenient.

    80. Carl Basco

      Hentai is basically poetry,so poetic its a masterpiece the sex and the story is so amazing hahahahaha

    81. Clement Fermn

      The charlie thumbnail is fake hes wearing a black shirt

    82. SuicideWind

      the sex scenes in dropout dont matter??? how dare you

    83. Joseph Cline

      Hilarious that the ad before was, "It's the thirstiest time of the year... SPRITE!"

    84. EPIPHANY

      Dropout was a beautiful masterpiece. 9009/10 would watch over and over

    85. Ray Bay

      This is hilarious because people are giving scientific opinions about hentai

    86. Broozer

      Dropout went dummy watched it today and for some reason this got recommend to me

    87. Octobro Playz

      Umm 🥺 👉👈 Sauces?

    88. Weste88

      ahh yes, good old drop-out. one of the only hentais with prolapsed cervixes~ i think melody is on my side here~

    89. TheReapersWill

      Open the leg or door sounds intriguing

    90. Plague Squirrel

      Where are they watching this?

    91. Lunarpsycho41

      LOOKS LIKE I'VE SEEN A "DROPOUT" IN THIS VIDEO. Overall Dropout talks about How Society has a mindset of "Ill do anything, just please don't harm me" and proceeds to harm him/her in a sexual way until their mind, body, and heart deteriorates into a mindset of a maid/butler or "slave". anyways, good video you three

    92. Isaac Clodfelter

      Melody over there trying to write a proper thesis on the art but at the same time a guy's hand is stuck in a door woman.

    93. Adolfo Sandoval

      Did Nux make a Deji joke with the IQ line

    94. ? um

      11:44 sure u didn’t, look at her

    95. ? um

      Hentai’s important because. Ad starts playing”wanna a sprite cranberry”

    96. Flat Earther Gary

      Reccomendations am I right

    97. DeVeDe

      Stay weird... Are you from Austin Texas???

    98. flache

      PLOT HOLES ........... HENTAI ............. plot HOLES ? x') and peloter In french is ... gently touch boobs ? x') x') I'm dead