The Dixie D'Amelio Show with Addison Rae

Dixie D'Amelio

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    Hey guys! This week on the Early Late Show, without further ado, Addison Rae!
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    1. Mufasa _

      Dixie acts and talks like a 16 year old with little intellect, it’s depressing to watch being the same age as her. But then again, most of her viewers are minors so this is probably more entertaining for them than if she started acting like everyone else her age.

    2. Israel Delgado

      This has such a dystopian feel to it, It is eerie...

    3. David Gonzalez

      im fan

    4. Queen Terrian

      My skin sensitive too, I have to use dial

    5. Carl Bose

      Omg addis socks with sandals is so awesome hehe

    6. Georgia Harris

      Realize Dixie didn't put Charli in the bio. Lol

    7. Akiba Williams

      Charli you have a cut at the back of your pants 👖 ✂️

    8. Quinn and Tanner Schantz

      I have a terrible style it ok and my name is Quinn!

    9. Jessie love

      OMG look at Charlie pants 😮😲

    10. Genelyn Oporto

      Addison agreeing with everything she!!! Addisons mind be like: oml why am i saying thiss OwO

    11. aja halliday

      "was it a swim dress"

    12. suzanne Olabi

      Btw Addison rae and dixe d are so cute together 🌹🥺🥰💕

    13. suzanne Olabi

      Why is Addison rae wereing flip. Flops,? That's sooo cuteee🥺🌹🌹

    14. Natasha Barba

      ya it is so cute

    15. xhlqeRxblqx_

      dixie:wap wap wap addi:hahahaha wap wap

    16. Steven B

      How is this entertainment? How lol

    17. Amelia Markiewicz

      Can you do Alex or Kouvr

    18. Penelope Vee

      I love Quinn, why's noone talking about this gorgeous black woman

    19. Jada-Kay Strickland


      1. •Saphire •

        She has 6mil...

    20. alyssaisstartinsomethin U-U

      I would watch this on ABC lol

    21. leejuan han

      Dixie u have 6.66m sub-

    22. Acevilljuan


    23. KitKatKimbles Ani

      Addison sounds like Brittany Spears

    24. Pam Hehe

      When Charli Sits Her jeans are ripped in the back xD

    25. Chumbeni J

      Addison 😍

    26. Sabrina Sky

      so boring

    27. brenae walker

      Hi addison and dixie big fan of you guys and charli

    28. Babygirl D’amour

      Both fake as fuck ppl that's why they get along

    29. Matilda Ahlfeldt

      l o l

    30. Ummahan and Sevim

      Trop choupiiii se duo

    31. Ummahan and Sevim

      Jpp comment il se pose 😂

    32. David

      Claquettes chaussettes sans pression oklm !

    33. lauren

      the way she put her socials, quen's socials and addisons socials in the description but not charli's LMAO

    34. Flor Silvestre


    35. ecka omg

      6:36 Charlis face💀

    36. Chloe bell

      Addison literally has the best laugh I’ve ever heard

    37. sara hamidi


    38. Brooklyn Rose

      It was so cute seeing her little dog walk up the stairs like a princess

    39. jiandryk

      omg addison voice is so sweet ✨

    40. Isabella Maldonado

      Hi Dixie I love you so much 🥰

    41. Galaxy Girl

      Lol nobody's gonna address the fact that charli is wearing her pants backwards 🤣

    42. Mikayla OConnor

      ok i’m not trying to be rude but like when she does this show like - corona exists 🤠🤠

      1. Gia Little

        lmfao most of the people she does it with are her closest friends - it's not an issue. Plus they're never in groups more than like 6 while filming.

    43. Alexandr Babic

      How can I tell you apart? You all look the same.

    44. mateo ff

      addison has come up with Flip flops haahahhahaha

    45. Thisci venzon

      Your frinds are wonderful but that nedra stop boy with that voice

    46. Limda Ustarchanova

      Ahaha charli‘s pant 😂

    47. Drip Runner

      How many dogs u got?

    48. JeanClaude TV

      The person who likes this will be a billionaire 💞♥️ like Dixie

    49. Dena Meyer

      I’m so first I saw dixie not being freinds with her and now they have a show and I’m not taking about Charlie

    50. Chelsea Taylor

      why did that seem so akward....

    51. lemoqqs

      Is that a fox? 0:37

    52. Alexis Daigle

      Bruh additions laugh is everything 😂

    53. Ronni Muñoz

      Queen is weird lol

    54. Lesiban Sexwanted

      only doah and braddison shippers can like this

    55. Francisco S.

      I’m only at 0:19 but I hope there’s some tension between charli and Addison

    56. Purple_ Dog

      Where u buy them thank u

    57. Purple_ Dog

      I like your shoes

    58. Kyrese James

      I want to know did you come for the theaters

    59. Maddie Rachel

      Addison: that’s so funny *disgusted face*

    60. Valerie

      I love how they both have cute and funny laughs

    61. Jaymin Walker

      Why old girls voice so deep

    62. Ella Playz

      Dixie:this is Quinn very big TikToker Quinn:huge. Me:um charli has 98.7M followers so I would not even Quinn

    63. Zoie Ochoa

      There is like 7 dogs lol

      1. Zoie Ochoa

        Btw I’m being sarcastic so don’t hate on me!

    64. iff 2194

      I swear this video never existed before

    65. Aakriti pillai

      Addi's voice SO sweet.....😍😍 Like if u agree!





    68. caden kimbrell


    69. Lyla Lou Gacha Life Stories

      I never know what clothes I want to wear. Like HOW DO YOU GET CHANGED

    70. Ceez The Ninja

      Dixies a be happy 🤍🖤queen

    71. Shiney edits

      “We have a lot to talk about today” Doesn’t talk for like 2 min

    72. Dam0z_infinityfxk

      And people said Addison was quiet

    73. Karla Burnett

      It's the matching socks for me

    74. UUNNIIQQUU33 :3

      Is everyone gonna ignore the fact that Dixie tagged the wrong person for quens tiktok???

    75. Alvaro Jimenez


    76. American RapHub

      The left ones voice sounds like a lawnmower

    77. Travis Johnson

      Charli Charli Charli

    78. Travis Johnson

      Comment down below who do you like better Charli or Addison

    79. Natalia Gameplays

      Can I say what are those

    80. Mariana Cabral de paula

      Eu shippo

    81. JewelMiyu Shoji

      Dixie is so mean

    82. Addison tanner

      Why does this remind me of Icarly

    83. fa.mero1

      Dixie please put an Arabic translation. You have followers from Saudi Arabia and I love you so much, much🥺🥺🥺🥺🤍🤍.

    84. Nathan Villa

      being baked at the end of a long day and tuning into The Dixie D’Amelio Show is the best

    85. Lil cheese

      i love dixie's giggle

    86. MoonCat

      it’s the bright green shoes and socks for me (i don’t know what those shoes are called lol)

    87. John Cosgrove

      I love you and Addison Rae well I mostly like Dixie but I do sometimes I do watch Addison Rae and you Dixie D’Amelio I do watch your videos and I am going to like and subscribe right now to both of your channels and I am I am going to like and follow both of your TickTock’s and my Tik Tok account is Emma 2.0 and yes I love you guys bye

    88. Sara Assaf

      Dixie and Addison they are best friends?

      1. CMB_BKIDD


    89. Maria Reyes

      Charli farted she stayed quite

      1. CMB_BKIDD

        weird ah

    90. Genesis Garcia

      Dixie point at them and said it in the wrong order lol

    91. Tayler Scott

      Wait wait wait ok

    92. Evangeline Blackburn

      I love you so much Dixie and Addison and Charli 😘

    93. Maissa Zemni

      Adisson's cousin was just standing there nobody asked her to join 🥺

    94. Enrico Merlo

      Love Addison Rae

    95. Laura Rose


    96. marissa flores

      awww i thought you guys were gonna say each other

    97. marissa flores

      lmaooo but the eye contact in the beginning

    98. Rabiya

      1.23 minute who is that?

    99. Alexis Bush

      addison's laugh is so cute i love it

    100. Christajoy Kabui

      At the beginning it was very dry no conversation😂